The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1998

Leaders Meeting for National Messiahs and American Church Leaders

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
East Garden, Irvington, NY
June 14, 1998
Translation by Rev. Peter Kim
Unofficial notes by Tyler Hendricks

Father speaks two hours or so, informally, about peoples names and so forth.

Rev. Kwak's report:

This blessing includes 195 nations. It made conditions to connect heaven and earth. The number of pre-blessings is 140 million, approximately. It is an amazing result with members working very hard. It cannot be fulfilled just by human effort alone; we need God's help.

True Father stayed in South America, resting only 3 hours a night, but couldn't sleep. He invested himself for this blessing. The MSG blessing had a 2,000 voice choir from 77 churches. It was historical. The North American church made a lot of effort for this result. I praise Rev. Pak and all the members. Also 300 Christian churches sent members to attend. This is God's purpose for America, to make it God's country through this blessing. The number 300 is very historical and significant.

Compared with RFK, and its preparation, all our members could do the setup work at RFK, but at MSG we couldn't. Their staff did the decorating. But they were moved by our members' heart, and they distributed 20,000 tickets, which was over their capacity. We mobilized 572 buses, and the New York policemen were so cooperative and impressed with our planning. The Mormons had done 150 buses, and made a traffic mess because of no planning. But we were smooth. The police wanted to know how we did it.

Among the main professional production staff, many received the blessing. The mobilization was successful, they turned away 45 buses. This was because of the American members' effort (Rev. Joong Hyun Pak, Bishop Ki Hun Kim, Dr. Chang Shik Yang stand up to applause.) We connected by satellite, and it was a clear signal despite the weather. Rev. Kwak concludes that the reason the satellite transmission technology came about was for God's will to be done. In Jardim, 4,000 people attended. They were so moved. [He reads a list of those who sent proclamations.] I received many faxes from nations collections of letters about the satellite program, from all the top leaders. Three Government secretaries attended in Ghana. All the cabinet members received the Blessing in Ghana. They were so moved. Ghana has not much equipment, so they used the radio to broadcast Fathers blessing prayer from last year. They gave the blessing over the radio. [I heard today that 35,000 people gathered in Seoul, 4,500 in Slovakia, 1,900 in Ivory Coast, 2,000 in Brazil (Sao Paulo?), 4,000 in the Jardim area, and crowds from as small as a dozen into the tens of thousands in Japan, Russia, Nigeria, Panama, Surinam, Uruguay, Israel, Taiwan, Ethiopia, Paraguay, Turkey, Ecuador, Ruanda, Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area and more.]

Because of short time, the WCSF combined ten different organizations. The participants were happy because they know who True Father is. One leader told his friend that he was attending the conference in order to get a brainwashing. A major middle-east leader, like President Park for Korea, developed industry in his country. He said Rev. Moon is solving social problems no one else can solve. So he respects him. This world should be one world, we need revolution, we need true family values. Father spoke to all the famous leaders as if they were children. A major African leader composed a poem for True Father. Father liked it and said to publish it.

Yesterday's blessing opened the gate of hell and heaven, therefore it opens every door between. Father blessed 34 couples (mainly being the ones Dr Lee met, who are introduced in the book; additional ones included Dwight D. Eisenhower and Richard Nixon).

[The Leaders Meeting had no formal translation. I picked up pieces here and there, but it was pretty complex and so we had better wait for Rev. Kwak's official memo.]

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