Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

Proclamation of the Day of All-transcendence, Omnipresence, Full Authority and Omnipotence

Sun Myung Moon
August 17, 1999

August 17, 1999 (the 7th day of the 7th month by the lunar calendar) was the third celebration of Chil Pal (7.8) Jeol (In Korean Chil Pal Jeol, meaning "Celebration Day of Eight Sevens," based on the date and time of the original declaration. The day is celebrated as the Declaration Day of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth). During the event, Rev. Moon proclaimed Godís all-transcendence, omnipresence, full authority and omnipotence.


Beloved Father, today is August 17, 1999, and it is now 7 a.m. We will now hold the commemoration ceremony of Chil Pal (7.8) Jeol in oneness with the Parents of Heaven and Earth. The spiritual and earthly worlds are united and all the blessed families are united as one heart and body around True Parents. Thus, we will commence the third Chil Pal (7.8) Jeol celebration event.

Yahweh became a true father. In the horizontal line on earth, the substance of Yahweh became a true parent and united with one ideal. We cleansed everything before the New Year and resolved 1990. We wish to offer You the celebration ceremony and commemoration ceremony of the new proclamation of the cosmos here in the north of Kodiak. Please accept this moment with joy.

I wish all the blessed families in the world, the countries that they belong to, all creations and the Kingdom of Heaven be governed within Your ownership. We wish to offer this event as the commemoration ceremony for the complete liberation of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth. Please therefore accept this occasion with joy.

Please let Your victory, praise and glory shine on everything. We hope You to become the commander of millions of heavenly hosts, the King of kings and the Parent who creates and produces all things. Our deepest wish is that the victory and glory become Yours forever. Please guide this whole ceremony. I pray in the name of True Parents. Amen. Amen. Amen.


Beloved Father! Today is the August 17, 1999, and this morning, we celebrate the day that commemorates the 3rd celebration of Chil Pal (7.8) Jeol. In order to restore this world You have had to repeat providential history through many ages. And throughout that time, the center that had to be set up was the perfected family of Adam as parents of heaven and earth, able to wholeheartedly represent the family of love before, during, and after the creation, and with whom God and children on earth can find settlement. We know that it has been Your hope to bless this family, Father.

Because the fallen descendants did not know about Your suffering, in place of humankind You Yourself have had to carry the incredible and destined mission of going over the heavenly elder-sonship, parentship, and kingship, and had to lay the foundation of the True Parents to succeed Your course; we deeply repent and regret for Your toils while at the same time feeling boundless gratitude.

We also give You heartfelt gratitude for granting the religious sphere of the True Parents, where the flag of victory was raised after going beyond the numerous chosen religions and overcoming the peak of tribulation. Centering on the True Parents, in order to unite heaven and earth, You have focused on the cultural sphere of Christianity, which has been fighting as Cain and Abel, and You wanted to see the unification of the victorious spiritual foundation of Christianity and physical foundation of the nations of the world upon the advent of the Third Adam.

As the Catholics and Protestants failed to unite as brothers, with the Holy Spirit and the True Mother as the substantial incarnation of the true Holy Spirit, it was Your Will to initiate a new heaven and earth and establish the ideal realm of love through the parents on earth. Although You desire to bring the spiritual and physical worlds together, You are not free to realize Your wishes. Hence, You have established a son to accomplish that task and raise the flag of victory, and after this to hand the victory over to You so that You can perform a parade of cosmic sovereignty and sovereignty of love through all of heaven and earth.

Centering on the relationship of heart between husband and wife and parent and child, and centering on the perfected family that unites heaven and earth, You wanted to initiate the heavenly kingdom in heaven and earth. Centering on the True Parents who pursued the sorrow-stricken course of the Messiah, You desired to unite all of humankind under the lineage of the True Parents and establish the foundation of the chosen people so as to order and re-organize the satanic world.

