Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

International Leaders Meeting

Sun Myung Moon
February 8, 1999
Su Taek Li Training Center, Korea

Unofficial notes by Tyler Hendricks, from the translation by Lynn Kim and Jin Seung Eu. Please be aware that the official directions from this meeting will come from the HSA-UWC International office.

(Father asked for the numbers present, and there were 175 National Messiahs, 75 Korean leaders, and 250 from the West, about 500 in all.)


How can we take care of languages? How can we unify you, which requires that we unify language? Is there anyone here who was blessed this time? Such a person should not be here. Those who speak English raise your hands.

Please report about the number of couples at the blessing. (We don't have the exact number yet.) You don't have it or you can't have it (i.e. was it physically impossible, or is it just that you didn't get around to it)? Do you want to go rest or work more? Are any countries here that had no blessing candidates?

The Philippines leader, please report about what you did, beyond just having people on the street. How did you get your blessing candidates? From now we don't need to bless the previously married couples. You should have blessed your relatives already. In Punte del Este Father spoke about this.

Rev. Byung Wooh Kim:

In the Philippines, 1,000 center members and 400 home members did a concentrated mobilization. We worked in the neighborhoods of pre-blessed couples. We reaped about 8,500 women and 5,000 men candidates. We didn't have much result up to the 25th day of the 40-day condition, the last 40 days before the Blessing, but then it began to multiply. Even we had eight computers working at the end and we could not handle it. We sent photos to Korea for three days, and we have 700 prepared for the single blessing.

Father said the worldwide goal is 80 million, but we aimed for 70,000 as a goal. It's no problem, we believe, to get 10s and 100s of thousands, because of True Parents' foundation. We had severe persecution for years, but now it is turning around. The media has become positive. We can even reach 100s of 1,000s.

Korean-Filipino matches make good children. The young Filipinos are so pretty. And they are well-educated. Only 10% or 15% reject the match. I think we can reach 130,000 next time.


What do you mean? Do 1.3 million.

Rev. Kim:

Oh, Father, how about 130,000 first, then 1.3 million?

Father set the Filipino foundation through Dr. Pak with a CAUSA type movement, and it successfully overcame the communist threat. Then True Mother came, and President Ramos and his wife directly welcomed Mother and supported her speech. I was based in Taiwan at that time. I wondered if the First Lady really would introduce True Mother. But the message came 30 minutes before the speech was to start, saying she was ill. We were so disappointed.

After the meeting was over, Mother told me to say in the Philippines and release Father's grief here and do a 20-day workshop for all the members and leaders. The airlines lost Mother's luggage. She said don't worry, but just stay and work here.

So we began to work there, meeting many government and academic leaders. For 2 years and 6 months we had opposition. Mother said the Philippines is the second daughter, but is not rich. I asked Mother what we could offer, and she said, "Have a lot of babies." Actually the Philippines has the world's highest birthrate. We hope to do that spiritually, too. We have 5,000 Filipino-Filipino couples. We have to educate them and unite them. With that heart I'm going back there now. When I think of Japan's sacrifice, I see the providence for the 2nd daughter gaining witnessing results.

During the 40 day witnessing campaign, Father blessed us in Uruguay, predicting that many results would come. Our members went where we would meet young people. The government actually was sympathetic. People had heard of the True Family movement, and we reached the leaders and then they helped us reach the common people. Really we worked through positive organizations.

The media had been negative, but is not now; there were no negative media articles. The Philippines demonstrated a commitment to religious freedom and fairness. During this 40 days, with no great difficulties, we could accomplish it. My wife really ran the frontline mobilization.


Go back and bless everyone!

Rev. Kim:

Give us time to educate them!


No, there is no time. Once the spirit world starts moving, just reach out and bless them. Then educate the leaders and ask them to help educating everyone else. The society is in need of a guiding philosophy. Why just a million? Let's make it 10 million. Well, okay, we can settle for 8 million.

How many of you thought 360 million was possible? Zin Moon Kim, come up here. What did you think of that report, and what do you think we should do in the future?

