Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

The Proclamation of Sam Ship Jeol (3.10 Day)

Sun Myung Moon
September 10, 1999

The day after the proclamation of Gu-gu Jeol (9.9 Day), Rev. Moon proclaimed the Sam-ship Jeol (3.10 Day) at the Central Training Center in Sutaek-dong, Guri City, Korea--at 10:10 a.m. on September 10, 1999.


Beloved Father,

On this day, September 10, 1999, at 10 minutes past 10 oíclock in the morning, I have declared the Liberation of Cosmic Unification for the Parents of Heaven and Earth. I have proclaimed Gu Gu (9.9)Jeol upon the foundation of the Declaration of the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth [Chil Pal (7.8) Jeol; July 7, 1997 by the lunar calendar] and the Declaration and Celebration of True Parentsí Cosmic Victory [June 14, 1999]. Humankind as one great family can have relationships of brother-sister, parent-child, husband-wife, as well as the realm of kingship through True Parents who represent all these relationships. True Parents began their course on the earth, were able to proclaim the Parents of Heaven and Earth, to welcome the era of great cosmic transition that can glorify victory, and then, upon that foundation, proclaim Gu Gu Jeol.

Chil Pal Jeol stands as a dividing line of goodness for God. Gu Gu Jeol corrected all activities of the satanic world that went the opposite direction, and established a foundation upon which God can dwell. As the result of the indemnity paid today, on September 10, at 10 minutes past 10 oíclock in the morning, we can welcome this age of liberation. We are so grateful. We have established the grace of blessing that enables us, in the name of True Parents, to embrace the entire universe from the highest position through this Day of Three Tens (Sam Ship Jeol). The Day of Nine Nines (Gu Gu Jeol) which was going the opposite path, realigned its direction within the realm of 3.10 Jeol. The buffer zone between Godís border line and Satanís border line united with a unified standard and was able to establish this day as 7. 8. 9. Day. This means the numbers and 9, which belonged to the satanic side in the past, have been restored to Godís side by the offering of a new standard of to God.

I am indeed grateful that we can welcome the time when good people as well as evil people can be resurrected by investing in them the example of cosmic creation and total and complete love, so that they can digest all forces of evil, become Your children, and become the rulers of authority in the heavenly world.

Father, Adam committed a grave mistake, became a false parent centering on the false ancestor, Satan, and thus inherited Satanís lineage. True Parents came to this earth and accomplished complete indemnity and restoration by going through the three eras--Old Testament, New Testament, and Competed Testament. Thus, True Parents prepared the time of blessing when God could emerge as the owner of the cosmos being joyful and completely liberated from grief. Therefore, the time when Satan can oppose us has now passed.

Heavenly Father, I declared yesterday that You can rule over the entire cosmos as the king of liberation, as the Lord of the ideal world of creation even in the realm of numbers, with legitimate authority over the realm of all numbers, from one to ten, one hundred, ten million, one hundred billion and beyond. The content of the 9.9 Jeol declaration was for the unification of individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations, the world and cosmos. We surmounted all hills upon the foundation of 7.8 Jeol and 9.10 [sic] Jeol. Thus, we have victorious dominion over the numbers 10, 100, 1000, 100 billion without any restriction, and rule the former enemy of the cosmos from the position of owner. Your will for the fallen family and Your hope for the future purpose that failed in Eden can acquire the perfect standard instantaneously through the cooperation of the True Parents. You became the owner who can dominate all realms of the cosmos from one to 100 billion and beyond. By our knowing that this Lord is the eternal One who created this universe, You may receive everything that your true children offer. Please proclaim Your rule over the era of kingship in all happiness and love on the earth as well as in heaven in the name of Yahweh from the first moment of creation through the process and aftermath of creation.

Today is the day I proclaim in Your place all that You have announced through me on this occasion of 3.10 Jeol. I proclaim this representing Yahweh. I proclaim in front of all the cosmos that a tradition that all creation will obey is to begin from this time on, together with True Parents and the vertical God, Yahweh. Amen, Amen, Amen.


The number 9 has returned as Godís number. The number 7 was blocked but was liberated by 7.8 Jeol. Upon that foundation, Father opened the gate for the number 9 and completely removed all blockages for the number 10. Thus, I proclaim that the time has come for God to freely take dominion over the universe, which was numerically created. Do you understand?

As the sons and daughters of God who have inherited all numerical content you must repeat the numbers after True Parents call them. Until the number ten. Seven was the problem. Eight is the number for a new beginning. The number of Satan can no longer hinder us.