This will has not been fulfilled even after fifty years, however, and You have had to keep prolonging it until now. How much pain You must have felt in Your heart as You searched the way alone! You desired that Your true son on earth unite Your internal world of heart and the external world, manifested as the spiritual and physical worlds. You wanted to establish the unity of mind and body throughout the nation and world, and bless and build a substantial foundation on top of the spiritual foundation instead of working through the cultural realm of Christianity.

Because this Will has not been fulfilled, however, the spiritual and physical worlds failed to unite, and as a result the future of both worlds became blocked. But You created channels through which the water drops trickling down the mountain could reach the valley streams, and the streams reach the ocean, joining together as one great sea of true love. In order to create the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven and on earth, You had to pass through a history of hardships, suffering and blood, and You know that the True Parents feel ashamed about this. Heavenly Father! You are the king of kings presiding over heaven and earth. You are the very center of love, the parent of all humankind, the teacher, and the owner of the kingship of love. As You have been following Your lost child, You had to go through such a suffering course without being able to make it known. But You willingly persevered and in order to go beyond this You established Chil Pal (7.8) Jeol on this earth. For this we sincerely thank You.

We thank You that on the seventh day of the seventh month in 1997, after True Parentsí 77th birthday, and on the exact hour, minute, and second, Chil Pal (7.8) Jeol could be declared, on which basis everything blocking God on this earth can be pushed aside, and the foundation of grace and unification transcending time and space that can split the curtain of darkness with love can spread on this earth.

Father! Your heart has been full of sorrow, but You can now face Satan and with Your dignified march towards heaven and earth is inevitable in this age. In the year of Adamís becoming eighty years of age, and in the last of the four specially declared years, a new realm of liberation and victory can be reached through the perfection of the True Parents, of parents in heaven, and of parents on earth, and with the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven and on earth. Before Your Will to establish a sovereignty of love, glory, victory, and praise, we can pledge each day to fulfill the responsibility of the solemn summons, and we are truly grateful for this liberation. As we return all glory to You, please grant the day when Satanís entire authority is overthrown, and everything can be offered to You.

Father! You have declared many celebration days after liberating all lost things, children, family, nation, world, the entire cosmos and even Your realm of liberation.

I know that these days of declaration are not going to be buried, but they will become a base that lets Your realm of heart shine greater and higher than the bright sun and everything else in the heavenly realm. In order to lay the foundation of love You have made many declarations.

In that way You proclaimed Chil Pal (7.8) Jeol, which has established that one great hill has been overcome, and Satan can never undermine or erase these declaration days. But on the occasion of the True Parentsí having attained seventy-seven years of age, and on the exact second, minute, hour, day, month, and year, we went over the satanic hill of number fourteen through completing human responsibility, and shattered Satanís blockage based upon the limitation of number fourteen, which represents the top of the growth stage, whereupon You declared a day of free settlement and rest of the parents of heaven and earth. This child of Yours declared this day because I know that this is a day of historic commemoration and day when we can praise to the depth of our bone marrow the liberation of all humankind.

Since that day there was a three-year course in which everything on earth and in heaven had to be re-organized. During that urgent time the declaration and celebration ceremony for the cosmic victory of parents of heaven and earth could be held. On the 27th of last month, for the sake of all religions, I declared the original holy ground, root holy ground, and victory holy ground so that we can return to the original land of freedom. By following the vertical line of the eight steps and by climbing up the eight-step bridge shown by the True Parents, we can stand in front of God of liberation. The level foundation of the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven and earthly foundation will become one, and we give gratitude to You for allowing this cosmic liberation to take place so that the great victory of the Parents of Heaven and Earth can be declared on a cosmic level.

Starting from that, in June, July and August, You gave Your approval for blessing the entire spiritual world. You even blessed spirits who had gone to the spiritual world as children and they held the three-day ceremony. Because of this special grace, there is now an express highway of blessing reaching from hell to heaven, and we are deeply grateful to You for this. Now we are going over the final peak of the entire physical and spiritual world in order that all the tribes on earth accomplishing a tradition of love and representing the families of Adam, Noah and Jacob may eradicate the satanic lineage and establish the authority of Heaven through the connection of the True Parentsí blessing. With the victory represented by the 400 million established blessed families, the beginning of this connection, the decisive initiation of the blessing of 400 million youths under Godís blessing will completely cut Satanís lineage. By fighting through the final wall centering on this yearís motto "The Cosmic Expansion of the True Blessing and Rooting Out of Satanís Blood Lineage," a foundation of great leaps can be laid. The task is right in front of us around the time of my becoming eighty years of age.

