Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

Cosmic Expansion Of The True Blessing And Rooting Out Of Satan's Blood Lineage

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
God's Day Midnight
Punte Del Este, Uruguay
January 1, 1999
Unofficial Notes

True Father's prayer:

Heavenly Father, these last seconds of 1998 have passed. The fulfillment of 360 million couples and the elimination of satanic lineage have been completed. You have the victorious foundation and can be proud in front of all people. We are truly, truly indebted and grateful for your toil and cooperation. As we welcome the first moment of this New Year 1999, together with the sounds of this New Year (fireworks) and along with Heavenly Father and all the blessed people around the world, the 400 million blessed couples, we can wish for good fortune. As heaven and earth focus on this occasion, we hope we can fulfill all the new tasks ahead. I truly hope we can relieve our heart and offering.

Heavenly Father you had such a heartache in the Garden of Eden. . . To establish the True Parents on this earth, how much you suffered. Adam and Eve and all the ancestors are ignorant of Your suffering. Today True Parents are able to liberate Your heart. Today it has already been over 50 years (since True Parents were to first appear). We are sorry we cannot offer all nations in this world yet, in 1999 from elder sonship, from individual to the world and cosmos level we hope to bring this liberation. We hope such blessing to you.

. . . Through this providence centering on South America we can open the Kingdom of Heaven. How much you have longed for such blessed couples, to Your very bone morrow. United all blessed families can liberate your Han. Centering on True Parents and True Family we can form the nation of elder sonship. And from this nation all humanity can follow and return to your realm.

Through True Parents, Heung Jin Nim and the ancestors in the spirit world we can be united. We can unite with the archangel realm. We hope the blessed couples can fulfill the ideal You have longed for. For the family of goodness, in spirit and body, can bring unification and declare the realm of liberation throughout the world. From 36 couples to 72, to 124. . . up to the present, all the blessed couples can be united and bring the realm of liberation from heaven to earth. They can open the door to the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. We truly pray this.

As you open this year, the "spreading of true blessing to the cosmic level and eradication of satanic lineage" is the motto for this year. As all blessed couples are praying and centering their hearts on True Parents whom are here and along with the heavenly soldiers, we can march toward the united world. We long for the world of liberation. We pray this in the name of True Parents. Amen, Amen. Amen.

True Father Speaks

1999 calligraphy written: "Cosmic expansion of the true blessing and rooting out of Satan's blood lineage."

Should I speak or should we stop? The world we live in is not the world of God's ideal of creation. This world started connecting with Satan, his life, love and lineage. For God this is such a sorrowful situation. Why? All people were supposed to be inheritors of God's lineage. Centering on the enemy of God, everything was taken away from God and given to his enemy.

The false love, life and lineage of the enemy of God, is the enemy of the nation, world and cosmos. There is no worse enemy for God. God had to restore these children of God's worst enemy to a position greater than the original children. This was much more difficult than the original creation. To find Adam's family, history must go the reverse course.

True Father had to work through the illegitimate and direct children bringing restoration about through that impossible situation. The situation was that God could not even get a foothold on this earth. All things were in reverse order. To restore all things of creation, which were the closest to God, they were offered on the altar. This was the Old Testament Age. God was trying to find a way to give rebirth to His sons and daughters by preparing the way for the Son of God to be born. Through Rome and Israel God was trying to build this foundation. But this foundation killed Jesus and repeated the fall. So this caused 2,000 years of extended history and divided the spiritual and physical world.

How can we restore the Christian realm? Because Jesus' body was lost, Christianity expanded spiritually to the world level. For the foundation of the Lord of the Second Advent, all steps of restoration had to be laid. Such suffering and miserable path had to be laid. This required many sacrifices. Until 1945, centering on God the spiritual and the substantial foundation were laid and Lord of the Second Advent could come. Like John the Baptist they were to transfer this foundation to Jesus (Lord of the Second Advent). This was the expectation of God's providence after World War II. All the problems of humanity could have been solved then if he had been accepted. The foundation was laid.

