Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

Dedication Ceremony for Cheonseong Wanglim Palace

Sun Myung Moon
November 7, 1999

On November 7, 1999, Rev. and Mrs. Moon presided over a dedication ceremony and commemoration service for the Cheonseong Wanglim Palace at Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center in Korea.

Prayer when sanctifying the building with holy salt:

Beloved Father, today, November 7, 1999, I would like to hold the sanctification ceremony for the dedication of Cheonseong Wanglim Palace. I am so grateful to have this ceremony. All blessed families from the spirit world and the physical world are united to celebrate this occasion to dedicate the victorious foundation of this palace where they can make their pledge, spiritually and physically, for the realization of the victorious sovereignty centering on God.

Please, God, remember this day and determine it as Your own. May it become a base of loyalty from generation to generation, and the starting point of the realm of heart that is from a unified mind and body centered on love. May it become a palace that is loved and longed for by everyone, and a palace of adoration where the ties of blood lineage will be respected. Please allow me to bless this place as the starting point that will work for the expansion of a global movement of love to establish the eternal sovereignty of love centering on the Parents of Heaven and Earth. Please permit it to become an original holy place where all things will be sanctified based on unity among God, True Parents and all things from heaven and earth. Through this sanctification, please also permit it to become an originating point of blessing through which all nations of the future will be connected and dedicated to Heaven.

I sincerely ask that this holy salt, wherever it rests, will purify the environment of this sanctuary and erase all traces of Satan from within its walls. I pray that through this sanctification it may become the original place of tradition in the dominion of God's love and guidance of True Parents' blood lineage from the outset and forever.

Here, now, national messiahs representing 185 nations, and the representatives of the providential nations symbolizing Adam's family, Korea, Japan, America and Germany, are gathered together. I sincerely pray that You will bless this place to become a victorious base where they can restore all their faults and accomplish again the ideal of Adam's family. I would like to ask Yahweh to directly sanctify this sanctuary together with True Parents.

I now offer this benediction in the name of True Parents that God will protect this place eternally with His blessing, authority, respect and love when it is sanctified by the hand of True Parents. Amen! Amen! Amen!

Benediction at the tape cutting ceremony:

Loving Heavenly Father, Today on November 7, 1999 at 10:00 o'clock in the morning, I would like to offer You this dedication ceremony of Cheonseong Wanglim Palace. Please personally guide and direct all aspects of the procedures.

We know well how the history of restoration has been complicated in its course to resolve all problems in paradise, the intermediate spirit world and hell. We also feel deeply how miserable the providence has been in its course to restore the original consciousness, life and lineage through God's love and to purify the contaminated fallen lineage in the satanic world. It was inevitable that people would inherit Satan's blood lineage. No matter how they have longed for the Kingdom of Heaven, enduring suffering and crying out in the present world that stands opposed to God's ideal world, their lives have been destined to enter hell. Everyone has been roaming around the chaotic world of evil without knowing anything of the cause.

I know that walking the path of trials and tribulations in the history of religion, You had to reorganize all of God's lineage from the individual, family, clan, tribe, nation, world levels up to the cosmos, by eventually sending True Parents to this earth as a center of the providence of salvation. You chose this nation so that You could send True Parents to this earth. I know how much You have loved this land and the people of Korea, and how carefully You have trained and protected them through the five thousand years of its history so as to keep its identity as a unique lineage, and to keep its purity, although its history has been miserable and the nation powerless. I know how deeply You have been proud of this nation, the so-called gentle nation of the orient, the purification of whose lineage is successful, honored the way of filial piety, loyalty, sainthood and holy-sonship, and harmoniously accepted all historic religions such as Buddhism, Confucianism and Christianity, based on this prepared foundation.

