Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

The Core of Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience

Sun Myung Moon
October 8, 1999

On October 8, 1999, Rev. Moon proclaimed "The Core of Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience."


Whatís todayís date? October 8. Now, you and I must not forget the importance of South America. Whenever I have the time, I pray for and try to link other things to South America. I know that my prayers can ultimately dissolve Godís bitter pain. In Jardim, there is the Ideal Family Education Headquarters for World Peace. This is the stepping stone for the final process of entering Heaven, for which we should make all possible prayers.

This major location serves as the educational headquarters to build relations among four countries. The education is mainly directed at the youth. We should dedicate ourselves to the utmost for this project.

Whenever I have the time, I go to South America, but itís not for personal pleasure. I am paying much attention to South America. I go there to do work that must be done and completely resolve all decisions concerning Godís Will. Am I not faced with the same situation now? Within two days, all the worldwide Interreligious and International Federation and World University Federation leaders will gather in Washington for the Hoon Dok Hae seminar. Then why should I go to South America with such an event just a couple of days away?

In terms of providential significance, there will be a gathering of top leaders who can put the world in order; then why must I go to South America with such an important project close at hand? Everybody should go to South America and nourish the root. All shoots, branches and stems are nourished by and connected to the root.

We started by putting out our roots in South Korea but now we must connect Jardim and four South American countries and then return to South Korea. This will allow all the shoots to grow. When the shoots unite with the central root, the central stem and the central shoot and then have reciprocal relationships, they will spread out in all directions. Then, the branches and the shoots on the branches will grow like that. Based upon such bonds, South America is very important to me.

Mother wishes to be with her children here whenever she has the time. That is quite natural for her. Are there any parents who donít wish to spend time with their children? Families must purge all opposing elements from the roots, stems, branches to shoots with the main focus on the great victory of the Kingdom of Heaven. When that happens, the whole must become the essential condition of the living environment of the roots, stems, branches to all the shoots. If this is not done, the work is left incomplete. This is the major priority for me more than dealing with the families influenced by Satanís families. You must realize that this is what I have to do.

It is not difficult to believe in the Unification Church; its way of indemnity has been resolved by the love of True Parents and God. How do you unite with that love? Not by playing around and having fun. Itís through absolute faith. Until now Satan and Adam and Eve did not have absolute faith in Father. The same applies to our children. We must have absolute faith in our parents. The absence of absolute faith brought about the fallen world. To restore order in that fallen world, we need to have absolute faith in the standards of God and True Parents, and that will enable us to eradicate all vestiges of the fallen world.

What is the first Jardim Declaration? It is Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience. These are proclaimed for the reasons given above. Therefore I cannot forget about this place day and night. When we pray with such faith and lead activities with such content, Satan must always yield.

In having absolute faith, a father and a son unite in true love and bond together. God is the subject of the supremacy of victory, and True Parents are the main object of the supremacy of victory. Thus, when the standard is created based on such a standard of faith, the satanic world cannot be part of this standard however big it may be or however much historical chaos or indemnity it causes. It cannot interfere with this standard.

The authority of existence cannot come about through just any kind of faith or through any part of the satanic world. God created everything through absolute faith. All things were created through absolute faith and love; hence any other existence cannot interfere with them. They are absolutely obedient so that Adam can become the master even if God is absent. Even if Satan has great power, he does not have any capability to control the position with absolute obedience. These are the three essential factors.

It is hard to believe me. It is hard to believe God, but when you have absolute faith, love and obedience, you will realize that was the path of Jesus and the absolute faith, love and obedience that Jesus had. I inherited the path of absolute faith that God and Jesus walked.

As long as we follow the path of love and obedience, Satan can never take the position of our shadow. Letís think about the meaning that Satan cannot take the position of our shadow. Of the twenty-four hours, it is noon when the overhead sun does not cast shadows. Shadows appear in the evening and morning but disappear at noon. Satan cannot take the position of noon.

Absolute faith is like the shadowless state at noon. There are many types of love in the satanic world but absolute love means love without shadows. In all different circumstances, you must have absolute obedience. Only absolute faith, love and obedience can settle and rule in the position connected to God, Jesus and True Parents. Nothing else can do that.

Individual, familial, tribal, racial and national faith are all part of absolute faith. Likewise, individual, familial, tribal love and so on are all part of absolute love. The same applies to obedience. The duty of children of filial piety is absolute obedience to their parents. The duty of loyal subjects is absolute obedience to their monarch. All these are part of the Will of Heaven. Thus, you must have absolute faith in what I have established in Jardim. Centered upon whom? Have absolute faith centered upon God. Adam didnít do it; Satan didnít do it either. Jesus had absolute faith. Thence arises the logic of Adam having to obey and love Jesus.

This principled foundation was established between the Parents of the Unification Church and God. They are united and established a unified ideal. This cannot be exchanged with anything in the world, not even kings or presidents. Nothing in the satanic world can become the object of faith. In order to have the object of faith, you must deny everything, whether your parents, or spouse, or money, or knowledge.