Rev. Zin Moon Kim:

I watched the matching work from the back, because the Philippines results were so big and we (South America) had a smaller number. I was worried about the mobilization to fill the stadium yesterday, but there was standing room only, as it turned out. At the Segye Ilbo International Training Center (which housed the international leaders) I was very ill, and I felt I would fall off my chair (Feb 1) from the medicine. Father spoke to the Segye Ilbo staff as if they were his own children, but they listened quite well. Excuse me for talking about my own health, but I can hardly raise my eyes to you.

This summer at Port Olympo and Kodiak Father spoke of spirit world helping us. I am not very spiritual, but I am starting to believe it. The new world is going to begin, changing the blood lineage.


Oh, this is dull, just sing a song.

Rev. Kim:

So, my name is sing-a-song now. I will sing a song about a filial daughter, whose brother has gone off to the army and she has to take care of her parents, even though she is the age to be married. (He sings the song.)

Father points to a leader:

Which district are you from? Sing a song! You are covered with clouds and look like you are going to fall asleep.

(He sings a song.)


National Messiahs, why don't you bring students to the blessing? That's who we need. Maybe you in the West don't know that.

(Father asks Dr. Kyung Hee Chin to report.)

Dr. Chin:

When Father started in America, he started by educating leaders and building UTS and then the IRF, so I realize how important education is. Father wants us to give an ideology to the people. Our missions include the international UN university, and distance learning, and alternative medicine, and the World University Federation. For these purposes Father is supporting the university.

Father wants us to unify society through the university, which unifies all aspects of knowledge. Father has invested a lot, over $90 million. Now we want to go to a new level. We will help the UN understand the value of the world's religions. We feel God working through this.

Twice, Father arrived at East Garden from overseas on the day we received a major recognition from the state. Father is doing everything spiritually and we are just working out the details. The biggest problem is working in the culture. Everything takes time to adjust. But we can develop the internet education, beginning with the religious department. It requires much technical ability and equipment, but we can do it. We will surpass Harvard in the areas in which we specialize.

A university is assessed by the quality of its students. We need to develop our people. Not many universities are set up for international work. But the University of Bridgeport has a great location, near New York City, and we have challenged even the declining urban environment in Bridgeport. We are famous in America now. We have many good buildings, including a 9 story building for the arts, an 8 story library, with over a million volumes including microfilm. But we must use it effectively. We have created the resources, but now we have to use them.

Father doesn't want us to specialize in just one thing, but to do many. New England is famous for academia. We can reach the entire world through this reputation plus the internet. We are working with Sun Moon University. We can exchange courses through the internet.

We can establish branches of the University of Bridgeport with all of our academic contacts. We can create a worldwide university. You can connect as a branch through the internet, and if you have funds you can set up a building plugged in. An Arabian king has done this, because he wants the American academic level. He cannot bring American scholars there, but he can link to the internet. We need at least one branch on each continent. We cannot build your building, but we can provide the courses. Let's work together. We can exchange information worldwide through a university system. Professors will shuttle around the world. Students, too. Father was speaking of this years ago, and now it is happening.

Americans really don't know much about the world, but the National Messiahs can offer information based on your experience. When American students see an international festival, they are so surprised. Not so many Americans have a second language. The University of Bridgeport makes them realize how limited they are.

(Father is walking through the crowd and speaking to people individually.)

We have 72 nationalities represented at the University of Bridgeport, but there is no religious conflict. We are growing and are respected more. This year will grow a lot.

Father is stressing the unity of east and west medicine. The American medical establishment formerly looked down on chiropractors, but this is changing dramatically. Father cut the tape for the Health Sciences Center. He wants to heal us physically as well as spiritually. The Journal of the American Medical Association now is talking about chiropractic and the unification of east and west medicine. This is a great revolution in medicine in America, called alternative medicine. There is a method Father predicted to make a baby turn right side up in the womb. They recognize it but don't know how to explain it. It is not to replace, but to supplement western medicine. Father gave the term "principled medicine." The professors like the name.