Today, when we can raise the flag of victory throughout the whole nation representing the entire ceremony of blessing, we celebrate Chil Pal (7.8) Jeol on a foundation representing Russia and Canada in the northern part of Kodiak. Korean, Japanese and American members will become one with the True Parents in the center, and these three nations will unite as one nation in heart, rising as the center of all nations and establishing this authority from the bottom of hell to the top of the heaven. We sincerely thank You that all the declaration days including Chil Pal (7.8) Jeol can be declared this time in Godís name, in True Parentsí name, and in the substantial realm of God established by the True Parents on earth.

Upon the declaration of this day, the freedom and victory have been returned to You whereby the march of Your all-transcendence, all-immanence, all-sovereignty and all-capability can commence in heaven and earth. Hence, from now on please take dominion over the entire universe and, instead of standing in the sorrowful position of being pushed around and chased after, embrace the entire world on the foundation of families that reside under the sovereignty of victory and love. We thank You that You have allowed this declaration to mark the day to regain the unification of heaven and earth, the sovereignty of love, the liberation of the entire cosmos, God, parents, and the authority of glory and victory.

Together with the 3.7 Jeol, we ask You to allow that the liberation of Your all-transcendence, omnipresence, full authority and omnipotence be declared in heaven and earth in Yahwehís name and that all be accomplished as You have allowed. I report the True Parentsí accomplishments while offering everything to You on this day. I pray all this in the name of the True Parents. Amen. Amen. Amen.


Repeat after me: May Yahweh become the Victorious True Parent. [May Yahweh become the Victorious True Parent.] May Yahweh become the Victorious True Teacher. [May Yahweh become the Victorious True Teacher.] May Yahweh become the True King of Kings. [May Yahweh become the True King of Kings.] True Parents on earth will uphold and attend the subject ideology of the three blessings. [True Parents on earth will uphold and attend the subject ideology of the three blessings.]

Let's have three cheers of Mansei. Heavenly Father Mansei! True Parents Mansei! Chil Pal (7.8) Jeol liberation, and victory of the realm of liberation of full authority, omnipotence, all-transcendence and omnipresence! (Applause)

Today is the Day of All-transcendence, Omnipresence, Full authority and Omnipotence. Today is being proclaimed as the day when God can do such things. I ask you to believe that everything around you will work toward perfection if you have absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. What proclamation have we made today? [The Day of All-transcendence, Omnipresence, Full authority and Omnipotence.] God, Yahweh, made this possible. Yahweh God was oppressed and persecuted for taking responsibility for His children's hardships, and for saving and forgiving them. Now He has gone beyond all of that. We have entered the era when God is proclaiming that He can freely do as He wishes.

I am saying that there is nothing to worry about. Leave everything up to God. Leave everything. Have absolute faith. Do you understand this? I leave everything to God. Absolute faith, absolute love, absolute obedience: I stand beyond all of these. Even God Himself cannot touch these. If you understand these tenets as our final motto and follow them exactly, you will always bring victory in everything you do. Amen. [Amen.]

You should love Kodiak. Kodiak and South America are connected- -- with the Original (Focal Point) Holy Ground, the Root Holy Ground and the Victory Holy Ground. When you pass through number three and go to number four, everything is concluded. The same for Unification Church proclamations. The remaining ones, the one nation proclamation, the national unity proclamation, and the all of heaven and earth proclamation will all be achieved when we proclaim them based on our own sovereignty.

