The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1998

Gate of True Love

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Belvedere International Training Center
April 19, 1998
Translator: Rev. Peter Kim Unofficial Notes: Dr. Tyler Hendricks

(The following is Dr. Tyler Hendricks' unofficial transcription of Father's speeches given April 19.)
{Hoon Dok Hae: Reading from Dr. Sang Hun Lee's new book of teachings from the spirit world.}

If you really understand spirit world, you will be so scared. But if you live as a Unificationist and do not make mistakes, you will be with God in spirit world.

[Father draws a chart, a big "X" with a horizontal line through the middle. On the left of the crossing point is physical world, on the right is spirit world. The crossing point of the X is the gate.] This is a gate, a gate of love. Can you form a gate of love by yourself? No, it takes two, a man and woman, a father and mother. We must realize that we have evil, fallen parents. From evil parents, evil love, life and lineage were generated. Evil conscience, too. This is the first thing we should realize.

The fallen world should never have existed, nor the fallen spirit world. We must deny it, therefore, and root it out. Because of the fall, the fallen spirit world exists. To erase it, we must cut it off and go through the gate.

Compare the world with a tree. Fallen humanity is a huge evil tree. It has roots, trunk, branches representing nations, and buds. We must remember that we are descendents of fallen ancestors, that is a absolutely essential to know. Then realize how much suffering and agony God has experienced throughout human history.

Originally, humankind was to have begun from good parents' love, life, lineage and conscience. But the fall stopped this. The origin still exists, God, but He is in a prison cell, surrounded by Satan. God has no room to move. Everything was taken by Satan. The providence of restoration through various religions also created suffering for God. Religions always conflicted with satanic governments. God suffered with all the religious people. Whose fault was it?

Satan challenges God by saying, "Adam fell, so why don't you put me as your son? Then you don't have to deal with this providence of restoration." How should God answer? He answers that there has to be the right order between heaven and earth. Hell is to turn the creation upside down, to engineer a disordered creation. When Satan challenges God, if God responds to him then heaven becomes hell and hell heaven, and God is an upside down God.

In that case, Satan would be the king of heaven and God the king of hell. And still He will not be free of suffering and agony. Therefore, God cannot give Satan that position.

Now for the first time God is challenging Satan, saying "Will I be comfortable and free if I go to your domain?" Satan has to say, no. Then God says, "Can you get rid of your evil mind and thinking?" But even if God were to go to hell, the spirits in hell would understand His heart, and rebel against Satan. So God tells Satan that He knows the destiny of the universe and of Satan as well, so He is going to clean it all up. God says, "Satan, you know your original purpose and position, so you should return to it." So, we need restoration.

Indemnity is to go the way 100% opposite the fall. All the sins and crimes of history are included in the evil tree. A beautiful woman's hair is a few stalks of the evil empire. America is a big branch. Does America exist in God's original ideal? No nation of the fallen world exists in the ideal world. They all belong to the evil tree.

Originally there was to have been a good tree. To restore the evil tree, the original ancestor has to go through the gate of love. The child who is born through the gate of true love is the Messiah. He is the true ancestor, denying the whole world. He has true life, love, lineage and conscience. Without that position, there is no place God can stand. Without the Messiah, there is no object position for God in this world. And God cannot fulfill love by Himself.

God created love, but He cannot achieve the goal of love by Himself. God's children resemble God, and God resembles His children. Spirit world and God are invisible, but in creating the physical world, God created His own image manifested in the world. The purpose of Adam and Eve is to be the substantial form of God. When Adam and Eve become one with God through love, in the spirit world, the invisible God

The physical world is one of substantial forms; therefore, God has to use a body to reveal Himself as our Parent. Unless we see God substantially, we cannot have full joy. We need to see God as our parents.

The marriage of Adam and Eve is God's marriage. When they become one in love, they start producing children. Man is only half a human being, and woman is the other half. By what can they unite? By the sexual organ, concave and convex. Through that organ, we must become one. What is the central force bringing them together? It is the pipeline of love, life, lineage and conscience. This will remain as truth forever. If a wife hangs on to her husband's love organ, she is connected to the entire universe up to God, the pipeline of love, life, lineage and conscience. It has that much value. And this applies to the woman's as well. Because the entire universe is connected to this pipeline.