Based on this historical background, the Unification Church was established in this nation in order to connect all religions to God's heart and to eventually unify them. It has dedicated itself to liberating God and humankind, and to establishing one nation under God's true love lineage on the worldwide level, and even on the cosmic level, by expanding the blessing to the spirit world centered on God and True Parents. For this, the Unification Church has initiated the international blessing campaign and has blessed 440 million couples. Now we would like to fully open the gate of the blessing in heaven and on earth through the accomplishment of the 400 million couples' matching and blessing. By so doing, we can liberate the gates of hell in the spirit world and on earth, and so that all families can enter the Kingdom of Heaven following the Parents of Heaven and Earth. On account of Your leadership and grace, the Unification Church has passed through all kinds of tribulations so as to victoriously conclude the battle on earth. This has been the battle through which You have suffered to realize the unified realm in heaven and on earth and to expand the realm of the Kingdom of Heaven to the cosmic level, the ideal of creation. The Unification Church has prepared the realm of the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven and on earth, spreading the blood lineage through the blessing beyond the level of the nation and world to the level of the unification of the spirit world and physical world.

Based on such foundation and devotion, the entire temple of the Heavenly Kingdom could descend to this earth as the Cheonseong Wanglim Palace. This primary sanctuary is to be the spiritual starting point for attending God and the Parents of Heaven and Earth. I convey my deep appreciation to Heaven for the construction of this sanctuary over the past two years. We can say that it has been built mainly by the spirit world centered on Heung Jin Gun, Dae Mo nim, Choong Mo nim and Dae Hyung nim, rather than by people on the earth. Based on the cooperation and filial piety of the entire spirit world, people on earth were spiritually guided and organized so that all the Unification Church's blessed families throughout the world could gather their tearful donations with internal devotion and finally build the palace. I am so grateful to You for this amazing occasion.

We are going to organize one global nation of the heavenly lineage by uniting every nation in the world, including Korea, centered on God, and will organize the world of independent sovereignty under God's love. We have built this palace as a training camp that will show the example for this purpose beyond the barriers of the nation and world.

Dear Heavenly Father, please take direct dominion over this place. I pray that the palace will be a center to unify all blessed ancestors from heaven and blessed descendants on earth, and thus to open the age of the liberated Kingdom of Heaven in heaven and on earth for all of them to go forward to the world of unification, equality and peace.

I offer this sanctuary to You, Heavenly Father, as a training palace where all people can inherit God's will and unite with each other through the connection of life and love. On the occasion of all spirits and beings in the heavenly nation observing this moment, I eagerly request that You accept this place as a victorious base which You can make Your focus on behalf of all mankind and all things, and as a sanctuary where we can train victorious liberators with the authority of the princes and princesses of God's Kingdom of Heaven. Here, thousands of people have gathered from throughout the world to celebrate this dedication. Please accept this sincere, unified heart. I pray that it will become a beautiful sanctuary that emits a sweet fragrance in the Kingdom of Heaven, among all things and in the heart of people. Please bless it to be a primary sanctuary where we can honor and respect each other as the substantial representatives of love

I pray for Your permission to educate all people in this place, so that they become people liberated transcending the entire realm of heart, together with all spirits and angels who are connected to all things of this realm, and all people, including the Koreans, and so that they become the leading people in the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven and on earth. Please declare this great blessing in the name of True Parents and the Principle. Please allow this to eternally be a victorious palace and sanctuary of which we can be proud.

There are blessed families throughout the spirit and physical worlds who were mindful of this day and devoted their offerings for this time. I pray that all of these, including their second generation children and all descendants, will unite. I pray that they will unite North and South Korea, and eradicate the cultural gaps between East and West, the distinction between the rich in the North and the poor in the South, and between the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven and the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. I pray to our Great King, Creator of all things in the name of True Parents, centered on Yahweh, that we can all go forward to the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen! Amen! Amen!

Speech at the dedication service:

The Messiah is a True Parent. True Parents and true love are eternal, unchanging and absolute. God's true character is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal.

The word "true" has a unique, eternal and unchanging meaning. It goes beyond time, space and history. It is the power of love that can lead all people. Even God surrenders in front of that word "true."

