Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

Can I Take Responsibility?

Sun Myung Moon
November, 14, 1999

This is an excerpt from a sermon given at the Belvedere International Training Center, Tarrytown, NY, on November 14, 1999. The interpreter was Dr. Chang Shik Yang and these unofficial notes were taken by Dr. Tyler Hendricks

In today's topic -- Na nun Chaekim Jilsu Itna? -- what kind of responsibility are we talking about? We are talking about the responsibility to pay indemnity. Can you think about indemnity? If you cannot take responsibility for indemnity, you cannot settle the ideal on the earth. There are eight stages of indemnity. They get more and more difficult. When you joined, was it harder than now? Now there is more activity than then. When we joined, even though there was a lot of persecution, we overcame it. But when we get older, our mind loses that edge. Young people, in middle and high school, were the troops who founded our church. They brought their lunches to support the church, to provide lunch or dinner for the church leader or pioneer missionary. We were not welcomed anywhere; we were chased out. There was no way to get food. We always hid from persecution. What is the spirit of a pioneer? It is that of a spy of heavenly Father. Did you have the chance to do that? With a nice suit, how can we take that responsibility?

Did we have this nice facility when we first came to America? The CIA was always trying to find out about my activity. I am not small, so I always tried to hide, to stay in the shade, not a bright area. I started quietly, on a low level, with not so much as a good house. I started in a very humble place. From that low point I reached to the top, therefore I can connect with every level. I learned everything from the lowest level and reached the top, so I can understand every level. I understand fully about American life, each area, and department by department. That's why many nations will pay me a lot to speak and many investigators are looking at my staff, to catch some faults. Should I appear or not in front of them? Americans wonder why I don't appear officially in the public arena.

The CIA and FBI try to discover what I am doing but they can't. They seek to know what I am teaching. They realize in the process that wherever I go, I am teaching righteously. So they repent, some of them, and they decide to support me after they leave their job. Is there anyone here like that? Once they understand, they support Father.

The missionary in the shadow, in the darkness of hell, must be able to give light to the others. That's a heavenly spy. You Japanese sisters are like that in America. Your brightness is your witnessing, giving them the heavenly word. Remember what Jesus said: "Don't keep your light under a bushel."

Who made the separation of languages? It was our ancestors rooted in Satan, who divides and divides. That's why we have a lot of languages, because of that disunity of our terrible ancestors. If we had unity, it would be one world and one language. We brought Japanese sisters out of Japan because it is the mother nation; you are my world-level wife, to educate the children all over the world. The mother's mission is to have absolute obedience to the father and to educate the children. Absolute obedience is a very important mission. On that foundation you become a wife, mother and queen. Not only physically, but also spiritually you must go up three stages, reaching the completion stage of the divine spirit. Then you can educate anyone, wherever you go.

If you go into hell, the shadowy world, and bring light, then everyone feels happy. "Honto" (it means "really" in Japanese): if you reverse the syllables you get "to" (which means east) and "hon" (which means the original). So the original position is the east. "Ilbon" ("Japan" in Korean) means the same. It must be that the island, the original place of the rising of the sun, meets the peninsula. The ocean's mission reaches the continent through the peninsula. In the other direction, the marrow of the continent comes out through the peninsula to the ocean, that is Japan, and from there is carried over the world. The ocean symbolizes the female and the continent is the male, the father. Thus the Japanese mission is to be taken on by women, to receive from Father the DNA, the core, and carry it through the water to the baby, the new life in the womb. Educate the baby from inside the womb. After delivery also there is education. Through children, a woman becomes a mother, step by step. The mother is always concerned about the baby.

Mothers must give milk and change the diapers. That's why you have breasts. Some American women are against this mission, but it must be spontaneous and natural, just as the breasts naturally create milk after giving birth. If you don't give it, you may suffer the consequences by having physical problems. That is the heavenly system.

There are the three worlds, the water world (womb), earth (physical life) and love (life in spirit world). This is comparable to a farmer's system to make rice survive, to make life continuously. The farmer welcomes water because it is so necessary for rice. Therefore the farm woman has to be concerned about water too. You laugh, ha ha, but "haha" in Japanese means "mother."

