Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

Proclamation of the Liberation Day for the Blessing of the Whole Cosmos

Sun Myung Moon
October 23, 1999

On October 23, 1999, at 7 a.m., Rev. Moon proclaimed the Liberation Day for the Blessing of the Whole Cosmos which means that the whole cosmos can be liberated through the blessing. Special holy wine and holy candy were introduced on this day.

On October 10, we celebrated Ssang-Ship Jeol in Punta del Este. Since that day, 10 days passed and we are now on the third day since then. Today is the day that passed the number 30 and became the part of number 33. Thus, in the whole outlook on providence, it is time to finalize all the content of my announcements.

My announcements should go through the Old, New and Completed Testament Ages, and reestablish the spiritually and physically divided things through first, second and third Adam, and then, indemnify and pass the whole realm of substance after 40 years. It should not only pass but also establish Adam's realm of victory which is of the original substance, and which returns the original substance and the eternal realm of victory where there is no fall. I have already announced this before. It means the era of the real of the fourth Adam.

In the era of the realm of the fourth Adam, Adam and Eve should be established in the world as the blessed ones not the fallen ones, by all the blessed Unification Church members. On such foundation of blessing and all victory of the realm of the first, second and third Adams, the Parents of Heaven and Earth should unite and focus in their heart upon the realm of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, and then cleanse everything.

What was the result of the fall of Adam and Eve? It led to the lamentation of all creation. It brought the all people to lament, and True Parents, the angelic world, God's world, and the entire created realm made by our Creator, lamented.

Adam and Eve's family brought grief of that magnitude. In order to indemnify all the family standards, we should serve the Parents of Heaven and Earth and unite, and through that process inherit the power to indemnify everything. Without such a process, we cannot inherit that power.

The three ages exist on the foundation of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. The Old Testament Age was the age of sacrificial offerings, the New Testament Age was the age of sacrifices by children, the Completed Testament Age is the age of sacrifices by true parents. After that comes the era of heart-based sacrifice centered on God. Everything should be indemnified.

Where will you be standing after this? In the course of restoration of Adam and Eve, who brought lamentation to all creation, we have established the conditions of indemnity for all realms of religion and achieved the master position for the liberation of all creation, the children, Adam and Eve's family, and God. This will bring everything to conclusion.

Today is the day of cleansing upon which we have decided. I have been working with the main focus on the family and the Total Living Offering as the condition of indemnity. I have established Ssang-Ship Jeol (Double-ten Day) the day I passed on the authority of the Blessing. It means that Adam's family--parents who have not fallen--must give the Blessing to their own children.

The blessed families who became connected to a clan centering around one family on my behalf and blessed families who are connected to a clan are at the national level of perfected Jesus. They have a cosmic victory foundation in the perfected world so they must completely sort out all the unblessed people remaining in the clans in the Cain realm that has no relation with God (by blessing them).

The material possessions, children and blessed couples in the clan realm in which you live, God and the Parents of Heaven and Earth should unite completely and stand at the center. You should bring into history the absolute liberation that is not related with and has not been stained by the fall up to now. If I do not give the benefit of the blessing and do not hand over the power of the blessing for the whole mankind, the Kingdom of Heaven and Earth, I cannot finalize the end of the Kingdom of Heaven and Earth that I have been indemnifying in the history until now. I have done such final work.

Then, what we have to do from now? The first priority is removing the satanic surrounding. Creating the satanic environment is the fall. What created the satanic surrounding? It was created through the lineage of false parents. The environment of the satanic world should be changed into that of the heavenly world. It should be cleansed so it becomes like the Kingdom of Heaven.

How can we do that? It should be done with the main focus on the victory realm that restores God's lineage. Considering the matter of relationship with God's lineage from the viewpoint of God's will, through the establishment of the oneness of the realm of dominion according to result and the realm of direct dominion, which can fulfill man's portion of responsibility, based on the oneness of the body and mind, the heavenly and earthly realms must bring together everything that was divided.

All the divided cultural differences between the East and West, the gulf between the poor and the rich in the south and north, different given conditions of the surroundings and all the divided things should be made uniform, made level and equalized. These are our responsibility. The era of perfection of providential history for this will is the era of the blessing. Without establishing the absolute standard, we cannot see the world territory in the era of the blessing, cannot pass the final point, and cannot enter the realm of the fourth Adam which is the new era of an ideal Heaven. Now, everything must be cleansed.

