Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

Proclamation of Realm of Liberation of Cosmic Unification for the Parents of Heaven and Earth

Sun Myung Moon
September 9, 1999

On September 9, 1999, at nine minutes and nine seconds past nine oíclock in the morning, Rev. Moon, at the age of 79, proclaimed the Realm of Liberation of Cosmic Unification for the Parents of Heaven and Earth. This day has henceforth been known as the Day of Nine Nines (9.9. Day)--Gu Gu Jeol in Korean.


Loving Heavenly Father! Today is September 9, 1999, at 9 minutes and 9 seconds past 9 oíclock in the morning with True Parents at the age of 79. Centering on this condition, I have clearly revealed about the realm of number 9, which is Satanís perfection number, thereby liberating everything that was shackled by the fallen relationship in the spirit world and the physical world, through the Principle viewpoint.

A realm of the unified ideal was to connect, centering on the blood lineage, the periods of fetus, infant, childhood (brother-sisterhood), engagement, marriage, parenthood, grandparenthood, and queen-ship. It was, however, blocked by Satan on all these steps up to the realm of kingship, producing the dividing line between mind and body.

The history of conflict between good and evil required much bloodshed from Abelís realm on the side of Heaven in order to naturally subjugate Cain and take back the eldersonship. Unification Church members understand clearly the sorrow and pain of restoration history that required such bloodshed and sacrifice in order to cleanse the tainted lineage and properly regain Godís good blood lineage.

True Parents appeared on this earth to disclose a mainstream path for the fundamental solution to the problems of humankind. Humanity has walked a sorrowful path that diverged away from God over countless hills, because false parents united with Satan as their false spiritual representative and manifested satanic false love, false life, false lineage, and false consciousness through their blood relationship with him.

The purpose of the providence of salvation is to fill up those hills. Your purpose for the ideal of creation was to establish Your lineage and mainstream tradition centering on the ideal of true love and thus realize the perfection of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven as the supreme victory of the history of the universe. Satan, however, violated the lineage and totally devastated Your purpose and ideal. From the position of a false God, Satan established false parents, false children, false tribes, false peoples, false nations, and a false world. Humanity is lost in immovable confusion and is facing truly the last days of the apocalyptic world. It is Your ardent wish to totally uproot the evil lineage of false parents that produced the evil individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, and even Hell in the spirit world. The religious world until now has pioneered the course that enabled good people to subjugate evil people through natural submission, in order to realize Godís single-minded longing, over many sorrowful hills of history.

Adam on the side of goodness cannot strike evil. In the ideal world of creation, only love can connect with the realm of true life. Thus, the ideal of creation sought to welcome the unified world, the united Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven, and the eternal life was to substantiate and perfect this ideal.

Everything that begun by false parents is represented in the number 9 and Satan came to rule over from number 1 to number 9. God, therefore, toiled through the providential history of the Old Testament in order to liquidate the satanic number 9 centering on one chosen people.

This number 9, the highest satanic number, should be subjugated on the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, and cosmic level. True Parents and God, as horizontal and vertical True Parents, prepared the physical world and the spirit world. True Parents broke down vertically and horizontally all the barriers existing in hell on earth and hell in spirit world and established the straight path that leads to the Kingdom of Heaven centering on love. True Parents passed through the tearful history of struggle on the individual, family, tribe, ethnic people, nation, and world levels and expanded the ideal of the God-centered family on earth. As a result, the time is coming for God to be liberated and to freely rule over the whole world. Now the spirit world is welcoming the fourth anniversary of 7.8 Jeol, the declaration of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth. We cannot enter into the new millennium unless we can totally liquidate all number nines that are clogged in the satanic world.

As the number 10 is added tomorrow, we can welcome the number that allows us to welcome the year 2000 from the year 1999. Centering on original familial love that is untainted by the fall, God can now return vertically from the individual to the family, tribe, people, nation, and world without hesitation. Godís original will desired the physical and spirit worlds to connect and form a spherical, unified world. We can now shout out the liberation of that will and "Mansei" to celebrate the liberation of the cosmos. Upon the foundation of the Declaration of True Parentsí Cosmic Victory on June 14, we can on this day declare the Realm of Liberation of Cosmic Unification for the Parents of Heaven and Earth.