If a wife fights with her husband, she is already punished. If she fights in the morning, she must make unity later. Can a woman survive alone? Why are women suffering throughout history? Why? When I was born, there had to exist a girl who was destined to become my wife. After marriage she had to follow her husband. Then after reaching the grandmother's age, she has to follow her son. Why do women have such a suffering path? Why do women have a womb? What is its purpose? It works only temporarily, not your entire life. Without your husband, you never feel love. You receive your first feeling of love from him. What is a woman? If women never deliver a child, they have no meaning; they have stood against the purpose of a woman's life. Women attain their unique value when pregnant and delivering children.

Do you Americans understand this Japanese? If I could speak English well, you would accept what I say. But I do not like to speak English. A woman, no matter how beautiful, who does not give birth will suffer the disdain of her ancestors. In addition, she will be much more likely to divorce.

Our responsibility is fulfilled through indemnity. How? Should we remain in the same status, or rise to some new point? Should we settle here, or rise up? How do you think you can pay indemnity as Americans? With your life as it is, or by working worldwide? [Worldwide.] Worldwide, so as to reach God through the eight stages of indemnity. We have to reach all of humanity. After this world, what is the next level? Heaven. Heaven is the highest level.

There are two important H's: heart of God and hard work. You have to work hard to reach heaven. [Father refers to the 4H club.] By four H's we can satisfy God's heart and settle there forever. Heartcore, the core is heart. To become the central figure we have love to east, west, north and south. By that we can become central figures and stay in the heart of God. Wherever Mother goes, everyone likes her. So she can become the True Mother. Wherever she goes, she receives respect. If she can do this, then she will become the real mother of humankind. Are you Japanese sisters trained just in America or other countries also? Stay in America for three years, then go south for three years, east for three years and north for three years. Then you can be a real mother, with four sons. By making the four children, you become an actual mother.

Would you rather have four daughters or four sons? [Four sons.] What is better, to have three or four sons? [Four.] Three represents the three stages of growth, but four represents the four directions. Three stages are vertical; the 4 directions are horizontal. Centering on the vertical we can reach the four directions. God points in four directions, and to reach God we have to go through three stages. Three stages in each of the four directions. Because of that, all mothers desire to have at least three sons.

So, three sons and three daughters make six. Japanese sisters, do you have to stay here 3 years and in South America for three years? If you have four children from around the world and three children from the center, you can unify the world. Seven is the happiest number. Your face expresses seven: two eyes, two nostrils, one mouth and two ears. This symbolizes the cosmos. To live on earth we need four, two hands and two feet. This connects heaven and earth. Seeds came from heaven and through the mother's womb they come to the earthly side. Then the mother always watches for how she can feed them. The man is looking to plant the seed, and then goes and looks to plant seeds again. The woman should stay at home and raise the seed. If she does not like that, it makes trouble, such as if she likes dancing and songs. Who likes dancing and singing more, men or women? How about ballet? Who is the central figure of the ballet? [Women.] She keeps the center, the balance. The man goes here and there. How difficult it is to dance like that, to embrace heaven and earth, with the toe shoes. [Father imitates the dance of a ballerina to everyone's amazement.]

Most western women like ballet. I understand that and so I established the ballet company. What do men like? [Soccer.] What is the difference between American football and soccer? In football, they stop and start, but in soccer they are always running. They seek a good angle. Good soccer players do not have accidents. They are well balanced. I like ping pong for the same reason. You need good balance. Also I know the exact angle to shoot pool. Also I am good at wrestling. My body is very flexible and can do any sport even though I am 80. Be careful, I am not just a simple and humble man.

Our topic is responsibility through indemnity. Would you take it? There are four levels of taking responsibility. As the father, I'm the representation of paying indemnity for heaven and earth. I am the king father. We should be those who take responsibility better than Heavenly Father. I will become the king of indemnity and the king of fathers. Even Heavenly Father has no mother, but through indemnity I will find the mother's sphere. So that God can have a love partner, having sexual intercourse. [Amen!]

