Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

With Jungsung and Love

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 5, 1999
Punta del Este, Uruguay
Translation by Prof. Taek Yong Oh and the UTS Faculty

Because none of you knows the reality of the spirit world, all of you get tired even though you offer jungsung (true and sincere devotion) along the course of faith. However, all of you must know that the center of the spirit world is God and that God is our Father. More than anyone else, our Father stands in the closest and most unbreakable and fateful relationship with us. If I tell you what the desire of the Father is, it is the liberation of your family, and yet, not just your family alone. The issue of liberating the family of the whole of mankind is what is clogging Father's mind, even at this very moment. I can say that it is like a wall, or even like a wound that gives Father acute pain because he is unable to circulate freely (like blood through the body).

Now then, what do I mean by telling you that you must offer jungsung in everything you do? When you offer jungsung, you must not offer it merely for your own work. Do you realize this? If you come to offer jungsung merely for your own work, it turns out to be just that; then, although God tries to make the sunlight of the world shine over all the earth, you are asking Him not to shine it evenly for everyone, but to have it shine only on yourself.

Hence, you must have the presence of mind that you are praying while representing all of humanity, even representing God. When you pray representing God, when you offer jungsung representing God, you must try to imagine how much jungsung God himself, even now, has offered throughout providential history. This situation is true for today and tomorrow. If you didn't know about God, who has offered jungsung on earth for the sake of the world, and if you couldn't follow God's will at all, then when you go to the spirit world, and God, who offered jungsung, sees you, you won't be recognized as one who has accomplished the dutiful way of a child, or of a Blessed family. In that case, you'll continue to experience your pain in that land [spirit world].

Therefore, you must be God's co-worker and comforter, one who prays that every fundamental root that is connected with the fall of man is rooted out from the heart of God. When you stand in such a difficult position, you'll come to realize how precious your partner of faith [spouse] is. Such preciousness will be realized because God's shimjung of love will be reflected. Because God's shimjung of love is reflected, you will long for people, you will long for villages, and you will long for nations. Therefore, you must always remember that God cannot be liberated from His worries or from His shimjung of pain until His hope is fulfilled; that is His ultimate purpose of the liberated kingdom of Heaven on earth transcending the level of the nation. At the same time, you must think about what you can do should you be a co-worker with God.

I am to offer such devotion as to liberate God who doesn't sleep or rest while going on His eternal path of circulation. As one man in a small country, Korea, offering jungsung in order to enter the heart of the Father who represents Heaven and earth; when you feel that your offering is even only one millionth of the Heavenly standard, although you may be offering endless jungsung, and when your heart wants to offer even more jungsung instead of retreating satisfied when more blessings come, that heart is what is so precious.

What is that heart? That heart is something I have prepared for the sake of the liberation of the eternal world. What I am saying is what the heart is. One who can't prepare it will have to remain at his own level. There is no way to liberate him even if somebody should lament and go through difficulties for his sake. There can't be a liberation unless one pays his own indemnity in the spirit world, and this will necessitate even more indemnity, once one is in the spirit world, than one would have needed to prepare while on earth for that liberation. You absolutely must realize that preparation for the realm of liberation is thousands of times faster on earth than in the spirit world. Therefore, it is a fact of immense significance that you, as a mere finite human being and co-worker, could offer jungsung and build an inseparable relationship of love with God's highest standard, that is, His desire of shimjung, before the end of your life on earth. Do you understand? This is the way you should think.

Therefore, your life is not just yours. Think about God's situation, and about the degree of God's jungsung that He will continue to give until the eternal liberation of humankind. When we think about this, we cannot help but be concerned about God, and continue to pray, and to pour out our own jungsung to God. By doing so, even when we die, we are going to the spirit world where, bonded with God, the realm of liberation in the spirit world will have been broadened because we loved, and poured out our jungsung while in the physical world. When we think about this, we realize the fact that the path after knowing God's will, will not be easy or comfortable.

You offer jungsung for the sake of yourself and your family; however, your family in turn should be an offering of jungsung as a representative of the whole world. You must always keep clear in your mind that being in the position of a living offering is the way for all Blessed couples to achieve the realm of the liberated perfection. Therefore, this is not a way on which you can get tired. Do you understand? (Yes.) Kang Hyun Shil, did you get tired?

