The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1998

The Great Transition Point

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Belvedere, Tarrytown, NY
Sunday, April 5, 1998

(Dr. Tyler Hendricks' unofficial notes based upon extemporaneous translation by Col. Sang Kil Han. First True Father had me read "Restoration and Blessing," the first speech in God's Will and the World.)

You have to accomplish your own seven year course, as I did after 1960, and establish your own holy days. Until now we have been waging guerrilla warfare, throughout the world, not regular warfare. Until now, the Unification Church has been members tagging along Father, who has such high aspirations. We have done so much, but it is hard to say what we have really done. But we have accomplished a great deal, just by tagging along with Father.

Father gave so much truth thirty years ago, but were we aware of it? As you know, Father did not follow spirit world; Father knew what he had to do by himself. Restoration is reversal, and Father knew it exactly and did it. Beginning with three families, then 36, then 72, Father restored all that Jesus lost. Then 120, 430, 1800. 1800 represented three times Satan's number of six. Then 6,000 couples, which encompasses all families in the secular world. Then 6500 couples. We approach the number of 10 blessings.

Father was sure that all the ingredients were there, then he started the worldwide blessings. Although the individual countries remain, we are entering the era of globalization. Since God is seeking that, Satan too is looking for the globalized version of his way of life. When absolutism of God enters the world, then Satan follows it. Absolute on God's side is taken by Satan. Absolute sex becomes free sex and homosexuality. How can America fall to such a miserable situation?

The reason is that America opposed Rev. Moon. This led America, especially the Christians, into misery. Satan has nothing; he destroyed everything through free sex. Individualism is hard to understand. How did we come this way? It is the exact position of the archangel, having no spouse and no family. When the satanic world is reduced to this extent, the real master enters. The true father, mother and children. They are called to re-organize the destroyed world and take it back to God.

Now is the era of great change. The Unification Church looks toward the blessing of 360 million couples. The severance of satanic world blood lineage, and embracing all in God's bosom. It is like the hill in Arirang, a symbol of a hilly road, 12 one after another. People recite Arirang, but it can be broken into the three terms: "love," "village," and "high ridge." Restoration is to return to the village where we can exercise love. Twelve hills. From the 10th blessing, we began globalization. 10 means returning to one. You start again. The 30,000 couples and 360,000 couples and 36 million couples climbed the hills.

Three stages: Adam's family, Jesus' family and the Lord of the Second Advent's family. No one believed True Parents could bless 30,000 couples, but Father knew what he was doing. Then we did 10 times more. So it was harder still to believe. The only people who knew what was coming were God and Father. Then 3.6 million is the twelfth hill of Arirang. Many Korean traditions reveal so much, generation after generation. They way they prepare rice, and build a house, and invite your parents to live with you. The ax you use to build the house is gold and jade. (Father draws a small hut with three windows. It has three stories, to represent three stages of growth.) We invite in our parents and live thousands of years. This denotes the age of the second coming. Koreans people have been singing this song for thousands of years. It is not a glorious mansion, but small made of grass. Build with a gold ax and polish it with a jade ax. This is better than a big mansion, which Americans think of. It is cozy, small and warm. You don't need a mansion if you love each other. It is too distracting. The silver river is the galaxy, the milky way--the silver colored river. A small boat is the moon, navigating the galaxy, rowing around the universe.

A virgin boy violating a woman is expressed as picking and eating the fruit. Eve, haewa, means accomplishing the work and bringing it back. Words reveal such great meaning. The verses of Arirang: if you leave me behind, my love, you will have some problems.

It is like a cascade coming down to 360 million. This is the globalization of the blessing. That coincides with the vertical steps of individual, family, society and so forth, deployed horizontally. 3.6 million was so difficult.

We can travel anywhere in spirit world, as can God. This number, 360 million, doubles to 720 million. 720 million, with 4 per family, comes to 2.8 billion, nearly half the world's population. God is blessing the world as if he were blessing one family. Then the condition is set for the parents of each family to give the blessing to their children. It can take place in a moment. The indemnity course then will be erased from our thinking. You will be able to travel from any point to any point, freely. This is the liberation of God, which is in pledge number 8. There will be no national boundaries. There will be one culture, one habit, one way of life. There are many colors of hair now, that is not one way, but many. But hair is one, even though the color is different. The color of bears, or hair, is determined by climate.

We have white supremacy even though there are a small number of whites. Americans will leave America because with no borders, everyone is pouring into America. Whites just took everything from others and built a glorious empire. They have ability and blessing, but there is a spiritual gap. The Orientals and colored are afraid of whites. But Rev. Moon is more fearsome, because he has united all colors of skin.

North and south poles are harmonized, but not so people of different areas and colors. All white people are having small families, and colored people are having half a dozen or dozen. What will happen to the world population? When Father unabashedly said he would meet Minister Farrakhan, some Jewish leaders were trembling. They were afraid the CIA and FBI would misunderstand, but Father wants to embrace everyone. God feeds everyone, all religions. We cannot say that God only loves Christianity. Christians will perish is they say that.