Do you want to be Cain or Abel or father or mother? Why did you come to America? To become king of the elder sons. You came to make the actual elder son nation. Those who go to Korea go to make the actual Father nation. The younger brother went to Africa, so you have to take responsibility here on his behalf. Do you westerners want to be defeated by the Japanese? If we become kings of brotherhood and motherhood, wherever we go we will be central figures. What is the family? Wherever we go, we will become central figures. From that point of view, can you take responsibility?

Children have to unite with the mother to reach Heavenly Father. What is my mission? [To save the world.] What does that entail? Parentship, true parentship, true elder sonship, true younger sonship, true wife, true father, true mother, true family, true father's family, true mother's family, and so on. You should follow me in all these things. You become the central figure of the family in that way. Kingship includes responsibility for the whole family and relatives too. There are three stages. The completion of the individual and of family is one stage. Because of this we have to unite mind and body, family and tribes to make a nation. Through three generations living together do American's like that? You have couple-ism, they do not like the family or tribe. That takes one to hell. It denies grandparents and parents.

Do we need to break through this or not? [Yes.] Because of the fall we lost all four directions. To restore that we have to live together from all over the world as one family.

To become an original man and woman we need to have training. To make the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, we have to work with the highest level in the fallen world. Can you love African parents more than your actual parents? Can you love elder brother couples, created between enemy nations? [Yes.] Without finding the way to love one's enemy, one cannot truly love one's children. In the fallen world, mind and body are enemy to each other, as are husband and wife. All are connected everyday as enemies. How can we make oneness? We make oneness through true marriage. Because of that, Father has blessed saints and murderers with each other. Villains are blessed on the same level as saints. Even Father proclaimed that America should be blessed with Russia or the enemy countries. This is international matching.

American women are always round. American men may not like Japanese wife because once she sits, she stays sitting all day. But when a couple from enemy countries love each other, they will go to the Kingdom of Heaven. [Father sits on the stage and says it is more comfortable and that he wants to share just with a few members. Then he stands back up.]

Heavenly Father cannot find the ideal in the fallen world without [Dr. Yang's translation stopped here, and Father said in English: "without what?"] without the most glorious place, the place of loving with one's ideal partner from one's enemy nation. Wherever you go, go as an elder son, representing your father and mother. We'd better take responsibility for the entire indemnity to the extent that even Heavenly Father can borrow from us. Is that true? [Yes.] You Americans are cleverer than I am.

For what can I take responsibility? Indemnity. If you go to a good restaurant, do you take the good food first or last? Or do you give to others and later take what is left over? You should give to others. Why? Because it makes you the owner. To become the real owner we have to give the good food to others. When we go to a good sleeping place, we should let others sleep first. Whoever makes the most effort becomes the central figure. I started on the lowest level and invested a lot for the sake of others.

I can take responsibility in front of mother, in front of father, in front of everybody. Why do Japanese sisters and Americans like me, even though I warn that you will perish? I tried to chase out many Americans but they returned to me. Those who left ten or twenty years ago, they came back.

Jesus said, anyone who pays indemnity with delight becomes the child of God. Can I take responsibility? What is the answer? [Yes.] From the bottom to the top, YES. Get down to the bottom and go up the path, saying yes and yes. The conclusion is that we will go this way. Don't be sad. Those who are treated by God as sinners can reach Heaven later. Can you take responsibility? [Yes] You Americans, will you take responsibility alone or together? You have to do it alone; you cannot become a king together with someone else. We must understand God's dispensation to save my family, so that my family can become central figures of the cosmos and liberate Heaven.

What is the meaning of offering? The offering is a condition. By means of the condition, the owner is decided, on God's side or Satan's side.

Our life is one of absolute faith, love and obedience. Through this, we do not have any personal existence. There is no other way than this. Stages start with elder son, then spouse, and completion stage is that of parents, then the family is in the direct dominion and is the real offering condition. The family is the offering of Heaven and Earth. Christianity knows that the offering must be separated, and if God accepts it then it is a heavenly offering. It becomes heaven and earth. We have to understand the history of salvation in order to restore myself, my family and my tribe. Since I have come to America, I have suffered and paid a lot of indemnity. For whom? For each individual.