Thus, you have entered onto the restoration course which gradually elevates your heart and along which you then cannot go without shedding tears. Whatever good things you may have, when you eat, don't think about yourself first. It is supposed to be like this along the paths of a filial child and loyal citizen. In this way one should think of Heaven and humanity; so, when you eat, don't eat as if you were eating alone, but always eat as if you were eating through God. The realm of liberation will be attained on the day when God's clan can return back to Him, just as if every little drop of water, although one or two drops seem like nothing, flows and flows and flows down from a mountain to become a stream that runs down to the ocean, turns into vapor, and finally returns to the mountain. How easy could it be? How difficult could it be? The life course that I must go on this earth, as a descendent of fallen men, is to weave the web of love centered on endless jungsung‹endless prayer and endless jungsung. You must think in such way. Do you understand? Those people who are not prepared will fade away. Those who couldn't prepare cannot become heirs. This is important. Do you understand? Therefore, the heart whereby you want to offer jungsung again and again, and want to live for the sake of others again and again, and want to love others again and again, and whereby whenever you think about the position wherein, even for a short moment, you can share Heavenly grief together with God and inspire His heart with whatever you may have, with this heart you will be standing in the same position as the heart of a parent.

Unless you clearly know that this is the Father's heart of the Kingdom of Heaven, and establish a reciprocal standard in His presence, and become the reciprocal standard, the "give and take action" will not occur. The movement will not occur. If the movement doesn't occur, the course of eternal life will be cut off. If you realize this, think about it, and begin to like it after being cut off, you will become a failure with no relation with God for eternity. This is why you must always prepare this heart. Do you understand?

It is the same for all of you who attend the celebration. "Aigo [oh my], how could I travel such a far distance?" [What if] you had no money and shed tears saying "I must marry into her family, and I am to decide when to go and have the marriage, yet I don't even have a penny." Huh? What would you do? You cannot compare coming to this place with your marriage; it's out of the question. It is a time of a great historical turning point. When it turns from one end to the other, it can be called a turning point. We must go around. We came through this way but must go around through that way. This is the last road that can go around that way. Unless you come this way, you won't be able to go. Only through this end, you can turn around.

All of you, and all of those people and those families who have been living in the dark world, must come to the bright world, centering on True Father. This bright side has become a realm of liberation centering on True Father's order, so it turns automatically. What's the problem? Do you have a financial problem? Huh? How long has it been since I told you? I have been telling you since July 1st. You should offer jungsung, even do fundraising and stay up all night, to be able to come. If you have mobilized your whole family, your tribe, your parents and in-laws and all your relatives to prepare for the day of your coming here, then the fact that you have mobilized them this way, because of the fact that they helped you, seven generations will receive blessings.

If you go back, all will become well along your providential line; you will return together with the sun even in the night. Therefore, if, for the sake of Heaven, you expand the unbreakable relationship with God, and connect it for the sake of your tribe, then without your realizing it, your tribe will grow because they will inherit the standard of inevitable fate that was expanded and prepared by you. This is a reality, and not a mere fantasy. That's why you must pray with jungsung and love. Prayer, jungsung, and Love! Do you understand?

The people who go back now will all go back, but I want to tell you one thing. What did I just say? "jungsung and love." How much did God offer jungsung and love? You must follow that! When you wash your face and look at the mirror, all you women, don't just say that you have a pretty face, but think about how much you have longed for God's jungsung with your face. Do you not laugh and smile for you own joy when you put make-up on? Instead, think about how much you've loved God! Don't forget that it is your blessing and the blessing of blessings, and never resent it.

What! You are saying this is so hard. What? You are complaining that True Father recognizes someone else, but not you. Huh? What will happen if I recognize your jungsung? Huh? What will happen if I recognize your love? If I recognize it and sympathize with you, then you may be more captivated by me than focused on God. Then your love to God may become blocked. Not understanding this (Father's deliberate ignorance of individual wishes) can ensure the continual flow of jungsung and love. That's right. It must flow. Water flows, and air too. Likewise, any cracks should be filled with love.

Through such a way, everything flows to the cracks and holes in the heart of God. If there is a crack at all in the heart of God, how deep can that crack be? How big can the hole be? How about the condition of low atmospheric pressure? That's right. There is no path more blessed than a life course that carries a man's whole life on this earth as a child who can compensate the world of God's heart with a heart of love, which can fill in the whole crack [missing space] in God. There is no higher happiness. That is the ultimate happiness. Huh? If so, then Heaven will recognize its value at that moment, at the moment when God says "I am in happiness."

