The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1998

God is the Owner (Key Role Player) for All Existence and All Historical Events

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
36th Day of All Things
May 26, 1998
Translated by Reverend Peter Kim
Unofficial Notes by Dr. Tyler Hendricks

Today's title is, "God is the Owner, or Key Role Player, for All Existence and Historical Events." Nothing is excepted. What about evil? Is God the owner of evil? Historical events include evil events. Who will be the owner of hell when the ideal world is completed? (There will be no hell.) How can you say that? Even in this high country of America there are prisons which represent hell. Do they belong to America? (Yes.)

By the same token, whatever God created, whether it turned out evil or good, belongs to God, even hell. Who is the owner of hell now? Satan. Before he became Satan, he belonged to God. Everything should return to God, because he is the origin. Before everything, there existed God. And what else? (Love.) Even to God, love is a concept. You cannot see it. Love itself cannot have substantial embodiment without two partners.

God had conceptual love but not the reality. There is always a pair system necessary for love to be realized. Even for minerals and particles there is plus and minus. It is the same for plants, animals, and man and woman. Heaven and earth are a pair represented by husband and wife. Wife is like a rice paddy, the husband is in the position to give. The husband represents God. The husband is the owner, on the family level. Secular people don't think that way.

There are many ladies here. You should think that your husband is in the place of God, is king of your family, including you, his wife. Is that true? (True.) Love comes when you become humble, bowing your head down. Love comes down and you dance. God's love is infinite. God considers even Satan as His love partner. So would God use force to make Satan surrender, or lead him to surrender naturally? From that surrender, the earth resurrects. That is by true love, connecting to God. That is the mainstream way to connect to God.

If you need love, raise your hands. Even individualistic people, do you need love? Love can lead a country. America is proud of its private individualistic way, and is leading all nations that way. It is the king of the throne of individualism. Individualistic people look up in the sky, and there is no partner up there. America will go down in the future. It must restart, or it cannot connect with the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

So, you must become servant of servants. You must recover the true love partner. Without it you cannot connect to God's word. That is called the kingdom of hell. American people live in fear. The name is great, but it is connected to hell. How can you make enlightenment? This is the Unification Church mission. Modern society cannot lead the youth and family. This is the most miserable place. Now it is day, not night; you understand.

That's why we offer absolute faith, love and obedience. Do you have the concept? No, you have the private concept, that you are the owner. You don't have absolute faith, love and obedience. To disabuse you of that, someone named Reverend Moon came to America. You say yes, but outside people say no. We have to embrace this society to create the kingdom of heaven on earth in this country.

After World War II, America had power over all nations. You were high, but now are in hell. Why? The Christian world had a victorious foundation after World War II in America. It started from the Pilgrim fathers, the most Abel type Christians. The Catholics were against the Protestants. No matter how difficult, you have to win the Catholic Church. God doesn't want to dwell in a stale, tradition bound atmosphere. The old concept will not save the world, centering on the Roman Pope. They believe in this God saving concept. How can God save the world? How can we make unification? How miserable for God! God is sitting on the one throne, surrounded by Satan's barrier. He has no partner. God wants a place of peace and unification, but without His partner, He cannot. Rome was not that partner. So there was no individual, family or nation ideal. God was surrounded. How miserable God was.

Then Reverend Moon came down to the earth, making a clear concept on each level to cosmic level. Why? For love. True love, which is unchanging center of connecting love. This is God's mainstream love. It is not easy to catch true love. It is difficult, many times over, following the indemnity way.

The center of humankind was Adam and Eve. They were the only creation God was proud of. He was proud of His partner. From where does love start? The proper concept starts from the opposite side. Man is proud of woman. Without her, he cannot be proud. This is the main ideology. The concept of true love. Why is there "man and woman"? Why were they born? For true love. Without true love you cannot connect to the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven.

