The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1998

Excerpts for talks on April 16 and 17, 1998

Reverend Sun Myung Moon

Here are excerpts from Father's recent speeches. In the excerpt from April 16. Father spoke entirely in English with no translation, while we were waiting for True Mother to arrive from Toronto. Her arrival was delayed several hours by fog. The final set of excerpts is from the sermon given on April 17, the translator was Rev. Peter Kim. I regret that my notes are very partial.

April 16 at East Garden

American Christianity completely lost its direction and declined because they rejected True Parents. Now we must revitalize American Christianity. Because Christians stood against me, God lost everything. I had to re-indemnify it during the 40 years, and God and spirit world helped me. I didn't care about opposition or persecution. I was persecuted on the individual level. Spirit world helped me and the archangelic world helped me.

How can we save the Christian world? This is the main purpose. Father has worked for this in America for 24 years. It was to save America. Now the world is receiving the blessing, and this is an amazing foundation. But the American Christian situation is so far down. Leading the world is no problem, because there are 1.2 billion people in the Christian world. If they hear Divine Principle they will turn around in 3 days. With that foundation, saving the world is no problem. All levels will connect. The problem is America, the site of God's preparation to fulfill His main purpose. America has not stood on God's side and it will go down in the future. This is a serious situation.

This time, we will bless 120 million couples on 13 June. How many of those are from America? Each individual must make this decision in your mind. America should make this foundation, because the Christian world will follow America's way.

All Korea, including Korean Christianity, was against me for 40 years. Japan and America and all world stood against me. Persecution made it difficult to make the foundation.

Unification Church members follow Father but look from the physical viewpoint. Everything created in the visible world was founded first in the invisible world. The invisible world is behind Father. Even Mother does not know, no one knows, only God and Satan know

To make 360 million couples and to cut the satanic blood lineage, let us be proud of True Parents. Erase all the evil phenomena. This is the last determination, centered on God and True Parents. Fail at this stage, and there is no way we can re-indemnify it.

Will Father connect only with his hometown and nation, and not the world? God and True Parents' ideal combination is to come on the earth. No one can meet me freely when I go back to my hometown. You just keep my words. The Completed Testament is the completed family base. Father combines all teachings into one place, a place of settlement. Connect to Father's words, Father follows only one direction from the individual level, to that of the family, society, nation and world.

Father's family situation reaches the cosmic level. Then standing on that family foundation, the world, then nation, then tribe, and finally each family connect. You have to connect with that core, to settle on the earth. With what? Father's words, by Hoon Dok Hae. Hoon Dok Hae begins with family Hoon Dok Hae, then church then society, then national Hoon Dok Hae and world Hoon Dok Hae. Then the next generation will connect with the kingdom of heaven on earth. I gave everything. Starting Hoon Dok Hae in Korea, to the high level people. I gave to every level going down from the highest to the lowest.

God went to the zero point; God made it this way. The only thing is Father's words. Korean people are not stupid. Now they understand well. They received Hoon Dok Hae with open minds. The country comes to me. 18 places in Korea, 12 in Japan, and 16 in North America. 12 represents the Mother completely obeying the Father's way. 18 is 3 times 6. 12 is four corners three times. All directions, and 12 is also 12 months. So Hoon Dok Hae means welcoming everything. What is the meaning of 16? The Korean War involved 16 nations on the Abel side, which represents all of the fallen world. In the 1988 Olympics, the 160th nation was North Korea, and number 161 was South Korea. The ancestors' first love was lost at age 16. Jesus lost two: 8 and 8. These were restored by the Olympics in 1988. During the years since then it has expanded to world level

April 17 at Belvedere

[First there was a Hoon Dok Hae reading by Mrs. Myra Stanecki of Dr. Sang Hun Lee's testimony of meeting people in Spirit World [this will be published soon]. Father asks if there are any questions. Mike Balcomb questions why these, who we had heard are attending workshops at CPL, know so little and are so isolated from True Parents. Father's answer:]

No one can know Divine Principle unless Father himself teaches them. There is part of the book which explains how beautiful the highest part of the spirit world is, and we should investigate how to reach there. Father is the third Adam. All the knowledge comes from Father. Father gives knowledge like forming a mountain, little by little. But first we have to flatten the mountain already made by the fall. Our mistakes accumulated like a mountain. Who can clean up these thousand year old mountains? That is the course of indemnity.