We have 550 students in the health courses. We want to reach a world level of reputation. The building has a clinic, classrooms, research labs, dorm rooms, etc. The students are very excited about the school reaching fame on the world level based upon what they are doing. Any university needs a few famous departments.

Ours will be the international university, the alternative medicine and the distance learning. Father wants the American medical and health world to change. They have to become healthy through natural means, through health enhancing preventive methods. This means discovering the relationship of mind and body. This means east and west together. Father wants us to guide the health of humankind, not just be a small department. 1999 will be a good year for us. A master's degree in acupuncture will come this September.

Also martial arts should go with academics. Thirty, and now 35, students are studying it, and Father wants a college of martial arts. Martial arts have a lot of influence in their countries. But there is no accredited martial arts program. American youth are interested in it. So many will come to where they can get a degree in it. So we are preparing a tae kwon do won hwa do competition this spring.

This links to the hobby industry. We want to develop studies relating to the hobby industry. I met a man who can make a $20,000 airplane that has the same gas mileage as a car. We are looking for this type of thing. This will broaden to include recreation in general.


By next year, 60% of the world's business will be connected to recreation. But recreation often leads to corruption. So we need to develop goodness through recreation. This involves education and media, working together. That will build a better society. So we need a doctorate in martial arts.

(Father speaks on the foundation of God and angels for this to happen now.)

Dr. Chin:

Last year we completed our first 7 years and we are recognized. We got good ideas from Mr. Joo and have developed a lot. We got a good rating for the sake of government financial aid. We want 6,000 students on the main campus, and have an approved budget to fix all the buildings. We are planning a lot of artistic performances. We want to improve the neighborhood and city. We want to fulfill Father's vision.


All National Messiahs should send students. American universities have the greatest authority. You don't need degrees from anywhere else. The National Messiahs are the Abel king and should be on the high level in your country. It is difficult to make a university. All the University of Bridgeport departments can reach the world. People need to learn skills.

I can see the future clearly. I can see what the evil side is going to do, and I can use that for God's providence. Take out the root of Satan in your lineage. I've sent you out but you are not doing it. I'm going to make 100 universities, everywhere. Can you bring famous professors as I can? Wake up and realize the direction of the world. You need to be able to see ahead. You will have to feed the birds. What are you going to eat? Will you be like eagles? If so, how does an eagle catch food? You have to be able to speak English to be able to reach people.

If the religious people take responsibility for guiding the government to solve practical matters, you should be able to educate them to solve the family and youth problems. Are you going to do what I request? You haven't so far. I have done it all myself. Shall we utilize our resources? They are not to help me, but to help you and your children.

Countries will be moved after this Blessing. Everyone wants to be married. Our blessing is advertised on billboards here in Seoul, so drivers are shocked hundreds of times a day. People can simply hang around with a Unification Church signboard advertising the Blessing. People will recognize you as a church member. You can ask a person if he or she understands the Unification Church, and then testify about it. But even Unification Church members don't understand the church.

The University of Bridgeport uses a large amount of funding, and South America also consumes funds. This could have been used to save our foundation in Korea. The National Messiah is like a president and should be knowledgeable about your country and be able to lead it. Have you helped me at all? Do you have that capacity? Have you brought results of which I can proud and use to help you in return?

Everyone tends to seek a partner, even small children. They sit in pairs. Where is yours? Does this sister have children? (She says: I have 5.) Do they look like you? They should resemble the mother more than the father in this case; she is the better person. So the husband should be grateful to me. Don't deny your indebtedness to me.

You are still happy! You are crazy. When did you come? How long have you been in the church? (5 years) That is not so long. If you die indebted, you cannot be peaceful in your grave. Your bones will curl. So never be indebted. Repeat after me! Never be indebted! (Never be indebted!) Absolutely.

Why don't you run away from my persecution of you? You are crazy. Many cannot survive outside the church; maybe that's why you stay. Many work hard selling things to make a living, but you are living comfortably with the title of National Messiah. Do you deserve it?