The universe exists as a pair system. All creation exists as the pair system. All of it contains a refraction of the love, life, lineage and conscience of God. To embrace your spouse is to embrace the entire universe. Heaven and earth is in your arms. All the female and male elements are represented. All the animals as well.

Everything exists as plus and minus. Eventually the lower is absorbed by the higher. The essence of all the elements of all the levels are concentrated in the human beings' love organ. All creation is longing for it and working to fulfill God's love. They want to be embraced in God's realm of love. So if a true husband and wife dance, the whole universe dances. Do fallen world couples know this? (No.) Do Unification Church couples? (Yes.) We are that different. My five organs are all focused on this.

So man has to sacrifice to fulfill God's love, by the spirit of true love, to invest and invest and forget and invest again. Under that concept, God and man are unified and equal. If we reach that standard, then the original God dwells within us. But it was lost. The plus-minus form was lost.

When God dwells in Adam, whatever Adam names things, that is what God calls them. Adam and Eve can dwell in their minds. As they grow they finally meet at the center, where the vertical line meets their horizontal love. That meeting is their blessing, their marriage.

Once that marriage takes place, everything becomes one at the center. The distance in every direction is the same from the center. God, and Adam and Eve are at home. Their bodies will be as the flesh of one being. The vertical line comes down and spawns the horizontal development. That is the multiplication of children. God husband wife and children all require each other. God needs children as husband needs wife. This is the three object purpose.

If we divide the globe into twelve parts, each should be equal. The center represents the number 7, with 6 directions going out. Then all together it equals 8, and this is the new start. This is the center of the universe. The family is the nucleus of the nation, world and universe. The connecting point of every level must be 90 degrees.

When you look at a man, there is a vertical line from forehead to the love organ. It ends at the center of the body, the love organ, where new life begins. Then why does free sex exist? Why is there divorce and living alone? What of contractual marriage? These are symptoms of the Last Days. Without True Parents, humanity will destroy itself. But God cannot allow this. Thus His suffering, His suffocating feeling. God cannot take revenge. He has to forget everything. He cannot release stress with violence, as human beings do.

But God loves Satan more than He did Adam, in order to end Satan's accusation. This is necessary for us to be responsible. Children argue with each other, but the blame and criticism is taken by God and the parents. The servants and children should not fight. If they do, it is because Abel did not sacrifice. Religions exist in order to sacrifice. The Blessing of 360 million couples represents their culmination by an offering of surrender to God's will. Rev. Moon will be seen as the king of each family, the king of kings and also as the elder son. The elder son position is that of Jesus, who could not marry.

Does God have a mind-body conflict?

Without God's love, there is no multiplication. Even for insects and plants -- God dwells in them as universal prime force. Every leaf on the tree is different, like different personalities. They are harmonized by true love. There is nothing hidden, no falsehood in true love. In the spirit world everything is revealed.

How fast the world would develop if we could see God without physical eyes. Adam and Eve were to become perfect, but became dry. How many of God's champions were sacrificed on the evil tree of humanity? How many evils were committed? Why has God waited so long to give His judgement? Why couldn't God destroy Adam and Eve? It is because God created centered on absolute love. Without absolute love, there can be no peace. Some Christians who do prayer vigils all night, for the Lord to come, call Rev. Moon a false Messiah. But the 'false" messiah is prospering and their prayer is not being answered. Rev. Moon has hundreds of thousands of core followers, and there are billions of Christians who believe the Lord is coming on the clouds. This prophecy existed at the time of Jesus, too. Now, what does cloud mean? An airplane!

Since Father cannot be in your home everyday, as you say you desire, offer me the money you would have spent on my meals, and I will use it to feed the starving people. Think of those on earth today who cannot see True Parents. How many years are you willing to serve Father? (Forever.) It should be at least 40 years. It's like a family level wilderness course. Once we have sovereignty, you have to invite and serve True Parents. Since Father declared the settlement of True Parents, we have to sacrifice ourselves and make money and offer it. This is the time to do that. Instead of selling everything, if you have 8 family members, and each, instead of actually attending True Parents, each of the 8 should save a portion to support three more people. In that way you will serve True Parents. That money will build heavenly sovereignty.

The Old Testament concerned the restoration of things, the New Testament restored children, and the Completed Testament deals with the restoration of everything, to build the nation, as with the return of the Israelites to Canaan. With no nation you have no hometown and no parents to serve.