The whole creation around you has been lamenting until now. Why lamenting? They could not go to the world of God's love with True Parents, and could not be under His dominion. We must liberate the entire realm of creation from lamentation. If your children die now as they are, they will end up in hell. Your children have not been able to reach to the liberated realm of the blessing so we must work for the realm of liberation of your children. Your families could not surpass the conditions yet. Through passing my victory on to you, I can give you the blessing that exceeds the conditions of indemnity established.

Not only centering on your families but also the tribes, peoples and countries could not surpass that condition of indemnity. Till now, Satan has been enjoying absolute power on the national level. I have established all conditions of indemnity that can eliminate Satan's power and connect to the actions of God under His full authority. Not long ago, I proclaimed at Kodiak the transition into an era of (God's) all-transcendence, omnipresence, full authority and omnipotence. Everything has been done based on this announcement.

Today, therefore, I am proclaiming the oneness of the four great realms of heart, and the realm of liberation of all creation, children, couples and the Parents of Heaven and Earth. In so doing, we can then freely enter the realm of absolute possession of God--a place He can believe in--and one in which He can work freely centering on the victorious standard. This will bring the realm of liberation of absolute creation, absolute children, absolute couples, absolute families, all clans and nations. This means that the satanic world will end in the not-too-distant future. You must know the proclamation that can make the final adjustments and reorganization was made during this event.

Then, by what means can we do that? The holy wine is the answer. Not long ago, I earlier announced that we have to hold the rebirth ceremony, resurrection ceremony and eternal life ceremonies. In this way we must allow even all things of creation to attend these ceremonies. As of today, 70 days remain before the first day of January of the coming New Year, and 120 days before my birthday. These are the absolutely needed numbers from among the Principle numbers. During this period, we must take this to the world.

From today, you must distribute holy candies to everybody, even to people on the street or to pregnant wives in their families. We can give to the babies in their mothers' wombs. After passing through such a way, if they receive the blessing, then eternal life will be waiting for them. It means that they will be able to enter into the realm of eternal life without persecution and indemnity.

People should go through the passage of rebirth, resurrection and eternal life. In order to reach to eternal life, the lineage has to be purified from the time of being in the mother's womb. Even the blessed families have been fighting until now; so we have not been able to reach the realm of the fourth Adam. We must distribute these holy candies. The blessed families also must eat these candies.

Tribal messiahs must give the candy to their tribes and save their relatives. You must make sure that your whole clan eats these candies. When the people of Israel had to leave from Egypt they went to their people in many different locations and informed them that they were leaving. Like that, you must reach everyone in your clan and explain, and push them. People must join the rebirth ceremony, resurrection ceremony and eternal life ceremonies, which will allow them to get the blessing. Without creating these conditions and circumstances to achieve such a goal, you cannot go to heaven.

This is restoration of eldersonship, parentship and kingship. Adam should have been an elder son and a parent, and establish the kingship, but he failed to do so. Jesus was unable to restore the eldersonship in a clan, church, nation and country. The coming Lord of Second Advent should establish the individual-, family-, tribe-, nation-, country-, world- and cosmos-level eldersonship. Then, he could restore the elder-son parentship and the elder-son kingship. When you receive the ceremony to transfer the blessing authority, you should no longer be leading a selfish life based on your own thinking. You must know this.

You should have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. We should be ready to face the new era with such a standard in mind. From today, you must distribute these holy candies to the people on streets and in your clans, around the world. And, you must make sure they eat them. You must realize that you have the responsibility of spreading this out from your relatives and to the villages where they live, to your cities, towns and districts. You must practice this, too. We are in such an era.


Beloved Father! Today, I have proclaimed the final improvement of history and the final process of judgement. The liberation of all things, children, couples, True Parents' realm of earth and the creation of the Kingdom of Heaven has been proclaimed. We are thankful for allowing this proclamation day that we could proclaim the transition to a new era.