Raise your hand if you want to listen to me. About what do you want me to speak, about eating food? Did you eat lunch? Chinese food or a normal meal? Many side dishes did you have? Who allowed you to have it? You ate too much and so you are dozing off. What do you want to listen to? You pick and choose what to hear, and avoid the word of God. What kind of course is that? Do you consider the effect of that upon your ancestors and descendants?

There are not many couples left beyond 360 million, so we will leave them alone and they will come naturally. You have your tribes. You can officially give the blessing. I am making this announcement right now. As the king of your family and Tribal Messiah, you can give the Blessing to previously married couples. I bring the olive tree engrafting power to you, and you can serve as the king in your village.

I cannot help you free of charge. The biggest diamond in the world is 517 carets, from Africa, housed in London. At one time children played with it on a beach. Now it is recognized as valuable by the world. It has no value to those who did not know. The same is true for the Blessing. Those books you despise happened to be precious. Heavenly secrets are told; people find their spouses through them.

The marriage of Adam and Eve should have been a memorable day to their descendants. Did they give birth to children? (Unclear, in Japanese.) Don't hesitate.

Are you indebted to me? Raise you hand if you have a college degree. Go back to your college and try to witness to the alumni. Have you done that? Or to your high school alumni? Call them and encourage them to send their children to University of Bridgeport. The University of Bridgeport once was famous, then it declined. Go back and talk to your old friends. Let's offer the opportunity to attend the University of Bridgeport.

I have worried about educating your children, more than you have, so I made this foundation. It is #1, so beautiful. How many children do you have? The fallen world is declining, day by day, year after year. Who can provide protection in the world of education? See the abuse of alcohol and sex. There is no hope except that God extends His hand. So there is hope for the future through University of Bridgeport, it is the most hopeful school. We must develop education from kindergarten through Ph.D. in every nation.

(Father questions one brother about his family and says that he must bring his brother.) Pay for his training course. At first he will curse you, but after, he will be grateful forever. Why can't you send him to University of Bridgeport? If you don't tell him the truth, it will accuse you. I mean this for everyone. They will follow you, no problem. You pay the fee for the training course.

Solve the problems standing in the way of your brother. You have that power and it will make you the family king. The armament of truth is yours. It is better than military armament. We have had that for 50 years, but you have shut your mouths, you western people. What results have come? If you win your village, it feels so good even just to eat food. How can you bring that result?

(Father has everyone shout mansei. Now, with a louder voice than that, you should shout out the truth, even making problems.)

You will reach the top position in your village. I like that place. Don't worry about making friends; instead make disciples. Are you disciples or sons? (Sons) To be a son means that you have an absolute blood lineage relationship. Nothing can change it. True Parents blood lineage connects and makes one body of all people, because our blood is the same. The feeling is so good.

Think of all the levels of education available to you. But does that give you the power of true love? Satan doesn't like me, but God does. That means what I have is good power. I am mysterious. Only one guy carried out the Blessing, and that guy is the owner of a bad name. It is me and God. I cannot bend the straight line that exists between myself and God. If that power acts, it brings persecution, but it restores the world. This is fearful power.

American leaders don't like me because I have too much power. They think I have more power than the CIA or than the Protestant churches, but the leaders don't know where it comes from. Anyway, they secretly listen to me. Is the future hopeful or miserable? It will be so enjoyable, but there is no hope for the world today. The disease of AIDS is afflicting students' sexual organs, giving them 12 years to death. Man and women do not take it seriously, so they carry on sexual intercourse. How about you? (No.) K - N - O - W. (Laughter)

Our kindergarten, our elementary school, our university. I made that foundation in the western world. That is a wonderful result, working within the fallen world, following the reverse course and becoming the elder brother on God's side, not Satan's. We are possessing God's power behind the scenes. Going that way, you bring your property into the Kingdom of Heaven. Then it's your property; it really belongs to you in front of God.