Even though God is almighty, He cannot control love as He wishes. Love does not work alone. Without an object, love does not exist. Love is the subject that governs everything in the cosmos and the substance of life. What do we have to do to find that eternal, absolute, unique and unchanging object? Without an object, love cannot take root.

The traditional family of the Unification Church should be a family that could never be divided. It should worship the family traditions that God has deeply desired to see practiced. Such families are welcome anywhere in heaven and on earth. Amen. This is such family. Amen. This is such family. Amen. The conclusion is that our families ought to be good enough to inherit the universe.

The children, mothers and fathers of such families ought to be dutiful sons, loyal patriots, saints and faithful daughters of God. Thus, our children are the dutiful children of parents, loyal patriots in their country and saints in the world. All our couples are mothers and fathers who are like saints. Amen.

If what I told you just now was nothing other than bragging, it would be a serious problem. There is a reason for what I told you. It means that when you accidentally pick up a useless, insipid thing and taste it, you might be surprised to find great taste in it. Which is sweeter, love or honey? Which is sweeter, love or honey? Love is sweeter.

Completely disavowing connection to the goals and motives of the external world is the start of restoration through indemnity. You must realize that we must completely repudiate the external world in front of God to have complete restoration. If you are unable to reach the standard of true love, you need to practice complete self-denial. This kind of principle must be established in the era of the second family settlement and in which the process of overturning the universe is taking place. It is the final task of True Parents. You must know this. Did the blessed families of the Unification Church do what God told them to do? I have been making proclamations for the last forty or fifty years. The tradition you are forging in one of leading your life according to these proclamations.

Look. I have given the blessing to saints and murderers. Could God do that? Only True Parents can do that. True Parents can stop the fighting between God and Satan. If I spoke to God of the reason for His endlessly bitter feelings and deepest sadness, He would agree with it. If I asked if He is seeking a calm place to rest, He would agree. Who should resolve that sadness and those bitter feelings? It should be done through True Parents.

I learned from God the obedience that God wishes for more than anything, real love and the will of our God, who has absolute faith. I am now presenting this to you, the members of the Unification Church, that is, the principle of the need for absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience.

Well, look. We have completed the Cheonseong Wanglim Palace. This palace is here to set the Kingdom of God in Heaven through the palace of our hearts, families, tribes, nations, countries, the world and the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.... This palace is the capital city of Heaven and the palace of the Kingdom of Heaven. The king exists in the palace. You must realize that even God has a king's palace in accordance with this principle.

What should I emphasize on this holy day when this dedication ceremony is being held? You should form families that can serve God for many years as absolute families, unique families, unchanging families and eternal families. This will allow God to forget His bitter feelings and follow us. Due to the loss of His only son and only daughter, God has had a deeply painful heart for many years. When He overcomes His pain--and what remains unresolved regarding the restored children of Adam and Eve--He will be able to move his dispensation forward swiftly.

God will be able to travel freely between heaven and earth. In order to establish the environment in which God can freely travel, true love is the essential element. I am the king who has clearly established and taught the theory of true love.

Who is the king of blessed families in the world? Who is the leading figure trying to internationalize true families? It is definitely Rev. Moon. All countries in the world, even remote island countries, know all about this. Rev. Moon gave the blessing to the families of the world so he is the head of blessed families. The fathers of leading families should inherit this tradition and form families for their children. This is both God's wish and mine.

What is God in pain over? The first generation, Adam and Eve's family and the grandchildren's family were not formed according to God's wishes. The third generation was not established, so it brought great anguish to God. Establishing the third generation, resolving His anguish and living with us forever, make up God's unchanging, eternal and traditional quest. At this moment, we should pledge to become true parents, God's true children and inheritors who can sustain the tradition forever. If you wish to make a pledge yourselves to do that, raise your two hands and make an oath to God. Amen! May God's blessings be with you.