I wish to set today as the day of the great transition for the Creator and the substantial realm. Centered on True Parents the Parents of Heaven and Earth are one. The angelic realm in the Kingdom of Heaven, and from all the blessed children to the adults who received the blessing, all the blessed families on earth and everybody who has been staying in the same situation since they were young children can now proclaim themselves to be part of the body of True Parents' blood relatives. We are thankful for allowing us such a moment.

The whole universe has set its focus on this situation. Gu Gu Jeol (9.9 Jeol) and Sam-Ship Jeol (3.10 Jeol) have been proclaimed, which can protect us from Lucifer and all his followers. Thus, we reached a level where all of us can request the blessing of God on behalf of True Parents and propose the reclamation of the pioneering course of Heaven. We have inherited all this. Thus, we are able to have a ceremony that transfers True Parents' victory to the Kingdom of Heaven and to earth. This will bring liberation of all things of Old, New and Completed Testament Ages and eliminate all satanic influence in the era of the heart. We are thankful for allowing us to have a new era in which all things, children, couples and the whole realm of parents can proclaim the glorious starting of a new world of heaven.

Through this ceremony, please allow us to bring the liberation of all things, children, couples, True Parents, and the Parents of Heaven and Earth who are the Creator of the heavenly realms. Please allow us the pledge of moving forward to the sovereign world of your unified and idealistic love in heaven and on earth. I am proclaiming all these through the names of True Parents and Yahweh--the True Parents of Heaven and Earth. Allow us to march to the sovereign world of Your love with endless efforts and unified victory. Amen! [Amen!] Amen! [Amen!] Amen! [Amen!]

Prayer of Gratitude

God, our Father who has gone through a sorrowful and bitter history: nobody knew about your grieving heart, You, the Creator, have been carrying the cross alone. You sent True Father to this earth and he underwent many hardships. You have watched me go through the hardships, but You could not help me and You could not express your heart. You have been guiding me to the final goal even through such sadness. I am grateful for that.

God wished to see the unification of the separated mind and body in the family era. In order to achieve these goals, we untangled the blessed families and brought about the era that You wished to see. This allowed us to organize tribes and expand on the level of races, countries and the world. The separation of the Korean peninsula into North and South, the separation of world history into East and West, and the history of the cosmos separated as heaven and earth have caused pain in Your heart. We have prepared this moment so that You can overcome such pain.

Please allow us to play the leading role through your universal, absolute and almighty power. We wish to inherit the shield of absolute victory that will allow You to deal with everything from your front row position. Please allow the body to obey the mind, a husband and wife to absolutely unite and the absolutely united couples to absolutely unite with their children. With the main focus on the absolutely united family, the whole clan of three generations, the children and tribes organized under God should register. Please allow us to complete the realm of tribal messiahs, national messiahs and international messiahs, to have families that can unite with absolute standards.

True Parents established all these as the condition for creating the shield of victory. We still have the responsibility of establishing such conditional standards in our countries, tribes and families. I truly wish you to allow the blessed families to realize their responsibilities with a focused mind and body, and for True Parents to move forward to attain the goal.

Lucifer and all satanic forces should disappear from this earth and all humankind should be liberated, so You allowed the path for the salvation of those of the shadowy realms. Please rule the cosmos with your unified independent power. I truly wish and desire that You govern and guide us. I proclaim and declare this in the name of True Parents, Amen! [Amen!] Amen! [Amen!] Amen! [Amen!]


Now, you have the responsibility of disentangling of all of your families and countries. The Parents' era will pass. Each country should bear its own responsibility: the time when I can move a country has passed.

Jesus should have led the blessing of families aimed at the chosen people of Israel. This is the goal for the chosen people. The sphere of blessings that can overcome the national standards of the chosen people is unity on earth and in the Kingdom of Heaven. Thus, I can liberate the condition that was left to Satan from Adam's family.

In trying to find a country and a world based on this realm of victorious supremacy, I have been persecuted until now, but you should push yourselves and move forward to reach such goals with the main focus on the country and on that realm of victorious supremacy.

What should we be careful of in reaching that goal? The final future goal is to spread our messages to every city, town and village. You must pass on the messages to all of your clans. When all that is done, the ruling and opposition parties will be united. If the ruling and opposition parties unite, similar to Cain and Abel, the right and the left will completely unite and Jesus and the satanic world will be completely unified. Such a time is here now.

