The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1998

State Leaders Meeting at East Garden April 27, 1998

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
East Garden, Irvington, NY
April 27, 1998
Translator: Rev. Peter Kim
Unofficial Notes: Tyler Hendricks

Ed. Note: Father spoke for about two hours, between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. We then had breakfast and returned. Then Father had me read most of Dr. Sang Hun Lee's book about spirit world, which will soon be available. Occasionally during the reading, Father would interject comments. I was able to type in only the very long ones.

There are levels of spirit world. The first level of unification is that of the mind-body. Second is husband-wife. Third is physical world-spirit world. When our body and mind are united, all the sense impressions are united -- one light, one sound, one smell, etc., centering on what? True love.

The spirit world should be one, like all of us being parts of one tree. Now it is divided up. Now we get dual impressions, conflicting impressions from all the senses. The senses exist to deal first with our spouse, and then parents and children, then the physical world and spirit world.

The husband and wife relationship is described as one mind, one body, and one wholeness. This wholeness is the original body of human beings. Il Shim -- one body, Il Shin -- one mind, Il Shin, one body, Il Chae -- one body of the original essence. Body, Chae, means wholeness, entirety.

Beyond unity of husband and wife is one more step, unity with God. God is the subject, the center. Without the center there is no circular movement. God is the vertical center. The husband and wife horizontally receive God's love. Husband is subject, he receives it first, then centering on him they form circular movement.

Il Shim, Il Shin, Il Chae forms the globe, through centripetal and centrifugal forces. So our most critical question is: if I have unity of mind and body centering on my mind. Then husband and wife are one, centering on the husband. They meet in the center, as hands clap in the middle. That sound is the ideal couple. Buddhist monks put their hands together lined up with the nose.

Il Shim, Il Shin, Il Chae.

When God created, His standard was absolute faith, love and obedience. That is the eternal theme and main thought of the kingdom of heaven on earth and in spirit world. This was God's first concept. True love connecting mind and body as one body, and man and woman as one body, all as one body. Like two legs, God and man walking together. As long as this concept is clear, we can go anywhere without any blockage.

As a man, we look only at our wife, one scene. In the animal kingdom, smell is very important. The five organs become one, centering on love. That is the mainstream thought. As a blessed couple, we need this mainstream thought, this concept on every level. Then everything is clear. We do everything centered on God's love. Be absolutely sure you have oneness of mind and body, centering on God, or nothing will work. Unite plus and minus, the unified man and unified woman. Then God can come down with one foot standing on man, one on woman. That way we become one with God. Man is right hand, woman is left hand on one body. Circular motion based on centripetal and centrifugal forces. Everything is included in the universe. The concept of the sphere includes this infinite world.

Educate your children with the standard that they are completely one with God.

In spirit world there will be rays of sunlight originating from life and love. If you do not have love and life like God, you will not be able to face that light. We should come within the boundary of this sphere. Inside, we are one, although we can distinguish mind and body, man and woman, man and God. We should train ourselves in the physical world, equip ourselves with this concept, because what we have in our mind will remain in the spirit world. This is why there are many levels, which Father has to straighten out.

Il Shim, Il Shin, Il Chae is the completion of creation. We have to proclaim this. If people pass into spirit world without education about this, they will never learn it. When we see the sun, we see just one corner of it. (Comparable with the necessary understanding we should have.) Father is giving us enough to fill out the picture.

Dr. Sang Hun Lee can travel from top to bottom because he is equipped with Divine Principle education, thus he could figure everything out. The Divine Principle view is the key. He can judge right and wrong, centering on vertical love, he can figure out the horizontal level. You need to be able to critique someone, help them, in order to visit them.

The first goal is the completion of the ideal family in this world. Spirit world is the storage place for ripe fruit. So our life is very serious, not to be lived randomly. Father's lifelong motto or rule is: before wanting to control the universe, I must make sure I control myself. My mind is the place God comes to dwell, but He cannot if there is conflict of mind and body. Father sees us all as two, zigzag with no straight line. Our life should be a straight 90 degree intersection. True love is always a straight line. It is the shortest. No zigzag. What we see, smell and do should be a straight line. If zigzag, we cannot settle ourselves. We need an absolute line. Only 90 degrees, only one way.

With the vertical line connected with horizontal 90 degrees, you can travel everywhere. Only one line. It makes one body, centering on the mind. Then man and woman become one body. Then God is the invisible body, and man and woman are the visible body.