Prayer after the dedication service:

Beloved Father, You have shed volumes of tears for thousands and thousands of years during the long journey of restoration. The journey of restoration has been filled with bitterness and has been an unbearable experience. So many people who adored You became bloody sacrifices. That river of blood remains in the hell of this dead world. Restoration is a miserable journey that necessitates traveling through hell. If someone were to ask whether that passage of restoration was heartless and merciless, the answer would be "yes." History has been miserable; wives abandoned their husbands and men abandoned their older and younger brothers.

Nobody can believe and welcome the historical reality. A long journey to establishing a happy world lies ahead for the members of the Unification Church who can be proud of Your part in that journey. They have journeyed through Your distress, loaded with bitter feelings and they undergone many journeys through unbearable hardships and bloodshed. They have repeated the unforgettable course without fully achieving their responsibility. Thus, they could not establish peace and well-being in Your heart. They could not realize that they left You with miserable and bitter feelings. Father, we truly wish You to forgive their lack of success.

We clearly understand Your historical sadness in Your work to bring the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. We could not become the children who sympathized with Your sadness during Your difficult journey even for one day of our lifetimes. With such bitter feelings in mind, today the members of the Unification Church are leading the way through the lonely steps to recover and return a heart full of sympathy. I clearly understand that they are the lonely people who have nobody to express their history, which is filled with lots of grudges.

Father, they know that after going through a journey filled with all sorts of hardships and privations, they can reach the heavenly palace and join You, who have been waiting for them in heaven. The members of the Unification Church have been making endless efforts to reach to You, who are desperately waiting for the return of Your lost children. They are making the greatest effort to make great strides. They are willing to go through bitter feelings and sadness and without hesitation pass the boundary line between life and death. You felt pity for them, so You have led them to this place. We are thankful for your guidance.

This is the Cheonseong Wanglim Palace. Our hearts, families, countries, the world and all Creation should become part of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. They can come, serve the Masters of the palace and live with You all the time. Father, I truly wish You to allow this moment when we can clearly pledge ourselves and realize such a reality.

Until now, Heung Jin and Dae Mo nim have been playing major roles in mobilizing the spiritual world and giving the blessing. They brought liberation by causing the collapse of walls of bitter feelings in the spirit world. In step with the progress of developments connected to True Parent on earth, they have worked without rest to connect the unified realm of the ideal to the earth and to the Kingdom of Heaven. Please allow them to open the doors of hell in the spiritual world and on earth, to expel evil, to extirpate the root of sins and to establish their prestige and honor in order that they can stand in front of You. We are truly thankful to You for allowing us the fair rights of children to receive Your love and praise. The members of the Unification Church wish to beautifully adorn the path of life until the end and offer it to You. I truly wish for You to protect their future journey and allow them to perfect it.

Today, all the leaders of the world have come here. Please allow them to feel and experience all these facts and then spread them as the main ideology upon their arrival in their countries. Father, I truly wish You to bless them so they can become the successors of brave and courageous masters. This will give them the determination to spread my message to the people in their countries just as farmers sow true seeds over vast fields in the spring.

Please allow all those gathered here to pledge themselves with clear minds and to have beautiful lives they can cherish like the fragrance and color of flowers for the rest of their days. Please allow us to connect to the light of eternal new life and the traditional path of love of the laws of nature. This will allow us to become liberated children and to establish blessed families in all countries. Father, I truly wish You to bless them, to choose them to be eternal inheritors of the missions they are destined to have and to have them become great people.

We have completed everything. Please allow us to offer this day and overcome the sadness of being losers during the actual journeys we have undertaken. Allow us to seize the right moment to bring the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven. Please allow us to praise, serve and love You forever with the power of success. I am especially requesting all these things today. Please allow us to become leaders in the coming new universe, the realm of the fourth Adam, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and the Kingdom of God in Heaven, and to march on proudly. I truly wish and pray that You to allow us to become people who can make progress on the journey as we move forward, and those can do these things independently.

We are thankful for your eternal blessings. Please give your children more blessings through the joy they feel in returning all these achievements to You, Father. I pray in the name of True Parents. Amen. [Amen.] Amen. [Amen.] Amen. [Amen.]

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