Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

Original Holy Ground, Root Holy Ground, Victory Holy Ground Consecration and Dedication Ceremony

Sun Myung Moon
July 27, 1999 and August 8, 1999

On July 27, 1999, at 4:18 a.m. (Korean time: 8:18 p.m.), at Hotel Americano in the Pantanal, Brazil the dedication and offering ceremony of Hotel Americano as the Original Holy Ground, Root Holy Ground and Victory Holy Ground was held.


Beloved Father! Today is Tuesday, July 27, 1999. The numbers 4, 6 and 9 became the standard of victory of Satan's numbers and were used to create difficulties for God. Now, centering on July, the figures three times nine equals twenty-seven (3 x 9 = 27) were established so we have passed the 27th day. Tomorrow's figures are four times seven equals twenty-eight (4 x 7 = 28). Centering on the numbers 4 and 7 and the 28th day, we began to have the origin of the beginning that will bring us to the era of the realm of the fourth Adam. In Your ideal of creation--with the creation of Adam and Eve--love, life and lineage became one through Your sinless heart. True Parents could not open the eternal Heaven with the victorious supremacy of the realm of resurrection. History was divided into the Old, New and Completed Testament Ages, and after experiencing failure in his course as the third Adam, I put everything to right.

From about May 15, 1998, we began to love the enemy Satan from this place. Thus, according to the will of God, we have realized that the murderous fight between Cain and Abel in Adam's family and the fall of Adam and Eve caused bitter grief in God's heart. Such things should not be repeated in the future. All the bitter feelings of the heart have not been resolved throughout history. The historical hardships have continued with God. Father, You have been making great efforts to resolve this pain and resentment, taking full responsibility for many, many years. We are truly thankful for Your blessing.

While You continued to endure and wait, You have not delayed the will of the providence. You, God, have gone through tens and thousands of years of difficult paths alone with this responsibility. You have been wishing for the liberation of all the people. Due to the perfection of the true Adam family, the perfected nations, world, cosmos, and the Kingdom of God in heaven and on earth are unified. You have been making great efforts to establish Your sovereign power of love. Please accept all creation's deepest gratitude. True Parents made great effort to go through the path of indemnity and difficulties that remained on earth. Due to Your protection, we could fight through the difficult moments. Father, You have made innumerably more efforts than True Parents.

Throughout the difficult journey, Father, You have been taking care of me so that today I could reach this victorious moment. I have brought Satan to surrender. Concerning the liberation of the cosmos, God and True Parents established the realm of liberation on the basis of True Parents' victory. We wish You to see the era of all-transcendence, omnipresence, full authority and omnipotence that can bring the voluntary surrender of the enemy, Satan, and establish the realm of Your autonomy in the universe!

True Parents and the Unification families are therefore in the forefront and able to bring Satan to surrender, and to give orders to the archangel. Such an era has arrived. This place should thus become the starting point of the Original Holy Ground, Root Holy Ground and Victory Holy Ground. Please allow all people to cherish the memory of this place, surrounded by the Pantanal, and inherit God's blessings with their own efforts in front of a unified family, country and world. Please enable them to promise to become true parents.

We are thankful for letting us love this place, take care of this place and consider this place like our body, allowing us to have the starting location where the whole nation's families begin as a reciprocal existence as God's body. Please help us to cherish the memory of this place for the rest of our lives and remember in our hearts the efforts of True Parents and God. Allow us, the people, the country, the world and all humankind to have the moral duty, as God's children, to directly reach to the Kingdom of Heaven with the hearts of their descendants and clans united. Father, You are all-transcendent, omnipresent, bearing full authority and omnipotent. We chose the site of blessing here where we can directly reach to Heaven, so we are offering this site to You. Please accept this with joy.

Please allow us to have the gift of God's grace. Allow us to embrace the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven with a heart bursting with devotion. Please help us to fulfill the duties of children of filial piety, loyal patriots, saints and holy sons and daughters through the new lineage for the years to come in the cosmos, with Your love. We deeply wish and hope for You to help the blessed children's families to unite and then become the descendants for eternity who can inherit the traditions of our ancestors and follow the tradition of loyalty and filial piety.

At this moment, I am consecrating this place as the Original Holy Ground, Victory Holy Ground and Root Holy Ground. Father, we have obeyed Your instructions and we are offering this to You. Please permit that everything will go well, the way You have wished. I am proclaiming this in front of the whole cosmos in the name of True Parents! Amen. [Amen.] Amen. [Amen] Amen. [Amen.]


All the blessed families should visit here. What kind of facilities do we need here to accommodate all these blessed families? We need an airfield, a railway and a marina. To build such things, you should be ready to dedicate yourselves.

Working, or whatever you do, you shouldn't become people who can be criticized in front of Father's tradition and God's ceaseless efforts. Remember to make efforts that exceed this.

Mind and body, and parents and children should unite and move forward. In addition to the Jardim Training Center we already have, in the future we should build a big training center here where all your families and relatives can come and receive training. Your entire clans-185 couples or 160-couples--should attend the workshop. Such a huge facility should be built. It means only you should know about this place and pray.