The mind represents up, the flesh down. So the invisible is more valuable than the visible. The secular world focuses on the body, selfish ambition, sights, sounds, smells. No mind. That connects to Satan. The five physical senses owner is Satan. The mind's five senses owner is God. Reverend Moon taught this clearly.

Make perfection by reversing the mind and body relationship. The flesh power people pushed down the mind power people. Long ago there was a strong flesh power, and no mind power. Father asks how to reverse it. Centering on earth, the messianic ideology.

Fallen women control men, and should turn upside down, through pride in God's power. You are too proud of being one nation under God, but it is no problem. Turn it upside down. You cannot make it happen alone. The messiah is the emissary of God. I will swallow you all with absolute love. Father fishes for God; it is so exciting. When I catch, it is perfection. Even God cannot touch there, because man is subject on earth. If He wants to touch, it is to add His true love power.

All creation needs true love. As children, as adults, and forever. Do you want it? (Yes.) Everyone does. Of course today's topic is God's role. But prior to God, true love is the owner. Everything is moving to find true love. An individual or family long to find true love. In front of true love, we become absolute servants. Then you will become one body with God. What is God's will be mine, and vice-versa. Women, do you think God will be in your husband. Can you consider "free sex dogs" as your husband? This is a nation of free sex. God should punish it. Though completely human, Reverend Moon is not exhausted. I overcome at noon and nighttime, over God and Satan.

After the guests are gone, the host can enjoy a little leftover food. So do you want Father to speak more? (Yes.) Father doesn't like to hear the English word "yes," because he has been deceived by it so many times. It is not such a good country. You should not say Merry Christmas, but rather, "married to God." Americans always cheer, and say "good, good, good." For Americans, Reverend Moon is so bad. So they put him in jail. But he came out on a higher level. You have to follow me. How can you be proud of what you are? My statue in a central place. They say Reverend Moon go home, but other countries say, "Yankee go home."

You say don't go home, but save us, and you resurrect as you do it. Americans are smart enough to be restored in time.

Don't you think Reverend Moon has to go to his hometown? Where is it? (Chunjoo.) Chungjoo? Laughs. Kim Il Sung considered Chunjoo, Fathers hometown, to be the least significant place, a toilet. But now it is honored. Through that condition, Kim Il Sung can be restored. Kim Il Sung's man is the gatekeeper there. When I arrive, should I punch him or bow? Suppose Kim Il Sung is the gatekeeper. What should Father say? Thank you, or get out of my sight? Kim Il Sung may be the last in line, but through a good condition, he can be restored.

If there is true love, then even if the parents were low level and divorced, if the children are good, should the parents stay separated, or come back together? If a prince and princess of two enemy nations marry, then the nations have to unite. Universal law is that all parents expect their children to be better than them, so the warring parents will follow their united children, so that the children will be happy and better than they themselves are.

America and Japan, Japan and Korea, America and German, Germany and France -- all were enemy nations. Yet when they realize that their children are becoming one, the nations will want those children to flourish. So that's the way . . . because of that principle, Father has done exchange marriages between those nations. But Father has been opposed because of this. People were shocked and frightened, but now they realize this is the only way to unify the human race. It is the shortcut way. So people conclude that the person who can eliminate all the enemy relations, centering on families, is Reverend Moon. He is the king who makes enemy nations one, as well as families, to make this kingdom of Satan into the kingdom of God. All things will recognize their original owner and say mansei.

Reverend Moon is approaching the point to sit in the throne of king of the earth and heaven. Oriental and occidental both opposed him, but Reverend Moon is making them one. All five races are in America, with all their prejudices. You claim one nation under God, but it is only centered on white people, "WASPs." Will God not prefer one world under God? Reverend Moon will make it flat. Among your brothers, won't you sympathize with the one who has one leg only? So if America is affluent, and others are starving, shouldn't we help? Not to help is the worst sin; it is criminal. Reverend Moon is against it. Once America helps sacrificially, the era of one nation under God is over, and of one world under God begins. So America must make a new tradition on God's side. Do so by following Rev Moon's teaching. Americans don't want to hear that.