The goal of absolute faith is reaching absolute love. You should absolutely believe in absolute love. Adam and Eve did not have absolute faith in God so they could not have absolute love. Thus, we should recover and perfect all such lost things and then completely convert all the imperfect things that live in the imperfect environment where Satan lives to absolute faith and love. Then, everything will be cleansed.

In such absolute love, an absolute husband should obey his absolute wife, an absolute wife should absolutely obey her absolute husband. Such couple should have absolute faith in God and Fatherís original love. All these are done based on love. On the final day, there will be no SatanÖ.

The most serious matter is to "burn your sexual organ." If you were told to remove all traces of your clanís blood forever, what would you do? Would you gouge out your eyes or burn your sexual organ? Such questions will arise. Would you cut off your nose or burn your sexual organ? Would you sew up your mouth or burn your sexual organ? Would you plug in your ears or burn your sexual organ? Would you sacrifice your life or burn your sexual organ? You shouldnít burn your sexual organ. The mainstream thought of Godís creation is connected to it. I seek to create families and the world through the history of love, so you shouldnít burn your sexual organ.

The expression "burn your sexual organ" arose from the Fall; even the sexual organ must obey. You must realize that I established the theory of absolute faith, love and obedience according to such standards. When you have such faith, Satan will perish forever. Evil spirits and everything that has been opposing or persecuting and making us go through indemnity and the history that people put a nail in Godís heart will disappear all at once.

When you have such faith, you will no longer have need of the teachings or precepts of some historical saint. Even if you are taught to be a loyal subject of a country and to fulfil the duty of a holy child of the cosmos, when you have such standards of faith, everything will be perfected. The foundation that can effect the completion of individuals, families, tribes, races, nations, the world, the cosmos and Godís ideal of love started from the beginning of creation. God created all things with the principle of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Even God obeys absolutely in front of love.

You must know that uniting with such a principle is the final point of our mission, so we came to Jardim and made such a proclamation. Neither Satan nor anybody else can be part of this.

When we behold our goal with such an outlook, today we are having the history of all-immanence, all-transcendence and omnipotence here. With all-transcendence representing all-immanence, everything is unified. Using supreme authority and all the power of Satan, we reached the era of all-transcendence and omnipotence and can do all things. Our next wish was becoming the object of God and True Parentsí love, so we became such objects. Now, it is time for us to pray to God, "Father, please allow us the final decision".

We are in the era that you can ask for our wish to come true if we have one. We can say to God "I am making this kind of effort so please allow my wish to come true" and "I wish You to create a whole, even and equal world." We have a parent-child relationship because we are Godís children and created families; based upon that, all our wishes will come true. The principle of absolute faith, love and obedience presupposes all-immanence, all-transcendence, omnipotence and supreme authority. We are faced with such principles and subjects of principled love. The object realm is united as one standard. We are in the glorious central core position of love. Thus, any opposing evil thoughts should not affect such things. It is time for us to pray for such wishes to come true. It is time for us to pray to protect our achievements from all kinds of natural disasters.

To do so, what do we need? We need absolute faith. You can deny all your five senses, but you cannot deny lineage. You must know this. The five senses can be obliterated, but the sexual organs should not be burned. Only lineage can exist eternally with God and eternal history. It is a mainstream that nobody can deny.

We must guard it with absolute faith and protect it as the subject or object of absolute love. Absolute obedience will allow the sexual organ to obey the path of love. If we do not have it, the sexual organ will complain to us. It will tell you "I have the power to deny the fallen world, so please have absolute faith in me." It will implore you "Please absolutely love and obey me!"

When we present ourselves as the valuable object before the ideal subject that God created and then unite with each other, ownership can be freely passed down from a father to his son as a bond of heaven and earth. The bequest can be returned anytime and we can get it anytime. Such a liberated world will come. Amen!

What is the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge? It means Eveís sexual organ. All men and womenís sexual organs can seduce each other. Then, what is the Garden of Eden? Do you know what it is? It means the unified body of love of a man and a woman. It means the United Garden. They should live there.

When you have absolutely believe in, love and obey your sexual organs, you will become eternally owned by God! It is the 8th of October today that we go to Jardim, so the conclusion will be established on the foundation of victory. Even if you have to obliterate all your five senses, you must keep the future principle of the sexual organs.

We must have absolute faith, love and obedience, not just words! Even if we obliterate our five senses, we must have them. Godís will is to keep the sexual organs. When that is done, everything will be finalized.

The love within the parent-child relationship and that within the conjugal relationship must establish the principle of absolute faith, love and obedience. The sexual organs are the key to all these. When all these are done, there is no other mission.

You should honor the sexual organs. You should pray "They are the masters of absolute love, the subjects of absolute faith and absolute obedience. They became such holy subjects so please allow them to unite with love forever centering on God for many, many years".

When you pray like this and pray in your own names, everything will come true. When you pray in your own names or pray with the following terms: "In the name of so-and-so of a blessed family that inherited True Parentsí victory through the Blessing," everything will be realized. Lineage is quite important here. It does not arise by itself. It is created when a woman and a man are united. This is the conclusion of everything.