The fallen world reaches only the growth stage. There is no true nation. Nothing without true love can exist forever. All will fall. To eliminate the evil world, we begin with true love. We disappear from Satan's side and re-appear on God's side. This comes through sacrificial life. There is a great distance between us and heaven. Spirit world sent Dr. Lee there early, to educate us.

In spirit world as the physical, Christians deny the truth. Dr. Lee is educating the Christians. We must restore them in spirit world and on earth. Now they do not resist strongly. We can teach them with Dr. Lee's book. Now we can push them, after the 40 years wilderness course. Once the gate is open, whoever opposes is only damaging themselves. They opposed Father even 40 years ago when he revealed the truth about spirit world, they resisted. But once they realize the meaning of true love, life lineage and conscience, we can clean up this world.

1. Lineage; 2. Environment; 3. Sovereignty. Have you secured the blood lineage change? After the blessing, you need a seven year course. Once we achieve sovereignty, you will have another 7 years course, on the national level. When we have sovereignty, we must take 7 years, like Father between 1960 and 1968, to establish our own holy days. We lost God, parents, children and all things. These must be restored. Each blessed couple is required to establish their own holy days for the sake of settlement.

On April 17, Father declared to heaven and earth that Korea is the father, Japan the mother and America the elder son. Centering on love uniting the three nations, Father declared the position of the three nations. Now Satan has no right over them. They were fighting over things and people. Korean had plus side wealth and Japan and America minus side wealth. Now Korea has nothing, no economics, no politics. It is at the zero point. Now God's plus can be connected.

Mother and son should unite to help the father. If Korea falls, then the US and world economy will go down. The Old Testament was sacrifice of things, New Testament is children, Completed Testament is parents. To recreate all this, the father gives the word of God. Once Korea, Japan and America become one, the whole world can be united. Russia and China will follow. Each of the three can claim the other, and the triple object purpose is fulfilled. If Japan fails, the three daughters can take over, Canada, Taiwan and the Philippines.

No matter how much Christianity opposes, we are vertically and horizontally connected, and everything will be connected to True Parents. That's why the Hoon Dok Hae speaking tour should be carried out around the world, even in the small villages.

Father couldn't sleep at all last night, because directions were coming from spirit world. So at 3 a.m. he called one leader and told him to work on the unification of white churches, black churches, other faiths, Muslims, and all religions, and he gave detailed directions. It should be completed three weeks before June 13. This will restore what was lost by opposition of Christianity at the end of World War II. Christianity should be the spearhead for this goal. America representing the bride, Christianity, is being blessed by Father to restore Christianity. It is the archangel nation moving into the form of a couple. If America is Adam, then Canada is Eve. Australia is also connected to England -- Canada, Australia and England can be a trinity. We can form a format to restore what was lost at end of World War II.

Centering on Korea, we can unite the peninsula nations, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and India in Asia. All the continents actually are islands. A peninsula is convex, the ocean is concave, like the love organs. The Italian peninsula has ruled that area for thousands of years. Its shape is that of a male love organ.

The faulty operation of all your five senses results from the fall. Their perceptions are skewed. In the last days, there is illicit love as there was in the Garden. It will be rampant. God Himself cannot eliminate this; only True Father can. Since America is the elder son, if she receives the blessing and proclaims that the world should receive the blessing, then the entire world can be restored at once, in six months, because we have the foundation.

In spirit world there is no multiplication. When husband and wife make love there is radiant light. The person who watches is inspired, as Dr. Lee tells us.

The first step is the unity of mind and body. To resemble God, mind and body must be united. Secure the true love lineage. Perfected man and woman, then, come down and they realize true love and become one with God. Radiant light will come down. That is our ultimate destiny, the position we must restore. Marriage is like half of myself and the other half of myself becoming one. Also, human beings are as half with God as the other half, and they too become one. This is the big plus and minus. Before the body does, the mind should receive unification with god. Then God can never leave. With God in you, you will have true life and lineage, and naturally you will have true children. Then you can create the kingdom of God. Such a couple secures 360 degrees of space, which can be expanded to fill the universe.

Purpose of creation:

#1. To make substantial the form of God,
#2. The perfection of love partner, from which you cannot separate forever,
#3. To multiply children.