You know the unity of your mind and body, what percentage they are united. This is the mainstream thought in the spirit world. Therefore when we go there, the oneness we achieved in the physical world will be seen there. The measurement will be made against the absolute standard. If we reach that absolute standard, we will have no problem there. We will be able to master any foreign language there within a week. We will forget everything else but we will have our original state of mind. You will perceive the status of others, whether they are 79 degrees or 81 degrees. If they are right, you will immediately unite with them. It will be like having a passport to go everywhere.

So we need a revolution within ourselves. No more whimsical or random angles. One concept. We have to correct ourselves based on this. We can see the 90 degree angle everywhere, even our face. When you sit, form a 90 degree angle. Vertical line down your face to your sexual organs. Even our shoes should wear out evenly, 90 degrees, not one side more than another. A straight 90 degree walk, like Father.

By this education, spirit world will be unified. Right-left, front- back, up-down. Father can evaluate everyone as soon as he meets them. Satanic people are slanted. They cannot disguise themselves. 1,000 fallen people will have 1,000 different lines. So they are most difficult to work with. In spirit world they should be thrown into a pot and melted down to become one.

America is now elder son. The elder son caused the fall. If Cain had not killed Abel, then celibates could have gone into Kingdom of God at that time. Salvation means to open the road of love, or to cultivate the true love way.

True Love first applies to concept of husband and wife, not parent and child. If Cain had not killed Abel, their children who were celibate could have been saved. That was an issue of God's direct intervention. Because Cain and Abel were the first ancestors after the fall. But Cain killed Abel.

True love is the shortest and fastest line. It is faster than light. Think and you are there. True love: with it you have the power to recreate the entire cosmos which God created. So a man of true love is like God. He is almighty and can experience everything like God. Father knows this, but cut it off so as to focus on the physical world standard. Without even praying, Father has the confidence to cut off the satanic world. (Something about shutting off spirit world and this power?) But now is the end of the world. So he is encroaching upon the subject of spirit world.

The fall made the body a rival to the mind. The division starts in myself. We should have one mind, absolute. Devotees of any religion cannot break free of the boundaries of that religion, even in thousands of years. Father has to break them down. He is the first one to create the ideology of true love. Father liberates God, not the other way around.

This truth has been sought since the fall. But it is now being revealed for the first time. So this will create a revolution in the spirit world and physical world. You've heard of the 8 stage ceremony. Through True Father, the owner was replaced; it is Father now, not God or Satan. Father will draw the final line dividing the satanic world from the good world. Then Father will go to spirit world and create the revolution.

The spirit world is watching us 24 hours a day. We often separate our life and culture from Father's. What a tense and serious situation you are in. Eating, sleeping, coming and going, don't make one step mistake. Each step is measured, and it takes you to God or Satan. It is recorded forever. Whatever Father does, Father sanctifies with holy salt or blowing three times, wherever he sits or walks. Just like Jesus blew his spirit upon his disciples. From now on whatever you do, use holy salt or blowing. You have to be clean and pure. Don't get stained. Satan is always around to penetrate you.

Satan is your ancestor, so we have to cut off the lineage. Cut it away, 360 degrees. Create the defense line. If Mother were against the Divine Principle way, Father's body would turn against her, saying get behind me Satan. Immediately. She doesn't but if she did, Father would. Father has always lived this way. So no matter how lavish a banquet you attend, do not be stained by it. But our life has been zigzag. Even in prison, Father followed the absolute standard. Even when he was being tortured, his mind and standard did not change. He protected himself, as if with a bullet- proof vest. Even if you have not been principled, you can start from now. Even be not affected by fundraising in a bar. Then you can immediately judge the spirit world.

If we want to reach that goal most quickly, give away your material wealth; somehow comply with the beat of the spirit world. If Father really reveals the spirit world in detail, it will be too much. It is infinite and complicated. But just remember the true love concept. Let's examine our lives. How many times does a couple really tell the truth to each other? How often to you conceal?

Do you love your children? Don't you check them when you arrive home and they are sleeping? Where do they come from? They come from your love organ. So you should love your love organs more than you do your children. This is amazing truth. People in the secular world consider the sexual organ the worst. But only when we start loving our sexual organ most can we love others. That means that more than you kiss your children, you have to take care of your love organ. When a husband comes home, his wife shouldn't say, go take a shower. The children can go in while he is taking the shower. The wife should be like them, and kiss him even though he is smelly. Children don't mind if their father is smelly.