Moreover in the period of the turning point, although many people, myself included, have been offering jungsung for ten years with the mind of receiving a full ten years' worth of blessings, if I should achieve a personal victory even before the completion of the full ten years, then all the contributions of others for the ten-year period will follow me, and I will inherit them. Yes, they will be inherited.

For this reason, it is the loyal citizen, more than the filial child, who lives for the sake of the whole, and greatly loves and devotes jungsung for the nation. I am saying that he loves. The same holds true for the saint. It is centering not on the nation, but on the world, that the saint tries to offer jungsung and to love the people of the world. The way of the Divine Son is to offer jungsung centering on Heaven and earth, and he is to love Heaven and earth. It is from this that the stages and differences between the way of the saint and that of the Divine Son emerge. You must understand that this leads us to the way of jungsung and love, and if you have some precious things, if you have some property, how wonderful it would be, if there comes God's order to offer all of them for the sake of the world. Have you ever thought like that?

Then God will give you blessings. God will give blessings to you before the time comes, if you desire blessings to such a degree. Huh? However, when the time comes and you receive Heaven's blessings, if you say "Wow! Oh my, I received the blessing, so it is mine," then you are a thief. Then, despite your having received the fortune, it becomes, instead, a disaster. I am saying that you will fall down to the dungeon of hell. Although you have waited for the time that was to come, even if you all have waited centering on the immediate time for the time that was to come, that time, which you expected to come, in the end, doesn't come. In such a situation, the one who works to pour out all his energies to build a bridge and thus open the way for the expected time to actually come, will follow the national fortune, and this becomes a foundation where all the blessings of the world can be accumulated. You must know this.

This is what True Father thinks: this is the path that God will follow even if it is a miserable and a difficult one. Do you understand? It is amazing that God, the Heavenly Father who suffers such a path of ordeals, follows me and comforts me for everything. I move around now, holding all the fortune of God. If I show my appreciation for this and desire for something much greater, that is, if I go out seeking for something greater, then I should share the Heavenly fortune that I have with others. I am telling you to advance on that foundation. That is the way to give the blessings. Did you understand?

Isn't it the same with the heart of the parents? If you visit them to labor, then they will give all the money that they have in their wallet. However, since the parents know that it is a path that you must go even further on, they will want to sell all the property that is in their own house; that is the heart of parents. Do you understand? Do you understand? Can you get exhausted? No, you can't get exhausted. Oh, humanity is in such a state, and how can you be exhausted? Therefore, if one comes to know the will of God, he will not be able to live in ease for the rest of his life; what is this way of thinking? This is the way to liberate God.

In order to fill and walk toward the eternal world, the realm of God's liberation for millions and billions of generations, you must throw yourself, invest and forget, and forget, and forget. If you go forward by doing so, even if you retreat inside the realm of the Heavenly royal family, the limitless liberation, God will find and position you. Do you understand? What am I talking about? It's jungsung and love.

To devote jungsung, you must constantly pray. You must not let it flow away. Prayer is precisely a proclamation. "I am doing like this and like this. This is how it is." It is reporting and proclaiming. Satan cannot plunder what is reported and declared to God. Don't you see that True Father has been making a lot of proclamations, huh? What I have been doing is proclaiming after going over each ridge.

The heart of jungsung and love. I shouldn't come to this South America and say, "Ah, I miss my hometown. I miss my parents. I want to go home." There is a heart that Heaven desires to give to me through this place. Don't just consider the small nation of Uruguay. God desires the realm of liberation that transcends four countries, thirty three countries, all these and both South and North America; it is natural that people who attend such a God must go in jungsung, and sacrifice themselves for the sake of what they love.

When many brothers emerge in the family, parents desire the child to love the brothers more than he would love the parents. When you go out in the streets and meet a miserable person, if you desire to love him more than his mother and father would, then God would come and sympathize. Understand that it would be a position related to the kingdom of Heaven. And what was that? jungsung and. . . (Love.) You must love.

