Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

True Parents' prayer at the Nine Nines Declaration (9.9 Jeol)

Sun Myung Moon
September 9, 1999

Beloved Father!

Today centered on the date September 9, 1999 at 9:09 and 9 seconds together with the True Parent's age of 79, through the viewpoint of the Principle I have clearly expressed the truth about the realm of the number 9 which is the number of the perfection of Satan in heaven and earth which had been blocked through grief and resentment, and of the perfection of all things centered on Satan, the entirety of everything in heaven and hell which have been imprisoned due to their relationship with the Fall and connected to The Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven connected from the spirit world through the world on earth.

That content has been blocked since the age of the womb, and since the age of infancy, since the age of brothers and sisters, since the age of engagement, since the age of marriage, going through the age of parents and the age of the grandmother and up until the age of the Queen, and is centered on the common blood lineage of the world of men and the world of women.

Due to Satan, the realm of the united ideal which must be connected has a boundary line between the mind and the body, beginning from the age in the womb, through the age of infancy, the age of brothers and sisters, and through the engagement, marriage, couple, parents, grandparents, up until the realm of the kingship. By the blocking of all these truths which had been blocked, through the history of the confrontation between good and evil, much blood has been shed by the realm of the brothers of the Abel side who were standing on the side of heaven.

The members of the Unification Movement know clearly that the history of salvation of grief and resentment is one where God's blood lineage of goodness can not be straightened out from the destined relationship of the blood lineage, which was defiled, unless centered on Abel, Cain is subjugated, and the birthright of the elder son in the Kingdom of Heaven is found in opposite fashion, and the eldest son of the satanic world is subjugated voluntarily to the realm of the birthright of the second son.

We know the truth that without being able to form a relationship with God, humankind has gone over many peaks and has gone along many divided paths centered on the realm of Satan's love, Satan's life, Satan's lineage and Satan's conscience because of their relationship with the blood lineage due to the false parents, centered on Satan, who acted instead of God and who spiritually represented the false parents. And we know that due to the True Parents appearing on the earth, the main way for solving this kind of basic problem of humanity could be dug out and has been dug out.

It is the goal of the providence of salvation to fill this in, and since all the destined relationships of your tribe which could not establish a mainstream thought centered on your ideal of love, which is the ideal of creation, and since all the purposes of the ideal of creation, which sought to realize the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven centered on the supremacy of the victory of the universal history, due to Satan's complete destruction of the lineage from the position of the false parent who realized the domain of the false parents and false children, false tribes, peoples, nations and world, and in the midst of chaos, where we could not go even if we wanted to, or come even if we wanted to, we have met the Last Days of the end of the world which is in its last moments.

We know that, and we know that it was the course of the realm of religions to pioneer the path on which good people could bring evil people into voluntary subjugation while having the grief of griefs in their hearts, and the ardent wish of God's desire has gone over and over the peaks of history in order to set in order, from the very roots, all the blood lineages of the evil parents which made it possible to go the wrong way on all the paths of hell and the paths of heaven in the spirit world, not only on the earth, and not only in the domains of the individuals who are connected into tribes, peoples, and the world established by the false parents.

The God of goodness can not relate to evil by striking it. Adam who was good could not stand in a position of establishing evil. Because only love can connect the true realm of life in the world of the ideal of creation, it is the ideal of creation to seek the one unified world of the eternal life of the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven, and we know clearly that it was the purpose of creation to fully accomplish this and to bring it into perfection.

We know that all these things which have been realized due to the false parents are related to the number nine, and from the number one up to the number ten, up until the number nine, due to the dominion of heaven, centered on the authority of one tenth of the tribes of the Old Testament, God has been carrying out the history of the providence in order to liquidate the number 9, the number of Satan.

We have subjugated this greatest peak of the numbers of Satan, all these number nines, individually, and it is to be subjugated not only on the tribal, people's, national and world levels. Centered on the True Parents of the earthly world and the spirit world, and centered on God, the vertical True Parent of the spirit world, we have become one, and together with putting the earthly world in order, we have torn down all the walls which block the way in hell on earth and in hell in the spirit world which have been defiled by Satan vertically and horizontally. We have also gone through the history of conflict, filled with the tears of the True Parents, who have been able to connect a mainstream direct route up to the Kingdom of Heaven in the spirit world centered on love on earth. And we have gone through the age of the individual, and we have overturned the family boundary line of the family, tribe, people, nation, and world, and due to having spread the Godly ideal of the family on earth, heaven has been liberated. And because the age when God can freely have dominion over all the world is just before our eyes, in the spirit world, starting from the Seven Eights Declaration when The Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath of the Parents of Heaven and Earth was proclaimed three years ago, and is now entering its fourth year, without completely liquidating all the number nines which have blocked the way in the Satanic world, centered on the year 2,000, we can not go forward into the 2,000s.