The fortune for the unification of North and South Korea is coming. There was a gap and conflict between Eastern and Western culture because the East emphasized spiritual reform and the West emphasized material development. However, the unification of Eastern and Western culture is now at hand. The unification of North and South that can bridge the gap between the haves and have nots is coming. The ideal of the family centering on parents and brotherly love and the ideal of love that unifies the vertical and the horizontal are expanding to bring liberation to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Upon this day, we can finally proclaim the hegemony of the final and decisive victory that will totally abolish hell on earth and in spirit world, and manifest the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven. Through this, angels as well as ancestors in the spirit world can receive the benefit from blessed couples and be liberated. Therefore, families on earth and in the spirit world that were the base for the satanic world can now break down all barriers and declare the era of liberation. The top-down transfer of power from the age of satanic kingship, nation, tribe, family, and individual to Godís realm and standard is taking place. Thus, Satanís very existence can no longer be permitted unless he follows the commands from Godís total authority and omnipotence. Such a worldwide foundation and heavenly fortune for the unification of North and South Korea have come to us.

True Parents can now abolish the number 9 in the name of the cosmic True Parents, carry out the annihilation of Satanís work on earth and in spirit world, and declare a commemorative condition for welcoming the age of Godís substantial authority. Satan surrendered himself for he cannot cross this boundary line and enter into Godís domain.

We should resolve the environment from the national level, tribal level, familial level, all the way down to the individual level where mind and body are in constant conflict. From now, we should achieve unity between mind and body, between husband and wife, between parents and children, among tribes, peoples, nations and in the world.

Through their unity, God, the vertical parent, and True Parents, the horizontal parents, would unify everything centering on the vertical and horizontal standard. As the result, all nations and all people on earth and in the spirit world can now stand in the position of children and we can now declare the kingship of unified love centering on the entirety of vertical, horizontal, front and rear. We are indeed so grateful.

Satan has completely surrendered. According to Godís command, Satan and all his party, instead of destroying the formation of good families, should eliminate the impure elements in the society that hinder the perfection of family and assist the cosmic liberation of heavenly blessed couples, as of today. I declare with the shield of True Parentsí victory, that from today we are entering into such an era. The arch-Satan Lucifer has already surrendered. I declare that we can control in the name of God, all those groups of beings who are waging a guerrilla war in the lowest and darkest world. I also declare that they must voluntarily surrender themselves in front of the mainstream ideological system and cosmos.

They should follow from today the name of Yahweh and absolutely surrender and obey Godís proclamation. In so doing, they can change their direction 180 degree and acquire the name of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. The evil ancestor Archangel can indemnify his failure to absolutely love and have faith in Adam and his opposition to the Parents of Heaven and Earth, by absolutely believing and loving humankind and all things and absolutely obeying and following the absolute realm of liberation. The fallen spirit world and hell can in that way be liberated.

True Parents announce this content and declare Gu Gu (9.9) Jeol to the entire cosmos in the name of True Parents. Evil world and good world unite with God and True Parents, so that only good will remain and be active. I now declare in the name of True Parents that we can welcome the era of liberation, the era of heavenly fortune, the era of Godís ideal Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven. Amen! Amen! Amen!


True Parents have connected numerous people through the blessing, transcending national and racial boundaries so as to cut off the satanic blood-lineage in this substantial world. Through this, the liberation of individuals, families, tribes, peoples and nations is being accomplished here on earth, rather than in the spirit world.

A foundation of heavenly citizens who form families, societies and nations of heavenly love, exists on the earth. Thus, the entire spirit world and physical world can be united and bring about a universal and total settlement centering on True Parents. A unified realm of blessed couples in both the spirit and physical worlds can be established as individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations and the world and cosmos achieve the perfection of the blessing.

The ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven will be realized centering on the original Adam, and a position of independent value attained by all families throughout human history. As a result, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven will be actualized, and God as the center will be fully present. God is the vertical parents, and True Parents the horizontal parents, who can bring this world to an equal standard.

Chil Pal (7.8) Jeol declares the Sabbath for Parents of Heaven and Earth. A new era will begin centering on the numbers 7 and 8. Number 9 had been protected by Satan; thus we should completely transcend this realm by Gu Gu (9.9) Jeol.

To explain the significance of number 9: Satanic sovereignty was established over the numbers 1 through 9, and God preserved the condition of one-tenth tithing to restore this. Centering on this sanctified realm of one-tenth, God toiled to find one individual Abel, one Abel family, one tribe, one nation and ultimately one world. God worked through the Christian cultural realm to bring this about. However, there have been Cain and Abel within Christianity: Catholics and Protestants became enemies, as in the situation of Adamís family where the brothers became enemies. Both Catholics and Protestants, however, are on the side of God on the worldwide stage. Nevertheless, they should become completely united as we enter into the realm of the original Adam.

Jesus in the flesh was unable to become a parent after losing his body. He became a spiritual parent but not a substantial parent, and thus the marriage supper of the lamb became necessary. The Lord of Second Advent should come and perfect the realm of True Parents through the marriage feast. Had Judaism united with Jesus, and had the marriage taken place, then Judaism and the state of Israel would have been unified. Moreover, the satanic world, Rome, would have disintegrated and numerous nations would have united under the Abel nation, Israel. A cosmic pillar connecting the earthly world and heavenly world would have been erected by individuals, families, tribes, peoples, and nations under God and in Godís love. The Roman empire, representing satanic authority, was ruled by military, political, and economic power, and yet it fell short of emerging as such a cosmic center. Had the two camps clashed, the great Roman empire would have perished.

Had a unified realm of the worldís religions been established, it would have unified the world. It failed to materialize, however, and instead Communism devoured the world with the full authority of the satanic realm. The ideology of the material versus the ideology of the spiritual. Godís side versus Satanís side. Atheistic communism completely denied the world of the mind and spirit through the philosophy and culture of materialism. It cried out, "God is dead." But that cannot be so. The Unification Church emerged with a solution to such chaos.

The Unification Church should gather the races of all five colors and establish true brotherly love. The realm of brotherhood was shattered in Adamís family; thus, we should realize brotherly love. The marriage that established the satanic lineage took place due to the breakdown of true brother and sister relationships. We should thus realize the global blessing that transcends nation and race, where we connect life and lineage through love centering on God and True Parents, while standing on the absolute standard of brotherhood and sisterhood. This is the worldwide blessing project of the Unification Church.

How much have we been persecuted for holding the international marriage blessings? We have received world-level persecution from individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations, and the world. The world and the religions united and accused the Unification Church of destroying traditional families, relationships between parents and their children, between husbands and wives, and among brothers--and between national and global ideologies. We should, in a sense, shake up these things so that we can stop the conflict between mind and body within the individual. Mind and body are constantly fighting. No matter how great a person may be, his mind and body are in conflict. God cannot intervene when there is conflict. Mind and body must be united. With what? Not money, knowledge, or power. Everything will break apart when those things are deemed primary.

It is indeed the Last Days. America, with all her pride in money, power and knowledge, cannot end the ceaseless war between the mind and body. Then, with what? Only true love. You should understand this. True love. What is true love? It is a love that seeks to live for others. It is a love that invests the whole of the self and then forgets. You should know this. True love that invests, forgets and invests again, and then wants to repeat that ten, a hundred, a thousand times, and is still not satisfied. You should understand that only such a mind can connect with the tradition of true love. Only such a heart can plant and nurture the tradition of true love. That is why the Unification Church teaches that individuals should invest and sacrifice for the family, families for the tribe, tribes for their people, peoples for a nation, nations for the world, and the world for the cosmos. God has been investing Himself until now in order to cleanse all the filth left by the fall, and to re-create the great cosmos.