Now we know the great transition. Father is going to gather everything into one and do away with petty things. This will liberate God. You come down to individualism and free sex. Where do you go after that? Even animals oppose it. Do you see homosexuality in the animal world? That is the worst you can do. It is the last strategy of Satan. It will destroy the next generation; it will bring the total annihilation of humankind.

In free sex, what is the relationship of parents and children? Free sex symbolizes the end of all effort. God takes such an opportunity to be creative, to take the wall down and unify things. You don't know the value of the blessing, based on Father's effort to gain it. But we are giving it away free, like air and water. There are many people on the west coast who have never come to the east coast. But the Unification Church members are the most well-traveled people. The Unification Church members have been everywhere. Why is God allowing it? Because separation is Satan's tactic to keep us in the dark. So a well-traveled person teaches people better.

You needn't know all the languages. Just converse with a few signs. The Unification Church members are not miserable, but are intellectual, logical, reasonable with the top philosophy. We are super-beings, thanks to Father. Other people have difficulty deciding the simplest things , but we can decide easily because we know what life will be in the future. Father said don't buy a house and settle down. Travel around and then settle down.

Now the threat is AIDS. The only protection is Unification Church style living: absolute sex. Will an unbiased person follow the worldly way or Unification Church way? We've been persecuted in every way, but it trained us to digest everything. We went to hell be as well, therefore we can work with every kind of person. We can later work with them.

When the world declines into chaos, we can emerge and lead the way. Now the IMF is controlling Korea. Korea was deep in debt, and IMF bailed them out under conditions. But the Korean people are not worried. They are a bit strange. They do not fear death. They survived the Korean War. They have confidence that someone will come to help them. Russia, America, China and Japan all need Korea. So each one wants to help Korea. The Korean people have little discrimination and embrace everyone, because of their suffering.

No other country can work so gracefully under the IMF. If America has the same difficulty, will other nations feel sympathy? No. It is the world's fate that America, Japan and others help Korea at this time, so that they can protect themselves. If the yen or dollar collapses, it is impossible to think of what will come. So they help Korea. What is the cost of 360 million couples blessing? Indemnity comes before blessing. We should donate the indemnity money first. Realize that the Blessing is the solution of the most serious problem of life. It is based on parents and children barely surviving suffering for thousands of years. What is the price God paid? It cost Jesus his life. And so much sacrifice in the Old Testament era. Today, parents are sacrificed. Even you dedicate an entire nation to God for the blessing, or your own family and relatives, can you pay for the blessing? No. It is because the value of the perfect family, world and cosmos are contained in the blessing.

It should cost 10 to 12 times what a marriage in the satanic world. Donate the cost of a secular marriage every month for 12 months. So if Father receives that, he can save dozens of struggling countries. This is not a dream. If you had the money, would you not donate it? Naturally you would. If there were a ticket to heaven, how would you acquire it? It requires the dedication of everything we own back to heaven. By one wrong marriage, everything was lost. By one right marriage in the last days, everything is gained. Father made it possible. We should teach God's words to America every morning, It teaches how to become godly citizens; that's all. It includes the Completed Testament and New Testament as well as the Completed Testament. The Hoon Dok Hae collection is a how-to book. It is a heavenly encyclopedia. It answers all questions of all history. It is available now in a few volumes. It teaches all about the family, church, company. Each family needs to read Father's words. Family Hoon Dok Hae, church Hoon Dok Hae, company Hoon Dok Hae, national Hoon Dok Hae: read it before cabinet meetings, to determined the direction of the nation. In this and every situation, do Hoon Dok Hae.

Which country will reach the highest standards by reading Hoon Dok Hae? It you score 100 in family, church and nation, you all will reach heaven. Father's words comprise over 300 volumes. You have no idea how soon this will be completed. Start it today in your family. People have no idea of Father's content. Once they realize, the society will ignite suddenly. So if you start now, you will have a head start. Everyone is serious hearing Mother's words. Everyone knows they have no solutions to our problems in America. We know that Hoon Dok Hae is the solution. It will be the solution for billions of people, because Father addressed every societal problem. It shows the way for the world to go. It takes only one period to heal the problems, once each person learns the way to go. Then everyone will join the mainstream. Even a woman in labor will forget about their pain.

How many know that Rev. Moon is True Parents? Even we, how much do we know true parents? This is a huge universe. Father seems to be gentle all the time, but he is not. If we show our diamonds, people will try to rob us. But if you pretend to have nothing, people will tend not to pursue you. Those who still follow Father, although he appears to have nothing, will be prized by Father.

Women sometimes bring all their money to Father. If Father took enjoyment from that money, he would not have survived. People who want to enjoy money with Father, leave after a few days. Father enjoys being with simple people, fishermen. Western women do not like this. Which woman likes a man who has no day and night? Those who leave are dropouts. You Japanese women expected something great from Father, but you were fooled. He gave you nothing and only made you work hard. Father knows you complain. What kind of church has a six hour sermon? I hope that out of ten sermons, one person will understand Father.