The University of Bridgeport needs 9,000 students, Now they have 3,000, one-third of the goal; this is shameful. How many did you send there? Ten? 100? You need to act. Bring them there, centering on me. I gave scholarship money for 300 more students. They will come and they will be thankful to me. I will add more . . . so please work hard! Make a determination. You too! At least send three, a small number. Will you do it? (YES) After you say that, your face is so beautiful.

The western members promised three, but how many will you send as National Messiahs? Will you do three times the western members' quota? They are young members. The National Messiah should bring spiritual guidance to the nation's president! You can work with high level people for the university. If you are my children you resemble me. Hyun Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim are taller than I am. I am the shortest in the family. Is a father offended by his sons being taller than he is? No. So I wish you to be greater than I am. That's a father's heart. You should be able to at least found a high school, because you are connected to me. Is it difficult to send 10 people to the University of Bridgeport? If you make 10 or 100 such lives by sending them to University of Bridgeport, which is better, 10 or 100? As my successor, you should found a university.

Who is your sister's husband? (He left the church.) Please reach out to him and bring him back. If he dies in that state of separation, did you do your responsibility? Have you done a good job? In order to indemnify your mistakes, you should bring success now. If you say you'll do a small amount, you have to do it, but if you say you'll bring a huge result, you may not reach it but you'll at least reach the small amount. Don't search for excuses.

The shy Kim Chan Yoon said he can bring ten, so those who are outgoing should do more, or be scolded. (Father asks another his goal; the man says that he caught 40 fish.) I told you 120, so you cannot be proud. You have to catch your quota or resign the title of National Messiah. Go again to the Pantanal three more times. National Messiahs who have not gone there for fishing training, stand up. (3 stand up, Father questions them. One says he couldn't go because of a visa problem and not having enough money.)

National Messiahs can make money. There is nothing Unification Church members cannot do. If you cannot fly there, you have to walk there. If you do, then we can give you free food. If you have the spiritual conditions and will, you can do anything. You made no effort. If you are doing this for my personal sake, then I should be punished. You are doing it for your children. It's your foundation, not mine. It's better that I order you to do this than that you fail to even try. Oh, your sweet daughter will go there. Think of it as your alma mater, where your teachers own are.

Develop universities, media and banks in your nation, and deal with the ocean. For the sake of goodness and true love we need a worldwide media organization, universities, banks, ocean industry and hobby industry. Those are important. Mr. Joo, report about the media. And train them about the media inexpensively.

(Father has the National Messiahs who got media training count off.) With so many here he won't have to do any more work. There are few there who did not get the training. If you cannot reach success in all those areas, you should retire. You must not be wanderers, but go to your country and settle. Even if you die trying, it is your absolute destiny. Think about how to bless the people. To restore the descendants you must restore the positions of Adam, Eve and the archangel in the country. Gain recognition by establishing newspapers. Can't you do it? You have to learn how.

You have to go to your nation and develop media, a university and a bank. You become the head of each. Buy land in Brazil even if you have to sell land in your country. We fish there to learn how to deal with the sea. Then go to the ocean, and then to the land. We must solve the food problem. We have an area with so much water in the rainy season. We can solve the water problem there and cultivate food and farm fish in that water. Grow so much and develop that land. And fish. We will build a world class fishing area there. You need to be able to fish in all oceans and for all fish. It's not difficult; it doesn't cost money to fish.

185 National Messiahs must come there with your friends. In five years we need that foundation. So you have to come even at the sacrifice of eating. Even Mother fishes all night during lightning storms. Some men love fishing so much that they divorce their wives for that sake. There are so many kinds of fish; we have to catch them. There are novels about the sea. I've learned so much, but there is so much to do, I wish I'd known all this when I was 20. We need a museum housing the accurate history of the Unification Church and our theology, so we can offer a Ph.D. in the field.

Mr. Joo (who is still standing waiting to give his report), educate them how to make a newspaper. And the bank and fishing. When you learn these I will give you a graduation certificate. Don't just listen, do it. Tell them how you sold the television and how I scolded you for your bad mistake. Don't just report the good things. Speak frankly. We are all going this way with our neck in the noose. We are eating dust everyday and everyone is so tired. Fishing is such hard work.