How difficult it is to kiss your love organ. Use your hand to kiss your love organ. It means a hand kiss, touching it with your hand. Don't skip even one single day. We are talking about fidelity between man and woman. Fidelity should have a purpose. Man's purpose is the vertical line, and woman's purpose is creating the daily life. With that understanding you use your hand to touch spouse's five sense organs, then the sexual organ. When doing it, you should be happy. Four organs are on the face, then hug to mobilize sense of touch, using all five organs. From today on, set your clock and do this everyday until you die.

No matter how tired you are, if your spouse approaches you like that, don't brush them away. Carry your wife's handkerchief in your wallet, and when you think of her, kiss your wallet. Keep at least three strands of her hair. Look at them and kiss them when you miss her. Before you are tempted by another woman, take out your wallet and look at your wife's hair. To protect ourselves takes that much effort, to pass into the spirit world intact. Then in spirit world your spouse will be grateful to you and grateful to Father for teaching this. Temptation may come from any angle, so protect yourself. If your wife is not home, sleep with her pillow. You can wet it with your tears, or dance with it all night. Then if she finds out this, she will be grateful to you. She may even bow down to the pillow. It will be her pride.

God and True Father are the vertical subject and master, and the husband is horizontal master.

In your bedroom, when you take off your clothes to sleep, the husband's are hung on the right, and are piled on top. That is the order. The wife's clothes are never on top. This is the principled way of life. The wife walks on the left or behind. Fallen women do not pass this test. They try to show off in front of men with their hips and breasts.

In a bar, a woman sits next to a stranger and orders her own or his drink. She starts talking. This is common, but we shouldn't do this. It is a violation of order, like your mouth moving to your eyes' position. It violates order, like your nose upside down, collecting rain water. Only through order is freedom guaranteed.

This is the Completed Testament Age, the time of absolute faith, love and obedience. By this we can live in the Kingdom of God. Father's words are like the heavenly constitution. Once you are in spirit world, no matter how loudly you call Father and ask him to recognize you, it doesn't work. You have to follow the order. Father has his responsibility, to organize the entire cosmos. What we receive from Father is priceless, so it makes us infinitely indebted. You all want help from Father. But if you are truly on the front line, you needn't seek his help but it will come to you.

Why did you come here this morning? For your own sake? Or for God and the universe? When you go back, you have to share this with your members. Each part of the tree has the same value. You give the same quality message to our members that Father gives you.

Il Shim -- one mind, Il Shin -- one body, husband and wife, Il Chae -- one essence, oneness of God and man. Male God is man, female God is woman. When they become one, they resemble God. Only through those three can we form a sphere. Have not two minds. The love color, smell, taste etc. is all one. If one cell is considered by itself, it contains that one smell, color, taste, sound, etc.

America = elder son, which has two lineages combined. America's two lineages are Korea and Japanese. You may receive different directions from each. Also you should want to alleviate the burdens of both.

We should live with four nations in harmony. Korea, Japan, America and undeveloped nations. The elder son is in a way in an archangel position. He should unite all the other children and bring them to the mother. Then the father nation sets up true father, teacher and king.

In Eden we lost parents and elder son and second son. When the elder son unites the other sons, and comes together to the mother, from the parents' eyes, they notice the younger ones, and still the elder should cooperate and help them. The elder son is the restored Abel position. Through his restoration, the younger ones are restored. This eliminates the elder-younger concept.

Father will build condominiums with four types of apartments, for father, mother, elder son and younger son. It will take three years to create absolute unity and harmony. Even the parents have to obey if the children unite around an idea. We must reach the level that centering on True Parents' love, we are totally one. Then we can enter the kingdom. To restore elder sonship, act as a servant of servants. Love your enemies (enemy nations) as a servant. So the responsibility of the elder son is critical. You are securing the realm of sovereignty which Jesus sought when he was on earth. Then America can become the kingdom of God.

We still have family level restoration through indemnity. By setting up this family of nations, the children will automatically respect and love each other. The children are the seed of the new heaven, they are the ones who really create and settle the kingdom of heaven. This way the Unification tribe will emerge. Intermarriage of those four groups of children. Then the boundary will expand beyond the four nations; there will be freedom. Children trained in that environment do not need much to go to heaven in the spirit world.