Church leaders here, when you take care of shikku [church family members] and see their shortcomings, don't directly criticize their faults simply as theirs. Rather, observe how you can forgive them. Look at the life of their wives. Do you understand? Look at their wives. If the wife is worse than the husband, then look at the children. When you look at them, are the children worse than their father is? Then pay attention to his mother and father. Could a mother and father be worse than their children are? The parents are not evil. Even though everyone may be evil, parents are not evil. Therefore, if I treat him with the heart of parent's love, the blessings that have been accumulated within his family emerge and make relationship with me. This is the way to engraft blessings. Do you understand?

People who live like that will never perish. If they try to perish, then Heaven will protect them. Heaven protects and saves them in fatal death situations. From now on, this year is the best year. What is the true Blessing? Cosmic expansion and the rooting out of Satan's lineage. jungsung is necessary. Do you understand? Without the heart of jungsung and the heart of love, this rooting out is absolutely impossible. So, how can I completely root out all the roots: the roots deep in God's heart, the roots that God suffers related to the grievous history which became rooted at the time of the fall of Adam and Eve? Because you want to root them out, the more you want to root them out, you more you should feel the pain of the history of bitterness.

Even though God may rest, I must rise up again. You have to think that you cannot receive the blessing without being in the most difficult position, without being in a position even hundreds of times more difficult than God's shimjung at the time of the human fall. Do you understand? Do you understand?

This is why I go to the Pantanal and follow all the lonely paths. I am walking the lonely path all alone. All alone, all alone, the lonely Arirang. There is nobody in front of me. Wherever I go, there is only nature. I gaze at nature and animals. When the God of Origin gazes at them . . . although God created them for humanity . . . didn't He create them for humanity? He offered jungsung for humanity and unified everything for love. The emotion of the shimjung of inevitable fate is the field; everything, from small to large, is always connected by such relationships of fate by the original love. All must be planted in that field. Your training is for that purpose.

In order to do so, you must think that you will attend the Father in that field of the emotion of the shimjung of an inevitable fate. You will become the beloved child that the Father can love, you will become a friend of God's heart, a friend to liberate His world of heart. You must think of such a heart. If I think in such a way, the more the days pass, the more I ascend. So, by the time I transcend what I have set as a standard, liberation is fulfilled automatically almost beyond my imagination.

True Father's whole life, and his present life, has never been easy. For hundreds and millions of years since the creation up until today, how expansive has the fallen world become? We have to embrace all of this. With what are we supposed to embrace it? It can't be done by force. It can't be done by knowledge. It can only be done by the heart of love. In order to shed tears, what do you have to sacrifice? In order to devote jungsung, by what means do you do so? You absolutely need these things. Chung Hwan Kwak, do you understand? (Yes.) With such a heart, you don't need to worry about whether it is possible or not. The question is whether you followed the direction with the heart of jungsung or not. Huh? One will not succeed if one makes effort without jungsung, but only with greed.

If I had ever thought only of myself, I could never have shown my face in this place. Everything will flow out. Do you understand? (Yes.) So, the question is how much have you longed for people? Suppose nobody wants to go to sleep when the leader is in the church. None of the church members want to go to sleep. Even at midnight, they regret having to leave. They would think of coming back again, even before they departed, even before they reached their homes. This is all because the heart of love is continuing without pause. This is the way it's supposed to be.

Longing for people; isn't that what it is? When you love, even though the word of love is hard to listen to because of tears, with tears, if you said the word of love through the motion of the lip's tears, such an expression of love is truly more precious than mere words. Do you understand? Don't tears just burst out when you are so happy to see someone? I tell you, you can't go to the kingdom of Heaven without tears.

Therefore, the way of God's will is not a path along which you can eat and live well. It is a path along which you can't eat and live fully, and a path along which you receive criticism behind your back. This is the path along which you can feel closest to God, and hence, when there is someone who has that kind of circumstance, God will try to reveal to him His secrets and all other things. God alone cannot liberate human beings. He has to liberate them through human beings, and the representatives of humanity are the True Parents, in a word, the Messiah.

If all of you become children of the Messiah, with the same heart, then, if you think about the liberation of True Parents, human beings will be liberated. If you come to think about the liberation of God, you will enter a higher level in God's will, to that realm of love. Are you qualified for this? You can't just enter the realm of love as you please, without some effort. You have to jump up to God's level to make a balance horizontally. If you do so and even just stay there, it will create a region of low atmospheric pressure of love in the spirit world, so that a return to equilibrium will occur in order to seek out love. When there is high atmospheric pressure, it will fill in the low atmospheric pressure, right? The pressure will push you from behind even if you say not to. It will push for you. This means you will move forward. In order to have this kind of motivation, what you need is "jungsung and love." Do you understand?