To do so, God sent champions, like Noah, Abraham, Moses, John the Baptist. It was to flatten this world. Until Jesus came to this world, all the champions were sent by God to take down the mountains, which had sizes of individual, family, society and nation. They all failed. Then God sent the chosen people. Christianity is the chosen people, too.

There are three responsibilities of the chosen people: 1. Clean up the problem of lineage, 2. Clean up the satanic environment, 3. Establish God's sovereignty. To change the blood lineage, the chosen people are heavenly wild olive trees, and the rest of the world are satanic wild olive trees. The same configuration existed at time of Jesus and after World War II. The heavenly wild olive trees won World War II. The satanic side thus was included on God's side. All the mountains were brought down and the valleys raised up. If the Lord of the Second Advent had been accepted, then all humanity could have been engrafted.

Engrafting means we cut off the satanic olive trees and engraft them into true olive trees. The engrafting process is the Blessing. This is changing the blood lineage, environment and sovereignty. It is to restore God's ideal on each level. Father has been leading the providence of restoration step by step because he knows this historical background. No one else has known the secret of this providence of restoration. Satan knew and therefore attacked Father at every step. But Father rebuffed Satan's attacks. Now Satan cannot accuse Father.

Restoration means to tear down the walls of division. Walls are created by absolute individualism. That defines Satan's side. Heaven's side is absolutely public minded. Heaven and Satan are always opposite. The secular world is reaching the end of the road. God created because of love, and the world exists as a pair system. Centering on subject-object, in love everything is connected. But Satan denies this. Satan destroys families. Love's original place for achievement is the human beings sexual organ. Therefore Satan destroyed the sexual organ. For example, with incest. America represents this immorality to the world. Why? By the fall, God took bottom position and Satan took the top. It was due to misuse of love. To go the right direction of love, you begin with mind-body unity, then expand it to the family level.

Once mind and body are one, we will travel the true love road. To do so, live a public life your entire life. With no fall, every direction would be the true love road. The family, national and world lines; all the levels would have naturally connected and become one true love road. To do this, God provided the course of indemnity. At each critical point God sent prophets and saints like Moses and Noah. It all could have culminated in Jesus. But the reality remains evil. So the mission must be completed by True Father.

Christianity fought the Lord of the Second Advent, who stood by himself. Father had to push back the attack of the entirety of Christianity. The entire world, communist and democratic, opposed him. As he pushed it back, he also built a foundation for the restoration of lineage, environment and sovereignty.

There is only one original True Parents. We are brother families. Therefore we cannot fight. True love means to invest, invest, and forget and invest again. This is the history of indemnity. No one knew the torment, until now. The meaning and responsibility of the Lord of the Second Advent is to take away the suffering from God's heart.

Children of filial piety are the standard to save the world. If such children appear to liberate God's heart, God will bow down to the child. Then the world will turn right side up.

There is no family in which God can dwell.

The Lord of the Second Advent will remove all the barriers of this world.

Our responsibility in Spirit World is to educate people there with Father's teaching. The late Dr. Lee represents Unification Thought.

All the gates will be opened by the 360 million couples.

If you reach the level of God, you can manifest things just by thinking of them. The spirit of love is the fastest thing in the universe. If we have spiritual power, we can travel anywhere in Spirit World. The standard of true love is even to give your eyeball for your enemy.

In Spirit World there is an abundant supply of everything. You needn't worry about hurting your body, because you do not have a physical body. You reap there what you sow here. A murderer is murdered.

Father prepared everything for us to start out new, but we are not qualified, we do not know what is going on. If we knew the value, we would do a thousand kyung baes. The only way we can face true father is to take the way of sacrifice. Later we cannot meet Father so freely.

Father gave word of God at the time of settlement. Father has finished his responsibility to give the word.

America should serve Japan, as an elder son serves his mother. Then together they serve the father country, Korea. This is why Korea has plummeted to the bottom. Japan and America should make whatever sacrifices are necessary, including selling your house and car if you think that is right. We have been slaves in the satanic world. We need to pack up and liberate ourselves from the satanic world. Like Israel leaving Egypt, we bring everything out of the satanic world, because we lost everything to Satan, and everything must be offered. Which blessed couple will be the pioneer of this?

When you fulfill 185 blessed couples, you can fulfill your mission as Tribal Messiah.

The period for HSA is over, the new organization is the FFWPU, and so we have Family Church.