"All transcendence" has, up to now, meant encompassing the entire world, the entire satanic world. All transcendence and omnipresence are becoming one. "Full authority" has meant absolute power in the satanic world. Satan could do anything since he held the nations. That is not omnipotence. Full authority is now connected to heaven and it leads us into the world of unification and true authority. All transcendence and omnipresence are becoming one.

Next is "full authority": we have seen the era when the satanic world uses its full capability. The era of unification and ability. So we find all-transcendence, omnipresence and full authority. Therefore, centered on God, the physical and spiritual worlds should become one. When God created, He maintained absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Since we have come back to the original state of creation on the foundation of all-transcendence, omnipresence, full authority and omnipotence we should also have a heart of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. With that heart, we should invest and forget, in the same way that God has done for us. We should be absolutely faithful, absolutely loving and absolutely obedient when it comes to giving to this world on behalf of God. We should give as if we are giving away treasures from a store. Since everything will be one, the world will be unified and find eternal peace. That is the conclusion.

The entire satanic world, the Old and New Testament ages and the entire Completed Testament age are sacrificial offerings. Everything has been divided, one by one. This was followed by Satan exercising his omnipotence. God, even, has been in chains, and True Parents were pulled out of their dominion. We all can be liberated from such a reality as the era of capability comes. And the unifying creation, the creation on earth and creation in heaven will be actualized. Amen.

Now we are holding Chil Pal (7.8) Jeol, Heaven-and-Earth Parentism, and True Parentism; next, the third Chil Pal (7.8) Jeol. All are 7.7.7. They are all the same. Heaven and earth will be connected.

What day is it today? It is the Declaration Day of All-transcendence, Omnipresence, Full Authority and Omnipotence. Because everything until now has been divided in the satanic world, we are proclaiming this in the name of Yahweh. Since this is done at True Parents' request in the name of Yahweh, you should understand that this canon will stand forever as the mark of the heavenly world.

Where are the borders? The US border is around the Pacific Ocean. Russia, Canada and the US have borders. Who else have borders with the US? In relation to the equator, Japan has a border. When you look at this way, Japan and Canada are located as part of an X figure. They are also part of the X figure with the US but there relationship is one of enemies. This shows that they are in separated relations like father and son and mother and son. These have to be unified.

We should love the water, love the sea and love the fish in the sea. The only things we can offer God as a whole offering--without their needing to be divided for sanctification--are the fish, which are free of any kind of judgement. So I have offered them to God intact. As an offering, you should spare the first one you catch. You should not kill it.

At the time of Noah, the only animals free of judgement were the fish. However, all things, sons, families, heaven and earth all are under Satan's accusation. Since the entire world is under Satan's accusation, we should free ourselves before the unified realm of liberation is established in order for God to be free of accusation. We should go beyond the limitations of all-transcendence, omnipresence, full authority and omnipotence.

I began to speak about this four years ago. True Parents requested to have this Declaration Day of Omnipresence and Omnipotence. Since God proclaimed it, Satan and all things are under that command. At the time of creation, God created us with a heart of absolute love and absolute obedience. On such a foundation, the Unification Church has served the heavenly parents and earthly parents, in the name of parents, with a heart of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. We can start a nation of the dominion of love by establishing the unified victory of all things centered on the ideal love of creation. Do you understand what I mean? Today is a meaningful day.

That is why there should be one nation under one God's dominion. Centered on God, you should build up a nation that is worldwide and unified on this earth, before and on behalf of True Parents. It is time to make a money offering. Do you know what I mean? [Yes.] I should not help you with the money from my own pocket now. We should follow Heaven's will. Therefore, Korea should fulfill Korea's responsibility. Japan should fulfill Japan's responsibility and the United States should fulfill the United States' responsibility. These three nations are one nation. Parent nations and elder brother nationÖ.

Through a determination of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, the perfection of the ideal of creation of God, who holds dominion, can be realized.

There must be no ego. When God created, He had no conception of His own ego, of Himself. He wanted to be the Master of love. If things had gone well, He would have become soÖ

Our families should become representative families that are able to live for the world and heaven and earth. People who do not lead such life cannot become sons and daughters of God. Such people cannot become Godís family.