No one can demand white skinned relatives. That mentality cannot build the kingdom of God. Skin colors appeared due to climate. White race descended from polar bears. You have narrow long noses to filter cold weather. The bone structure, flesh and blood is the same. The only difference is the surface color. Discriminators will turn into the color they consider the worst. Watch out the most for arrogance in this world. This was sown by Satan.

The physical world will gradually resemble the spirit world, the automatic delivery of things. Father was speaking about this 50 years ago, like Internet and video conferencing. Don't you think God wants True Parents to enjoy the highest peak of technology? That is why technology has developed so much in Father's lifetime.

No one can solve youth and family problems, despite the high tech. Free sex, homosexuality. We can create a world without divorce. Divorce and free sex are crimes, also dancing and sleeping with another's spouse. It belongs to Satan. So True Parents come to cut it off. Think of how precious the Unification Church is. If we want to judge or destroy this world, we could, but we are instead offering true love to save them.

The whites could be the last coming to the kingdom. The knowledgeable will be shamed by the ignorant.

Father chose America as elder son because of the relationship between Adam-Korea, Eve-Japan and America the archangel. America is the son of England. In order to reach completion, we need the growth stage of Christianity. This is represented by America. That is why America was chosen as elder son nation. The first Israel foundation is necessary, too.

Japan's role could have been fulfilled by England. Japan has 8 million gods. But Great Britain is a Christian country.

If Japan fails, three daughter nations from among Taiwan, the Philippines and Canada. Great Britain is the younger sister of Japan, so Canada is a younger sister of Great Britain and daughter of Japan. During World War II, the Philippines was occupied by America. Three Christian daughter nations. America should lead this campaign. We should support the daughter nations so that they can support Japan, and then all should support Korea.

America has been supporting many nations. God has helped the USA stay a part of . . .

The USA should support the 3 daughters. Clinton should support the re-unification of Korea. Clinton is enemy of Father and of many things. But if he helps the unification of Korea, he will be a good president. Banks should go empty to help the fatherland survive. If Korea falls economically, so too will America and Japan. So Korea has nothing to do other than follow Father's direction to do Hoon Dok Hae. Then spirit world will work and the economy will be improved and saved.

Blessed couples will move to Korea through Hoon Dok Hae. It will bring wealth to Korea. Then the IMF (International Monitory Fund) crisis will disappear. Instead, wealthy Koreans are trying to escape, while Unificationists are arriving. What if Father says to liquidate your assets and move to Korea? Once Korea is full, the overflow will go to Japan. Next, America, then to the rest of the world. This will be a dramatic change. America is a nation of immigrants.

Through the United Nations, the Unification Church should be recognized as the best solution to the problem of free sex and AIDS. But the UN has no sovereignty. The UN should establish the PLA (Pure Love Alliance) and YFWP (Youth Federation for World Peace). Then a central nation will be formed.

America's holiday should become True Parents Day, and the UN should make it a world holiday. This will lead to one world under God. Create a more internal, spiritual emphasis at the UN. Not following the secular world, rather, following the mind.

Do we not need to revive the fundraising in America? When Rev. Kamiyama dealt with America, we raised much more than we needed, with our bare hands. To fulfill elder sonship, we need to raise enough funds for all Unificationist projects in America. Father has been doing it until now. But America should.

Father toured America as soon as he arrived here. You do revivals in every state, in Christian churches with Christian ministers. Become more famous than Falwell and Graham, centering on Hoon Dok Hae. Father selected 120 speeches, for every occasion. If we have 1,000 Unification Church leaders in one state, doing Hoon Dok Hae, won't the state be changed?

[Father brings in six sets of books with 10 speeches in each.]

Each one can sustain a fifty state tour. This will be the mission of State Leaders who are UTS (Unification Theological Seminary) graduates. These people will become government leaders by popular support, since America is a Christian culture nation.

Plus we have to do a fundraising campaign. Each state will be responsible for an amount based on its number of blessed couples.

Father wants to see our youth go to UTS and be the leaders of this campaign. Christian youth should become leaders of this campaign. Non-UTS graduates should enter UTS this September. There are 29 such in the room. You all join UTS this September. The new UTS grads take their positions, no matter what nationality. This means all Unification Church leaders must be UTS graduates. This gives you a worldwide outreach.

Father is thinking to establish a theological seminary elsewhere. Then UTS will be only for Ph.D. studies. Then the Ph.D. grads will be trained for fishing around the world. Then you automatically become the owner.