In America, between white and black, if all of them marry interracially, then America will be a major role player for one world under God. The peaceful foundation will come upon this land. But whites don't like it. So you will perish by free sex and AIDS. With such intermarriage, free sex will perish. Absolute purity in love: this is the absolute concept of Reverend Moon. American white couples must be ready to have your children married to Japanese, and the third generation would be ready to receive black in-laws. (Amen.) Who said amen? (An Italian.) Maybe you are only half white.

It is very logical. America and Japan used to be enemies. So their intermarried couples will erase the enemy feeling. From them will come children who can received a black spouse, and the oldest racial prejudice will disappear. Then they will truly set the tradition for one world under God. And the whole world will follow them to become a world of peace.

When you have mixed-race children, the grandparents will love them more than they love their mono-racial grandchildren. In the Kingdom of God, will blacks appear as white? or vice versa? (It will be the love race.) Is there a color? It is the love power race, and the color is the light that is shining from love. God will be laughing, so happy, so much light. Your body laughs automatically. The laugh comes from deep inside, "okay!" "O" means original gate, open. "K" means Korean country, the mother country, True Parents original nation. The American phrase okay means open the gate of Korea to the kingdom of heaven. Make a highway with no obstacle, starting from the earth to the throne of God. An arrow goes into the heart of God, and a big mansei comes out. God enjoys it so much, His mind gate opens, and His happiness and laughing starts, and hits the earth and opens the kingdom of heaven, and rebounds into hell and liberates it.

"Okay" makes you start dancing. Beyond country, beyond history, by the main power of true love. True love emits from each sense to connect at one point. You want the number one spouse, with whom your eyes meet at the same core. The core is one. The mind and body unite as one at that one point. Making unification, embracing. True love makes everything revolve. Only true love is enjoyable forever. Do you have that true love center? God is true love subject, I am true love object. Love represents that power. Proclaim that "I will occupy that center of love."

I have no economic power, but inside is Reverend Moon with true love power. Washington DC and New York will step down, go down so that it can revolve around. Reverend Moon has the top the place in ballet. Do you follow behind Reverend Moon? Smelling his gas? Do you analyze your gas?

Today is the 36th true day of all things. The time for restoration has come. We need this word because of the fall, the misuse of love, which created the false family, tribe, nation and world, created the kingdom of hell. History started with the worst parents (WP). They gave birth to the worst individual, family, nation. The nation is evil as well. Since God could not interfere, He cannot halt the development of the worst nation, world and cosmos. God cannot interfere when it belongs to Satan. The world includes spirit world and physical world. Hell on earth and in heaven. Caused by false love. This entire world has nothing to do with God. He is confined to His throne. How can God clean this up?

Satan could not love Adam and Eve with absolute faith, love and obedience. So they became the worst parents. So God must see the True Parents come and love the worst one, even Satan. God created all things for love and joy, but it all was lost because of Satan. So the providence of restoration has come, leading to the chosen people. The chosen people should love the satanic world more than anyone else does. The satanic world focuses on obtained sovereignty. Satan divides, but God wants to have unity. Because of this, God established religions and they should have as their goal beyond the national level. But Buddhism, Islam, and even Christianity in America, are confined to the national level.

Israel expected that the Messiah would lead them to conquer Rome and attain power. But that was wrong. They should have prepared to sacrifice for the world and Rome. They should have had the absolute concept to build one world under God. Then the lower levels would be taken care of. Israel followed Moses' teaching, and it was on the chosen nation under God level. They should have gone beyond that and succeeded, but they didn't. The messiah is the one to teach how to go to He has the one world under God concept.

But Israel looked down on Jesus. They judged him and ignored him. He had no schooling. Jesus came there not to repeat Moses, but to teach one world under God. But Israel wanted him to teach on one nation under God. As a result, Jesus lost his body. So Christianity has no nation.