I unified the left and the right and gave blessings to the spirit world and the physical world and saints and heinous felons. This brought about the liberation of the Kingdom of Heaven and Earth. You have the foundation that the realm of liberation is already achieved so you must believe and support the Parents of Heaven and Earth. It is not a time to be afraid of certain countries or sovereign powers. What is our right? We are the root that can solve problems related to broken families, morality of youth, and everything. This is important, like weight is in a fishing net.

Each of us has the responsibility to overturn this root in any circumstances in our own clan and country. We will not be faced with opposition. When we push for the goal, things will be resolved.

The victorious foundation that Rev. Moon of the Unification Church has established is international. We gathered religious leaders, politicians, scholars and the press through the Inter-religious and International Federation for World Peace and have held hoondok seminars. We should advertise this extensively as the victorious shield. We should advertise this through press organizations.

When we advertise this, we should announce to the public that there is none who can deny this. If there is one who denies the fact that we created the victorious shield for the people of all countries, we must make him or her to make an oath. For what reason, can somebody oppose it? It is time for us to reach our goal with absolute power.

In striving for the goal, do not hesitate even if powerful people are before us. Laws and other things cannot obstruct it. Is there any law that can stop it? Everybody wants to see an era disconnected from the satanic lineage, in which God can become the King in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven. This is what everybody has been wishing for, desiring in their dreams. There is none who will oppose the realization of their ideals and dreams in history. Thus, we should have great confidence and purify everything.

The liberation of all creation and children must come. To do so, we must complete the Total Living Offering and offer it to God. For that reason, you should not have any ownership. Everything is God's. It means that everything starts from God. We should not have possessive minds.

The Washington Times does not belong to our church. It came from God. The US was started by the Pilgrim Fathers (Pilgrim Fathers: British Puritans, who came to North America in 1620 on the Mayflower and settled in Plymouth). The nation was started by God. Ignorance of this leads the nation to perish.

Mrs. Moon's Prayer

Beloved Father! We are thankful. We are deeply grateful for your broad and profound love.

Father, You have been waiting for this proclamation day for a long, long time. Father, we wish You happiness. We are thankful for the opening of the new universe so that You can freely practice Your almighty power.

Father, please, please allow us to achieve everything the way You wish. Please allow all the children of the Unification Church to cleanse away impure things with all their hearts and bodies and then unite completely with the vertical God. We are thankful for allowing us this day in which we can be inspired to accomplish our mission and responsibility.

Father, we are making effort to sort out the last days of (fallen) history in South Korea, Japan and the United States and to start the beginning of the new millennium. Please allow us to reach that moment with victory. Father, all of us wish to have a day in which you can say We have achieved it, and celebrate with joy, without failure.

Father, please put all the difficult, painful memories of suffering behind. We wish you to have a great future filled with hope. We believe that this morning will be the great moment in which we pledge to become the true children who give back to You without fail. This morning, we wish to express our gratitude for the prepared meal on the table. I pray in the name of True Parents. Amen. [Amen.]

Rev. Moon's Final Word

After this, Rev. Moon shared special holy wine and holy candy with the congregation.

From now on, all families in the world should pray and start with the wine and candies we distributed today. Later, we will distribute these more widely.

When we continue this process in our communities, we can bring blessings all at once. When we tell people in the communities what I told you today, whether they are blessed or not, everybody will be blessed if they want to be. As long as they go through this process, such communities will automatically enter into the realm of blessing even if we do not ask them to do so. They will end up with such benefits. If we believe this and push ourselves to reach that goal, God's blessing will be with us.

At the age of 80, Moses returned to his homeland of Israel, but that kind of era is passing. Having already entered the realm of Israel on earth, the second Israel should settle in Canaan and then stand in the position of having found a nation and heaven. The realm of liberation will be settled on the family and cosmic levels.

Now, all you need to do is read during Hoon Dok Hae and talk about its content. Because I paid indemnity and accomplished the task, when you keep that record for thousands and thousands of generations as a family treasure, as a record of a complete victory, you will automatically become the people of God. This is not the situation to believe in someone, but to venerate (honor) your ancestors. Aren't the ancestors like God? We are entering the era of absolute veneration.

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