Think of yourself that way: I am God's body, I am God's love partner, I must multiply children. The gate of love is the position of the true love of Adam and Eve. There we find the subject-object relationship, the three object purpose, the four position foundation, everything, even the universal prime energy.

You are part of God, so before we absorb elements, we have to give our love first. Even the speech, "Blessed Marriage and Eternal Life," explains that we have first our physical parents, our second parent, the earth, and then the third parents in the spirit world. We have no self there; everything belongs to God.

We are the result of the sperm and egg of our parents. Nothing belongs to us. The vertical teachings of filial piety, patriotism, sainthood and divinity stem from this fact. America lacks this, therefore it will fade away. The legal structure will have to be renewed, involving the equalization of race. Even a Harvard Ph.D. who has a husband with no education, but has a higher level of heart, she has to serve him. She should have no arrogance. Is God concerned about pride or privacy? Look at Father. He is a successful man in every field. He has every right to be arrogant. But Father knows God completely, so he has no anger, but only love for America. Who loves the entire two continents, North as well as South America? True Father. So who is higher, George Washington or True Parents? True Parents. In the spirit world, George Washington will bow down to True Parents.

In our own life of faith how often have we doubted Father's way of doing things? When Father brings in oriental leaders, you complain. You ask why Father cannot use us, who know American culture? America should be more humble in front of God. Parents become the servants of their baby. Are you indebted to True Parents? Materially? Yes, but you are indebted in true love mainly. When parents raise their children, they suffer but forget.

Belvedere belongs to America, not to Father. Father guided the purchasing of properties for the sake of America. We pay taxes of $1 million every year for our Tarrytown properties. When Father leaves, you will have to maintain them and keep the heavenly tradition. They cannot be exchanged for America. People will come to Belvedere to see where Father spoke, not caring about the rest of America. So how wealthy Belvedere's owner will become! We are responsible to restore this precious property. If Father subsidizes this, America will decline. America should provide one-third of the expense in South America. As a younger brother, you should support your elder brother (North America being Protestant, the younger brother, and South America Roman Catholic, the elder brother). This will restore Europe. That is why Father is making effort in South America.

Every being belonging to the evil world should go through the gate of true love. To do that we should deny the world. As an American, forget about your skin color and the school you graduated from. Empty your brain and fill it with a new concepts. There is no room to think about anything else. Then we can inherit God's love, life, lineage and conscience. That way, we can be engrafted into True Parents' lineage and family, and become one.

To engraft, we need absolute faith, love and obedience. This is our lifelong motto. There is no concept except for absolute faith love and obedience to God, because God created the universe on this ethic. We are omega and God is alpha. On this foundation God created the universe by investing Himself constantly. The commandment to Adam was absolute faith, love and obedience. Without that on earth, we cannot remove satanic concepts from our mind in spirit world.

Man is created to join the spirit world after death. But there is no re-creation process there. We can correct ourselves only in the physical world. It can be done again and again on earth. In the spirit world, it cannot take place, because it is the world for ripe fruit. If you visit spirit world, you see these separate zones of religions. Only beings radiant with true love can penetrate those zones and unite them.

We are truly blessed to have this detail for our lives in the physical world. As perfected husband and wife, we can conquer heaven and earth. Woman wants to occupy all of the man's world. That purpose makes conflict. Make harmony, then both can occupy God. True love can make that power. There are more complex contents, but we do not need to know all the details.

Adam and Eve don't recall know what caused the fall. Abraham and Noah are not clear about much. But from the perspective of history, Father has clarified everything. He has explained the gates of Adam's family, Noah's family, Abraham's family and onward, so he is telling them what to do. This is the railroad of true love, established by True Parents. So, study Divine Principle and keep the Hoon Dok Hae tradition in your family, nation and even the spirit world. Once the 360 million couples blessing is completed, Father can inform God that since Father accomplished what God wanted throughout history, please break down the walls in the spirit world so that we can educate them all at once. Then they can learn what we are learning here. Centering on True Parents, true love, life and lineage, and true conscience. It doesn't take much time once one receives blessing. Then there will be order, generation after generation.

According to the level of your life in relation to your original mind, your position will be determined in the spirit world. So become an absolute couple, with wife and husband representing True Parents, becoming part of True Parents, a second True Parents. If you are spiritually distant from True Parents on earth, it may be ten times wider in spirit world. A balloon reaches its given altitude based on the quality of the air inside. But think about God, whose own children were chased out.