Father has three courses, beginning in Adam's family and connected to Eve too. John 3:16 says that God so loved the world. Every Christian memorizes this. There is no denominational concept. This is world completion, not nation, tribe or family. But all of these are contained in the world. Each can connect to the world. So Reverend Moon came to America to deny all the concepts and bring one world under God.

For children there is no concept except parents. Even if they are bad people, parents love their children. Create the family, tribe and nation of numerous proud children. This is the parents' concept. This is from God. The mother will not make a mistake as she leads this way. The family will follow one line. God's love is direct and straight; Satan's love is twisting.

Who made this phenomena? True Parents, with true truth and true love. Outside people claim to have the true way, but they have no concept of equalization, no purpose to recreate one true man and one true woman. They go down and go up step by step through sacrifice. But the fallen world is 180 degrees opposite Father's way. Killing, accusation, rejection, betrayal are no problem in the fallen world. The worst king can do the world worst things.

The straight line is God's line, although as individuals we follow circuitous courses. The Lord of the Second Advent will appear and erase the curved lines and leave only God's straight line. The American constitution may be the best, but if anything is against God, it must be sent away. Reverend Moon will cut out whatever does not belong to God. This is God's concept. The CIA and FBI are looking at how I've overcome every boundary. Reverend Moon was sent to jail but did not perish. One man, not two, won victory. God will have partnership with just Reverend Moon representing the world. God will embrace him immediately.

Don't be concerned if the world is against us. God will embrace you and give blessing as king of the world. God can make that kind of purpose world in which people understand Reverend Moon with repentance, from the top. Repent. Follow again. I forgive everything which has been done against me. But still, to receive any benefit, they have to repent and welcome Reverend Moon, as in South America. White people may go down, and colored people go up, changing history.

When the Lord of the Second Advent appears, history will move straight ahead and everything will culminate. By receiving the blessing we restore Adam's position, and are plus, and archangel is minus in spirit world. By completing the 360 million, before any actual development in the physical world, in the spirit world, centering on Heung Jin Nim and Jesus, restoration of elder sonship and parentship will come.

[Note: Most of this was in English, and therefore is difficult to catch. Several sentences were conveyed here about Heung Jin Nim, Jesus and Christianity in the context of the Blessing.]

True Parents on the physical world, connecting to all the blessed couples. This foundation on the earth moves to the spirit world. Upon proclamation of elder son nation of America, the blessing in spirit world started.

Already 160 million Christian couples in spirit world are blessed and sent to America, and a total of 9.8 billion couples are blessed. And now Jesus can expand his family on earth. The spouse of Jesus was chosen and blessed, Jan. 3, 1973. That was the time Korean Christianity should have received Father and the Unification Church. Through that, world Christianity could have united and would be totally changed from what it is now. Father called ICUS (International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences) participants in 1983, but American did not follow that, and that is why . . .

Jesus and Heung Jin Nim have been working together, and through this elder sonship is declared, and after that Jesus could start his family. No matter how much persecution, we should do this.

[Long discourse in English on the other side of the room; impossible to make it out.]

The conclusion is that God's love is perfected by man, not God. We are not children of God but God's spouse and elder brother. Be proud of flowers, their fragrance. Beautiful love seed. God's love cannot be completed without man. And the love partner has the higher value. Every creature becomes king. Without man, God's love cannot be made perfect. On each level. Then God is free. No greeting is necessary, no thank you, no persecution. A child can go anywhere, can sleep anywhere. Children are free. Everything belongs to the children, first, then to God.

Who is God? God is my friend. God is your father, elder brother, king, and creator. Then we become creators. How much proud!

Those outside, are you hot and hoping Father will stop? It's your indemnity for arriving late.

The time has come for us to seek our authority, dignity and position as man. The Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament are attached behind me. We as human beings do it. I am the one to complete Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament and heaven and earth. We all have to become the man who restores all men (all women). You have no qualification, except for Father touching your head.

