The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1998

Let Us Build a New World

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Waldorf-Astoria Hotel
June 13, 1998
Translation by Rev. Peter Kim
Unofficial notes by Tyler Hendricks

An impromptu speech delivered to the participants in WCSF 1998 (World Culture and Sports Festival) and other invited guests.

[Opening prayer by a minister who blessed 2.7 million couples in southern Africa. It was a deep and long prayer in the name of True Parents.]

[Opening speaker: A major leader from the UN.]

[True Parents present gifts to the four spirit world blessing recipients. A religious leader representing the spirit world husband, gives a gift to each woman. Mrs. Joo represents the wife of Jesus. Mrs. Won Bok Choi is blessed to Buddha. She receives it from the Buddhist religious leader. Jong Ok Lee is blessed with Muhammad. Confucius is blessed with Dr. Kyung Joong Lee, new president of Sun Moon University. Socrates is blessed with Myung Hee Kim; Socrates is represented by an American professor of philosophy.]

[Awards to True Parents given by conference representatives from the various organizations.]

Father's words, translated by Peter Kim.

What should we do now? Dancing? Singing? It's getting late, and dancing and singing takes a short time. On the contrary, I'd like to give a long speech. (Father ducks behind the podium, as if to avoid their displeasure at the prospect of hearing a long speech.) I set a world record by giving a 17-hour speech. But you will run away if I do that. So I will make a compact speech, and I ask you to please endure. Let me borrow your eyes and minds so I can shorten my speech.

What do you want to hear? Something common, which everyone talks about? Or a secret message from God? The latter! Your sound is good. My title will be, "Let's Build a New World." The concept of the new world is the world of peace and unification, the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven, amen. You appear handsome and beautiful. But I am ugly, so please close your eyes and just listen. When we take a trip, it's not good to stop. So please follow me to the end.

No matter how much we want the Kingdom of God, if God doesn't want it, it won't come. But if God wants it, then it will appear even if we don't want it. At today's event, the first stage of the 360 million couples blessing, you witnessed something you may have thought was strange. Confucius becoming married? It must be a riddle to you. Also Muhammad, Socrates and Buddha. They each married a lady from an enemy race. It seems strange, doesn't it?

Can you imagine bringing Adam and Eve to the earth and marrying them? Who would officiate? Rev. Moon, the founder of the Unification Church? Who is Rev. Moon? A normal wedding ceremony involves your family and close respected people. What position has Rev. Moon to qualify him to do their wedding? It is True Parents' position. It is eternal, unchanging. All humankind and God praise it. How amazing is this number one position. No matter how much Buddha and the other saints may be respected, they carry the fallen blood lineage. True Parents are the only ones to have the right and authority to cut off the satanic blood lineage. So True Parents can liberate them to be able to work for God.

This world and the spirit world are hell; they are not peaceful. So real True Parents must become the center, based on real, absolute truth that humankind can understand and follow, and God also follows. God could not interfere in Adam and Eve's fallen act, and He cannot give the blessing to you. God hates the place of the fall, so He cannot involve Himself in it. It is Satan's territory. In history, Satan destroyed Adam and Eve and their family. Therefore, from that point, Satan developed his reign from the individual to world level. So all the decadence of this world, homosexuality, free sex, lesbianism, is what Satan uses to challenge God. Our decadence becomes Satan's basis to claim authority to rule the world.

Because of the fall, all the life, love, lineage and conscience became false. We have inherited it for 6,000 years. So even Satan cannot connive anymore decadence or filth. Also God cannot touch this filth. So neither have anything to do with the world. So who can lift up this world? Only True Parents. Who can deal with those who deny God? True Parents can tear down the decadence and denial and clean it up. So this is a time of great happiness.

There, I've finished my speech Do you want to hear more? Show your hands if you do. What of those VIPs who did not raise your hands? Well, the majority raised their hands, so I will follow the majority decision. I praised you, so do you feel good? I want to discuss the formula which God has applied in the restoration providence. Adam and Eve's family, God's original ideal, was destroyed. He wanted them to grow up so that He could marry them. But they fell, and God could not interfere in their marriage or family. Then, between their children, there was bloodshed. And He could not interfere there either. Theirs became Satan's house. Could God destroy the world He had created? No, so He had to find a way to restore the satanic family.