Today is September 10. It is ten minutes past 10 oíclock in the morning. That makes the number 3. If you take out a number here, then it becomes the number 30. That means everything that is based on the number three is OK. The Old Testament age is OK, the New Testament age is OK, and the Completed Testament age is OK. The number ten is the returning number, the completion number for restoration. Thus, the number 10 is connecting with number 3 in September. Overcoming Satan and connecting with Godís number 10 in three stages is historical. Do you understand? [Yes.] Perfection of the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Completed Testament.

Because this has been fulfilled, heavenly fortune for the unification of North and South, for the unification of East and West, and for the resolution of economic inequality between North and South, will be activated. We shall move into an era when the original ideal of creation is realized under the rule of love and where cultural differences, economic differences, heaven and earth differences shall all be neutralized. [Amen.] You have to raise both your hands and say Amen. [Amen.] Shake your hands twelve times. Mansei! Mansei! Mansei! Everything Mansei! That means all things will offer Mansei to Heaven. All things will cheer "Mansei" together in front of God. Mansei will be connected to the eternal expansion of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven and will expand it to the eternal world.

Today is a joyous day. When you return you should hold a feast offering between one and three cows. Godís blessing and heavenly fortune will be with every village that holds a feast. Amen. (Applause)

Until now all Japanese members could start their family life only when they reached the age of thirty. They had to go over the hill of thirty. Now, however, we are entering into the era when all blessed couples can start their family from the day they receive the blessing. (Applause)

What you should understand is that even Father walked the 7 year course as a married person. Do you understand? I went the 7 year course. I walked that 7 year course to resolve world-level persecution of the family. I walked the path of the cross for the liberation of the family. You must believe only in True Parentsí family.

From the dispensational perspective of the ideal of creation, the role entrusted to Adam was elder-son king in the family, parent king, and family king. The ideal standard of the whole of heaven was placed upon one family, an archetypal family of heaven, but it ended in failure. Everything was lost. Thus, from the first generation of Adam through thousands of generations until now, everything was lost. Centering on evil power and serving Satan as lord and owner, the false parents became evil parents who propagated evil life and evil love through their evil lineage.

However, True Parents have come and totally reversed this. True Parents connected Godís true love and true life through the foundation of the blessing, changed the blood-lineage, and brought the world into the perfect form of Adamís family that has no connection to Satan. Do you understand? Today is the demarcation point from which we are entering into the era when the perfection of Adamís family, tribe, people, nation, and world will solidify.

This means Satan will be powerless. Satan who had been going the opposite direction was changed through this prayer. It means each will deal with his own level, and the buffer zone between the demarcation lines [of good and evil] will disappear by the coming together of the numbers 9 and 10 upon the foundation of the numbers 7 and 8. The buffer zone will disappear and be absorbed into Godís realm of dominion.

The demilitarized buffer zone between North and South Korea should become a prospective land where Godís ideal Kingdom of Heaven can be built. The religious world should therefore establish a parliament and should assume a religious authority based on checks and balances of the three sources of power. It must expand eventually to the world, and because it can make this start a global domain will emerge. The era of Godís rule will be determined. Do you understand? Pan Mun Jom [Wooden Gate Place: the name of the truce village at the Demilitarized Zone dividing the two Koreas] will be the Kum Mun Jom [Golden Gate Place]. The tree of the satanic world will rot and disappear. The Golden Gate Place will enter into the world of eternal unification. The Golden Gate Place will become the main gate among the twelve pearly gates. The central nation will become the central nation of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven. Amen.

You must understand that such a time has come. All blessed couples should be mobilized in exchange programs between Korea, Japan, and America. Leaders from 52 States in America and 52 prefectures of Japan are carrying out such an exchange. You should inherit the tradition of True Parents. Elder-son America has lived according to its own desire, doing whatever it wanted. Thus, they should come to Japan, serve, sacrifice, inherit all the tradition and then go back. Americaís population of 240 million people is nearly twice that of Japan. There are Cain and Abel in America. They should inherit the Japanese membersí tradition of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, which can unite them.

There are aspects of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience that you couldnít fulfill, arenít there? However, I have gathered all those representatives who set the condition of absolute love while not being able to fulfill absolute faith, or who set the condition of absolute obedience while not being able to fulfill absolute faith and love. The woman in the Garden of Eden did not set the condition of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience to the Father; however, such conditions were laid by all those women in Japan. Now, centering on these conditions, the Cain and Abel elder son realm that is twice the size [that is, the USA] is to inherit the tradition. You should inherit the tradition by practicing absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience and also by offering the donation of total living offering. Your material offering corresponds to the Old Testament age, your children correspond to the New Testament age, and your couple corresponds to the Completed Testament age.

