The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1998

On The Occasion Of Arriving From Korea After 70 Days Away From America

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
True Father's Remarks
East Garden
March 31, 1998

These are unofficial notes taken by Tyler Hendricks and edited with assistance from Jorg Heller. We offer them for the sake of indicating the direction of Father's message; please do not take them as completely accurate. Strive to catch the spirit. With that proviso, we recommend these notes.

Where are we now? What is this place called? (America.) What kind of country is America? It is the second Israel, Christian. There are three Israels, and we have to go through all three to be restored. Does the Unification Church have a national sovereignty? No. Can America be claimed as God's nation?

We talk about the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament. Testament means promise. When God created Adam and Eve, they were to perfect themselves and establish a true family as the seed of the kingdom of God on earth and in heaven. What is the qualification of the seed? The quality of the seed in shown forth in the blood lineage. In that is the value or essence of the seed. True blood lineage comes from True Parents. To establish True Parents we need true love between a father and mother, centered on God's true love. That is the true root of the true lineage.

Have we become people who can claim to have true life, true love and lineage? No, we have false love, life and lineage. The fall, therefore, means that true love, life and lineage were disconnected from human beings. We became wild olive trees, instead of true ones. Wild olive trees are planted in hell, true olive trees in Heaven.

Adam and Eve left the garden. When can God call them back? Until today, no one has been called back to the garden. How did the term, "chosen people," come about? God wanted to see humankind be true olive trees, so He started the history of restoration. The foundation for restoration was the chosen people, Israel. But the chosen people still belong to the satanic world. God intends to find the true olive tree among the chosen people.

Everyone represents a wild olive trees, but the chosen people are those wild trees who are taken to God's side, to His garden, in order to be restored into true trees later. God chose Israel to be God's side wild trees, the rest of human kind belongs to Satan's side. When God's side is enlarged to half the world, then the Messiah could come and they all would be engrafted to him to become true trees.

To inherit true life, love and lineage, we have to be engrafted into the Messiah. By doing so we can reverse the inheritance of the fall. The fall led to struggles between the mind and body, husband and wife, brothers and sisters and parents and children. In the first family the first son killed the second son. Thus it was completely dominated by Satan.

History from God's point of view moved with Israel as the chosen people up until the time of Rome. At that time, God could send the Messiah to cut off the wild olive trees on God's side. This could be done without Satan's accusation because they already belonged to God. The Messiah had to begin by restoring his own family in order to overcome Satan's accusation. Then He needed to build a tribe, society and nation. If that had been accomplished, Satan would no longer be able to attack. Satan knew that he had national level power, but he could not persist against God's side national power.

If Israel had united with Jesus' family foundation and established the national foundation, Rome would have survived. But humankind lost the true seed. The wild olive trees cut off the true olive tree. We must understand that the chosen people were the one who cut off the messianic tree, Jesus. This meant that the first Israel was taken by Satan. The national foundation was lost. Jesus came to restore us physically as well as spiritually. But by the cross He lost his flesh. By his resurrection he opened the gate of spiritual restoration.

Israel was chosen to receive the Messiah in spirit and flesh. By his death and resurrection, Christianity could continue the providence only on the spiritual level. The Lord of the Second Advent therefore must come in the flesh, not on the clouds. Although Christianity has a huge foundation, its value is less than Israel's, in the sense that Israel was flesh as well as spirit, not just spirit.

Until the end of World War II, history centered on Christianity, but then its responsibility, centered on spiritual salvation, ended. At end of World War II, God could secure more than half the world as of the chosen people, centering on America. America, as the central nation was to cut off the entire free world and engraft it all to the Lord of the Second Advent. That was America's role, spiritual and physical. The world divided into Cain and Abel, the God's side and Satan's side groups of olive trees.

The free world separated from the satanic world centered on America. They should have been cut off again and engrafted to the Lord of the Second Advent. Centering on the Unification Church, Father united his mind and body, perfecting himself, and established the true family which expanded to today's level. This is the history of the true family. True children are in the elder son position, and blessed couples are in the younger son position. The elder son should help with the restoration of the blessed couples. They are like Abel, blessed couples are Cain.

The Israelites were slaves in Egypt for 400 years, then they wandered in desert for 40 years. They did not succeed. The 40 year course of the Unification Church is the restoration of this. Now Father has to establish his own family and multiply it through the blessed couples everywhere.

Father's work is to restore Moses' course and Israel's failure, in order to spread the engrafting to all couples of the world. If you stand aside now, you will be blown away. In the wilderness, we cannot follow the family system, we must just follow the leader at the front line. Don't look sideways to your family. In this respect, all Unification Church blessed couples failed, because we did not cut off from the secular world. We still look too much to the fallen world.