God, as the Creator, is the owner of the cosmos. So Satan's opposition notwithstanding, if God gains the basis to claim one human being, Satan has to give him up sooner or later. God's love and children had become Satan's love and children. With everything satanic, including the couple's love, children and house, were their offspring godly or satanic? They were satanic, internally, and this was expressed in external battles. That's how we were sown from the original family.

So in the last days, we see the same phenomena. Conflict between parents and children, husband and wife, brothers and sisters. The world is a battlefield. Of the dignitaries here, when you look at your family, do any of you have absolute, God-centered families? Have you seen any absolutely God-centered parents, husband and wife, brothers and sisters? No, they all are fighting. Do you have such a family, no matter how famous you are? What is your answer?

God still has a right to His children, although they belong to Satan. That is the problem.

The order has to be reversed. The up went down, and now the down must go up. A 180 degrees different direction has to come about. How? Centering on Adam's family, God could not take the parents, because they fell. So God waited for their children. Cain represented the more evil side, and the younger, Abel, was the less evil side. So God worked through the second son. Abel represented the fruit of Eve's second love [after she had eaten the fruit with the serpent, which was her first relationship, she gave the fruit to Adam, her rightful husband, and that was her second relationship, a relatively good one]. So God could claim the second son, allowing Satan his claim on the elder son.

The formula to restore this, then, was to give up the elder and work through the younger, Abel, in conjunction with his mother Eve. Then they together would restore the elder son, then the three, the wife, elder son and younger son, would restore the father, Adam.

In the original creation, God had absolute faith, love and obedience. He had faith to begin the creation. He invested absolute love in the creation and He maintained absolute obedience to the principle of creation. Thereby were all things created. Absolute faith, love and obedience are the basis for the creation. Everything exists in a pair system. With God as subject of absolute faith, love and obedience, humankind should be the object of absolute faith, love and obedience to God. This is the basis for the subject-object relationship between God and humankind; the base is absolute faith, love and obedience. On that basis, absolute union can take place.

Can any of you claim to have an absolute subject? The fallen world has no absolute subject. No matter how famous you are, you are not absolute. The more famous, the more trouble you have. Do you know God? People say God is dead, that there is no God. The brightest of our young people follow that kind of teaching. They are doomed to hell. Do you have an eternal, absolute subject? If not, can you make of yourself an eternal subject? No.

God's formula is to create an absolute subject and absolute object, centered on absolute faith, love and obedience. "Absolute" means that your senses and entire body become absolute, all the way to the sexual love for the opposite sex. You have an "absolute body." True love, true faith, love and obedience permeate all parts of your body with its 400 billion cells. The center of absoluteness is love. This love can unite father and children, man and woman, with man the absolute subject representing God, and woman below. So man is convex, woman is concave. How can you make oneness? Man and woman combine in one through the energy of love vertically coming down and manifesting horizontally. Fallen people cannot make absolute oneness in love.

God lost the parents, the elder son and the entire family. God let Satan have everything except for the younger son. Is this reasonable? Raise your hands if you agree. You may not like being treated like school kids, but I am asking you to raise your hands exactly for that reason. And it makes you open your eyes, to see if others are raising their hands. Is there anyone here over 80? No; then you are like my younger brothers and sisters. So I have a certain authority to deal with you. And please realize that whatever I do tonight is for the purpose of taking you to Heaven.

So there was this big problem at the beginning of history. The elder killed the younger. How did God feel? Pain, but He had to overcome the agony and start the providence of restoration. As a parent who loses his only child, God was suffering and crying. Adam and Eve were the only begotten son and daughter after billions of years of waiting. Adam was the king's son. Think of how much sorrow God felt. God can't even explain it. Such a miserable God. When you realize this, you will invest all your power to lift up your nation and world. Determine your mind at this gathering. Go back to that original human fall, participate in it and determine in your mind to have absolute faith, love and obedience, and to go back to your country and save the family and tribe in your country. Then God will appear.

Do you want that? Can you do it? Start from here. Reach the entire world, every nation, following your conscience. Can you do it? [Yes.] I cannot trust you. You make your promise superficially. How can you overcome Satan's power? Satan uses beautiful women and men.

God has been waiting for thousands of years. We need to make our parents king and queen. Now I am teaching the meaning of the family base, tribal base, national base, and so forth, the True Parents' mission. Without that foundation, you cannot go to God's throne. Is it a miserable situation or a happy one? No one can understand the meaning. So how can I liberate this world from the satanic atmosphere? They don't know absolute God and absolute True Parents. It is a serious problem.