The structure of the USA movement will develop. We have to establish the absolute family settlement in this age. We are in the position to lead the world's families. American leaders can be educated by Korean and Japanese leaders, then you can educate the entire world. This is your position, like it or not. Even if Japanese walk like crabs, you have to take shorter steps. If your mother hits you, you still follow her. And Korean leaders are the most stubborn in the world, but you have to unite with them, even if they are difficult. You can do it because you understand the spirit world teachings now.

Only Rev. Moon can solve the racial and youth problems in America.

Jesus could not be blessed, so Father is working with him. They are connected to each other. By this, the Christian world will take a quantum leap. For this, all of America must be mobilized.

Only international couples will be leaders, with Korean, Japanese and American: husbands with Japanese wives, Japanese with Korean or American wives. That is the ideal condition. This is the principled way. These couples are like spring water coming out of the bedrock. It will form a new river with the water of life. No matter what opposition comes from the American government, this country is the land of freedom for religion. Anyone can claim they are the messiah, the family messiah, the tribal messiah, etc. Even Jesus wants you to be greater than him. So the book of Romans says that with Christ we will become kings.

The Second Advent means the word of True Parents. But the Christian world rejected me. Have we really had absolute faith in Father? Or have we doubted? When Father started his worldwide mission, he never doubted. So many came and went, but Father was never shaken. He has had one goal all the way. Father prepared everything necessary for us to be able to deal with top nations, such as the Universal Ballet. Look at the reviews; they said the UBC (Universal Ballet Company) put the other companies to shame.

The Il Hwa Soccer team won the championship of Korea for three straight years. They also won the Asian and African championships, and defeated top teams in South America. How about a competition between the Unification Church and traditional Christianity? Who is winning? We are. At the start, they thought we were a fly, to be brushed away. But now they welcome us as a bee which has honey. We feed them with honey but have the sting of truth. They need the honey, so they will raise honey bees all over the world. You are kings of honeybees.

Hallelujah means win victory everyday.

Dr. Sang Hun Lee offered the most prayer in his life and offered a great deal. He never tried to show off his intelligence. He offered his pure, humble heart. Because of that, Father gave him the VOC (Victory Over Communism) and UT (Unification Thought) mission. When President Eu first read Father's handwritten Divine Principle, he burst into tears. Dr. Lee was like him. President Eu's cousin was a Communist, genius, and medical student. When President Eu read him Divine Principle, the cousin praised it so much and decided to join and move in. They decided that President Eu would join and would move in, and the cousin would write a letter of pledge.

At the close of the workshop, Mr. Eu was invited to be the president of the church. Father said he should lecture every day. If no audience, then Father would listen and offer critiques. When we give lectures, include spirit world with the audience. Even if you are alone, shed sweat, with all your feeling expressed in tears. How serious it is to get rid of sin in this evil world.

So Dr. Lee is offering this report to Father. Without God's permission, he could not fulfill it. It is special, according to God's direction. He submitted everything for Father's approval.

From now, keep in mind the vertical axis connecting spirit world and physical world. Read pledges five and six. They lead to the last two. Because of one moment's mistake, history has gone in the wrong direction. Finally comes the fulfillment of pledge number 8 establishing the original family through absolute faith, love and obedience, to secure the realm of liberation of the kingdom of God on earth and in heaven. Then all the family problems will be solved. We should strive for family salvation, not just individual.

We liberate the heart of God and Jesus and on that foundation build our family. We are not a normal Christian church. Based upon principle, we have to clean up the secular families. Until June 13 we have to do our best to establish our own family and tribal messiahship, even connecting to the national level.

This time will not be here forever. This vast land of America does not have many people who truly understand the Blessing. They don't know the Completed Testament Age or Completed Testament word. Even if it takes thousands of readings of Hoon Dok Hae, make sure we manifest it in our daily lives. This will impact our environment, and attract people of conscience. You will attract them like a lighthouse. Even insects are attracted by the light. If you live even far from East Garden, you should have the heart to travel to meet Father. I came to see you, instead. You should come out of that level. How many have been murdered? We have to inherit those martyrs' hearts, telling them that you will carry their heart with you to visit the Lord of the Second Advent.

I may put you through tough training in Japan. Father extends a rope to you, but if I cut it off, you will be blown away. Father needn't stay in America. You are not ordinary Unification Church members. We have a long way to go. There is a big distance between hell on earth and the kingdom of God in spirit world. The only way is to cut it off.