From now, we all should speak one language. It is a shame for you to need translation to read the records of your own parents. You may have to indemnify this over many years when you go to the spirit world. Those who cannot go beyond this will not be able to go back to their own hometowns even on the day of the liberation of their own country. You will have no residency as a citizen of your country. You are not listed. It is a serious matter.
When you meet me, you should greet me in Korean. When you have meals, you cannot just talk in your own language. You should be silent and ashamed. It is natural to learn your own parents' language. Babies learn their parents' language within some months. The cultures and backgrounds you are used to are your enemies. You must cut off from them. What you cannot cut off from will remain as your own, your tribe's and your nation's indemnity.

You should pine for Kodiak more than any other place and have the deepest desire to come here days and nights. You should bare your hearts when you look at all the creations that exist under the sun. We should cleanse out of our hearts everything that becomes a sacrificial offering for our God of grief.

Jardim is the original land. It is the original land in which creation itself has been gathered together as if in one museum. It is the land of original focus. You must go and shed blood and tears for more than three years in that place, which all the original and primary things of creation inhabit. It is there that we must labor for three years. Why? For the sake of the restoration of the fatherland, in water. Since the world symbolizes water, you must understand this in the same way that True Parents have established it through the ideology of determining to build the Kingdom of Heaven within water. We will soon go beyond the global era. The age that is divided centering on the continent has therefore passed. Since now is the age of the Internet, and the age in which national secrets and other information was controlled has gone, when we look at any one nation, we can know everything about the world. Nothing can be hidden.

Why would these things be revealed? Even when something about an individual group is revealed, this is not for the sake of the individual but for the celebration of the realm of liberation, the realm of liberation of the Kingdom of Heaven, for the liberation of humankind. The celebration party must be the one which can unite centering on all the nations of the world. So burn everything away, and on a new earth among God's glory, put the idea of the unified Kingdom of Heaven on earth on the Internet and all people of the world of all nations will want to praise it eternally. They will want to live there eternally and will cry for it, missing it. The environment in which this will happen would be the Kingdom of God on earth. The Kingdom of God in heaven. Amen. Say Amen. [Amen!]

Where will you go from here? You must go to the Kingdom of Heaven. When you go to the Kingdom of Heaven, you must change the cultural background against which you have lived until now. This is like changing clothes centering on the relationship of blood lineage with True Parents. Without being able to pass through True Parentsí nation, there is no way to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Can you go there according to your free will? It does not matter whether you are second generation or not. With a whip, God and True parents must resolve their sorrowful hearts. You can become a people who can inherit from and live with God only by showing that you are determined to go through many more hardships than God and True Parents have gone through. You must understand this clearly.

Don't think about meeting True Father. I have to go to the people who are leading an ascetic life in the Himalayas and educate them. I have the responsibility to educate and guide the ascetics to heaven. Seen from the viewpoint of people who live only according to their own free will, they are living as they would be in the spirit world. The place where these devoted people live is like the spirit world on earth. These people must not be thrown away like garbage.

In order not to become like garbage, people must be pure. They have their own names and remember their own nations, but even such things should be cleansed away. When a unified world is formed out of all the existing laws, politics, economies and other aspects of each nation that we have been aware of, such things will disappear.

The future political system cannot establish policies. Policies only exist in economy. The economic system that can unify the world will emerge. The president is the one who would govern that.

The policy of love is connected to all tribes, people, nations, the world and Heaven. Centering around our future and material things, political systems will be established for the welfare of the people and systematic standards of distribution will be clarified.

The richest people in all nations should not brag about their wealth. They need approval from the UN. Everything will be part of the administrative system of the UN. Before you get into the administrative system of the UN, you should register with God and get into the system with Godís name in your heart. Then, all these material goods will become Godís.

If these material goods do not become Godís, people cannot be indemnified for hundred of years without offering their possessions. Even after I instructed people to offer their material goods to God, if they worry about material possessions for the future of their children, or they insist on using their possessions--such as land--for themselves, they are thieves. Such things are like stolen property. Such possessions will become stolen property. You must know this fact.