Our blessed couples should unify all of Godís hopes that were shattered to pieces and left behind historical sorrow over three generations stemming from the fall. I do not want to see all material things divided into Satanís side and Godís side. Everything should belong to God. Even our sons and daughters--a son whom his father is proud of, and whom his mother dearly loves, absolute parents whom all brothers love, a son or daughter whom all brothers love. Yet we have not become such a people. Jesus was indescribably lonely. Jesus did not have an absolute partner whom he could call his younger brother or sister, and thus he could not establish his own family.

As I mentioned yesterday, man and woman should have been born out of a blood relationship of love with the hope for eight stages and should have embraced all those relationships. However, Jesus could not walk such a path. He walked all alone. He did not have any partner, not even a baby in a womb. Everything was killed. Then how can liberation take place? What would be the fulfillment of his hopes? What would be the realization of the hopes at the perfection level for the eternal Adam? It would be the marriage supper of the lamb.

The position of true mother was not found and the providence was extended for two thousand years until Fatherís time. It passed through the offerings in the Old Testament Age and the bloody sacrifice of the Son in the New Testament Age. True Parents were driven out into the wilderness, yet they indemnified everything until now as the living sacrifice, without bloodshed. Through such a sacrifice, the time has now come for a unified foundation of your family upon which to offer all things to God without dividing a portion to satanic ownership. Your family must understand this clearly and accomplish this. In so doing, we can liberate the bitter feelings of God.

The pain and sorrow of the Creator, God, who had to share with Satan from His position of absolute eternal Lord, is indescribable. The things shared were conditional. Who is the owner of that blood? Who has sewn the blood as the owner? It is Satan. That means the offerings were destroyed and offered as sacrifice and when they were offered, God and Satan received them sitting right across from each other. How miserable! Do you understand?

Three major offerings were made through three ages: the age of all things, the age of children, and the age of parents. Heart and devotion became one with the offering; the offering became one with the person making it; the offering and the person united and determined the position of owner. However, things did not turn out the way God wanted. This potential realm of unity was marked by a sad history through the division of ownership between Cain and Abel.

Our families should become the driving force in this sorrowful history. Things you possess, even your clothes are not your own. Your home is not yours. You should not have the notion of ownership for yourself. What happened at the time of Noah? When Noah was sleeping naked, his son Ham in shame walked backward to cover him. The fact that Ham felt shame became the source of heaven and earth being turned upside down. Maintaining things with the traces of Satan in your own family does not conform to the ideal of re-creation for a new world and cosmos. Such a family cannot become the ideal, perfected Adam family. If you do this, you are turning upside down the privilege True Parents had perfected and given to you as the ideal heavenly family of Adam. This is a more serious sin than you will experience in hell. You will fall into the bottomless abyss. You should know how fearful this is.

Father had to invest all kinds of offerings until now in the dispensational history through indemnity. Sacrifice, offering, material sacrifice. I had to offer everything again and again. I must connect and unify everything from the age that represented individual material to the foundation of cosmic material through eight stages. I must shed blood and sweat in order to resolve the individual material level and connect that to the family material level and resurrect it through the realms of higher and higher levels, tribe, people, nation, and world. Eight stages. All the resources I have invested become the plus, and the absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience of Cain realmís in the object partner position have to be added to the unified standard. Then things can go up to the next level. However, no one has understood or practiced this until now. You only made conditions at times. You have not immersed yourselves from the first stage to the eighth stage. From several stages behind, from a remote distance, you devise your various individual schemes. However, I took responsibility for all those faults. You must never forget that I victoriously surmounted all this and am able to hold this declaration ceremony. This is a time of amazing, joyful, indescribable glory.

When I went to meet Kim Il Sung, I visited the tomb of my parents. My elder and younger sisters were sorrowfully wailing and said "Mother, Father, our elder brother whom you so longed for is finally here." Anyone listening to such a sad lament could not help but shed tears. However, I knew that I had not come there as a son of the Moon family. I came for the purpose of the unification of North and South Korea. There are numerous tombs of those who died miserably. How could I shed tears because my mother and fatherís tomb was also miserable?