God is crying, searching for Abel whom He can take. When God was crying for Abel, the satanic Cain had already killed Abel. Then God found the third son, Seth. By that time, Satan had already established his foundation in Adam's family and tribe. God barely started with one son, Seth, and Satan even wanted to kill Seth. Satan claimed the tribal foundation, so he thought it easy to get rid of the little brother who was forgotten back on the individual level. How miserable was God's situation.

To understand what is going on in the world, we need to understand both God's and Satan's strategies. When Seth offered absolute faith, love and obedience to God, Satan could not touch him. But when Seth was young, Adam and Eve should have protected him with absolute faith, love and obedience. Adam and Eve stood on the foundation of God's absolute faith, love and obedience invested in them. So they could offer it to Seth who was chosen by God. If any of you here become God's children with absolute faith, love and obedience, it will be a tremendous blessing of God. God is the absolute subject, and you can be the absolute object and build the absolute foundation of faith, love and obedience, and continue to expand it to the world.

Can you manage your life that way? That kind of family is the cornerstone for the world of peace. There is no one who does not want absolute parents, husband or wife, and children. Everyone agrees with this. So if you follow this, you will have the absolute right to go to Heaven.

The family structure is parents, husband and wife, and children. But no one has an absolute standard in these three levels. If you don't, you are doomed to go to Hell. Is it clear? If your life does not pass this formula course, you have no choice but to go to Hell. You may feel bad hearing this, but if you are not sure you meet this standard, in truth you should repent at the cost of your life. Then you will find the new way. The absolute family is the family that lives for others. That is an absolute family. If you build it, Satan cannot touch you. There are three points critical to avoiding Satan: 1. Build an absolute family; 2. Live for the sake of others; 3. Understand God's and Satan's strategy. God's strategy is to be hit first and in the end, gain everything. Satan's to strike first, but in the end lose everything. So to follow God's strategy, you are attacked and hit although you are innocent. Then in the end you will gain your what you lost, plus interest from Satan.

God Himself has practiced this life. He applied absolute faith, love and obedience, and life for others, and His strategy of being hit and then gaining in the end. Only True Parents, and no one else, knew this formula. True Parents revealed these three secrets. So we must learn from and follow True Parents' footsteps. If you understand them, will you not make Satan surrender?

The problem is that you do not know this. If you know, then your human ambition will become a good thing. Then the world will be reborn and the enemy will be overcome. True Parents are on the earth creating this movement in 190 nations. At this time, Satan will disappear and God will feel happiness and freedom. We are liberating the true king, how wonderful.

Do you want to live in such a place? Then you must jump, directly up, 90 degrees, with God's true love propelling you from under your chair. You will become God's number one begotten son and daughter, embraced by God, filling every direction, making you a new creature with God's creative power. This brings the restoration of children. Then God will open up Satan's world and the Kingdom of Heaven. Opening Satan's world includes forgiving the most evil people such as Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, all the worst men who appeared in history. Centering on True Parents, we will finally open the gate to the Kingdom of Heaven. Behind us are all humankind's families, tribes and nations, centered on absolute faith, love and obedience. No Satan can follow this way.

All my life, I have dealt with the world's high level persecution. People developed something they call deprogramming, trying to break down the faith of those who believe these things. Who would not feel anger? But gathering in this room, everything is praise; there are no enemies here. This one man, Rev . Moon, is above Satan's world. I can understand the persecution's value. It happens on all the different levels. But the persecutors on each level have collapsed by now.

Fifty years ago I was chased into the wilderness, and everything was lost. Then Korea divided into two, Satan's side and God's side. The west and east of the world divided also. Rev. Moon had to separate good from evil on the individual base, family base, and on. How? Through the blessing of marriage, over every boundary, every race, every nation and religion. All the power that separates us cannot compare with the love power that unites husband and wife. All people naturally respond to those who give God's true love. This builds God-centered families, tribes and nations.

We need liberation from the struggle of mind and body, man and woman, family and family, tribe and tribe, and so on. Struggle results from satanic love, selfish love. How can God get down to the earth, in a way such that Satan cannot accuse? We ourselves have to separate from Satan's selfish love.

