Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

Father's Special Instruction Concerning Kodan

Sun Myung Moon
January 12, 1999
East Garden, Irvington, NY

On Jan. 12, 1999, Father asked Rev. Kamiyama and Mr. and Mrs. Kobayashi to come to East Garden, there he gave a special instruction about Kodan activities, which relates to all members in the United States.
The following are selected key parts of Fathers speech regarding all members participating in Kodan. Additional excerpts will be included in the next newsletter.

Not only Japanese members but also Americans members should give donations.

It is a mission as an elder son nation to help parents when they are in desperate needs. We will have no future, unless we establish such a tradition. Until now Father has been supporting you for about 25 years. You are accustomed to my support. You have the tendency to think that someone will do things you don't. Do you understand?

You never dreamed of having Bridgeport University, did you? We started a fund from Japan and Korea to support it. Father believed in it while all others thought they couldn't and just observed without confidence. Father has come this far by himself alone. That university has become famous now. There is no university administrator who does not know Bridgeport University. The American media, from Washington Post to New York Times, persecuted it. Running a university in America creates a foundation for leadership in the world. The nation may be concerned about it. Father inspired the development of the university nicely. A better result was achieved than what was expected if it were run by Americans only. That's why they come to respect Father. We need to create a good school environment. We must bring such a result to have a good impact on the city and touch the hearts of the people of the city, even if it involves hard work on our part. If we create such a foundation, we can give the right orientation not only to the city, but also to the surrounding states, such as Rhode Island. Do you understand? We do not do these (Kodan) activities just for the sake of the University of Bridgeport alone. Centering upon the university, we must create the tradition. We must do it as soon as possible.

From now on, you will not be able to do anything if you harbor doubts in your mind. The spirit world will not assist you. It is the same for Father. Father does not worry and is not anxious about things he does. This is a factor in the pioneering work for the new world, in the war between Heaven and Satan. There is no other way than having absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute devotion.

How can Kodan raise 7 million dollars? If you can't do it, it is an unspeakable failure. Do it with commitment! America should support the entire world. You would not hesitate nor make an excuse if you knew the world of faith, the spirit world, and the fact that the actions of earth affect the eternal world. No matter how difficult it may be, Heaven will give infinite support if you commit yourself, and march forward, even if you fall down in the midst of hardship. You must have this faith.

Accomplish 7 million dollars with such commitment. You can do this by visiting homes. Japanese members and American members should unite. They can create a subject-object organization and the two can work together to achieve this goal. Americans can be encouraged so that they rise to the same level as the Japanese. You can do this by creating brotherly relationships.

Even though Japanese members may raise more funds in the beginning, if they help a group of Americans, they can reach the same amount within three months. You can accomplish this by creating brother and sister relationships. You can do this by focusing your activities on the regional level.

All church leaders should make the Kodan activity as their central activity and join it. Give them the responsibility! Have conferences. You should not complain. It is worse than Satan to criticize without fulfilling one's responsibility. Raise 7 million dollars no matter what! The amount will be more than doubled next year if you surpass it this year. Father will support and help you so that you can do more than twice as much. Americans are not doing this, are they?

Educate members of the need to raise 7 million dollars! Do it with activities to involve them in America. Koreans also should do activities to support the whole. Your children can donate some amount every month, even 10 dollars or thirty dollars. You can do it. You can do anything if you set a proper condition in front of the living God. If you are earnest enough, you can touch the heart of wealthy people who will make donations.

When I came down from North Korea, I was alone and living a life of refugee. When I was hungry, the spirit world worked on people to welcome me with meals. The God who worked at that time is not dead, but alive. If you create the conditional foundation and work harder, the path will be opened wide step by step.

God's recreation can take place freely if you do your absolute best, invest in sacrificial love, and apply God's love everywhere. Do your best with utmost sincerity! This is a movement for mind-body unity. You can stand in the reciprocal position to God, when the spiritual standard, the standard of conscience, and the standard of the physical body become totally one. What God wants from you is absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute devotion without a trace of its conscious memory. Don't think you worked hard or are tired.

We work not for our own sake, but for the salvation of the Cain world. Satan cannot do such a thing. In the spirit world, the situation will be driven to God's side and the results will become God's belongings. Satan cannot destroy them. The Principle truly works. Don't think things to be impossible by comparing this and that. Encourage members to make effort, and try it for a year. In the next year, the result will become two or three times. You cannot focus on your responsibility alone without creating the foundation. It is utterly wrong to think that everything will be fulfilled by doing it that way. We must open a path to influence the nation.

Act with confidence! Father is alone. Father has done and prepared things which you have never dreamed of, and Father has come thus far without falling down. That's why everything under Heaven respects Father. Thirty-three countries in South America welcome Father whenever Father goes. Educate everyone! You should do research. If you cannot raise 7 million dollars by mobilizing all the members in America, it is a serious problem. Father puts this in my memory. Over 7 million dollars! It is not so difficult.

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