The time has come to cut off Japan because of failure. But the providence must continue, so Father chose Taiwan, Philippines and Canada as the daughters of Japan. Philippines is related to America, Canada to England. If any of these three become totally one with Japan, there will be no room for Satan to accuse or infiltrate. This will restore all kinds of relationships. The Philippines consists of islands, which were supported by America. and the Philippines were an enemy of Japan. Great Britain was an enemy to Father, so Canada joins the team, representing Great Britain.

Because Christianity is the elder son, England, France and Germany can be restored. They should have absolute obedience to Japan. Also in return, Japan should sacrifice for these nations. The three daughters will prevent Satan from taking the mother. And she will give absolute love to the daughters. Then the daughter nations can take over the mother's mission. Japan was to provide material things to the world. The daughters should be restored first. Then they go to Japan to stir it up.

The Peninsula, Island and Continental organizations are to provide a new vision for the United Nations. The UN should also include the IRFWP (Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace), WFWP (Women's Federation for World Peace), Youth Federation and Pure Love Alliance and so forth. The UN represents the world. Why not have a global True Parents Day? Then world peace will be upon us. So we have world peace education at the University of Bridgeport. These will be used to enhance the world at peace. Leaders are interested in the college at University of Bridgeport. Will you prepare for this? We have to organize the World University Federation. The ideal of the true family follows, and true education is next.

[Long English discourse on Dr. Lee's revelations. The point is that if you know the reality of spirit world, you cannot sin. So we must testify to this book's contents.]

The ideal world comes through the blessing. True Parents are bequeathing the heavenly tradition. Go through the gate and fulfill all the conditions True Parents give to us. It is like driving on a highway with no roadblocks. You can go where True Parents go.

Satan is trying to accuse, but he has no place to hook on to. Frustrated, Satan will mobilize all six billion people to accuse us, but no one can. This is liberation for the entire human race.

So if a man and a woman become totally one with Reverend Moon, Satan cannot tag along. How do you prove you are one with him? First it requires absolute faith, your entire life. Not even one iota can be lacking. The second requirement is absolute love, love for your enemy. Father is stealing all the mothers, because Satan had taken them, and Father is taking them back home. Satan says Reverend Moon is stealing them. In response to Satan's grumbling that he stole the children and wives, Reverend Moon tells them to go back, but they don't go.

All your parents and ancestors are mobilized to extract you, but your mind wants to stay. If any Unification Church woman becomes one in heart with Father, intoxicated by true love, she wishes her father, husband, brothers and friends could be like Reverend Moon. [Amen, applause.] If we were in the secular world, Father's wife would be upset or angry, but Mother loves that, she wants you to love Father more than she does. Mother's heart is so deep that she offers everything to you. She offers Father to you.

[Peter Kim started this part with: "Of course this would never happen, but " and everyone laughed.]

Suppose that in the presence of True Mother, the most beautiful American woman tried to ride piggy-back on Father? Mother would help her. Then Father would bow to mother and say thank you. That is how restoration takes place.

Mother is beautiful, but is Father handsome? (Yes!) Only because of his teachings? (No!) Reverend Moon has been labeled a thief who steals grandmas, queens, mothers, daughters, all the women. So they attack him for taking them through love. But Reverend Moon has only one purpose in gathering these women out of satanic dominion. It is to see all levels of women become heavenly. They can truly register in the kingdom of God. And after marriage they should be absolutely obedient to God, True Parents and their husband.

Absolute faith, love and obedience. We need that now. Between brother and sister and parents and children. Because that is God's living standard. When God created, He utilized this. Obedience to the law of the universe. Satan will accuse Reverend Moon of teaching dictatorship, demanding all the women's love. And of using tricks. What can Satan do if he loses all the women of one family? Can Reverend Moon make all of these his wife? No, through education, rather, he will raise them to all the necessary positions. And he will help them form families of kings and queens. But the value of each is the same.

Father's goal is to create ideal couples and ideal families. Is it wrong? All the men are totally ignorant. Father will also restore the men eventually.