Mrs. Kang, stand up (the first member in South Korea). She was blessed with St. Augustine.

Mr. Dong Moon Joo:

I am grateful to speak on this day of victory. Yesterday a Japanese reporter interviewed a major VIP participant. He is a righteous person.


I strongly criticized his policies in the past, but he didn't believe what I said.

Mr. Joo:

We opposed him when he was under Reagan, but now he witnesses to us. He spoke frankly about his speaking for Father. The reporter questioned if he wanted it in the news, and he said that I have to speak what is right:

we have to establish true families. He said that this as true as the fact that he was born from his mother.


We have to speak straight. 80% of those who speak truth will fail. Once you decide, jump in and do it. You decided but you don't jump in. If you believe in God, you have to jump in.

Mr. Joo:

The sexual ethics of a president is a big issue now, for the first time. Presidents have never been very pure, but Clinton has so many scandals that it is now being examined in the Senate. The House recommends dismissal. It strikes fear in all politicians about their sex life being exposed. And this is the world's leading nation. So this is heaven witnessing to the earth about the true family movement.. The tolerance for free sex is decreasing.

The Washington Times more than any other media played a big role. We have brought out these issues. (On the Washington Times role in prayer in school and religious rights.) America should support religious freedom in other countries. We are setting the pattern for contemporary newspapers in America. Our reputation as an ethical paper grants us respect everywhere. We are having an effect.

Tiempos del Mundo is doing well, soon it will go daily. Our members, UTS graduates, are making relations with national level leaders in South America. It soon may break even financially. We are called South America's USA Today, or South America's Wall Street Journal, or South America's Washington Times. It draws a lot of interest. We have many friends in the media industry who want to establish a foundations in South America. We are well trusted, even in out of the way places. South Americans have a common language but so much resentment between countries, so there is no unity.

Newspapers sell news as a product. To do so, you need capital. You should sell the same information many times, then it is more profitable. From paper to cable TV to radio, to a weekly edition. The news then is more profitable. Now we want to focus on packaging news. Other companies value it. We supply news footage to about 30 stations around America. If there is war, we can develop the news by asking the State Department what they are going to do, and then edit their answers and sell it in the afflicted areas. This is called customized production, fashioned to the needs of the client. There are some 2,500 satellites in orbit, some non-functioning. Many are filming the earth. Military and weather people get the information, and we have contracted to gain their bird's eye views of important places, for example, the tunnel where Diana died. Market testing is positive. It is a valuable supplement to TV news.

This world newspaper is under Dr. Son. We can start with only a few countries. This is a service benefiting the people. It helps bring all people into one realm, one lifestyle, one village.

If a newspaper stops even one day, it cannot continue. So I carry a letter of resignation in my pocket. But I realize the Tiempos del Mundo is on a world level of influence.


Is that worth listening to? The media can make changes in the world. Also we are trying to prepare businesses that will benefit humankind.

Koo Bae Park:

We built a fish farm in Indonesia, where we have harvested 40 million tons of fish in the last year. One ship can catch 200 or 300 tons of krill all year. We have two ships and can catch 80,000 tons a year. We make powder or shell it and sell it as shrimp flesh. We make oil and produce products from the shells.

We want to supply the best food, especially from krill. It contains amino acids that create protein. It is good food for children. Age 6 months to 7 years, we measure the amount of nutrition needed at each age, and what percentage of minerals, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins. We use dried broccoli. A ton of broccoli costs a lot to produce. Our price is low. I will send product to you starting in May, on consignment. We'll send data through internet, to WACOM Uruguay. Our homepage promotes the value of krill and shrimp powder.

We take into consideration the needs of each country, to aid digestion of the powder. For example, Koreans digest meat well with the help of kimchee, but others don't. Each country has different taste. Send to us the diet typical of your country. We will do the analysis; just send the menu. Some have more cheese, or mayonnaise, or etc. You can eat medicine although it tastes bad, but food has to be palatable.