There is no individual, family, tribe, race, nation, world, or universe that hopes for jungsung to end. Each follows the way wherein jungsung is offered. For love, everybody follows the way. This is the way of righteousness. "The way of righteousness." So, you have to report and declare what you do. When you say "Father, I will do such and such today," then you must report later on that "I've accomplished those things today." Without reporting, it will not be horizontal and the balance will be lost. Reporting is to establish the vertical relationship on the basis of the horizontal. If you do so it will remain.

Therefore, as I told you before, if the horizontal is established through a balance, then naturally, a center will be necessary. The center will never change its vertical standard by love because it reports to Heaven. The person who goes such a life course can lay the horizontal as much as the level of the established central standard in the eternal world. This means that the realm of possession in the eternal world emerges depending on the degree of your relationship with Heaven. Depending on that level, they work freely in the eternal world. Liberation emerges. This is a very important point. Do you understand?

My life has been like that: jungsung. So, I can't be hostile to my enemies. Don't hate at all. Don't say, "you bastard." You have to know how someone could have become your enemy. If he came to hold a greed like that, all his greed emerges from his new desire to feed and foster all the members of his family: mother, father, sons and daughters.

Evil men and thieves don't emerge all at once. They stand in an impossibly difficult situation that they can't get away from, and their behavior turns into a crime when it radically transcends the environment. Their motivations were love, centering on their love for their own wife, their own children, and their own parents. Since they can't do as they wish, crime emerges while they destroy their environmental conditions. None of them started with a bad motivation.

Don't you ever have an attachment in thinking so! When you meet someone, don't have bad feelings when you think about them. Do you understand? Don't look back at that person and say oh, I feel bad. This is how I think. On my way somewhere, I might meet someone who left the Unification Church. They turn their back on me even though they were about to come this direction. Even though I meet these people, I'll go without thinking of any disappointment. I'll go like that. So, I just don't want them to avoid me and behave like that. How shameful that is. How shameful that would be in front of Heaven, in front of nature. Huh?

So, jungsung and what? (Love.) My entire work is jungsung. However, in order for that jungsung to incarnate [substantiate], love is necessary. Yes, the same is true for you, too. You might think I might not be good enough somehow, but when I get through to the words in this kind of place, the more I am connected to them, the brighter the level of jungsung becomes, and the heart of love dwells there. Therefore, all of you practice Hoon Dok Hae with True Father's words everyday.

If you feel that the taste of Hoon Dok Hae is better than the food you eat or the things you love, then you will have a limitless development. My words are words of declaration, which I have gathered in each moment of my life through all the serious situations. Since the declaration remains, if we think about our lives based on how to fill in the gap between that declaration and our own life standard, there will be no time to take a rest.

When you go to the spirit world, you want to go near where True Father is, don't you? Yes or No? [Yes.] The answer is simple. It depends on how much you have devoted your jungsung. It means how much you have liberated the heart of Heavenly Father and how much you have pulled True Parents' heart and digested it. Then you have to make sure whether you have done all of these with love. Those who have done so thinking they will get promoted or receive the Blessing and fortune [for their own sake], will go to hell. All of them.

When you get to talk to all those martyrs, they would say, "if I believe in Jesus like this, and die in faith like this, I will go to the kingdom of Heaven." However, such a person can't go to the kingdom of Heaven. I must enter into the heartistic world of the miserable Jesus and live for that sake. God had raised up all the numerous saints and heroes in order to liberate God's heart and to liberate His children. Since we were connected to the heart that desires liberation, this is the principled way for a child to go, and the stage wherein children can live; that is, to go to our environment of liberation, no matter what happens. You must not forget that. Do you understand?

As you return home now, if you continue on without forgetting this, the path you may take will prosper very much. Without your recognition, your surrounding or even yourself know it; you will feel it. You will feel it. Since human beings are spiritual beings, they are able to feel it. The person passing by may follow you, and with a glance, you feel something familiar about him even though it is the first time for you to see him. You think, "Did I see that man before?" Never miss connecting with such a person. You know that there are such people. When you just glance at the person, you feel as though you have met them, but actually you haven't. Yes, you should never miss such a person. That is the person who is absolutely necessary for you. At such a time, devote your jungsung; at such a time, if you have a heart toward him more than you ever did toward God, you will bond together at once. This becomes an inseparable relationship. This is the method by which to expand the foundation of heart that bonds all of your companions. With grace, it lets everything stand in the position of the blessing that is close to the kingdom of Heaven.