Keep the Hoon Dok Hae tradition. We set it in Korea 18 cities, 12 in Japan, 16 in America. Mother represents 12, 12 months and gates. 16 represents the period of Jesus, thus 16 nations helped in the Korean War, and 160 members of the UN completed the UN. Then nation #161 was South Korea. Also, 160 is equivalent to 120. 4 X 4, or 3 X 4. So we are talking about securing 160 nations. Once we do 160, we can go on to 185. When the 124 couples blessing took place, the UN had 120 nations. In 1995, we sent 185 nations missionaries, and the UN had 185 nations.

Continually remind yourselves that you are descendents of evil love, life, lineage and conscience. Each fallen person is like the president of a satanic corporation. Your family, tribe and so forth are traveling with you. You pass through the gate together when you receive the blessing. As president of the satanic corporation, you carry all the burdens. If someone challenges you at the gate, you have to say I am carrying all the burden of this evil satanic world, but I have a passport of True Parents' true love. God cannot even intervene there. This is Adam's mission, not God's. Christianity believes but has no clarity.

What if Father tries to beat you out of the Unification Church with a baseball bat? Will you leave? No, because you know it is very difficult to return. But if you stay, your family will take your body to spirit. There was a struggle over Jesus' body. Similarly with yours.

Can you carry 180 families, one tribe, through the gate? Once you do, you can build the nation and world. The time has come for all your relatives to receive the blessing. No matter how incapable you may be, you are the owner by the fact that you are holding the title. It is a condition. Father made a declaration between God and Satan regarding the blessing conditions.

The rail of true love should be straight.

Do you want to register as citizens of the Kingdom? Then keep working on it day and night. Go out and proclaim True Parents in parks, streets and stations. Challenge the police and government that family breakdown and youth immorality can be corrected by True Parents. The tree goes through the gate by the roots first. The royal family is the center. The late Dr. Lee gave his testimony. He cannot come down easily. Do we unify the physical world centered on our own goals? No, only God's goals. Even if we have to be very direct about it and not compromise. Study Dr. Lee's book. If you truly think it is right, show you do with your action.

The spirit world is so vast that America disappears in it.

If black people develop heart, then all the white people will serve them in the spirit world. Kingdom of Heaven is a bright light place. So, black brothers work harder than whites and don't space out. You will end up in a higher position than whites in spirit world, ten times higher.

America has never understood Father. But Father is giving everything to restore this ignorant party. Now leaders of all religions are studying Father's words. We have old habits. Even the Belvedere tradition becomes an old habit. We forget 2/3 of what we learn after we leave Belvedere. Eating, sleeping, going and coming should be centered on God. Even when Father's son died, he just asked God, how can I offer this to you? Father always releases the first fish he catches everyday, no matter how big it is. Father wants to protect different species.

Sometimes Father feels God is his enemy. When God says the Blessing is coming, Father feels fearful. So Father doesn't want to pray, and he says that he must do it on his own, as Adam. Will you lose True Father, or consider him more valuable than a diamond mountain? Do American wives truly have absolute determination? Father has been deceived by you for many years. How can he trust you now? It is because we heard Dr. Lee's testimony and Father's teaching. So, show your hands if you will practice whatever it takes.

We can draw the analogy of being drafted and trained and ready to go to war, and having the train ticket go to the front line, and then the war ends. This ticket shows that you were part of the war, and gain that benefit, even though you didn't literally fight. Don't lose that ticket. Even today, we will hit the street and do the blessing. Completely deny the old ways, and cross the boundary line of true love on the rail. It can be established when we are connected to True Parents, with our family and tribe. You are Tribal Messiahs. You were told to go to your hometown. American culture has no concept of "tribe." Rather, it is a culture of extreme individualism. If you have no relatives, reach your friends and classmates. Without any choice, we have to go to spirit world someday. We are standing on the front line to march, and the heavenly urgency is behind us.

Father's life has been so busy. He has to go to South America again, even though he is pushing 80. Do you want Father to stay so that you can help him, or so that he can help you? If the latter, you are problem children. If parents have money, children want to receive it. After the parents die, the children fight over their wealth. That means that they wanted to take the wealth even before the parents died. Then, were they living their life for their parents before they died?