Powder can be added to soup, to make noodles, add to rice or make cookies. One place is making fish cookies from it. Also we make bait from boiled shrimp. We'll make a good tasting nutritious tablet for children. We dehydrate and freeze shrimp, and use it to supplement hamburger. A company in Germany wants to do this. We will provide leaflets and give information.


Through this you can develop your economic foundation.

Mr. Park:

Wealthy countries get sick from too much food, we are developing a different product for them. The ecological limit is 600 tons a year and we are catching 100 tons. The UN is interested in the project and has visited us a few times. We work with aid organizations, sending it in their name. You can promote the product together with Divine Principle.


What time is it? You have to know what is going on in the world.

Rev. Jeong Og Yu:

Korea had the IMF crisis and we could not support South America. So we a cash flow problems and the bank suffered. Last year they wanted to talk directly to Father, and were willing to meet Father anywhere and ask what he wanted to do with the bank, because they think he controls it all. But I met the President of Uruguay. I witnessed to Father's works and they respect him and they are grateful for the hotel and Uruguay projects. I said it was not done to make money. We are not taking money from Uruguay for our 20 years here. We are following God's will, not the profit motive.

In the past, Father said just to do it, but I lacked faith. But in resolving the bank's problems through cooperation and vision, everything came through. So heaven and earth must be cooperating. I we can move with Father's words, we can achieve a great victory.


Now we need to institutionalize our victory. Work on the grassroots, tong ban kyok pah the whole family gets blessed. The young people receive the matching. In Canaan they should follow a righteous second generation. Israel failed because of the second generation. Their second generation wanted to earn money with the Canaanite tribes. Blessed families need to establish a new tradition. The time of the Second Coming is the time of no fall. Centering on the grandfather, God, Adam, Eve and children, centering on Eve, son, husband and God, moving in every direction to fulfill the three object purposes. We should bless whole families so that three generations become one. The whole family should be embraced. The whole village has to come into the environment. Make a movement in each village.

Through this blessing, over half of mankind came to God's side. We'll make demonstrations for true parents, true families and true lineage. This is our worldwide motto. Based on a 90 degree angle, everyone will enter the liberated realm of the blessing. All the families in the world will be in the position of unfallen Adam and Eve through the blessing. The country is included in that process, because the entirety of humankind will come up to the level of unfallen Adam and Eve.

Doing witnessing and blessing, now is the time to work with your tribe. It may not take such a long time to do so. In Korea, 12 million households have been blessed; that's virtually everyone. There is no more factionalism; all are one. If we make demonstrations, children will follow us with joy. High schoolers can join the demonstration. You can bring rice cakes or something good to eat when you demonstrate. Then all can join you with joy. Or bring roasted beans. If there's no food, it's no fun. Demonstrate with food there.

Is it possible? I can coach you. You can make delicious roasted beans and mobilize the youth on the street. In each city of a small country you need only 12 places, representing the 12 gates of heaven.

Sadhu means the leader (or literally "head") of the priest. Who is the Sadhu of the Unification Church? It is the leader of 180 families, with 60 for Old Testament, 60 for New Testament and 60 for Completed Testament. Often we say we need 160 families, not 180 but let's vote about it. (The majority approves 180.) We are over the hill and on level ground, so just blow the whistle. The offerings were divided into Cain and Abel, but now God can claim it all, in the Ceremony of the Total Living Offering.

Why don't you pack up and go home to live your comfortable life? Do you want to? The Sadhu, the head of the priest, will bind together seven generations. Educate your tribe any way you can. Bring them together to make a big rally. A grandson will tell his grandfather that he saw something great on Feb 7. Can anyone find fault with it?

Such a time has come. Jesus didn't send kings to 120 countries, but I did. He didn't organize 120 disciples while he was on the earth. Tell the president you can entrust the family problems to you. You have a patent on the solution. So we can bring life and save people from sexual immorality everywhere. The age has come to organize seven generations through the 180 families. Those who do so are called Sadhu. Organize your tribal meeting. Give away gifts.