Like Jesus failed and led to Father's indemnity course, our failure causes the true family difficulties. After 40 years of suffering, we still have indemnity remaining, based on the children. True family is Abel and Cain must fulfill his mission to support Abel's family. To set the indemnity condition, Father uses the Abel children.

The entire world should welcome the true family. But because of Cain side's failure, they are suffering. Through true love, everything can be dealt with fairly, reformed, reshaped and reborn. This year, Father re-declared the era of the Completed Testament Age. This means sinless Adam and Eve's family should have filled the earth. But that did not happen. Now, through the Completed Testament Age the original blessing is restored. Therefore we must expand True Parents blessing to the world level, then bring it back to True Parents (family?). Then there is no obstacle on any level. This is after we bring success at the 360 million couple blessing. Every family can stand in the perfected position. Everything will move freely. There will be unity between all races and eventually God's love will be able to flow freely throughout the whole world.

If the first family had succeeded, no church would have been necessary. Thus, through the blessing, we don't need churches anymore. There is no division of true and wild olive trees, no God's side and Satan's side; all are connected into one. The Lord of the Second Advent brought unification of the communist and free worlds. Until now, black and white Baptists were fighting, now they are working together. The same is true for Protestants and Catholics. This is making a peaceful world. Of this, America is the representative country, the second Israel. But it must change to one world under God rather than just one nation under God. America is the world leader.

Unification Church blessed couples are the third Israel. This means that the wild trees are all secular families, but they can become true trees through the Lord of the Second Advent. So we must go over the national boundary. The world needs Father's perfection to bring the third Israel. A church is not enough. When Father looks at our blessed couples, he sees them fighting, and this affects the true family, make them suffer. The fallen world uses the law to destroy the heavenly side; we have to restore that. By doing so, Father must secure the perfected family, society, nation and world. Only then can True Parents and God be liberated, and only then can peace prevail.

God is hitting the Korean economy and nation. It is because they have persecuted Father and almost chased him out for 40 years. So Father abandoned Korea. But Father hears the Korean and Japanese ancestors begging him to "please help us," Father stayed in Korea for 70 days and gave truth to Korea. He also rededicated the era of Completed Testament Age. On that foundation he did Hoon Dok Hae in 18 cities, and True Mother in Japan, 12 cities. On this foundation, True Parents returned to America. This nation is in the elder son's position, the center of world Christianity. Elder son and mother Japan should help Korea come out of her crisis. America and Japan must work together to save Korea.

Father chose Japan, one of the most difficult nations, as the Mother nation, and chose America as Elder Son nation to help Korea and Japan. America is in the worst position because it persecuted Father so much. But, still, Father blessed this country. Here we can see the most destroyed families and personalities. So do everything you can to save Korea. We all must return everything to God. Then God can restore them and give them back to us.

The Old Testament era was an era of offering all things. The New Testament was an era to sacrifice human beings. The Completed Testament era is an era of offering both, all things and human beings. After Adam and Eve chased God out of this world, Father is working very hard here in order to bring God back into this world. Physically, the divisions of history will end, meeting at the original home of true love. This is the home of the horizontal true parents where they meet the vertical true parents.

Americans cannot follow the individualistic way of life, but must follow True Parents' way of life. Do Hoon Dok Hae every morning and practice it. God's order is to practice absolute faith, love and obedience. Our family represents past, present and future, and the entire nation and world. True Parents have shown us everything, now we must do it or Father cannot take responsibility for us.

This is the Completed Testament Age, therefore Father is giving out the Completed Testament books. The guidance is in these books. Read this set three times through, and if you still do not know how to practice it, read it 100 times, and all 233 volumes. If you die in that state, you have the right to keep reading in the spirit world. The numbers 6 and 13 represent evil. On June 13, we will win the victory of the 360 million couples blessing in America. Father wants all 360 million to be Christian couples. The American church represents Christianity. So you have to bless bigger numbers. Christians are poor people, please have sympathy for them.

America and Christians have led the persecution of Rev. Moon. America is full of family breakdown, and so must follow this way. Make sure your family reaches perfection, and be proud to reach the center point.

This may be True Parents' last speaking tour. After it, you may never get True Parents to return to America.

Utilize all the media foundation and national organizations. Until Father is 80, i.e. by the year 2000. Then we go beyond it. After Israel entered Canaan, it may take only 4 hours to cover the world. The world is Egypt, under Satan.

Completed Testament means the settlement of all families into the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven. Here Satan can no longer exist.


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