If a migration time comes, will you be ready? Why would Father make you sell everything and go to Africa? Because you will receive ten times the reward that way. Father promises this. Father went to the boondocks of South America. There is nothing there. But the world pays more attention to Father now, because of his transfer to the wilderness of South America.

When Father reaches his dotage, you will all scatter to your former way of life. An old person starts acting irrational, with Alzheimer's and so forth. If Father does that, you will all run away. He may hit you even more than now. How long can you tolerate it? Father will treat you badly so that you can pay indemnity.

Those who want to fish for striped bass this morning, raise your hands. Women who have not fished for striped bass have no qualification to manage a house. The time will come when if women do not take to rivers and seas, we will not be able to live, because of pollution. The problem of pollution is just starting. It will get worse later. A national policy to take people out of the cities is coming. We must return to the Garden of Eden. That is the natural way. No man-made buildings.

Those who control fresh water will control the world. The next thing to control is the mountains. Women do not like the ocean or mountains. Father has demonstrated ample love of the oceans. Now he is going to the mountains, to Alaska, where there are big brown bears. We should farm brown bears.

Attempts have been made to explore the poles. Now Father is taking that on. Sending a seven and a half ton fishing boat, he's sending 4 to the south pole to explore for krill (shrimp) on which whales live. Father is thinking that female sailors will pioneer this. He is thinking which country these women will come from. This greatly excites the fishermen of South America. The krill at the South Pole is the greatest untapped supply of protein. Father has been planning for this for many years. Uruguay is the best base from which to access the South Pole.

The great transition takes place at a small dot.

Dr. Sang Hun Lee went to spirit world, and dictated his message through a sister in Australia, about 70 pages of manuscript. Mr. Joo read it and told Father it is inspiring. Dr. Lee's greatest problem on earth was that he did not understand the spirit world much. Now that he is there, God is helping him. He interviewed 14 people there, including Adam, Karl Marx, Kim Il Sung, and so forth. His conclusion is that Father's world is unimaginably freeing God. He is persuading Father to come to spirit world soon. Father can accomplish so much there. But we are calling him to live long here. Which way should Father go?

Perfection on earth is quite different from that in spirit world. Father is restoring and then harmonizing them. How much do you need Father? Everything needs true love. How can we unite mind and body, end the separation? This is a big problem. You need absolute love. Where does it originate? God and True Parents. Unless you love Father ....

How can you receive true love? (Speaking quietly in English to the front row sisters.) If you cannot understand it all, just adhere to Father's guidance of absolute faith, love and obedience. When we pray, pray absolutely. The result is that God, subject and object will unite. This will bring true love. (More quiet talk in English.) Completely deny yourself and you can reach perfection. We must connect firmly with Father's left hand, and turn around with him. Otherwise, we cannot realize true love. Father proclaimed on March 3, 1995, absolute faith, love and obedience (cf. the New Hope Farm Declaration).

Parents are parents; it doesn't matter which color or race. There is a big transition time coming. If you separate from True Parents, you will become an offering. Do not separate at this time of transition. Dr. Lee really regrets the distance between our thinking and heavenly thinking. He says that if he had known he would have done much more on earth. It is smart to have absolute faith, love and obedience. They are a trinity, three in one body.

It was God's own rule: absolute faith, love and obedience before the creation of Adam and Eve. He gave and forgot, so the created being should do the same. Father is giving this message because this is a spring of great hope. Rearrange, reorient and rededicate yourself through Hoon Dok Hae. Father has done what we should have done. So by Hoon Dok Hae, we inherit what they did for us.

We must become the ancestors of humankind. We must recover the nation and register. From that time on we are literally God's subjects. America is temporary. But the country which Father is toiling to establish will start. Father has been living as the leader of that country, not this country. Father is very constricted from what he wants to do, because he has no sovereignty. So all he has been doing is building a highway of true love. Father made the road, Tribal Messiahs must travel it. The sign of our understanding is nothing other than our tears.

Creation is 50 million years old, but God has only one purpose: to wed one perfect man and one perfect woman. How heartbroken is God, connecting with humankind. When we realize this, free sex is unthinkable. We must repent for 10s of 1000s of years. If we do not think like this on earth, how can we survive in spirit world? We have to know what spirit world is all about, and the standard of heaven. Father wants to take you with him. Do Hoon Dok Hae in Korean. We can settle in the pre-fallen state. Other languages are connected with the realm of the fall.

It may not be easy for you to see Father from now, because Father taught us everything we need to know. The results of the Hoon Dok Hae tour in Korea remain to be seen. This is the word which represents the Completed Testament Age. We are studying family Hoon Dok Hae. Soon it will elevate to the church and company level, then national level. The people who receive the books may surpass you. They will know who Father really is, based on his words. An explosive result will come, because Father is famous around the world. It will come overnight, in a matter of seconds. So please do Hoon Dok Hae. The world will catch up. There is nothing more important.

Our mission is to educate America through Hoon Dok Hae.

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