[Father calls up one Korean wife, the wife of Rev. Jae Suk Lee, and Father pats her back and puts her on the stage. He patted her hard, like slapping her back.]

American women may be upset, thinking how can Father hit her like that? Between father and daughter, there is no distance. It is the blessing phenomena. Close partnership. The most blessed one is our loving couple creating an ideal family. God jumps into that core center. Every family wants that place and time. How wonderful it is.

[Father brings Rev. Jae Suk Lee to the stage and asks them to kiss; they do with nice passion.]

In a kissing context, will an eastern or western blessed couple win? "100 western couples, stand at attention, face each other, embrace and kiss as loudly as possible!" That may be the condition to enter the kingdom. We enter only as husband and wife. If Father tells you, will you do anything? It is absolute obedience, heavenly iron law. If these kind of couples exist throughout the world, will not all the world come to God through them?

Today is the Day of All Things. Those who have any possessions, show your hand. Are these possessions yours? [No.] We think it is ours, but we are wrong. We think that our spouse or children are ours, but that is wrong. Only after the fall did we receive these things. But behind the scenes, God has been working for thousands of years to change this. So we have to deny all things from Satan's world. When God wants all things, He cannot force it, so there will divide God's side and Satan's side. The offering was the condition to determine which side belonged to God and which to Satan. In Old Testament we saw this. When God's side went over half of the total, He could send His champion for that era.

The Old Testament means through sacrificing all things, the offering determines ownership, so God's area could expand. Even the people were divided to God and Satan's side. The two sides become one when the priest offers it to God and it is accepted. Who does the offering? The priest. In a way, the priest is like a butcher. Butchering meat is the lowest level job. He does the lowest and highest possible work, on behalf of the people. If he is one with the offering and with the people, then God accepts it.

That created the area for God's son to take over later. The steps were so serious in the Old Testament to make the offering. The purpose was in order to receive the king who then could receive the messiah. Judaism was Abel and the nation of Israel was Cain. They should have become one, and on that foundation received Jesus as king. The king of Israel was the perfection stage, with the people as form, and the priest as growth. People have families, the priest is the parental position. The Israelites should have become family, church and national level kings, centered on Jesus. The Unification Church is entering the era to become kings. So we have to know the process. The Old Testament, New Testament, Completed Testament and kingship are attached to Father. To build the kingship era, we should offer everything we possess for the nation, and then the nation for the world.

By offering all things, the world should have received the son from God. Because it did not happen on earth, the martyrdom of Christians, for 2,000 years, came about.

The leaders of the church and nation would have been one with Jesus. In the New Testament Age, children sacrificed their lives to receive the parents. So the prophecy of the coming messiah was prevalent. Because of the cross, Jesus could not expand his family, nation and world. Therefore, True Parents come on the cross to establish the family, nation and world there. The New Testament Age paid indemnity for the Old Testament Age's failure. The Old Testament Age expected Elijah to come first on the clouds. Christians believe Lord of the Second Advent will come on clouds, too. Did Elijah come on the clouds? No; he came as John the Baptist. Before the Lord of the Second Advent is finalized, many John the Baptists will arise. That's why many federations will come about.

Our name was formerly HSA-UWC. After World War I, the women's liberation movement started. America was the Christian kingdom, so all the women were to be queens, and you started the movement to get control of the family. Also divorce started rising. Because of a woman's problem, the fall came, so in the last days there will be women's problems, such as divorce, the rejection of one's husband. A woman who deals with many men is called a concubine. In the Bible are several such concubines -- Bathsheba, Rahab, and even Tamar. Leah, the first wife of Jacob, and Rachel, the second wife, battled. That's why the American family tradition is being destroyed by the wife leaving to become the second wife to another man.

World historical figures usually had more than one wife. Bill Clinton is like the king of the American empire. You may question how he can do that while he has so many women around him. But America is enjoying material wealth. America now must listen to Father and see that the material wealth is for the sake of the world. But they will not do that until they have no other choice.