No one else can achieve unity of your mind and body for you. No one can break the love between a man and a woman who have perfected such mind and body unity. No one can break the sons and daughters who are born from such parents and standing in front of Heavenly Parents. Such a family cannot be shattered. This is for the sake of absolute love, unique love, unchanging love, and eternal love. Taking after Godís attributes that are absolute, unique, unchanging, and eternal, human beings should become the subject of absolute love, unique love, unchanging love and eternal love. This way, they become representatives of the Creator, God.

Subject and object partners must engage in give-and-take action. That is why relational philosophy is on the rise throughout the world today. Everything is in relationship: parent-child relationships, sibling relationships, academic relationships, teacher-student relationships, government relationships, diplomatic relationships, and so forth. What happens when a relationship is expanded? Unification comes after relationship. Unity. Through unity a benefit must come. The creation of subject and object partners was for the purpose of expansion through give and take. Everything engages in relationships for the sake of mutual benefit.

America is the Elder son nation and Korea is the Father nation. The elder son and father have to become one. Do you understand? Cooperation between mother and son was important in the history of restoration; however, the age of mother and son cooperation is now passing. The heavenly fortune for the unification of North and South is coming through the declaration of Gu Gu (9.9) Jeol; when unification takes place, the age of father and son cooperation will dawn. Had Adam not fallen, another Eve could have been created easily.

Who will stop the war between God and Satan? Historically, no one considered this topic. If God could stop it, He would have done that immediately within a short period of time after the fall of Adam. Satan could not stop it, either. Satan has been waging a war to destroy the Abel-type standard throughout history. By controlling everything, and focusing on politics, economics, culture, and so forth, Satan is playing with life itself. You should know that Satan did incredibly terrible things.

Then, who can stop the war between God and Satan? The false parent, Satan appeared and started the war. Thus, in order to cleanse the lineage of the false parent, the perfected Adam should come to restore fallen history by telling Satan, "You shouldnít act this way, should you? You stole Godís original ownership so you are a thief, shame on you!" The perfected Adam should be able to make Satan admit, "You are right, you are right!" After judgment comes on the basis of the evidence, after Satanís submission, Adam, in his position as prosecutor, should report to God: "God, all wrongdoings must be restored." There are no lawyers. Thus, nobody knows the influence of heavenly fortune rendering a "not guilty" verdict. History has lost the correct path.

Till now in restoration history, mothers and sons have been cooperating, but such a mother-son cooperation era will be gone. Restoration through indemnity was possible due to the sacrifice of mothers and children. The proclamation of Gu Gu (9.9) Jeol will bring the fortune of the unification of North and South Korea. On that day, father-son cooperation will come. The mother can easily be found and established. If Adam had not fallen, he could easily have recreated Eve.

Those who do not have mind and body unity cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. You should know that there is a seven-year course for the nation and family. It is a merciless course. The larger the snake, the more difficult it is for it to shed its skin. It is easier for a smaller snake, but more difficult for bigger ones. How can a large snake find a hole big enough for its whole body to move through? It takes a great effort to squeeze itself and maneuver through its skin.

The Kingdom of Heaven will appear in front of your eyes after you go through the three-year course. You should understand that we are living in a great transition period. Who knows this in Korea? Christian ministers? Political leaders? Only True Parents know this. [Amen.] Who absolutely needs True Parents? Individuals absolutely need them. Only True Parents have the teaching that can stop the conflict between mind and body.

What kind of day is it today? Today, we are celebrating the Realm of Liberation of Cosmic Unification for the Parents of Heaven and Earth! Is the unification of the cosmos easy for the Parents of Heaven and Earth? When we look at the word cosmos, the meaning of its Chinese character is Ďheavení and Ďhouse.í It means the house in Heaven. You must know this fact. The union between the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and the Kingdom of God in Heaven will bring about the Kingdom of the Cosmos. It means the heavenly house. The house! If there had been no fall originally, Adam and Eve would have reached Heaven as a family.

If a wave of love, justice and utopia goes back and forth three times through the mountain villages to the deepest valleys, it will naturally bring purification, wonít it? If you go through a three-year journey, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth will appear right before you. You should know that we are at such an urgent transition point of the universe. Who knows such a fact in South Korea? Do religious leaders know? Does a national leader, or ruler know? Only the True Parents know this fact.