What kind of day is today? The Origin and Root! Then Victory. This is the Original Holy Ground, the Root Holy Ground and the Victory Holy Ground. It signifies the starting point. The starting point.

Speech, August 8, 1999

On June 14, 1999, the "Declaration of True Parents' Cosmic Victory" was held. Through holding the ceremony this was concluded. What did we do after that proclamation? We made the Holy Ground. Finally we built the site that can become the Origin of Heaven. First it is the Original Holy Ground, secondly the Root Holy Ground and thirdly the Victory Holy Ground.

This was accomplished on July 27. God, True Father and the blessed families had lost the original holy ground (which is the original focus point), the root holy ground and the holy ground of victory, but they established perfected families and thus restored it. The Holy Ground has three names. This is the Holy Ground that can put things in good order from the beginning of history to the end. So, the members of the Unification Church should visit here once every four years, that is, ten or twelve times in 40 years. This is located at the end of earth, the very end of earth.

We established the Ideal Family Education Headquarters for World Peace in Jardim. It is the starting point toward the Kingdom. You should receive training in Jardim and then go through this holy place to go to the Kingdom. When the people from the West and the East come here, marry beyond their nationalities and then form families, they will reach to the levels of the individual, family, tribe and people. Without going through this place, you cannot climb these levels straight up. The North and South is divided so we should unite them here. Centered on families from the East and West, there should be common alignment with the origin of the unified focal point, root and victory.

God and True Father gave special instructions to make the Holy Ground, so it was founded at 4 o'clock in the morning on July 27. Three multiplied by nine equals twenty-seven (3 x 9=27). The 27th day is the number 3 multiplied by 9. Four multiplied by seven equals twenty-eight (4 x 7 = 28) On July 28, 4 is multiplied by 7. The completion of the numbers 3, 4 and 7 means moving aside the satanic world as a whole and starting anew from that point. August first was a Sunday, and today, the 8th of August, is also Sunday. The number 8 fits. This means a new beginning.

The power of the blessed families started from True Father so there is no problem in reaching to the world and influencing it. No problem to reach to the universe and the spirit world. From that point, by establishing a country based on the settlement of Heaven, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth will come. This will automatically connect us to the Kingdom of God in heaven. Fulfilling such a goal is the path of the providence and the Will.

Our families should be at the Original Holy Ground. The Original Holy Ground is the center of the world, so the owner of the Original Holy Ground is our family! The owner of the Root Holy Ground is our family! The owner of the Victory Holy Ground is our family! Who will help us to reach such a point? As we inherit the efforts of God and the horizontal and vertical True Parents, and the foundation of victory that is restored through indemnity, all our families should become such masters. From this point, based on all the bonds and education of families, tribes, people and the world, we must be able to say "It is time to start organizing the tribes and core of the world. Such a hopeful time has come on earth! Amen!"

Our families are the owners of the Original Holy Ground, the Root Holy Ground and the Victory Holy Ground. It means that we should come to the origin, find the root and become winners who have inherited the horizontal and vertical True Parents' will. Satan will have no part in this. All things that belong to us are in God's possession that is established in the Original Holy Ground, Root Holy Ground and Victory Holy Ground. This symbolizes that we have retaken the foundation of the Holy Ground of perfected original Adam without the fall, and the Lord of Second Advent.

Should we go there or not? We should go there. During the era of King Herod, people were told to register so Mary left to register and Jesus was born in Bethlehem during that trip. Am I right? If people did not go, they could have faced big problems. Even if you end up having a baby on your way, you must go to register. Mary had a baby on her way to register, didn't she? The same applies to us. According to the proclamation of Heaven, True Parents proclaimed God as the King of Kings and King of Heaven. Thus, anybody who does not go along with that will fall away.

After making a visit here, you can finally register upon your return to your countries. If you do not wish to go to Jardim, don't go. God is amazing. Millions of Unification Church families will come to this place so it will become a flourishing city. Venice, the city on water in Italy, will not be able to compare with it. This place will be built as a greater city than that. We should think that we can turn the earth around even ten times with the name of the Unification Church's ideal nation of the unified world and cosmos. We can do that without any problem. Can we do it or not? We can do it.

If you wish to show off that your family has received blessings in the world, go to the Holy Ground and worship and then record your children's names. The conclusion is that you will be blessed. That holy ground is the original, fundamental holy ground. There are various holy grounds but they are not the original holy ground. This place is the complete, original holy ground.

After completing the victorious path, you will end up in heaven and the eternal Kingdom of God in heaven. The eternal world that True Parents offer to God again is our original homeland. It is the ideal Kingdom of God in heaven. There are limits to our life on earth. We live there for a short period of time and then die. Understanding this fact, we should make full preparation for that. We should expand the foundation of ownership beyond nations and the world and then return it to God. So, you will inherit this while True Father is alive, and then go directly to heaven and complete the Kingdom of God in heaven for eternity!

August is the important month this year. From the position of making a new start, we do not know our destination. I am liberated and all the paths I had to walk have been completed, so you don't have to worry about me. I gave you the right of inheritance, so completing your task is your homework. Thus, you should liberate your families while longing deeply in your heart to see True Father.

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