You will regret it for 1,000 years if you did not go fishing on the Hudson River with Father. It is one of the many gates you must pass through. If you get stuck on one, you cannot reach the further ones even though you had the qualifications to pass through them.

America is indebted to the world. You cannot ask Father for money. You have to provide the foundation of people and material for Father to save the world. But some members even try to stop Father from doing things. They are even worse than Satan. Worse, because Satan knows Spirit World and hence has some self-control, but you don't. Father is clearing the path for all humanity to reach God. It is the revolution of true love.

Father is thinking of the means to give a blanket pardon to all humanity, but the conditions are not simple. If we do not do it, we will regret for billion of years in the Spirit World. Father holds back the judgment.

If you give the Blessing, your ancestors will help you. If you do wrong, they will judge you. They will make you sick.

What if the world and Spirit World followed Father's daily schedule, hearing and reporting everything he does and says, as they do President Clinton? For this, Father organized the World Media Association and the YFWP.

Easter is today, April 17, 1998. [According to Professor Oh, of UTS, Father's original visitation from Jesus took place on April 17, 1935.]

After the 360 million couples blessing, the ideal family can settle on the earth.

Through Hoon Dok Hae, we can inherit Father's spirit at the time he gave the speech. Often it was given at the cost of his life, in a life and death struggle. That's why Father himself keeps the Hoon Dok Hae tradition. We should regret that we were not there when Father gave the speech. We become shadows of Father's heart, stage by stage. You should have tears during Hoon Dok Hae. This is lesser indemnity. Start with your family, first. Hold a competition of families to do Hoon Dok Hae.

American families should have the heart to go to Africa and serve the people as you would a king and queen.

The time has come to fulfill the 360 million couples blessing.

Japanese members: do you really want Japan to be the mother nation? What if Japan cannot fulfill that position? If you cannot fulfill it, after Father officially announced it, can you take responsibility for that? Rev. Kamiyama? (Yes.!) If Japan cannot fulfill it, then what would you do? (Rev. Kamiyama does not answer.) The answer is: sell everything you have and move to Korea, because Koreans will welcome any blessed couple from overseas.

Our decision today is like that of Lot's wife.

On True Parents' Day of this year, Father said that the Philippines, Taiwan and Canada are the three daughters of Japan. The Philippines represents the United States; Taiwan represents China and Canada represents England. If China doesn't fulfill, then Taiwan will. If the USA doesn't, then the Philippines will. These nations are ropes to stabilize Japan. Similarly, Japan should take responsibility to see that those three nations, and Korea, survive. We have to save the father country even if we sacrifice our lives and families.

In the United States, Catholic and Protestant should become one. It can only happen through the Blessing. Europe is in terrible shape spiritually because of the repression of religions there. The Catholic Church represents Europe; therefore, Catholicism in the United States can represent Europe providentially. Again, it should unite with Protestantism here; this represents fulfilling the position of Europe.

62 out of the 120 holy grounds in the world are in the United States. Belvedere is the holy ground of holy grounds in America. The American movement must take care of it.

American members, if you cannot move to Korea, then at least you should donate $12,000 per family to help support the Korean church. With that donation is your commitment that when you can, you will move to Korea.

[Father spoke of two couples, Heung Jin Nim and Hoon Sook Nim, with child Shin Chul Nim, and Jesus and Miss Chang, blessed by Father January 3, 1973. Both were blessed with the husband in spirit world and wife on earth. Unfortunately, I did not catch the larger significance for this day.]
[At the end, Father said: "Shall Father declare that the United States is the elder brother nation?" Everyone responded, "Yes!" He did not go on to elaborate about that, nor, in my notes, did he do more than ask the question whether he should so make that declaration.]
[Father then chose 12 Korean church leaders and a second team of twelve including Japanese, Filipino, Taiwanese and Canadian. He had them stand together in front of the Belvedere stage. Then, at precisely 11:00 a.m., he said a prayer over them. My understanding is that this represented the bonding of Korea, Japan and the three daughter nations. We await translation of Father's prayer. After that, Father invited everyone to celebrate the day with offering cake and lunch, and he and True Mother departed.]
[Rev. Pak clarified that the $12,000 per family offering for the Korean church should go to the same bank account as before. Also, we can count whatever we sent before toward the $12,000. If it is very difficult, at least we should send a little at a time. Realize, however, that Father is very concerned about this offering.]

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