The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1998

Original Adam's Home

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Belvedere, Tarrytown, NY
June 14, 1998
Translation by Rev. Peter Kim
Unofficial notes by Tyler Hendricks

When we think of home, we think of our grandparents, parents, children, and grandchildren. The true nation is established from our original home. Centering on love, the three levels of grandparents, parents and children form a four-position foundation, which will reproduce generation after generation.

Even your face has four levels, forehead, eyes, nose and mouth. God is the first generation, Adam and Eve are the second generation, but God lost the third generation because of the fall. They became Satan's children. God has never had grandchildren. So Adam's family could not become God's original home. God wanted to keep His original home in His heart for eternity. If you could establish this original home of God's fatherland, with no fall, then your family would be that original home and family which God intended from the beginning.

Who is God? God is my Grandpa. Do you feel that, or is it a concept? Is it true? You may say, maybe. As soon as you are challenged, you have to insist that the one who questions such faith in God as my grandfather is crazy. Does Harvard understand this? Do the big tribes like the Jones or Kim exist in this concept? No, they are all divided. Even if put in an ideal world, they cannot unite. We can think of many common names among the world's families, but none of them exist in God's ideal. You may be an American citizen with a common last name, so you may think you have a hometown, but it has nothing to do with God. You may claim, "I am an American with my hometown," but I say, "no, it is not true."

American culture, no matter how wonderful, does not belong to the true God. It did not pass through the zero point and go to the original plus. How can it return to the original place? Pride in your position in this world brings Satan's atmosphere. How can we get to the zero point with all our senses? Every cell must go to the original point, having nothing to do with the fall.

Does Father enjoy speaking English? No, it is a matter of self-denial for me. There is one starting point, one language, not two. It starts in my original hometown, with God's speaking His words to Adam's original family, from there creating the Kingdom of Heaven. After the fall, it was lost. Now you have to find that position. You should restore your original God-given name. It is "sunny." Do you want it to be Moon or Han? How about the two together? (laughter) In Chinese script, the word Moon looks like "father." If you add, "mo," which means mother, people will read it "pumo," parents. And looking at it another way, it looks like literature. In another way, it looks like "offering table," as if in front of God you set an offering table, with spirit world above and physical world below, and Father draws circles representing the eight levels. Moon represents truth. This figure makes heaven and earth one.

If God exists alone and talks only to Himself, He is crazy. He needs an object, a partner. What kind of partner will He want? One with great wealth? With a Harvard degree? With power? No, it is a partner of true love. You cannot feel or touch it, but you can understand it. Every creature has to have the pair system to create a baby. The opposite sex exists for love. What kind of love? True love. The fallen world is based upon the misuse of love, centering on the archangel. You must kick out the worst parents, the worst family, the worst nation and worst world. Turn back and reach the zero point, taking with you no ownership of the old world. Connect to the original base, where True Parents appear. From there they reach the entire universe, saying "Yes" forever with all five senses, continuing generation after generation.

Clean everything up, so that only Adam remains as the human representative. Then you need the opposite sex, your love partner. The original ancestor is Adam. He should be the perfect starting point. Is it true, women? [Yes.] You think man belongs to you, that you are the center. What belongs to you is the evil man. The true man recreates his love partner.

Your hometown is so precious. When a woman returns to her hometown, what kind of gift do she want to take with her? Only her partner. You need to buy a gift for your grandfather first, then for your parents, then for your spouse. You belong to hell, with no king, parents or teacher. God is the original king, parent and teacher. Is this really true? or is just manipulating language? [It's true!] I am labeled a brain-washer. Is it true? [No!] You are following real love. A person bound by this world suffers under false love. Serving God's true love is completely different.

Things above will go down, and things below go up. So even those who are called slaves will go up. Since Father gave to America, he discovered the Americans' mysterious drive for power.

Women say yes with the mind, but their body is in hell. The kingdom of hell means you are children of Satan. We have belonged to the hometown of the false fatherland. People of the fallen world complain that Rev. Moon is sending his people to their hometown. They say there is no hope in Rev. Moon. What do you say? Before you knew Divine Principle, did you praise Rev. Moon? No, you were so proud of your own nation. Your nation may be a wonderful place, but it is on Satan's side. It has been a great body but has no power; it is dead and smelling bad with AIDS, free sex, homosexuality and lesbianism. But God has re-creation power. Satan does not have that, so if you follow Satan you will go to hell.

On the Old Testament level, God did not make blessed couples. The engagement (matching) time is the New Testament level. Jesus wants God's blessed marriage, the Marriage of the Lamb. But it comes through the Completed Testament, with the remarriage of all humankind. Eventually the world can take liberation in one night. Is that a wonderful purpose? [Yes.] The goal is no separation from God. Is that your actual position in life, or not? You know well your own position, with God; which percentage of your life is on God's side. Even God cannot separate from you if you have that power of love.