What I love with hardship and jungsung belongs to me. However, blessing is held by God. God's heart, which overwhelms His han and which desires to give blessing, is stored in Him. That is why you don't need to worry whether you will receive it or not. Blessings are to come automatically. Do you understand? When you go home, apply this to your life with such a heart and just see for yourself the result.

That's right. Whatever True Father starts to be involved in, I think like, "I was born for this." I was born for this. My birth was for this sake, and then I do it because I like it. It's no good unless you live with fondness. It is love that can stand after overcoming the deep barrier. I never start anything that my heart doesn't feel good about. My heart knows everything.

God goes and extends His blessing to whatever thing you do with pleasure. After fishing, I am now starting on the marine product industry, and since it has almost come to the time for a fish farming industry, my mind has removed its focus from fishing. That is why I can cut off and turn around suddenly. Because the policy and direction change without an irresolute attachment, and because the direction to love has changed, I must cut off without regret and neatly organize them. That's the way that Satan can't catch up. Never have regrets. Do you understand? [Yes.]

Now then, with jungsung, you must, in your activities this year, experience God's emotion [love] for giving us the Blessing. Do so with the devotion of jungsung and with a heart of loving as well. Your prayers are to be offered in the same way. I'm saying that if it turns out that you are to go to some area, then compare the places and find where it is most difficult to live and where it is the easiest and most prosperous, and then find a way by which you can level them and make it possible for them to exist at the same level. That's what you will do for them. That's how the realm of liberation for that country appears. If the two become leveled and the center appears, then their liberation will appear.

Knowing this, look at this year, 1999. The number 9 is Satan's number. If all the formation, growth and perfection are number 10, it will be all right. Since the number 1,000 has a representative character, it is like the number 10; it becomes the number of liberation. That is why, in this place we are giving blessings. Think about it. It's the true Blessing. True Blessing means that it is perfected. It is not just any ordinary Blessing. What is this true Blessing? The True Blessing is cosmic expansion. This means let's give blessing to the true family where the settlement of universal liberation that is completely connected to the bosom of God can completely settle at last. Isn't this it? I am saying that this is the last ridge.

Then what are we going to do with the root of Satan? (Root it out.) It's the final requirement, absolutely the last necessity. If you don't miss your chance, but spread the blessing by expanding the heart of jungsung and love over the universe, the world will naturally follow you. I became plus, so minus will naturally follow.

With this kind of heart, when you receive the new nation next year, there cannot be anyone in your town who has not received the Blessing. There cannot be anyone who rejects it. There is no family that I haven't connected with the fate of love. Through God, and with God as the subject of heart to love, liberation will occur shining love like the light of the sun. This is theoretical, but it is not a wild fantasy. Even though you may know this theoretically, if you fail in going to that realm, but instead, fall away, then you will not even be able to grieve. Even though you say what must be done, if you don't practice it, then spirit world will think of you as a complete fake.

Therefore, don't dwell on receiving the blessing. Don't even ask to be understood. True Father never did so either. When I realized I had done all the work apart from God's interest, I didn't even report to God. I realized that everything that I did was natural. It was simply the reason of nature. For Adam and Eve, was everything supposed to be perfected merely by reporting? The wisdom of nature had already held forth. When the time came for them to stand in front of God, although they hadn't reported to God, it was the primary law of the mainstream of Heavenly reason that they would naturally bear all fruit, with values greater than the result that could have been done even with mere reporting. Do you understand? (Yes.)

Yes, so don't get depressed. Never feel bad when you meet people. Don't feel bad when you look at animals either. What do you do when you feel anger toward your mother-in-law? It is said, in a Korean proverb that "You kick the dog's belly." One does this in order to dissipate the stress. Yes, how miserable it is. Yes. Therefore, if your mother-in-law treats you like that, try responding to her with nothing but humility and joy for about three years. If you do this, your mother-in-law will become your servant. There is such away possible. Is this a lie or the truth?