In the absolute power era of Yahweh, we have the homework to release Godís heart that has been suffering with me. Thus, we should make efforts without any hesitation to reach that goal. True love exists to establish the law of nature. Love works based on the principle and the fundamental rule. Love has more priority than principle, right? Am I right? Even the freedom has more priority than subjective principle and principle. These will not deny principle. It is the same, the just good enough type of attitude cannot be accepted.

Till now, I have been making Satan to give in with my body. In the past, I was known as a male shaman in Pyongyang (the capital city of North Korea). When I appeared in public, people already knew who was coming so they would say to others "That no-good is here; shut the doors to stop him coming in." I was treated that way. Anyhow, nobody is left there. Everyone ran away. Such a day will come in the future.

If I do not do it, I will find somebody to do it. I will send out 130 people who can communicate with the spirit world. They have to pass through a certain course to reach heaven.

True love is the basis of the Principle. Love harmonizes with the law of the Principle. Love is above the Principle, isnít it? Freedom also is above the Principle, in the realm of dominion of the Principle. It does not deny the Principle. This is the same with Father.

After attending Mother I did not pray for 20 years out of the 40-year course. Why? Because I knew, and taught everything. There was no more necessity for it. This is the first time I have openly said that. Starting from August last year I started again praying. Even Mother thought it was strange not to pray and then to start again.

From that time onwards the world had to be brought under control. Only if that happens can substantial restoration come about. The principle is true, isnít it? Jesus brought complete victory on the spiritual substantial level and I had to bring victory on the physical substantial family level without the help of the spiritual world. I knew all this myself. Therefore even God has no need to give me orders.

The realm of family liberation can be reached only through Father. Only True Parents implemented a truce in all the fighting with Satan centered on the family. Even God could not bring such a truce about. But even after hearing these words you people just think that these are the words of a phantom. Even though Father has given every ounce of his energy and even pushed himself to the marrow of his bones, fighting through all sorts of hardships, you are just living comfortably. Letís see whether you live well or not! Letís see whether the 36 couples live well or not! Letís see how it will turn out!

From now on the time has come in which one can volunteer or withdraw. Do you understand? God does not need people without accomplishments -- accomplishments centered on love. Therefore no-one can go to the Kingdom of Heaven without having made 36, 72, 120 families and gaining dominion over the tribe. If you cannot do this, you cannot register. This conforms with the Principle.

From now on, only people with results will be able to gather here. Not just anyone can ride with Father on the boat. Because the Completed Testament age is an era when it is possible to go beyond perfection, those who manifest absolute faith, love and obedience according to the Principle will be able to climb up on the foundation of the realm of Godís ideal of creation and become the chosen people of global peace and unification. The chosen people are not selected from the existing chosen people. Because the Israelites, Christians and so forth could not fulfill the responsibility of the chosen people, the new chosen ones have to be selected from amongst the people of the whole world. You have to know that I am working to accomplish this. You must wake up!

I have said that Korea, Japan and America are like one nation, havenít I? If the Japanese prime minister, the Korean president and American president unite, there will be unification on earth and in heaven. Isnít that so? Therefore if father and son become one then the family can be the sonís family as well as the fatherís. Neither the father nor the son can do it by himself. How can the son become part of the fatherís family and the father part of the sonís family by force? Father and son have to become one. Isnít it so that mother and son had become one for the sake of restoration? From now on, the unity between father and child will make everything possible.

The dignity of a husband is not that of an archangel. It is the dignity of love. Men should not become husbands who play around with love so that they hear questions such as "What kind of husband are you?" and run away with ashamed faces. I am a man of truth. I am truthful to Mother (my wife). She knows everything. She deserves the complete truth. There is nothing that Mother does not know. We confer about everything before a decision is made.

Everybody thinks they cannot defeat Father in fishing, but you do think you can do better than Mother, donít you? (Laughter). Therefore, even if you follow Mother, you eventually come to look for Father. Mother stands in two positions. There is the position of the mother and the position of the son. Therefore I am also calling my wife "Mother."