All people of both past and present, without exception, absolutely need True Parents. To whom do True Parents belong? Absolutely, to whom do True Parents belong? They are mine. Mine. To whom do True Parents belong? A man and a woman who possess True Parents are children who have inherited True Parentsí blood lineage. There is not even a trace of Satanís blood lineage in them. Do you have any remnants left? To whom do True Parents absolutely belong? [To me.] A person who can claim absolute ownership of the True Parents is a person of absolute individual perfection. [Amen.] A woman who knows that the True Parents belong absolutely to her is a woman of absolute perfection. For what purpose do man and woman desire perfection? To make True Parents absolutely theirs.

Everybody absolutely needs True Parents. True Parents are "mine"! Theyíre mine but what do I have to offer in return? In order to have True Parents as your parents, in return, you should be able to offer them valuables, in fact, the most valuable things in the whole world.

What does this mean? The absolute True Parents have absolute value, so you could not buy them even by selling several countries. Even if everything in the universe were given, you could not exchange it for the True Parents. You should realize that God Himself went through an arduous indemnity course throughout history to raise True Parents as His own. Even by sacrificing everything in the cosmos, you cannot have True Parents as yours. God doesnít disregard the thought that He wishes to have True Parents as His even if He has to sacrifice everything.

If you make True Parents your own, should you place them under your most valuable possession or on top of it? Should you sacrifice everything or not? If you do not throw away your most valuable possessions you will face the reality that it is absolutely impossible for you to possess True Parents, whose value is greater than the cosmos. On Gu Gu (9.9) Jeol, we are proclaiming the death of all satanic things.

The conclusion is that even if you possess everything in the cosmos, you should possess them with the thought that you can throw out everything into the end of the cosmos. Should we have them as valuables that we can throw to South Korea over the East Sea or to any other direction? You can acknowledge True Parents as valuables that you can throw anything away to the end of the cosmos in order to have them. Have you ever thought about something like this? You never have until now. Thatís why you still have such reluctant expressions. Your eyes, nose, mouth and all five senses are not in harmony.

How much did you sacrifice to possess True Parents? Even if you had but one desire your entire life, you should be able to throw it away and decide to possess True Parents instead. You must remember this decision.

True Parents are mine! In order to make True Parents mine, I would have to sell this earth to buy True Parents! Yet even if you sell this world, or even all of the spiritual and physical worlds, you still cannot own them. If this were possible, God would have done so already.

Who can stop the fight between God and Satan? If God could have stopped it, Adam would have been recreated the day after the fall. God created the universe so there is nothing He could not do. But this is the human portion of responsibility. Did Adam and Eve have a portion of responsibility? The parents and a king cannot be responsible for their sonís sin. The son himself should remove the root of sin. This will liberate his mother and father in his family and the king of his country. In accordance with such a principle, the false father, false love and false lineage brought the fall into the world. Thus, a true father has to emerge centering on true love, true life and true lineage. Then, he should create the unchangeable ideal system for eternity.

What you have to especially decide today is that True Parents are yours! They are yours uniquely, unchangingly and eternally! We should have them with what as the main focus? Love must be the main focus. Look, should a God of love or the love of God be the center? The love of God should be. The love of God must be the subject. You must know this clearly.

Therefore, you must become children of His Majesty the King, who is great. He is the only Son of tens of thousands of generations. When you become the only child of tens of thousands of generations, you can become a royal prince or princess of God. When you get the privileges through me, it is like getting an eldersonship of the only son of tens of thousands of generations. You will become the only son of these numerous generations. It means that you will inherit a family that God loves.

I bequeathed to you the path by which you can inherit the power of the king and queen for tens of thousands and hundreds of millions of generations. Do you believe it or not? Do you know and believe? You did not believe it so you got disdainful treatment and you were put to shame till now. Just believe it. Itís the most valuable thing. Itís the only thing. Study the family pledge thoroughly. I taught you everything.