Christian families, receiving the blessing of the Lord of the Second Advent, could have done this. The population of Christianity was 800 million. They could have established eldership on the worldwide level. Then kingship could have been established and in one moment we could have turned things around. But this failed. It was worse than the betrayal of Israel and Jesus' crucifixion. Uniting the spiritual and physical world should have been done in seven years. But this failed and True Father had to go 40-year indemnity period. How sorrowful this situation was.

True Parents path should have begun as a path of glory and blessing. But everything was lost and just the opposite occurred. Satan's temptations and trials were unleashed on True Parents. When I look back, I can only shed tears and express my heart of tears with Heavenly Father. Last year's motto was the fulfillment of 360 million couples and elimination of Satan's lineage. How could anyone have even imagined this goal?

At that time, if our mind and body are not united, this is impossible. Even if one slight shred of disunity, this would not have been possible for True Parents. Even for one second, True Father could not let go of this mission. This historical accomplishment, all humanity and our descendents will come to understand these results. We have to inherit this foundation from True Parents; otherwise our path to the Kingdom of Heaven is closed. Emphasize your individual motto: unify your mind and body. You have to always have a joyful heart. As you look in the mirror, all your 5 senses hinder the unity of mind and body. How can we form an individual where the sungsang foundation can truly settle in our mind. How can the sungsang foundation be so absolute that no separation is possible. Without this condition, we cannot enter Kingdom of Heaven and cannot get rid of God's suffering, His historical Han.

First, vertically unite my mind, then unity the conjugal relationships. Then centering on True Parents, we can connect God's life, love and lineage. Then we become the worthy sons and daughters of God. We have to form such a vertical and horizontal family foundation. Then all four directions can be fulfilled. Not only in yourself, but also you family. It is your destiny and fate to fulfill this condition so that God's love can be spread through you and your family and the next seven generations. Then we can offer these things to Heavenly Father. True Parents can make this offering.

So the symbolic and substantial unity has to start from your family. That is your family's destiny. In your family, you are not the center -- God has to be the center. Then we can form the unchangeable motto that continues for 10,000 years. This is the foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven, first on earth then in heaven. There is no other thing to think about. That is the problem for me: mind and body unity, husband and wife unity, parent and child unity. This is the standard that all of us have to go through. How can we fulfill this?

If the child, husband, or wife thinks just centered on himself or herself all will be lost. When we think of others, we can overcome all difficulties. Without such a heart, of living for the sake of others, the family foundation cannot be established. To achieve this goal, this is the mission of the church, my family and the entire universe. Therefore, beyond the heart at the beginning of creation, we have to have that one-directional investment -- giving, giving, and giving.

Everyone, you and the True Children have to create this royal family foundation. You are the central figures to realize this. This will be the beginning point where True Father can truly settle. The unification of the individual, the unification of family, unification of husband and wife, unification of brothers and sisters, then unification of parents -- all this as to be fulfilled. This was the responsibility that should have been fulfilled in the Garden of Eden.

You often pledge to Heavenly Father and True Parents, but to what degree have you fulfilled this? This is fate's responsibility. Otherwise Kingdom of Heaven cannot be opened and we cannot build a society and world where things support each other. This foundation has to start on the physical world. This cannot be done through resurrection, only through fulfilling the perfection level on earth first. Spirits in the spiritual world have to come back to earth to fulfill this.

God's blessing can be everywhere. Rooting out of Satan's blood lineage is different this year. Before it was cutting off satanic lineage, but now it is rooting out of Satan's blood lineage. Without doing this the four position foundation could not be fully realized. You can do Mansei to Heavenly Father, to True Parents their family and to your family. On this foundation we can march forward and there is nothing to fear. Do you have money? It is in your family. Such a family cannot starve. If there were even five such families then Sodom and Gomorrah would not have been destroyed. Be full of pride and confidence and the cosmic expansion of God's true blessing. You have to educate your tribe. In the Old Testament Age things were offered, in the New Testament Age children were offered, and the Completed Testament Age parents were offered.

If you become such people then you become the carrier of God's blessing. Please receive God's blessing this year.

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