Even our eyes desire that. What do they desire? They desire absolute faith, love and obedience. What do all five senses desire? The sexual organ is the center of love such that even if we were to sacrifice ourselves, we should not sacrifice it. We should inherit the will of Heaven and wish to have healthy children even if we became crippled, lost our five senses and died. We must be able to say, "This is the liberation and our wish. The fallen descendants should be able to live or die for a day of such hopes."

This is the frightening conclusion. What is absolute faith? It is vague. Absolute love and absolute obedience are vague. You must deny everything for love, right? When you love, you must deny everything, all sorts of things in the world. A husband must absolutely think that all he has is his wife. He shouldnít love while he is thinking about his mother and father. He shouldnít love while he is thinking about his children. A husband should absolutely believe in, love and obey his wife. The same applies to his wifeÖ.

I didnít become who I now am without effort. In order to reach the final goal, I made every possible effort.

When you are fully matured or when you wish to get married, you must think about your parents first before you think about your spouse. You should tell your parents that you became an adult and ask them that you wish to get married. When you go through this procedure, the standard of absolute faith and absolute love will be established, and you can inherit the principle of the Will of Heaven and absolute obedience.

Can the people who know this principle get married as they please? Can they do whatever they want with that? When you think about me, you will realize that I did not lead my life carelessly. You must realize that I have gone through unbearable hardships in my lifetime. I have gone through passages both permitted and forbidden, removed all hazards from hazardous surroundings and eradicated the root of mysterious love.

You must think about absolute faith, love and obedience everyday! When doing so, realize that you are the one who has to protect the Will of Heaven concerning love and leave it for the next generation even if you have to sacrifice your five senses. Can such people be put aside?

I am a fearful man. If we go through all complicated circumstances and reach the final point and do not appreciate this, the Kingdom of Earth cannot become like Heaven. Lack of self-management is the cause for that.

You should remember this: "Before desiring to dominate the universe, first dominate yourself!" Overcome your body and all physical realities with absolute faith, love and obedience. Without that, God cannot embrace you and support you with love. You need to realize that I have been leading my life with such thought as the will of Heaven.

This trip to South America might be the last one. Mere days remain before the interreligious conference. I had been waiting for that moment, but now I must go to South America. Why? Till now, I have been praying "Father, in loving the people who were persecuting and opposing us, we have been loving them more than our parents, our kings and our siblings. Now, we should bring the era when all of them can love on behalf of God. We should bring about the great turning point. If anybody or any country or world violated such a great turning point, it shall be alright for them to break away and such a world should break away. It is time to have the concluding prayer.


Beloved Father! This morning, I proclaimed the following things to the Unification Church members who did not know the final key point of the Will of Heaven. The principle of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, the center of the universe, the love which is the center of life and lineage in the whole universe, and the final point that we are aiming for.

They now know that the subjects of absolute faith, love and obedience are the sexual organs we have that bring women and men into the world. They also know that uniting them with God, completing and forming a united trinity will bring the liberation of individuals, families, tribes, races, nations, the world and the cosmos.

Unification Church members should have the attitude, "I am the problem." They should all know this. The solution for each of us is that we should know that every individual whether husband, wife, parent or child is a problem. The problem will last up to the seventh generation that can connect the four-position foundation and three generations. They must know this. We wish to unite all the organizations of all clans with absolute faith, love and obedience, and create a free environment where God can rest and all seven generations of each clan can reside. We wish to connect the foundation that can become the example in the entire liberated and unified Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven, and connect the foundation of unified love. The lineages that are connected to all these foundations cannot register for the Kingdom of Heaven without becoming a whole clan that feels they are a unified body. I earnestly pray You allow them to realize that.

We came to know everything. We are in the time when we can establish the substantial position that allows us to feel everything. Please allow us to have individual power ready in the individualís subject and object relationship. Allow us to unite in front of God and become the husbands and wives that are perfected with unified absolute faith, love and obedience. Allow them to become the individuals who can lead their lives in accordance with the principle of the equalized heaven and earth of the four-position foundation in the vertical and horizontal ninety-degree angled relationship God desires. Please allow all the families, tribes, races, nations, world, cosmos and the Parents of Heaven and Earth to unite. I pray You grant us the automatic solution of the satanic world and the purified world.

On October 8, I announced the new beginning of absolute faith, love and obedience to the new universe. Please allow us to realize the content of this announcement. Please allow us to keep the right posture in front of Your Will that created Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and that we seriously serve these. Please allow us to organize self-perfected families, tribes and nations with love, and then inherit everything from the Kingdom of Heaven. Allow us to become successors who can inherit the Will of Heaven, and then allow us to unite the duties of royal princes, kingship and successors with positions of love from a higher position than any other kingship on earth. You wish to have liberated princely families in all countries forever. Please therefore grant us the original families of Eden. I earnestly pray You allow us to become original and victorious families.

Father, please remember this trip that we are making to reconstruct the road of return to South Korea. I truly ask You to establish Your liberated world in the whole universe. I pray in the name of True Parents. Amen!

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