Eventually there will be no political parties or governments to oppose the Kingdom of God. So blessed couples must connect with your relatives and your nation. Otherwise there is no hope. History tells us that even at the cost of yourself, your children, your spouse, and your nation, you must reach the hometown of the settlement of all things.

So don't hang onto ownership. 360 million couples represents 360 degrees, which means the return to the starting point. It is three "12's" -- Jacob, Moses and Jesus. Your son is not your son. God's son is here. God lost everything, and recreation is by True Parents, not by God. Now True Parents are going back and ending Satan's blood lineage. My family going back to the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, connecting to "me."

Before the fall, God owned everything. Then Satan stole it all. Now we take it back. After dedicating it to God, you can receive it. The Old Testament sacrificed all things, the New Testament sacrificed the children, and the Completed Testament sacrifices the parents. Adam lost the family, Jesus lost the nation, but the third Adam comes and is welcomed on the world stage, centering on the blessing time, which recovers the family and nation. The Completed Testament means the blessed couple, family settlement, inviting God to live with you. Cut away Satan's blood lineage. When God thinks about Satan's blood lineage, His mind becomes complicated, crazy.

We must complete Adam's position. Your family instead of Jesus family, instead of Father's family. You are produced from that one seed. That is the vale of the seed. You have true parents' family seed. Have no national or racial concept. The property belongs to God. So first dedicate your property. Then ownership will inherit to you. Gradually the drops and streams form nations, and eventually reach the ocean.

The revelations from spirit world come at the end of the Completed Testament Age texts. You have to know spirit world. Spirit world is your fate.

Fate. Can you elect your father? Can you vote for who will be the members of your family? American democracy is incomplete. It represents brotherism, like the brothers of Jacob. After the brothers' era, the parents' era comes. Then, no more elections are necessary. The model is the Principle of Creation. This is not against democracy, but rather to explain the stages of history as they progress. Democracy is good when there are just brothers around. During the 50s and 60s, many nations took independence. In the eyes of parents, they will be equal.

So we have no ownership. Old Testament and New Testament also had no ownership. Then Israel was to give everything to Rome, to create one world under God. But Israel was captive to the concept of one nation under God. Because of that failure, Christianity developed, eventually Protestantism. And the first 40 presidents were Protestant, then Kennedy was a Catholic. If he had become one with Reverend Moon . . .

Don't study anything else, you can learn everything from Reverend Moon's speeches. From today on, drop the notion of ownership of our things, our children, our spouse, through true love. By doing so, you can possess the higher true love of the nation, world and cosmos.

We will have a banquet in the spirit world. We can clean up dirty things and they will disappear. There is no inconvenience in that world. Persecution will have no effect.

The Old Testament is attached to Father's hips, representing all things. We cut it off. New Testament is attached, representing children. They are cut off. Completed Testament is attached, representing couples and families. They are cut off. To cut it off means to give it to God. Nothing belongs to us. Centering on true love, we have to be engrafted to True Parents, then God doesn't know what to do with us. When He receives it all, He doesn't know what to do with it, so He says you also become kings, then you own these too. Your family, you tribe, your nation. God will be happy to see us become the family kings. Then all the belongings come back to us. And we will say, "Thank you God! Mansei!" So all your possessions come under ownership of the church.

[On speaking one language, and the value of Korean, and that the Korean Unification Church is publishing mini-size volumes of Fathers words.]

Do you want to offer all your possessions, children and spouse? (Yes!) All blessed couples should be connected as one family worldwide. Raise your hands and feet and face in all four directions to pledge. You will offer your church for the nation. Father told Reverend Kwak to make a form for each family to itemize your possessions and your names and submit it to your church. This means the church owns it all. Then church level ownership is superseded by national level ownership. The church will turn it over to nation, then the nation to the world and the world to God, then everything will go back to individual ownership.