The whole nation rejects you with this and that. You become lonely because of the accusations. If things get better, you don't say a word. Where would you live after criticizing the nation? Where would you stand? Your nation would spit in your face. Huh? All through your life, you should treat your enemy as if you met him for the first time. Huh? Huh? At such a time of meeting your enemy, you would think that when I met him before, he used to dress like this, but now it's different I'm saying that you must not think like this.

With such a condition wherein you do not think of him as an enemy, if you are ready to treat him with the heart of a parent, then the enemy will bow down before you. Heavenly fortune will enter and then he will not be able to behave any other way. If you go in front of those elders with big names, you become humble before them. This is the natural reaction. You feel that, don't you? It is the same concept. There will remain a record on the path, if you deal with such issues with an attitude of absoluteness, that is, treat them not with evil, but with goodness. What you have done will remain. So, absolutely do so with a heart of joy.

When you go out in the morning and return in the evening, do your job with a heart of joy. If you train yourself to live this way in your family, then wherever you go, you will move the world of darkness to the world of light. There are boundaries in the world of light also. You must know that there is a principle of rising up for twelve hours, half a day, and descending back to the foot of the mountain. When you breathe, isn't it easier to inhale and then exhale? Since there is a darkness to climb, there must be a brightness to descend.

Whatever you dislike the most will stay for eternity and you will come to like it. When you come to like it the most, then all the dark things in you will rise to the horizon of light. Therefore, if you dislike everything you are in darkness; you wouldn't like darkness, would you? Never treat anything with a negative expression, but unify it with an expression of joy. I hope that you will come to know that living with such a life philosophy is an ultimately good path, which enables you to live with God, and that you can then go home and work with enthusiasm.

This is the preparation which fallen man has to go through. The person who doesn't prepare will be forgotten. No matter how great you may say you are, the Heavenly fortune will flow away like water. True Father earnestly asks you that you will become those who can attend Heaven by attaching [yourselves] to victorious results like a root of a tree or a brick. Do you understand? (Yes.) Somehow you must try to digest the year with joy and enthusiasm. God will sympathize and dwell with you there.

Jungsung and love! When you have food, apologize to all those miserable people before you eat it. "Father, please sympathize with them and let them be with us . . ." This is the way that the children of the Heavenly kingdom must go. You understand, don't you? [Yes] Would you try this then? [Yes]

So, women, don't jabber as you please. I am telling you not to chatter as you please. The way of jungsung is a tough one. Don't act thoughtlessly. Women act quicker than men do. You try to act with all of your face and words. How is that? Never treat your husband and children in such a way. You should speak as a mother who offers love and jungsung. When one tries to become a queen then who will become one?

If you want to become a saint, you need to become a king to your ears and mouth, to your ears and mouth. Do you understand? Women, especially watch out for your ears, those ears. You fell with your chattering. You fell with your chatter from your mouth. Do you understand? Since the ear and mouth caused the fall, if you can manage all these, then you will become a queen. Women should especially be aware of those aspects. When you say something to your husband, you just say it straight and you would feel good. But in such a time, when you want to say something toward your husband, grab your handkerchief tight if you would have any, [and hold back those words,] and train yourself like that. When you love your husband more than anybody, then you need such a condition. Buddhist monks [chant and] beat the wood block, don't they? We would listen to Father's words and sing songs, wouldn't we? They are all conditions.

Centering on these, anyone who creates an environment of sorrow, will invite misfortune unto themselves. The blessing comes depending on how you deal with your surrounding environment. Do you understand, women? You Japanese women. It is not easy for women of island nations to value their virginity. They do not sit in one place, because it is not easy for them to hold onto that place and sit. Why? Their life is so. They wander around. They go around, but if they don't keep in their minds their husbands and the heart of a filial child, or the heart of jungsung and love, they will be sold around. This destroys everything.

Understand all these, and know that this year is the good year of your life that you can offer to Heaven. So, if you raise ten to the third power, since three is the number of perfection and ten is the number of returning, it is one thousand, the unit of one thousand, that is. The unit of one thousand is the formation, growth and perfection. It transcends all the number threes both vertically and horizontally.

If you shed tears with the heart of jungsung and love, you will be remembered in the heart of God, and it will never flow away [and be forgotten]. Do you follow me? If you say you will do that, raise your hand. [Everyone raises his or her hand.]

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