When we lost the individual we lost everything. Children and parents separated. How can they complete the unification? Our effort is not to save the world directly, but to save my family and connect it to the tribe and continue moving every step up, adding the necessary offering and indemnity.

The fruit position is my family. Why did Jesus Christ go to the cross? It was because of me, because of my family, because of my sons and daughters. We are the fruit of the 6,000 years of history, and hence today God allows us to pray in our own name, on the foundation of the victory of True Parents that I have inherited through the blessing. That liberates everything. We have to understand that this was the price of your foundation. Have a humble mind and you will reach the level of heavenly life.

Why have I suffered here for 27 years? If I had invested this time in Korea, I would have saved Korea and Asia. But after World War II, the providence centered on America. America sent missionaries to establish the Korean church. The first choice is America. I have penetrated America, penetrating everything. I have taken heavenly action in America. I did not fail.

[Note: The next three paragraphs were spoken in difficult English; I have done my best to interpret the meaning, but please don't take it as authoritative.]

When He lost America, God lost everything. It was because of MacArthur and Truman, who lost China, Asia, Korea and America was chased out of that part of the world. They lost their ownership after World War II. You lost Korea, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Poland and Czechoslovakia. Communists occupied the Eastern European area and the Asian area. The Christian world failed; only Reverend Moon understands. It all fell down. The young people lost their families to individualism. Privacy took over; youth became Satan's kids. Where is the public mind in America? It is gone. Always Satan is cooking up his message. What is left is no family, no society, no nation, no world, no God. You lost everything; God lost everything. The world became Satan's thing centering on individual love. You lost the center and wound up in hell. The world became this independent country centering on Satan. The world lost the true country. American tradition has that true idea. The fathers of America are what kind? The Pilgrim fathers, the Founding Fathers. Where did this wrong idea come from? Abel's country, Abel's one nation is America. Where is the Pilgrim Father's spirit?

This was that continent centering on the Protestant world. The Roman Catholic Church members could also come and stand in that Protestant nation. Making that one nation under God, Cain and Abel united centering there. But by 1960 that country disappeared, with the leadership of Carter and Kennedy. The UN built up from then but was too influenced by the left. American people do not know God's viewpoint on history. Only I understood. I have taught that hidden viewpoint for 40 or 50 years. Now you realize I have taught you that for so many years. Americans are researching and are amazed. They could not do that; always it was I. Why is America called a melting pot? The people are following America, that is, they are Americanized, but they should not be proud of being Americanized.

For many, I am a problem. I am considered an enemy because I am not Americanized and I am gaining more influence. But why are they against good influence? They are trying to remake America into their own country moving the other way. The Soviets too, and China too, every country is studying my thought in order to solve spiritual malaise and family breakdown. But the cosmic system does not include the nationalistic spirit. Going up and creating God's national spirit, the Kingdom of Heaven, is no problem. I have that power. Mind and body unity within the individual is no problem. Once we establish that characteristic for man, woman, children and grandparents too, we will have only the Kingdom of Heaven. I taught you that ideology. Is that true? [Yes.]

You have to understand the meaning of the offering. When you have a plus, the minus will be attracted. When we mention a sister's hair, can it fit into heaven and earth? Is her sacrifice of her hair the best way to unite heaven and earth? Should we make that condition or not? The offering should be separated into two, and offered. Then you can become the ancestor of each tribe. Is that offering condition still effective? Is the message still valid?

History is full of so many sacrifices. Why has God allowed it? From God's viewpoint, historical offering is for the sake of making the foundation to receive the Messiah. If not enough indemnity is set, then God has to allow more blood to be shed. It seems as if there was enough sacrifice, but it was not enough. Why? To prepare for the new era of the Second Coming. Why do those closest to God get sacrificed? We have to understand that we as well as our ancestors failed to fulfill God's will and have failed to attend the Messiah and kneel down and repent.