Read the Family Pledge once a month in the position of a patriot, saint, and holy son or daughter. If you are a spy, read it in the position of the king of spies. Certainly the love of God is the components of the family pledge. You should read it with such a mind. When you just have fun at bars, you might die if your stomach bursts from overdrinking. You must conquer the jaws of death and realize how great the value of the family is, that is filled with the love of God. In that case, if you were to give orders to the world from the position of the central subject, the order would definitely echo throughout the universe and be protected. If there were a wall, the echo would go to heaven and come back again, and it would fill the Kingdom of Heaven and the universe. Think about this.

Words that I share, spoken with great effort become the words of recreation, reflecting the Kingdom of Heaven and striving to embrace the universe. When you speak with the faith that you are a representative for the real active power and creative capability of God, you will become like that. Every single person who came today should establish the Total Indemnity Fund as a historical commemoration.

Well, if you desire to reach that level, please raise your hands. We should bring the total indemnity of Gu Gu (9.9) Jeol, and of earth and heaven. The waves of the ocean should go through the existing mountains, valleys and plains to make all the physical world in equilibriumÖ.

No one can stand on the level that True Father has reached with the total investment of his heart and effort. I have been making such effort with the confidence that any other person who tried as a patriot and faithful son to establish a heavenly nation throughout history could not stand on the same level as me. I have been searching for such mothers, parents, brothers, clans and countries but have yet to find them.

Therefore, we will establish what we have not found. Even if we are faced with humiliation, we should be focused and move forward. We have not become dutiful children to God. The dutiful sons should become loyal citizens, these patriotic citizens should become saints, and these saints should become holy sons and daughters of God. The way of the holy son for the unification of heaven and earth, centered on the family, has not been visible. The world where Jesus could come and give blessings centering upon the marriage supper of the lamb did not occur. So, during my time I must bring it to realization.

Since the world cannot do such work no one can prevent it. Who will be responsible for the delinquency of the youth and breakup of families? No one can do it. Itís the special privilege of the Unification Church. You shouldnít become an instigator who violates and breaks such special privileges. Today is Gu Gu (9.9) Jeol, so the people who will take upon themselves this responsibility should confidently come together, set a target for the restoration of the satanic world and proclaim it. Thus, I asked that exemplary families be especially invited today.

Life experiences should be used for teaching. It is the right way, so it has been used for teaching. Teaching carelessly can cause disaster. I cannot stay in my country. I was not planning to live in South Korea. This country was close to collapsing. The unification of North and South Korea has not come, has it? The unification of North and South cannot be done without Rev. Moon.

This is what True Parents must do. You should try to become at least a shadow of the tradition that True Parents have established. You should become the mirror image of the True Parents. You must clearly know this. True Parents really need such individuals. Moreover, they absolutely need such families.

We are at a time of a great transition point in the universe. How are you planning to face such an era? This does not mean the mere change of individuals. Itís the era of a complete turnover of the world and nations that represent the universe, races, tribes and families. You will clearly realize what position you are in. Are you in a position that sets the standard of your society, tribe, people, country or world?

For the sake of the world, your entire clan should sacrifice itself. Even though I taught you clearly about this, if you pretend not to know or understand, you will end up in hell. Even if you have made contributions and sacrificed yourself until now, if you cannot reach the final standard, you will not be a part of the mainstream.

Even if one becomes a president or a minister, if that person does not take full responsibility and commits offenses, the dignity of the president or minister will greatly decline. Such a person will end up in misery. What do you have to do after learning of such a fact? You must remember that the law of God is stricter than the law of man.

Making Godís laws binding on earth is my responsibility. Building Godís ideal is my life journey. I should connect Godís laws to the world. The people who do not cooperate for this goal will end up as rubbish in hell.

Then, how do we follow Fatherís directions? We must follow one path. First of all, you must bring the fulfillment of Godís ideal, then you can connect to Fatherís world of heart. This is the Principle viewpoint. Am I right? I believe you know better than I about this.