All your love power should come behind me. I may have to speak all day, and you will have to pass around a cup to dispose of your urine. Yesterday was a great victory. So we became drunk with happiness, and today we should take a nice springtime nap. So Father should stop speaking, right?

After you find your original hometown, you want to become perfect and have a perfect family, so that your parents and God are happy with you. How proud one is to call God, "Grandfather." God is the center of the cosmos. Then you find the original parents and the original children who will be prince and princess and eventually king and queen. The original royal family was to have been Adam's family. Now we have the chance for our children to marry into Adam's original family, even if one has to exchange one's nation for it. But this requires the power of the love in the center to transcend the power of the nation. Would you do it if you had the chance? (Yes.) Why? Because then your child eventually will become the king, and he will recreate your nation to be a million times better than it is now.

We have to visit our original hometown, with gifts. What kind? Money? Does God need money? A Harvard diploma? He spits it out. What of power? National power to move America? God will consider that gift as lacking. Saints and divine children are better in God's eyes. Those things are changeable. Of which country do you want to be a citizen? (Korea.) It sounds like "career."

Whites exploited the original native peoples and accumulated their wealth. So Father should not take any gift from the white race, because they have the mentality to create one nation, not one world, under God. Everything, education, military, government, should be under God.

What family name do you really want? (Moon! Hanmoon!) Moon stands for truth. [Father balances the eraser on his head, standing on one foot, then another.] You have carried the true love concept, which I teach, between your legs, hidden, but now you must come under it, putting it on top of our head. [Father walks more with the eraser on his head.] There is nothing to be proud of other than our hometown and original fatherland. Shall will sit on it with our smelly butts? No; put it on top of your head. If it is not firmly positioned there, use your hands to hold it. It is more precious than anything else. It is the truth. It opens the gate to the Kingdom of Heaven. In Korean, Moon also means door or gate (mun, as in panmunjom).

30% of Reverend Kim's spontaneous translation is wrong. So if you hear Father's message through a translator, you lose 30%. The content is inside the Korean itself.

[I ran to get Dr. Lee's book, missing 15 minutes.]

You can go to spirit world and be so powerful in love to be able to kick God and He wonders who kicked Him awake. Father has suffered through jail and torture through 8 stages for this, but you can do it without any persecution. Do you want to be defeated by Father? [No.]

The principle of creation dictates that the parents want their children to surpass them. Doesn't Father want to see that for you? (Yes.) Yesterday, Father opened the gates of hell and heaven. It would take several hours to explain, but Father is sweating already, and today's topic has been set. You are sitting and your bottoms are sore. But because Father is explaining the original fatherland of God, he cannot take off his jacket. Do you want Father to be soaked more with sweat? (Yes!) You are handsome and beautiful, and do you want him to explain yesterday's providential event? Or rather should we celebrate it? Father has taught everything. The Hoon Dok Hae materials have everything. Father doesn't like being invited to speak more, especially by those who don't do Hoon Dok Hae. Father is the champion of Hoon Dok Hae. I am an old man, you are younger than I. I walk slowly, but still you follow behind me.

So those who seek their life will die, and those who seek to give up their life will live. We must follow this teaching of Jesus. Ever since Father started the path to find his house in the original homeland, the path has been treacherous. But everything is prepared for you. So if you cannot pursue the goal and come back to God, you are unworthy to live. Even if you find your house, you still need sovereignty. So you need the nation as well as the house and hometown. Hometown is no problem; Father is making the nation level, world and cosmic levels. How wonderful God's phenomena is.

In spirit world, food is no problem. Thinking, imagination can immediately create a substantial being. You can really make the Kingdom of Heaven. You are a second God. You pull God's five senses to you. That is true intoxication. That world is waiting to be realized.

Everyone is tired and wants time to rest, but God doesn't rest; God doesn't sleep. Jesus lost everything, then gained everything. Family Pledge #5 shows that we must understand the reality of spirit world. So when you go home, do Hoon Dok Hae, especially paying attention to Dr. Lee's book. Dr. Lee could give us the reality of the spirit world; even President Eu could not. If there is any rejection, President Eu reacts against it, but Dr. Lee is willing to go around the difficulty while keeping smiling. Therefore he can find out more.

When Father goes to spirit world, he will kick them if he is challenged. He will punch them down into hell. But if he does this, it will create division in spirit world. Therefore Dr. Lee was taken to spirit world first so he could do the groundwork. He humbled himself to Stalin, Marx, Lenin, etc. He humbled himself and said, please teach me. Father could never do that. But you must do it, even more than Dr. Lee. You even should humble yourself to the Universal Ballet dancers for their dedicated training regimen.

The Universal Ballet performance in New York was praised highly by the New York Times. The UB made the old western companies shameful. But we should not become arrogant. Go fast and straight by the short-cut true love way. In the future, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, they all will count for naught. They are misguided, so-called liberals. One world under God is higher level. Everyone to be sure to read Dr. Lee's book.

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