Father has established assets for the church and so forth. Leaders ask Father if they can sell the assets. Father bought many centers in America, but leaders have not appreciated them and members have not cared for them. No one truly understands Father's heart, even including Mother and children. If they see that he has money, they want to borrow it and use it for something else. We are educated in the democratic, free society. We want to spend available money on ourselves.

The Universal Ballet is getting good reviews. True Parents founded it. Why? Ballet dancers reach up high. The man lifts up the woman, meaning that man wants woman to reach the kingdom, telling her, "please connect with the heavenly bridegroom." But in original world, the restored husband will lift up his wife to that level. And it will not just be acting out kissing, but actual love-making, as Dr. Lee said.

In spirit world, we needn't worry about eating, sleeping and clothes. Everything is solved. How wonderful heaven is! There is nothing else than enjoying your life. A wife can lift up her husband with one finger, above her head, dancing about. During Swan Lake last night, Father was thinking that if he were the choreographer, he would have three on top of each other, not just two. Two men and one woman. How many attended the ballet? Did Father say to see it? (Yes.) You follow Father well on that kind of thing. But even if I don't tell you to go, you find some way to go. When you join the spirit world, you will face reality.

Do you want Father to Americanize? Why was Father imprisoned? For the sake of Christianity. Father knows that God worked for 6,000 years to establish the elder brother Christianity. But while Father was in prison, did he help us or did we help him? [Father helped us.]

White people wanted to stop this oriental man who warned America. Father can always praise people, but the true love way is to push and scold. At the Washington Times anniversary, Father warned that following its present direction, America is doomed to perish. He could have praised America. But America does not deserve the word, great. We have to be alert. Make a determination. We have to march forward to secure more blessings. Will you do that? (Yes.)

No matter what, Father was always straight with God. Father has been serious because he has known the reality of the spirit world. We just have to build ideal families. But you blessed couples are still better than those families in the secular world. In the 3.6 million couples campaign, you reached a pinnacle. For 360 million, do you want to go to the bottom? Do you want to be at the end of the line for the Blessing? Father granted the elder son's right to America. You must unite with Japan. In Adam's family, the elder son committed a crime. But the younger son restored the elder son's right. Now your responsibility is to unite with the mother Japan. Together you must restore Korea. We must completely deny this evil world, including our own name. Change your name. If it has a connection with Satan, don't you want to erase it? What was the color of Adam and Eve's skin? Where did they live? It must have been a tropical or semi-tropical area, because they ate fruit to live. Someone told Father they were black. It doesn't matter what or where. The white race descended from polar bears, hunters. Blacks descended from fruit-eaters. Asians relied on God because they farmed and needed rain. So the four major saints came from Asia. They relied on their sweat, not just eating fruit.

We have to wake up America. In place of True Parents, we have to go out and give them the blessing, because we know the value of the blessing. Dr. Lee testified to the value of the blessing, that by it he could travel anywhere in spirit world and communicate with God.

Dr. Lee's book will be published, and you should pay top dollar for it. Live based on that reality of spirit world. This plus Hoon Dok Hae material will show you the road to follow God's will. We raise our hands and pledge to do Hoon Dok Hae with our tribe, relatives, etc, which is a tong ban unit. Hence, tong ban kyok pa -- break through your neighborhood.

Please do not expect Father to return to America again. We have our agenda set. Father himself keeps this Hoon Dok Hae tradition. He read some parts hundreds of times, even though he knows them by heart. By reading over and over, Father tapped into the spirit and heart of the time in which he gave the message. Many times it was at a crossroads of life and death. Father wants to restore that level of determination. Mother said that after reading the same message repeatedly, she felt deeper inspiration. So she and Father read over and over.

Years ago it was pitch dark night. But the truth is bringing light. Remember the state of life and death with the original message. We do our best to tap into that level of heart. From tomorrow on, keep this Hoon Dok Hae tradition in your home. Also, church and national level Hoon Dok Hae will be conducted. This is not Father's talking; it is the central teaching of God. We have to unite with it and secure the settlement of our family. The completed testament text is the Hoon Dok Hae material. We must fill ourselves with it before we go to spirit world.

The responsibility of elder son nation of America is to revive and restore Christianity.

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