Because Satan cannot do anything within the substantial realm, he slashes around with a knife in all directions -- north, south, east and west -- and as he cuts peopleís throats, everything falls. It is a fallen world that cannot put love above life and chastity above love. One has to give up oneís life for love. Even though when we gives up our life for the sake of keeping our chastity some bitter feelings remains, we cannot allow love to be destroyed. You have to know that this is a principle of heavenly law in the Unification Church that attends heaven. You cannot simply do as you please.

Father is not an educated person. He is someone who can control his own body. A disciplined person. If he were not, he could not be a son of God. We can only understand the heart of God if we have the heart to send oneís loved one before oneís enemy and hope that enemy can love that person instead of me. When I went to Baek Moon Kim's Israel church, I embraced Baek Moon Kim. You cannot love only your wife. If you cannot go beyond that level, you cannot be God's children.

Try it through being tickled. No matter how ticklish you may feel, you should be able to resist laughing. I did not blink my eyes for three hours once. So I overcame the number three! I have trained myself in such a manner. No matter how beautiful a woman allures you, you must not go over the line. Otherwise, you cannot build the individual, familial, clan, tribal, national and universal tradition of heaven.

The world is in a mess. That is why we have to protect each other. Do you understand? If I see someone fall, he might as well have died first. You should clearly understand that such behaviors create enormous resentments in history. I can be like the severest whip you can ever imagine. Can you go to nice places just as you wish? You should follow the path of indemnity. I never thought of just going as I wished. The path is the 180 degree opposite way. How can you think of your life (of suffering) of just a few decades in front of God who has suffered through eternity? How unfilial could you be? You should understand the reality clearly and be inheritors of the realm of all-transcendence and omnipresence. You must win over the satanic world, over Satanís dominion.

If national messiahs fulfill their responsibility they can come and live on the land in South America. There are many houses. There is no worry about what to eat. The Amazonian natives eat breakfast and lunch in different places. With one fork and one knife in their pocket, they go out to fill their stomachs. Poisonous spiders are what they like best. Two poisonous spiders can fill you up. Are you excited? If I cannot catch them, I will have you catch them. There will be nothing to complain about. With all the foundation being made, you are in the very happy position where you can move around in the Pantanal or Amazon like the ancestors of the indigenous people.

You should be brave from now on and then what? If you are brave and then you should be daring. You should be people who can deal with matters bravely and daringly. Will you or not? Those who will, raise both of your hands. Lower your hands.

From today, there will be a big switching around of personnel. From today. We have to cross over 50 hills to exchange 50 people. Do you want to stay on the summits of 50 mountains? Shall we stop right before the fiftieth hill or shall we go over it? We must go over it.

After the reshuffling of 50, another 70 people might be reshuffled. Who are the ones here who are responsible for the eastern United States? All of them should be assigned to Japan. The fifty people from Japan should be appointed to the east coast of America. They should visit the sonís house (referring to America). We must love the son figure country, must we not? The people from the mother country should go there and give love. Thatís the way it should be.

The elder son nation was founded consequently that country should become a country that the mother figure country and father figure country love. Elderson-ship was created so there has to be a reciprocal love.

Jesus received the blessing on the January 3, 1973. He lived as a single man for so many years. Why? He was unable to go to the national and global level. I have reached these levels and so prepared the blessing day for him. Mature people received permission to create a family so they were allowed to receive the blessing, were they not? By doing so, we should surmount the world. The blessing itself will enter the international era in the spirit and physical world.

If you educate teenagers, kindergarten pupils, elementary school students, middle and high school students as foundations for the natural surrender, then that nation will be the heavenly nation. So, what kind of education? Purity education. What kind of matching together? Pure love matching. Since the match in the garden of Eden was wrong, it is now the era of matching properly.

You have to protect your brothers and sisters while loving them more than your own physical brothers and sisters. What do you have to protect them from? They did not protect each other in the Garden of Eden. However, we should protect each other to purify the nation and the world. What do you have to protect? Our families! That is why you must learn the Korean tradition.