When my sisters cried, I prayed, "I am sorry. I came as a public figure and I cannot shed tears for you. When I come again after accomplishing the reunification of North and South, I will fulfill the responsibility of filial son and prepare a place of rest for you in front of all the world. I will attend you after the unification of this divided nation, after building the unified kingdom for all people in attendance of God." I could not do anything for my parents as a filial son. I did not buy them even one pair of humble slippers.

I have, however, bought so many clothes, houses, and all kinds of things for countless people in the Unification Church. I have loved the Cain world more than anybody by giving the word and everything I could. I did not have friends, relatives, teachers as I walked such a course. You must understand the history of True Parents. I shed tears, blood, and sweat and filled all those sorrowful, sad, and miserable valleys and hills, building this foundation for peace. Upon such a blessed foundation, I raised you and allowed the Japanese, American, and Korean people to welcome this day, and for people of these nationalities to come together at this place and offer congratulations on such a joyful day. This is indeed a historic and cosmic-level event.

We are welcoming a day which can quiet the stirring waves of bitter feelings buried in the deepest part of Godís heart, into calmness like a farm reservoir, and allow God to have a peaceful mind, look at the garden, enjoy a nap, sing a song, and welcome the way of peace. This reality is like a dream. It seems like a dream but it is not. It seems like a lie but it is reality. You, the people from three nations, should be unified and become a living offering in front of God and True Parents. A living sacrificial offering. Do you understand? Offer up your possessions, your sons and daughters, your husband and wife. You must remember this is a time of offering representing all people.

The place you are sitting in is not yours. You must not forget that you are sitting in a place that is left with conditions of indemnity due to the mistakes of Eve, who was led by Satan. It is a deplorable situation.

In the future, you should have a communal life. Korean people and Japanese people are enemies, right? Arenít they enemies? Even perfected Adam and perfected Eve are enemies when viewed from the viewpoint of history. Adam will question Eve, "Why did you make me fall?" Eve will question Adam, "Why couldnít you control the situation and dominate an archangel?" They are enemies. If you are a selfish, defensive person who only thinks about yourself, this will create a fallen world.

Now, we are going in a different direction: the ideology of protectiveness. You should have the attitude that "I will follow you in whatever you do." A husband should be able to say, "If my wife is not happy, it is my responsibility." A wife should be able to say, "If my husband is not happy, it is my responsibility." What kind of flower will bloom when they try to take responsibility for each other? The flower of love will bloom.

Where can the flowers of love bloom? They will not bloom when you have selfish thoughts. They will bloom when you care for each other enough to make sacrifices. As these flowers bloom, their color and fragrance emerge. Because of this God and the angelic world will come.

With this in mind, and in order to make the final settlement, I asked that you contribute a "Total Living Offering." You must realize that this is liberating your good fortune. Contributing to the fund is liberating your fortune.

From now, we should make our offerings at the family altar, the altar of the family. Due to the false parents, the family altar became the altar of Satan, so that must be restored. To do so, we should not have self-ownership. People who possess things in their names will become Satanís sons.

The fall meant that we lost our parents and eldersonship. The international stage that we can finally recover has come. The elders of the Unification Church throughout the world should love all the people of the world as second sons and then unite with them. Then, they will become parents in the realm of liberation of the Parents of Heaven and Earth. They should work and finalize the unification of tribes, peoples, nations, the world and the entire cosmos according to the automatic forming of families. Amen! This will happen.

This gathering has such meaning. Seven, eight, nine and ten, we are celebrating 3.10 Day. What kind of meaning does today's event have? Jehovah was in the Abel-like position to lead the entire providence, so he sent the Messiah in the era of the individual, family, people and country. It is like Abel and the eldersonship centered on a country. True Parents stated that it was the completion of the True Parentsí world stage till the second-advent era. Now, the boundary lines of Satan have disappeared. Only the boundary lines of the Kingdom of Heaven remain, and these should be equalized. Centering on the children of the world of a flat plane and of the three-dimensional world, and on one arrival point, the relationships between parents and children, couples and siblings in the form of the family of the original lineage--centered on the world level, and having no limitations or obstacles--will expand to the world level with the mark of victory. You should know that today is the day when that was determined.

You should know that even Jesus died because he did not see 3.10 Day. Thirty years--that is the issue. The 3-year period is a problem, right? At the age of 27, Jesus asked his mother, "Why will you not assist me? Why will you cause me such anguish." He had requested specific help from his mother at the age of 17 and 27, but both times he did not receive the necessary help. He spoke to his mother again at the age of 30 with the same request, which was again denied. Due to this failure, he died. You do not know what Jesus asked, am I right?