Because of adding the number 10 tomorrow and because of the year 1999 having met the number which will be able to meet the year 2001, centered on the ideal love of Adam which is the original ideal of creation without the fall, God has gone back vertically to the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and to the ends of the world, and because of having connected the earthly world and the spiritual world on the foundation brought about by the Ceremony of The Congratulatory Proclamation of the Cosmic Victory of the True Parents of June 14th, which could bring about the realm of the liberation of the cosmos while shouting out "Mansei!" together with the liberation of the original Will which is seeking the spherical world of unification, today we could proclaim all of this today: The Realm of the Liberation of the True Parents and of the Unification of the Cosmos.

Because of this now the fortune of North-South unification is to come. And as for the differences between the Eastern and Western cultures, the two conflicting concepts of the East where there are innovations in the mental culture and the culture of the West with its material civilization must become one, which is the unification of the East and the West. And the gap between the North and South and the rich and the poor can be unified, and the ideal of the family, centered on the parents of the brothers and sisters, and the unified, vertical and horizontal, complete ideal of love has brought the realm of liberation to the ends of the kingdom of heaven, and hell on earth is completely abolished! And hell in the spirit world is completely abolished! Because of having this kind of day when we can proclaim to the cosmos the supremacy of the final conclusive victory which is greeting the realm of freedom and liberation which is able to manifest itself to the entirety of the spirit world and to manifest itself to the entirety of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, and because the angels of heaven, of course, and all the ancestors in spirit world have been liberated through the benefit of the blessed families, from the families on earth which have been the base for Satan's world up to the families in heaven, all of the walls which have been blocking the way have been torn down and liberated!

On top of this age in which this liberation can be proclaimed, centered on everything in the age of the realm of the satanic kingship from the top, from the age of the authority of the kingship, to the age of the nation, to the age of the tribe, to the age of the family, to the age of the individual, because this standard is changed to the realm of heaven, now if Satan does not obey the commands under the absolute authority and absolute power of God, he will not be allowed to exist because a worldwide domain has come.

Therefore, facing the approaching destiny of the unification of the North and the South, centered on the name of the True Parents, the Parents of heaven and earth, we restore the number nine. We are able to meet the age when heaven can hold the real power which can be applied to all of heaven, together with the earth, and root out the history of Satan, and because we are proclaiming these kinds of commemorable conditions here on this earth, we subjugate Satan who can not go beyond his own boundary and can not come into the realm of the boundary line of heaven. And we liquidate this from the level of the nation down to everything, to the level of the tribe, the level of the family, the level of the individual, and down to the situation of the struggle between our mind and body. And from now on we will unify our minds and bodies, unify the couples, unify the parents and the children, unify the households centered on the brothers and sisters, unify the tribes, the peoples, the nations and the world. And centered on the vertical and horizontal standard formed by the vertical parent, God, and the horizontal parent, the True Parents, all of them will be brought into oneness, and in that way all the nations and all humankind, the children in heaven and the children on earth, will stand in the position of children, and we thank you that we are able to proclaim the ideology of the kingship of unified love centered on the whole of the vertical and horizontal and the former and latter.

By the satanic forces having surrendered individually and totally, now all of the satanic forces which had been opposed and had worked until now to destroy the structure of the good families, from today on, following God's command they will uproot all the impure elements of society for the sake of the perfection of the family. Centered on the realm shielded by the victory of the True Parents, I declare that we are entering into the age when, on the condition of going the opposite way as they did before, the satanic forces can cooperate with the realm of the liberation of the cosmos of the families which have been blessed by heaven.

Since, Lucifer, the head of the satanic forces has already surrendered, I declare that the beings of his forces, who are carrying out guerilla warfare to the ends of the earth and even in the world of darkness, and the cosmos must submit here to the mainstream thought system which can control everything in the name of God. From today they must follow the name of Jehovah, and through absolute obedience and submission to the declaration which God is proclaiming, they must turn 180 degrees from the 180-degree opposite direction they had gone, and return in the direction of goodness, while having the name of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience.

The Archangel, who became the ancestor of evil in the Garden of Eden, now has absolute faith, and loves Adam. And with absolute love and absolute obedience, he stands in the absolute position of having restored through indemnity his having opposed the parents who are the great subject of heavenly destiny, the reciprocal parents, the parents of heaven and earth. And at the same time that he is devoting himself to all of humankind and all of creation, he is loving them absolutely and following the realm of absolute liberation and is being absolutely obedient.

Because of that, everything up to the fallen heavens and down to hell can all be liberated, and by proclaiming the Nine Nines Declaration in the name of the True Parents, I proclaim this content clearly to the cosmos. Therefore, I now proclaim in the name of the True Parents that we have entered the age of liberation, the age of heavenly fortune, the age of the ideal Kingdom of God in heaven where only good remains and only good can move, through the world of evil and the world of goodness and God and the True Parents having become one.

Amen. Amen. Amen. 

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