The Americans should stay in Japan not for 20 days but for 40. Since all your positions are to be changed as soon as you arrive (in Japan), you should try preaching as Japanese leaders. And also Japanese should go to America and take on responsibilities there. You should learn how difficult it is to work through translators. You should understand that I have pioneered such path.

Our Unification members should learn not only Korean but also English and Japanese since they are languages of representative nations you need to know. The Japanese should learn the languages of their Father nation and Son nation. The Son nation (America) should learn the languages of the Mother and Father nations.

The Yu family is famous for being revolutionary. There was a man named Sang Yul Eu [an alternative spelling of the name also pronounced "yu"] who was Hyo Won Eu's uncle. He was put into the Shin Ui Joo prison for his involvement in the Mansei incident. He was such a radical. He was certain that he would be executed. He pulled his hands out of the handcuffs. His flesh was peeled off, and only the bones were left. Like that, he broke out of prison and ran off to Russia. We don't know whether he lived or died. He was such a revolutionary. Hyo Won Eu was the same.

Promise me that you will be entirely different person from tomorrow, be the leaders for our nation's liberation, be the select forces, the soldiers of the Independence Army. Do you understand? Even at the expense of your own families, you must save the world. To do that, you must lose your nation and your continent and fly high. I have prepared myself for that already. If have prepared myself so that I could stand before God with clear conscience even if I have to lose everything.

What kind of relationship is there between us? The relationship between parents and children is to be made by restoration through indemnity. It is the path you cannot follow without indemnity. So we offer conditions of indemnity. Eight stages of indemnity conditions. To inherit what I have pioneered, you should at least have your own history of tears. Even if you have carried thousands of pounds of sandbags to follow in my footsteps, it will still not be enough. Will you just walk right up without making any effort and be thieves?

You must make restoration through indemnity between parents and children. You have no idea how many times God tested me. He never praised me. No compliments at all. In the past, God taught me everything, however, I don't even ask Him to now. I know my path. As I go onward little by little, the more difficult it becomes. All of you should leave your hometowns and make a foundation in the most difficult circumstances. That tradition must come back. All of your sons and daughters must come, too. Do you understand what I have said? I am telling you that such a path still remains for you. There is no choice. If you canít do it, you will fall away.

What kind of relationship do I have with you? We have a father and a son relationship. A father and a son relationship means restoration through indemnity. Without establishing conditions of indemnity, there is no path that you can walk. Thus, we have conditions of indemnity. I alone pioneered the eight levels of the indemnity conditions. To inherit this, you should have made some effort in tears. Am I right? You should inherit my path of hardship with unending effort. Due to your lack of devotion, you cannot inherit from me so you must follow the path of the will with a burden. When you have a long journey of hardships ahead of you, you should offer full devotions. If you are trying to avoid such hardship, you are a thief. Do you want to be a thief?

Parents and children should make restoration through indemnity. God tested me a lot. He was a hard-hearted God. I did not receive any praise from Him. In the old days, everything was taught, but not anymore. Nobody asks to be taught. They know everything. Everybody knows their destination. As time passes, we are increasingly faced with more difficult journeys.

Today is Chil Pal (7.8) Jeol. It is (also) the Day of Godís Omnipresence and Omnipotence. Today, centered upon Yahweh, the beginning of omnipresence and omnipotence was proclaimed. From now, you should come to this place and pray. Pray on a cold mountain, buy land and build a home. Thus, this place will become the holy land where the sound of prayers continues day and night. The location is here so we should do as we decide.

I am not a dreamer. I plan to achieve. You must know that you should have real results. Donít forget that you need to achieve something. You need results.

With such things in mind, you should achieve your goals with independent power. You should desire to become the head priests who can touch Godís heart by offering sacrificial rites with the power of royal princes and princesses and the real power of his majesty the king.

We should make an oath to make effort and be resolved to establish the necessary foundation for the coming of the full authority and absolute power of Heaven.

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