The major faiths urged people to leave home and live alone. But we encourage marriage. This is the road of the king of kings. In place of Father's children, Father is giving the blood lineage through the blessing. Cleaning up the mistakes of blessed couples. Wherever you go, do Hoon Dok Hae, more than Father. Keep reading the word of God, and connect with the place and time he originally gave it. Father and Mother read the recent tour speeches seven to ten times a day. Like a blacksmith hammering a metal into shape. This prepares us to receive Father's directions.

These days, some members are dozing. We have many different ways of thinking. But even the fish in a river move according to the temperature of the water. Do you feel the kingdom of heaven? So believe this spirit world testimony 100%. Convey it to your members. If you reduce it, that amount will count against you in spirit world. Dr. Lee gave the truth. If we doubt it, it is our responsibility. Memorize it. Taste the spiritual life, but you don't know how.

If we are spiritual, we can immediately sense something immoral. A crystal clear valley is where is there is a good church. Treat such people well. Prepare some money so you can offer lunch. Even if you meet such a spiritual person while taking your child to the hospital, give them alms before you spend on your children. Then your container will become bigger, able to hold more. In that absolute state, Satan will surrender.

If you leave, someone like you but better than you will join. The subjective love will create the objective love to appear. So I will chase you out. I don't want you in a small lagoon, but sent out to the five oceans. Americans may be sent to Japan, Korea, China and Russia, the back again. You have to put your heart into it.

Father can live an easy life at East Garden. Many want to meet him and serve him. If I go to South America, I have to work hard. But in six months, South America has the same foundation or more than North America in terms of high level contacts. They have the Foundation to Save the New Nation for World Peace. God will never lose. If America does not fulfill, we will be swept up by the tide. Do you believe that your faith is absolute? If not, it is a serious problem.

If we pioneer, you have to set a goal to restore the village. After 21 years in America from the position that America wanted to kick me out, America now wants Father to stay here. It is the time to meet and move the big denominations.

We need a new tradition: Hoon Dok Hae and understanding of spirit world. The world of the archangel should be revealed at the end. Dr. Lee is in the position of archangel in front of True Father. The archangel knew how Adam and Eve were created. He was doing errands for God at the time. We do not know his world, but he knows ours. We must know the spirit world inside and out in order to order it. We need to know how to get out of hell, and to go from heaven to witnessing in hell. If your grandpa is in hell, don't you want to go there and bring him out?

Father is blessing marriages in the spirit world. Heung Jin Nim's family and Jesus' family should live together in the same house. True Parents can choose Jesus' child, approved by God. As God gave Adam the right to name things. Father is the most wonderful and yet most fearful teacher in the world. We are his enemy but he is saving us from hell.

In reality, Father has many enemies, but he forgets them. God is that way too. Think of His pain and suffering. You have missions in America and live here, don't you? America should have taken the initiative after World War II, but didn't. Still Father is helping them. Converting it to the elder son on God's side. This was the import of the April 17 declaration in the prayer. We do not have the father nation restored yet. We need to even if we have to sell all of Japan and America. This is why Korea is for sale now, lacking political, economic and religious power.

So Father's influence is appearing through the Little Angels' trip to North Korea. This on the heels of the Universal Ballet triumph in America. The UBC in America opened doors to North Korea, China and Russia, because they put True Parents' names out front. The WCSF (World Culture and Sports Festival) includes such, centering on the Blessing.

Instructions April 27, 1998 American Leaders Conference

1. Among American leaders, all who did not graduate from UTS must study there.

2. Grand renovation of the Unification movement structure.

3. Knowing the reality of life in spirit world and the completion of earthly life, complete our earthly life. That will help spirit world be completed.

4. Keep the Hoon Dok Hae tradition on the absolute level.

5. The launching of the nationwide revival meeting in Christian churches.

6. Era of the settlement of the blessed couples, spiritually and physically.

7. Completion of blessing and eradication of the satanic lineage. Make holy candy and give to pregnant women, for the fetus, and children, in the rebirth and resurrection ceremonies. When they reach marriage, that is the ceremony of eternal life. We can stop cars on the highway and give it to everyone. Don't miss anyone. For three years we have to do it. Then the world can be claimed as the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

8. This is the time of revolution in spirit world and physical world. We must deny the existing satanic world and establish the heavenly world.

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