For what should you use your possessions? Reverend Moon? The kingdom? The answer is the it all comes back to "me." God is the true love center. He doesn't need things.

[Father then conducted the "Ceremony of the Turning Point (or Transition) of the Offering," or "Turning Ceremony." He lined up 12 Korean leaders in the first row in facing the Belvedere stage. Then he lined up 40 Japanese members in columns behind them, then groups of 12 Taiwanese, 12 Filipinos, and 12 Canadians. Finally he had 40 Americans make a circle around the entire group. Korea is the father, Japan and the other three nations are the mother, and America represents all humanity. Father stood in God's position and Mother faced him and said (I'm not sure about this) "pong whun hanaida," (I am offering to you). Then True Parents faced the stage. They held hands, with their outside hands palms turned upwards, and Father prayed. The ceremony began at 2 p.m. After the ceremony, Father continued speaking until past 6 p.m. He then rushed to East Garden, had a quick supper and went to the evening performance at the Manhattan Center, arriving at about 7:45 pm. I departed Belvedere at 3 pm to check on the entertainment preparations, so my notes are incomplete.]

So, everyone made the commitment to be responsible even if True Parents are not here. True Parents married Jesus in the spirit world. Once they are united with True Parents, Father will grant them the position of royal family (part of true family?) in spirit world.

Fallen man built the physical world and spirit world. We must eradicate it no matter how difficult. So don't you think Jesus should receive the Blessing? Now True Parents have the responsibility to bless them. We represent three generations -- Adam, Eve and the Lord of the Second Advent eras. Testament means promise, specifically the promise of marriage. We must establish a family that can receive God.

Israel should have been one with Jesus, established the family and received Jesus as bridegroom, then created a true nation. Jesus was a real man. He had a man's physical attributes. Jesus wanted to get married. He was full of love in all his senses; he wanted to kiss and touch and make one, convex and concave. Centering on true love intercourse. The true love generator is God. God is + and man is -. Connecting is a spark, and no power can separate it. Even God cannot separate it.

It is stimulating for 40 billion cells. They all become one. Woman on woman's side, man on man's side. This unifies the mind and body centering on true love. This is God's original love settlement place, the kingdom centering on the family.

Through the fall, all value was lost. Man's and woman's places of love became worthless. That is the original sin. Every value was cast out. The nation, society and everything was lost. So we had to deny all these things, including sexual intercourse. The highest level was celibacy. God's side started in the beggar place. Society spit them out.

Religion never understood this, but now Father is making it clear. No more doubt. How to perfect the value of the tribe, nation, world, God. Then what kind of atmosphere? The Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

So deny everything and follow the way of celibacy. Go back home after the blessing, because God has blessed everything for me. So you can return home, and make the tradition. Connect your family, society and nation to it. You have to liberate God and True Parents in your family; this is Adam's position. Then God will praise you. God bequeaths everything to you, and this liberates your family. We have to complete the perfection way. If we understand, we can create the substantial way.

In Satan's world, we smell two, touch two, see two sides, speak two sides. After we understand, then we are one, absolutely. We follow the one way course. We can make that indemnity purpose clear. A guest does not care about where he stays, but you are at home, and you must clean it up.

We understand that God is my Father. He resembles me. So I understand my father. I am my father's daughter. How must I want to embrace him, and play together with my father. With that heart, I can become a daughter of filial piety with no problem. If my father owns sovereignty . . . own nation father, own world father, own cosmos father. My father is connected with me. He is king, victorious father. Then I am the number one victorious daughter or son.

The cosmic king is the holy son and daughter. Becoming the king of the universe. I become the royal family owner. On the daughter making up her face to be attractive to the king, or the boy, to play together.

Satan connects to beautiful women from every direction: eyes, nose, ears, hair, etc., all have been Satan's bait. If a man swallows the hook, he has no hope.

Father's name, True Parents name by proclamation. In reality, spirit world makes that foundation. If I participated in that Belvedere proclamation, how wonderful it is for me.

[End of notes]

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