The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1999

Let Us Attend True Owner of Love

Sun Myung Moon
June 13, 1999
Sunday Sermon
At Headquarters Church, Korea

Sun Myung Moon - March 27, 2012

The problem between Cain and Abel in Adam’s family would be repeated over again (in the last days). The elder brother viciously beat his younger brother to death. This caused God’s sorrow. As He observed such brutal event, how much bewildered God must have been?

Through unity between father and mother, parents and children, and among all siblings, the ideal family, the foundation of creation is restored; that is when the human history is completed.

This carnage took place in Adam’s family, such a dreadful and terrible event happened at the beginning. This was devastating to God. This event—the darkest of the darkest hours of the midnight and the most unbelievable and anguish -- filled situation ever experienced in history—was etched deeply in God’s heart despite the fact that He had hoped to realize the ideal world of creation. However, we never knew this fact until now.

This was not only sorrowful event to God but also to Adam and Eve at the same time. Why? What the sons to whom Adam and Eve gave birth did meant that Adam and Eve, standing the positions of parents, stared at their elder son beating their younger son to death. This was how heartbreaking for them witnessing such an act. You must know this reality.

Although this harrow event took place in front of Him, God would not interfere with it in order that the human beings who committed the mistake to be restored.

If your child committed a crime, you as parents cannot take responsibility in place of your child. The person who committed to the crime must indemnify it by himself personally. Even the laws of human society are written in the same way.

In your life, in order to live within the reason, you must follow the principle. This principle is “ 

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