The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1999

Eleventh Anniversary of the Day of Settlement of Eight Stages

August 3, 1999

I would like to share my testimony about this ceremony that took place in East Garden on Tuesday evening.

At first, as we were waiting for True Parents and were acknowledging each other, I felt that without saying even a word, just with only a smile and a look in each other's eyes so much was communicated and understood. We all share such a common and deep experience. As we started singing the atmosphere was so high that my head could barely take this heavenly vibration. As soon as True Father finished his prayer, He asked Peter Kim to make a special announcement.

As you know already around 12 artists from South Korea were authorized to come to North Korea to be with other NK artists. Many waited over 40 years to be able to come to NK. On top of this, on August 31st, the South Korean government gave the preliminary authorization for building cars in NK to PMC (Peace Motors Corp), a UC affiliated corporation. Father was very excited by this decision which he tried to get for many years. Already NK gave its authorization several years ago.

Father explained to us the meaning of this victory on this day, 8/31. He regards the fact that both countries gave their authorization as a great victory and a sign of acceptance from both governments. Also a peace park is being built in Father's home town and a church is being built in Pyongyang. I could feel Father's relentless determination to work for the unity of N and S Korea.

Father spoke until 11h 30pm. I would like to share two points that touched me.

He explained how He can vividly remember when He left His village and all His relatives were trying to stop Him from leaving. He then shared how he felt when he came back to NK and went to the place where his parents are buried.

I was so moved by that testimony.

He also explained the excitement he felt when he went fishing and hunting and some blood was shed. I came to the conclusion that Father had to face so much frustration and overcome so much resentment for all the blockages to his providential mission by so many people that in fishing or hunting, he found a release. He said that now, he does not have the same excitement and feels sorry for the fish. Unless it is to feed his children, he said that he does have reason to kill an animal. I understood that Father has been able to digest so much resentment over the years much more than I could comprehend. I did not realize that Father as the messiah has to overcome so much resentment and we still come to him with our own. There is a lot more to share. These are two highlights that touched me.

After his Speech, we played Yute until the wee hours of the morning.  

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