Now, on this Gu Gu (9.9) Jeol, we should make such a decision. When you talk fluently or write great words, I will be moved. If you focus more on action than talk and mere words, you will move and touch the universe, and then it will follow such a path, Amen!

Now, the proclamation ceremony for the unification of North and South Korea, the subject nation representing heaven and earth, should be done. When this is accomplished, the entire world will unite as one nation. All the possible foundations for these events are prepared. During that proclamation ceremony, the second blessing should be held. The proclamation ceremony for the blessing of the nation, world unification and the Kingdom of God in heaven will be held. After that, all clans and all people should receive the blessing again.

Now, if we donít do this, Satan will steal it! That is the conclusion. Satan twisted Godís ideal and used it for his benefit throughout human history.

Satan, who is extremely capable, violated God, making him an incarcerated being who could not move an inch for thousands and thousands of years. Satan is behind us. Now, Satanís forces will approach the blessed families of over four hundred million couples in the world from the spiritual world and on earth. If the members of the Unification Church cannot do it, Satanís forces will kick members out and steal their foundations. We are in such times. You must know that the failure of the democratic world aided the communist world to win the world through lies and deception..

Thus, first, I should give these directions to the people who have endured all hardships at the headquarters for a long time. Our commemorative contribution on Gu Gu (9.9) Jeol to establish such a goal is our blessing. It is the condition that shields us from perishing forever, Amen!Ö

So, you must know that a neutral zone [like the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea] is the place to establish the realm of world religions and the realm of ideal liberation and build a UN headquarters of the religions of the world. I will go to North Korea. I will reach North Korea. I can go anywhere.

Today, a proclamation was made in the name of True Parents but a proclamation should be made in the name of Jesus, tomorrow. Till now, centering on the saints and men of virtue, the realm of liberation of a region, the celebration ceremony of True Parentsí victory was held. Centering upon this third Chil Pal Jeol (7.8 Day), I proclaimed the Realm of the Sabbath of the Parents of Heaven and Earth. So, the boundary line was set from the spiritual world to the farthest point of the world where beings exist.

Therefore, a neutral zone will appear on Gu Gu (9.9) Jeol. Satan cannot go beyond this line. On 7.8 Jeol, I proclaimed the Realm of the Sabbath of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, right? What should we proclaim this time? The "Realm of Liberation of Cosmic Unification for the Parents of Heaven and Earth." It means that there are no obstructions. This acts as a fence. Satan cannot go over this fence, but Godís people can come over freely. Such privileges for Godís people will make Satan jealous so that he will offer more devotion than humans in the final chapter of restoration. Such a time will come.


Beloved Father,

Your wishes were proclaimed on Chil Pal Jeol (7.8 Day) and the settlement of the Sabbath of Heavenly Parentism on this earth. This we proclaimed. This allowed us to establish the greatest line of victory so that Satan cannot come and go freely between heaven and earth. We are most grateful for this. Today, we were able to establish the Gu Gu (9.9) Jeol due to the surrender of the satanic world, the heavenly world and the earthly world. This allowed us to bring down the boundary line in which Satan can move around, from heaven to below hell on earth. God, who is the Center, is in the realm of liberation. We held the event to establish His all-transcendence, omnipresence, full authority and omnipotence already. The little things from the beginning to the entire universe were the realm of substance of Your heart but they have separated from the bond of love that God can govern. You have gone through this resentful history to restore all things through indemnification. You sent out the chosen people of Israel and have been sacrificing to save Cain, following Abel as the center. Father, You have had such a tearful heart, but nobody knew about this. We wish You to forgive our historical sins.

True Parents came to this earth so now they can console Your heart. They filled the empty spaces of Your sorrowful heart by reaching to the root of the bonds of heart that existed before the creation. They removed such a root and then liberated the realm of all unification from that point to individuals. They pushed away the resentful path of indemnity by unifying families, tribes, people, countries and the cosmos. All these were Your wish. True Parents have the most difficult responsibility in history. God consoles True Parents over the bitter things they have to go through. Thus, whenever we face difficulties and pain, the Unification Church will live as long as we survive. This was Your Word, and it has unfolded as You said. The Unification Church was pitiful and the members were like the kings of beggars. Now, You have established us as representatives of the realm of the royal family in heaven and on earth. You stood us out in the position of supreme love that can be loved and respected. Father, we are truly, truly and truly thankful for Your blessings for us.