To restore Adam and Jesus Christ and welcome the Lord of the Second Advent we are paying that indemnity. For that amount of historical sin, to receive so much grace of forgiveness, no matter how much we offer it is not a big deal. Why can I proclaim this interpretation? I can understand the principle viewpoint of history. No accuser can kill me. I have overcome so many difficulties and so much persecution. We stand in the position of king and queen of all the families in the world. The family kingship of all humankind will come after the 400 million couples blessing. One cannot compare the value of the king of families to that of any American president. It is higher than the position of a president.

Satan cannot directly accuse True Parents, so to fill this completion age, there had to be some sacrifice. True Parents and True Father on the national level and world level, Satan accused from the world level and we had to chase out Satan's attack. We are not ready to move from the national to the world level as blessed couples. All blessed couples should love the nation and world more than their own children, but we still identify with nations. Satan tried to kill me. The entire world gathered together on Satan's side and tried to accuse me but could not succeed. Unfortunately, the blessed couples could not absorb the accusation and it could reach the True Family. Did you think about giving your life to block Satan's accusation? Heung Jin was better than any security.

Always the second son becomes Satan's target. The second son position is the middle position, between top and bottom. It is the position to pay the indemnity. Jesus was the second Adam. True Parents also have that second son providence. The providence of Adam, Noah and Abraham all were the same. We have to study each one. Also my second grandfather passed away outside the home and my second son died. All second sons pay indemnity to protect the parents' level and grandparents' level. Because of that, the second son has to pay indemnity, because he is pointing both up and down. At the Won Jeon site is my second grandfather. My grandfather was a friend of Syngman Rhee and he graduated from Pyung Yang Seminary. He established a high school in North Korea. Many great leaders came from that high school. I went to middle school there until I went to Seoul.

The year 1919, just before my birth in 1920, was the year of the death of Yu Kwon Soon. Elder Moon visited some areas in our great grandfather's region [of North Korea]. He received a letter from the home province so that we could find our great grandfather's grave.

I discovered the secrets of Satan and of God and could start the mission of the Lord on the basis of the sacrifice of the second son. Because of world level conditions, Satan could accuse the True Parents and True Family. Centered on headquarters, the second president, President Hyo Won Eu, was sacrificed. The second daughter, Hye Jin, and Hee Jin, my second son, through a different mother, and Heung Jin, the second son centering on True Mother, and Young Jin, the second son born in America, of a different nationality, all were sacrifices. Young Jin passed away as a second son. Hye Jin died eight days after birth, she could not drink her mother's milk.

Eve planted the seed of sin and at that time all Korean members should have loved the True Children more than their own children, but they failed. They could not protect True Parents with that mind. To solve that, instead of True Mother, who is also a second wife, the second daughter passed away exactly eight days after her birth. Eight means new start. That is why I have to bless Hye Jin before I turn 80. No one without the Blessing can go to the Heavenly Kingdom to liberate the Heavenly world from hell.

Centering on Eve there were three archangels, so three brothers of Hye Jin are in spirit world, representing the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament ages. This applies even to the Messiah, even to Jesus. Without indemnity we cannot overcome. This is the principle, the heavenly law. Did you pay indemnity? No. Only Father and Mother together did. Korea could not support Father. America should support Korea. America is the elder son nation and if it abandons Korea, it will only be America's loss. It will lose its position in God's providence.

In 1984, Russia proclaimed it would control even America. I guided America on how to protect herself. A good movie on Afghanistan was made.

To go over the number nine there has to be a sacrifice. In 1960 at True Parents' wedding time it was also very difficult. To reach 2000 is also requiring indemnity. What is this year's motto? We have to get rid of Satan's blood lineage this year. By the 400 million couple blessing we have to reach all the youth. To do this, I blessed all the spirit world saints first. On October 23, 1999, I proclaimed the day of total liberation and blessing of heaven and earth. From now on, from the womb we have to receive the holy wine. We can connect with people any way and give them holy wine. It is the same as when the Israelites left Egypt: they announced it and put the blood on their doors. In the same way you reach your families.

