Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

Let's Attend the Owner of True Love (2)

Sun Myung Moon
June 13, 1999

This is an excerpt edited from True Parents' words given during an early morning service at the Headquarters Church on June 13, '99.

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Who would be the first person to be able to attend the true owner? If God is in the place of the mind, one should attend the body of God centered on God's mind. Isn't that so? We, human beings are composed of dual characteristics, in which mind and body are combined. What is the mind? It is the vertical owner since it descends from God. What is the body? It is "I" who received the horizontal lineage. In Buddhism, people practice Zen meditation to know what the conscience is, but they cannot figure out what it is.

'I' have two owners. One received God's lineage vertically. The other crosses God's lineage horizontally and is connected to that vertical line at 90 degrees. All directions including north, south, east and west are centered on this 90 degree angle. When the four directions are centered on the vertical and form a circle with the same distances, all are equal (=).

Who is God? He is the ancestor of humankind. You must know this. When you ask who God is, the answer is that He is our original Father. Do you understand? God is the original Father who calls out to man in the position of the only-begotten son and only-begotten daughter before the Fall, who alone can receive the complete and heavenly love of God. The God whom you call out to now is not the true God. We are calling the God whose position needs to be restored and to whom we have to return by resolving His Han. That is why He can not yet become the true God.

God's strategy is to love more, to invest more and forget, to get hit and forget and in this process to establish the position that He loved more. This was the secret of indemnity reparation in the course of the Providence of Restoration, that the more He was struck and the more blood he shed, the greater the extent to which He would go out into the world.

Centered on the University of Bridgeport, my hope is to unite the Jewish and Christian people and have them re-study who Jesus was. To teach them through the Principle even now that a king had come to Israel, thus resolving the way for them to lament over Jesus not having become their king and then to attend him as their king. Only then can the people of Israel stand in their proper place.

It's the same with Christianity. The Lord of the Second Advent comes on a cloud? It is symbolic. If it were to be taught to Christianity 2,000 years later, coming on an airplane is what was meant by coming on the clouds.

You have to win over the world in order to attend the true owner and become a pure man and a woman centered on pure love. When the first affection of God's love and the first affection of human's love stand in one place, one becomes a plus and the other becomes a minus. The plus is a man and the minus a woman, and whose blood are mixed because of love. Where does a man and a woman's blood dissolve and blend? It is the sexual organ. The receptacle where one plants the seed of life is called a sexual organ. That is the original palace of love. The original place of love. You have to understand that it is the original garden where God's love can sprout. The place where the life bodies of God's character and form melt in love centered on God's love and the substantial Adam and invisible God become one. The highest love is aimed at the vertical supreme love and is connected with all the roots of horizontal love. Thus, what is internal and vertical has its standard at the level of heart, and what is horizontal, at the level of body. And when these two are united and born as the substance of God's lineage that would have been the completed family of Adam and Eve.

The smaller must invest itself for the greater. This is the logic by which the family sacrifices itself for the clan. The clan sacrifices itself for the nation, the nation sacrifices itself for the country, and the country for the world. Should one steal the property of a country and use it for his family, it would become hell. The person is doomed to fail. If not so on earth, then he will get struck upside down in the spirit world.

I stood at the forefront to get the world back. On the frontline of the harsh fighting, I worked night and day and risked my life in order to go beyond the realm of life and death. I had intended to settle down in South America. Due to the mistake of Japan, I came to Korea again and as of today Parents take the whole responsibility. Japan, Korea, the country in the elder-son realm, the Adam nation and the Even nation, they all failed to fulfill their responsibility. I even take the responsibility of God. I dealt with everything in the spirit world in my name. I even opened the doors of hell, and everything in the spirit world. Those who received the previously married couples blessing, the souls of babies... they are all growing in the spirit world. So I have finished giving the Blessing to unmarried men and women over sixteen years old.

We are truly grateful to God for allowing us to work especially in Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, for the past four years. For God's providence in which God has tried to resolve all the problems Satan created, in this part of the world, which made Catholicism and Protestantism turn against one another throughout history.


I understand and know that you called me to take the place of the perfected Adam and pay off all the debts of humanity after the first, second and third world wars which were conditionally symbolized last year as May 13th, 14th and 15th. I was to cut humanity off from Satan's lineage who caused profound sorrow for God.

I understand that my mission was to uncover human history in its entirety to discover and reveal the secrets of heaven and earth and by doing so show Your great sorrow and suffering caused by the fall and to reveal to all humanity how tremendously difficult it must have been for You throughout Biblical history.

Father! You have given me the mission of Your Son and chosen Mother from this land and set up the family foundation and directed (and developed) the international blessing ceremonies in True Parents Name representing the ideal of the Second Coming in order to liberate the spirit world, middle level of spirit world and even hell. and Paradise based on the victorious spiritual foundation Jesus made, You want to turn half of humanity on earth to Your side by blessing them through 3.6 billion couples blessing and 4 billion couples blessing. The number 4 symbolizes the foundation to indemnify, enabling the liberation of earth as well as heaven. It will bring the victory to True Parents. We are truly grateful to You, Heavenly Father that You made it possible for us to harvest the fruit, realize true families on this earth, which can cast away Satan and liberate God.

You gave Satan a chance to indemnify the faults that committed. He did not love humanity as God's children but rather stole them from God and turned them against Him. The time when God could command Satan to correct his wrongs and clean up the fallen lineage came when God gave him the ultimatum on March 21. Satan apologized to God and claimed he would support Him to create the ideal garden of love. He confessed all his sins before True Parents to be forgiven.

He confessed and apologized all he had done wrong to humanity. Please, Heavenly Father, take pity on him as he is asking for forgiveness from You and True Parents.

As we, True Parents, unify heaven and earth, we bring peace between God and Satan and establish unity between God, Satan and humanity. We combined that unity into one single lineage of God. We humbly offer this before the master of the whole universe, Heavenly Father, in True Parents name. Please accept this, Heavenly Father! 

You have not been able to exercise Your rights over anything in this world. I hope that you can now let go of your pain and regret as a result of True Parents work. We are truly grateful to You that we can have this ceremony in South America on the final day of Mother's world speech tour.

Please remember the history in which I have tried to resemble Father's heart of loving God and humanity. As You unify the whole universe in the domain of Your love which liberates all things, humanity, True Parents and God. Please give such grace to even Satan and forgive him. 

Father, I sincerely hope and pray that Satan will love God more than True Parents, humanity more than anybody in the world. Also that they will repent all their evil doings made against God's lineage. I hope that they will help build a unified world of peace on earth and in heaven by easing God's pain caused by not being able to love humanity the way He wanted and finally liberate Him.

Please accept all the things we offer you, Heavenly Father. We truly hope that You will proclaim, exercise and dominate what we offer You here. I hereby proclaim in True Parents Name that the world of God's love has come and for the liberation of Heaven and Earth. Amen. Amen. Amen. (Please do repeat after me.) We pray for eternal glory and prosperity to fill heaven and earth centered on the world of love before God, humanity and True Parents. Amen. Amen. Amen.

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