Jesus was in a pitiful situation. He did not have a true mother nor a father. Mothers should be able to offer their lives for the children, and bear the cross for them in all circumstances. Unfortunately, Jesusí mother could not do that, so Jesus ended up without a mother. The substantial realm of support that would have allowed Jesus to accomplished what he desired had completely disappeared.

Thus, look at what happened. Why did he offer his sorrowful prayer in the garden of Gethsemane? If his mother had listened to him, he would not have had such a prayer, but she did not listen soÖ Not only his mother but also all his relatives failed to support him, which resulted in his prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane. He prayed three times with all his heart and devotion: "O My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as You will." How serious this was!

When we understand the situation and then think about the word "will," we understand it was a path filled with painful suffering and tears. How many sacrifices were made until we were able to have the 3.10 Day? Many countries, saints and sages perished without reaching this day. It means they could not go beyond the boundary line of Satan. They could not pass the boundary line into Godís heart.

As we cross the boundary line into Godís heart, we proclaimed the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth. We have gone through all the boundary lines in Godís heart, so we were able to proclaim the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth. It means everything has been reorganized in the satanic world. Satan has been forgiven and the garden of Eden has been restored to its unfallen state. Thus, what was moving in a false direction has begun to move in the right direction and is now unified. The plus figure is united with the minus figure boundary line. Thus, their activities are under Godís jurisdiction. This amazing era has arrived. You should not live carelessly. The same applies to me. I knew all about this, so from a young age I said, "Before you wish to govern the cosmos, you should first govern yourself!"

Well, I told you to love, starting today. The condition is to pass the test of the Principle. If a husband cannot lead the Hoon Dok Hae meeting, his wife should lead it instead. We should love this universe like the alter ego of our children. Your hearts should be trained to enjoy looking at all of the creation; to hear the songs of all insects and the birds.

You must go through the seven-year course of a family. God wanted to have dutiful sons and daughters of a family. He wished for loyal sons in a family. This means the family itself wishes for sons of filial piety. A family itself should be one of saints, of divine sons and daughters. This is the work of God. I know that this what God desires to see, so I have been leading my life in accordance with that principle.

You should become dutiful sons, patriots, saints and holy sons and daughters of the families God desires. Then, when you go to the Kingdom of Heaven, you should be able to learn all the laws of the kingís palace in the heavenly kingdom, and then govern the royal family and all people in place of God with love. Then, you will be qualified to inherit. When such a day comes, you will inherit. If you cannot reach the Kingdom of Heaven, you must wait, even if millions and millions years of history pass by.

Therefore, you should realize the importance of the earth. Our environment was created for us, so we should have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. You used to just say this but have you ever practiced it?

What is 3.10 Jeol? What did I tell you about it? After praying with all our hearts, we are finally able to have 3.10 Day, so we are liberated! Amen! Thus, you should be able to say, "Absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience are the original elements of my life, and there is nothing else."

If I give the direction to mobilize your wives, will you disagree or agree with gratitude? Am I putting your wives to work to give them blessing or punishment? I am doing it to give them blessings. What if I ask the same thing of you, as couples and families? I do this to give them a blessing.

You should know all this and become new people from today on. We should possess the values of the original world in the liberated Kingdom of Heaven and Earth, and then work hard, so Godís love can reach us automatically and stay with us. We should make effort to reach the level where God desires to see us, meet us, live with us and love us. Even if you do not wish to reach that level or fall asleep, if God embraces you day and night, your body will shine with a golden light even at night. This will illuminate your way to the bathroom at night. All these things are possible.

As descendants of fallen history, it is impossible to console the sorrowful God in the environment of this life. Now, we must appreciate that we have such a day, so we must appreciate heaven and earth. We should be thankful to heaven and earth for having a day like today. We should express our gratitude to the earth and heaven. There is no other word that we can use other than "gratitude." Should we complain? We must be thankful. We must be thankful even if we die, live, perish, or are beaten and trampled. We must be thankful even if we are robbed.

How much should we express our gratitude? Did we express our gratitude for the things in the universe? We should think that everything exists for us so we should be grateful. We should be grateful of any creature, animal and the thousands of diverse beings in the universe. God has the depth of heart to embrace the faults of sinful people with love and then be proud of them because they are His precious children. God has such a heart.

Those who are grateful to God for such things cannot perish. You should know this is the will of Heaven.

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