Chun joo hwa means to expand to heaven and earth. From your family you have to reach all families, by all means. Push for it. Reach the nation. We have to reach from the individual to the cosmic levels, and on that foundation I proclaimed on September 23 the fourth Adam's era. To do this, we have to keep absolute faith, love and obedience. Before the fall there was the absoluteness, but the fall lost all of that. The world is now at the turning point to go over the fall. Between your family and True Parents family is a big gap. As it stands, you cannot get to this level, so you have to clean it up and deny it all. The only absolute center is True Parents concept and viewpoint. So we keep absoluteness. Then there is a one way highway for our families to go there freely. To reach that, we have to pay indemnity.

The Cain side could not protect the world, so Satan tried to attack True Parents directly and the True Children had to take it on, through the second son. Because of that, Satan cannot accuse True Parents, because True Children protected with their life. Young Jin left this world, but it was an accident, not a suicide. There is no evidence of suicide. He had money in the bank. Young Jin drove 8 to 10 hours from Las Vegas to Reno and arrived at 8 a.m. There he took a rest, ordered lunch and dinner by room service, and took some air to refresh himself. As he opened the door and cold air blew in and he was confused and there he fell. By the toxicology report there were no drugs or alcohol in his system or in the room. He lived in Las Vegas for two months in a humble apartment. The accident happened as he was preparing to continue his studies.

It happened on October 27th, around 9:30 p.m. I received the report on the 28th. When I slept on the 28th, I meditated on his situation and could realize what had happened. He will work with Hee Jin, Hye Jin and Heung Jin. If he had committed suicide, I would have said to cremate his body. But he didn't commit suicide, so after seven days I allowed him to go to Korea. So we had the Seung Hwa on November 12th.

All Unification Church members worldwide should understand that we stand on the sacrifice of these four True Children, the direct lineage. We have to understand that we stand based on this incredible sacrifice of True Children and inherit their spirit. I told Mother not to cry, but with delight and a strong mind, support Young Jin. Our children in spirit world departed from the three levels of school and from baby level.

It is to protect my life and all of you must have the same determination. All Unification Church members must stand up and sacrifice. Even if all twelve children suffer greatly, we have to stand strongly to create the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. North, east, south and west eventually become the number twelve. Through the 12 stages, all Unification Church members can connect with True Parents through the True Children. We can go by becoming absolute. The purpose of the indemnity way is to become perfect.

You have to inherit True Parents' victorious foundation, representing 6,000 years, in 6 or 7 years. Work for the public purpose for 7 years. The entire world Unification Church members should mobilize, go village by village, and concur with principle. Achieve "tong ban kyok pah", break through in your community. All of you have to stand based on the sacrifice of Heavenly Father, the True Children and Jesus. We have to hide nothing and offer everything. Originally we were to inherit true love, then true children and then all things. But because of the fall, we first have to offer all things, then the children and then the parents, as Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament offerings. After the blessing, the couple is in Completed Testament Age.

I have taught God's principle clearly. Do you understand? [Yes.] Then you have to take action. "Un haeng shinsa" means "word and action united centering on the mind." But when you take action, it needs to bring some good result. We are standing on the base of incredible sacrifice. To take effective "un haeng" (word and action) you need to do Hoon Dok Hae. My words are the record on the battlefield. If you understand and do not take action, you will suffer -- it's the law of the universe. Inherit the spirit of the members who passed away. If you have great offspring, send them to UTS and then send them as foreign missionaries. I even sent all my second sons to spirit world, where they are working. Don't send your children to the Ivy League schools. From my viewpoint, that is not valuable.

Many theologians proclaimed that God is dead. But once ministers hear the truth they can never persecute us. The truth is more powerful than an atomic bomb. Open your mouth and use it. So, do you take responsibility? Christianity and the True Family and I paid indemnity to save your family. We are sinners if we have not paid indemnity by taking out our bones and flesh. When we pass away, we have to determine with our lives that we will pay everything. Did I not sacrifice everything? [Yes!]

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