President Hwang is related to my family by marriage. He has experience with the leftist movement. When I made him Korean church president, I heard criticism that I worked by blood ties. I was trying to decide between Rev. Yang and Rev. Hwang, but Rev. Hwang has some quality of boldness that enables him to penetrate high level organizations. Have I chosen well? Now it is a different age. Rev. Kwak is also Sadhu.

Those who don't want to be a Sadhu family, raise your hand. Those who do, raise your hands. Sadhu families have the power to make judgements in place of God. The three powers will no longer be divided, the priest, king and prophet. The offering need not be divided, but offer the undivided whole on the living alter of resurrection. This is in the word the position of Sadhu.

When you go back, hold a tribal meeting. Show them the video of the blessing. Bring the young people who have been following the path of ruin. Ask relatives if they are able to discipline these wayward young people. Point out that they themselves drink, smoke, have affairs and beat their wife. You don't, and your children don't know how to fight. This influences the whole village positively. Who can oppose such a family?

Are you confident? If not, you can retire. You have spiritual children and grandchildren. There are members who have seven generations of spiritual children. Through the tribal network we can reach all Korean people. Enemies can be connected and reconcile through marriage. You can hold rallies on the various political levels, local, state, etc. It is necessary to save the country. You can't say you don't know.

Sa means priest and also it means four, and it means to die. Centering on the 12 cities, make demonstrations. The motto for demonstrations is:

True Parents, True Family, True Lineage. How wonderful it is.

If you are successful at your tribal work, then you easily can find success in every area. You can use yourself and your children as examples to persuade your tribe. Husband and wife are one so you can work with your spouse's tribe also and make a network. Use this network to change the society and build our church. Try three times, Formation, Growth and Completion. Completion is the realm of direct dominion.

A person who is running for office should not criticize his or her opponent, but should praise them. You should be diplomatic enough to be fed by others and use others' resources. Demonstrate in 12, 36 then 360 cities, and 120 times in one place, and talk to leaders. Will they kick you away? No, they will want to receive the Blessing.


1. The principle of family first.

If it's not first, it cannot be offered to God. Have your family be one that others can imitate. Think of a curse as a cool breeze coming at you on a hot day. If you welcome your elder's curse to you, you won't make a mistake. I never forget what I hear. My mind is better than a computer. The family should be eternal, unchanging and absolute.

You can show your family as a model family for others to emulate. That is the Sadhu family. Then you can move to the principle of country first and world first. Sacrifice the country to serve the world. Then reach the principle of the cosmos first. Inheritance happens only when you are divine sons and daughters on the cosmic level, as a cosmic Sadhu, standing in the same position as God, and receiving the inheritance.

Those who die on the family level will reach that level in the spirit world. You receive the inheritance after you liberate God, through the filial piety, patriot, saint and divine son and daughter stages. You cannot just do whatever you want. You have to receive the inheritance in order to control the universe.

It is possible only when you become a man of true love in the family, nation, world and cosmos. Then you receive the blessing from God. To be a person of true love means to be a person of the liberation of heaven and earth. You become the master only after inheritance. To do this, you must do demonstrations from now on. It is the age of globalizing and "cosmos-izing" the demonstrations. Demonstrate in the spirit world too. If you do, you will turn the country upside down. People never get tired of becoming True Parents. So people will welcome you and will bring your relatives to join. Do you want to start?

Unmarried young people are your target. You become their ancestor. Will you bring 100 or 1,000 couples? It is possible. Spirit world will help; Jesus will announce it. Ask elders if they can take responsibility for the youth problems. If they can't, tell them you will take care of them. Try to give them what inspired you. The demonstration can include dancing and beating drums. Invite the elders and make harmony. Go forward toward the world of liberation. Are you happy? I want to see you dance. I want to sing for you. What shall I sing?

(Father sings a song and cuts the cake.)

Become the king of demonstrations. Demonstrate 24 hours a day. Amen Amen Amen.

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