We know that You have been hoping for True Parentsí glorious day and wished for the ideal before the creation as You were looking at Adam. Now, we passed the realm of fall and removed the realm of Satan of the fall. We are at a point where we are trying to establish one unified world for families, countries, the world and even the cosmos. We are aiming at the standard of the original Adam, the perfection of creation and the realm of substantial love. Now, we nearly approached the original land and True Parents have finished their journey of indemnification on earth. Father, we thank you for allowing us to reach this point.

Father! Around March 20th of this year, according to Yahweh, who can give orders to Satan, Satan surrendered in front of God, True Parents, the whole of mankind and even all human ancestors on earth and in hell. The remaining line in which Satan can surrender is gone. Satan surrendered but his followers remained and have been continuing the guerrilla war. This whole thing is cleansed at the same time and we were be able to pass the wall of the boundary line so that the flowing pathway of Satan is disconnected. Now, in Godís providence, we will go through the passage of resentment and restoration. This will restore humankind. On the final day, as we protect and cooperate with Satanís followers, even Satan can be restored. For this reason, we set Gu Gu (9.9) Jeol. I wish You to allow us to have a day that we can commemorate the content of unification with true love and can proclaim the unification of the cosmos and the realm of liberation with True Parents.

Independence Day in North Korea became the proud day of Gu Gu (9.9) Jeol. We know that when we are able to establish the realm of governing people that can step over the representative of the realm of Satan, the fortune of unification between South and North Korea will, with the will of Heaven, start to work from today on the Korean Peninsula. Thus, all the people of South and North Korea should be able to worship the Parents in heaven and the Parents on earth. They should complete the unified brotherhood, nationalism and the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and the Kingdom of God in Heaven of love. Even in North Korea, centering on Satan, Mr. Kim Jung-Il used to declare himself the false father but he is gone to the spiritual world. His son has his lineage but we proclaimed that the second generation will be on Godís side. The second generation now even respects Rev. Moon and he is in the position willing to take any action for the unification of South and North Korea. I truly wish You to allow South Korea to be able to embrace, and be ready with brotherly love that they can love him (Kim Jong-Il) as a representative of their own clan.

In the spiritual and physical worlds, the saints and bloodthirsty felons got blessed at the same place so the brotherly love was set as a mainstream ideal in the Kingdom of Heaven and Earth and the whole Heaven. Please allow South Koreans to have such will, bless North Koreans more than their brothers and to reach the unified world where they can live with brotherly love. Father, I wish You to bless us so we can realize we should become a leading country and a nation of all the countriesí ancestors, and then to hold together and move forward toward that goal.

Tomorrow, at 10:10 a.m., I will proclaim "the cosmic unification and liberation of True Parents and the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven and on earth" in the name of Yahweh instead of in the name of True Parents. This will bring the total supremacy of victory to Father. True Parents will set the direction for the unification of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth that they can influence and absorb the entire world according to Fatherís order. People who will try to reach that goal gathered here today. Please allow them to unite and worship God. As the body and soul, families and entire clans and all blessed people unite with the earth and heaven, commemorate this day. Please let us have a memorable day so that we can proclaim the completion of Godís wishes.

We have established the bonds that all the disturbing things in the satanic world have completely changed and they can join the providence of Godís salvation and blessing of heaven. We therefore hope all evil things in the universe will follow this way. Please accept our wish. I truly wish the evil forces to change their direction from this moment forward, and get into the line to return to God. For all the allowed will, I wish the foundation of supreme victory to become a top leading light as a victory of glory and love and the realm of unification of love. And then, let it become the Heaven of love that can make Your authority shine forever. I offer and proclaim these things to You, Father, in the name of the True Parents. Amen! [Amen.] Amen! [Amen.] Amen! [Amen.]

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