The tragedy of history began in Adam's family with Cain's murder of Abel. Just as Cain dominated Abel, human history shows that Satan is always one step ahead of God, taking humanity away. So all religions teach us to separate from the world. Rev. Moon's teaching also is to practice absolute faith, love and obedience, which issues in absolute service, life for the sake of others. In this formula course of God, whenever God secured a certain level, Satan was always one step ahead. Therefore Satan always has power to destroy God's foundation. When Rev. Moon started this ministry in 1945, it could have been completed in seven years. But Satan struck, and Rev. Moon sacrificed his family, his church, everything he had, and went into the wilderness.

I never gave up, but continuously worked to establish a foundation step by step. Now the next level I am working on is that of the spirit world. Spirit world still opposes Rev. Moon. Nonetheless, when all humankind receives the blessing, the spirit world will change.

Neither God nor Satan can touch the world. Satan has done all the damage he can, producing the decadence, and it is not God's responsibility but man's the clean it up. Thus when True Parents give everyone the blessing, True Parents will be the true king of all blessed families. This is logical. The lost elder sonship should be restored on every level, from the family and nation to the world and cosmos. The third Adam means the second advent, descending to the Christian world. The first Adam fell, the second, Jesus, was rejected of men who did not know who he was. Now Rev. Moon is blessing the world, and no sovereignty can come against me. The only way is the revolution created by True Parents. Then God's blessing of the family, nation, physical world and spirit world will bring true freedom.

Only Rev. Moon can cut off the selfish blood lineage by giving God's blessing and connecting to God's love, life and lineage. After the blessing, Satan cannot make a real relationship with you. You are part of the Kingdom of Heaven, and Satan is in a completely separate place. You have to know clearly about the spirit world. Today you received Dr. Lee's book. I sent him to spirit world to check on that reality. You can read it. It is clear about subject and object connecting to God's original power. How wonderful it is to be blessed with this understanding. Are you connected to the Unification Church? Since you received my message, if you have not received the blessing, please do so before you return home. Don't go to spirit world without it. I am speaking so clearly, in the spirit world they will ask you how you could have rejected the blessing.

In Rev. Moon's eyes there are no differences among you. If it doesn't work with you, I will develop my own organization of nations. White people representing polar bears, so they have long and deep noses, to handle the cold air. And high blue eyes, because everything in the north is white and they long for blue water. Everyone likes blue eyes. Some of you whites are descended from pirates, especially the English. What do you have to be proud of?

Orientals' ancestors were farmers and always longed for rain from heaven. So you sat and prayed all the time. That's why the four major saints came from Asia. They sat a long time and prayed to God. Not eating animals, they ate fruit and vegetables.

In the tropics, the sun turns your skin black. Blacks have short, big noses, because a long nose makes hot air even hotter. But Asians have round noses. They are shaped to adjust to the climate. God created all living beings to be able to adjust to the climate. For example, I catch a certain kind of fish in South America. In the water it is brown or yellow, but within five minutes on the land, the skin turns black. So the practice of discrimination based upon skin color is the most evil you can do.

[He is interrupted and says this is my turn to speak, that even governors need to learn this.]

Is Rev. Moon bad or good? Do you like Rev. Moon or not? Everyone does, of all races, because of true love that is beyond skin color. True love is colorblind. Those who do not agree will find themselves in violation of heavenly law when they join the spirit world. All are the same in the sight of God. Africans in America were put down and persecuted. So they call whites, WASPs. There was always conflict. Does God accept the term, WASP? God lives for others even when dealing with Satan, according to His own principle. When I blessed the four saints, no one spoke against it, because the spirit world helped everyone understand it. Did anyone oppose it? No one. Rev. Moon is one individual who has faced opposition from the entire order of the world. He is accused of kidnapping and brainwashing. Their criticism was based on my advising their adult children as to marriage, in their stead. But is Rev. Moon on God's side or Satan's?

If I am true to God, then those who oppose are not acting in their offspring's best interest. Hence, even through they would reject being called poor parents, they are. All the families in the world opposed Rev. Moon for marrying the young people. But Rev. Moon has done a good thing for God and humankind. Is it true? I ask everyone to say yes so that I can get rid of my stress. [The audience says, "Yes."] Thank you; my stress is gone. Do you think it was good to forgive all those historical evil figures, such as Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and the Korean Christians? [Yes.] Good! It is to connect Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven. I see clear unity among all of you here.

[A Korean artist is brought to the stage; he presents a gigantic portrait of True Parents, some 12 feet high.]

Father's departing words: "Please spread true family values in your media in each nation when you return home."

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