The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1998

The Completion of the New Heaven and Earth

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
April 1, 1998
Belvedere International Training Center
Rev. Peter Kim translator
Unofficial Notes from HSA-UWC HQ

Please realize the importance of Hoon Dok Hae for our life. It takes place on the family level and church level, then national and world levels. It is absolute truth with which we must unite. Church level is to read together as a church. Not just Sunday service, but at any gathering in the name of the church. Third is national level Hoon Dok Hae. The president and all the people do Hoon Dok Hae together by television or any method. This will revive the country. Then finally on the world level.

The standard to receive the words is absolute faith, love and obedience. God had absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. It created His absolute love partner. This creates absolute man and woman. An absolute husband and wife. This also makes unification of all opposites, such as Catholic and Protestant. It leads to one world under God, one culture, one lineage, one race. No separation of family, society, nation, heaven and earth. Have no other concepts of the nations of America, Japan, traditional cultures, only Hoon Dok Hae.

Each day we eat, sleep, go and come. Included in sleeping is lovemaking. Don't do these things selfishly. Father lives all four things for God: eating for God, sleeping for God (i.e. not sleeping until God's work is done), going out and staying out until he reaches the goal, such as in fishing. Father fishes for the sake of privacy and security, no one can find him there. People leave you alone if you are fishing. They don't expect that it is Rev. Moon. Father can walk around barefoot and in shorts to avoid attention.

So if Father is alone, he is internally free. As Father looks at the tip of the fishing pole, he meditates on the will of God. He absorbs all the issues and meditates. Fishing is a high level virtue in the orient. That is why Father prefers a small boat. He feels alone in the universe, just as you can easily contact satellites. You can think of God's providence, everything, how wonderful it is. Father starts dancing in his mind. It's not just fishing. Father's five senses are focused on one point. He converses with nature, asks it how you are doing, I haven't seen you for one year. Wonders if houses along the Hudson River are missing or are added. In this way, Father connects everything to God's providence. And if fish are caught, it is all the better.

Maybe Karen Smith was chosen to read on True Mother's speaking tour because she was the top female tuna captain. (Mrs. Smith reads passages from Blessing and Ideal Family. After she reads, Father again speaks.)

We enjoy spring because everything is new. It has its purpose and is marching toward fulfilling that purpose. And every being is building relationships. So you want to travel, to see what new life is coming elsewhere. You don't want to stay in just America, but also a poor area. Even animals feel this way, and striped bass.

Striped bass come up the Hudson River a spawn here. That way they multiply themselves. Salmon are superior to human beings in one way: they visit five oceans and then return to the place they hatched. We call Unification Church couples, "salmon couples." Fallen people cannot find their original hometown, but keep roaming around. The salmon give their flesh to the hatchlings. God and True Parents are offering their flesh and life to feed fallen humanity so we can be restored. So, Unification Church couples are salmon couples.

As salmon travel to five oceans to find food and ideal mates, we also travel all over. We meet all kinds of salmon, white, black, etc. But all are the same salmon. The ideal couple is white and black, giving birth to twins, one of whom is white and the other black. The mother does not have bias between the two. The children are color-blind. That is the happiest place, with them crawling over their mother's breasts. If 10 such couples exist in every American neighborhood, there will be no racial problems. Also juvenile problems will be solved.

In spring we see all the insects and butterflies and flowers. They are preparing to multiply themselves into a stronger generation. Because of the fall, we never received the real spring. We started in the muggy summer, then the autumn with no ripe harvest. It was rotten and bug eaten. Then we endured the winter, and now we can sow the real seed with True Parents.

Spring finally has come to the Unification Church. All people used their pinkie to dismissively call Rev. Moon. They told him to leave, but now they want him to stay. They come to welcome me. Now America is the completed nation on the earth. If it leads to one world under God. God does not like selfish individualism. Unification is of concave and convex. We cannot find that kind of couple in the United States. Hendricks, you must do this mission. After tasting honey, the bees cannot separate. Once you taste that love honey, you can never separate, even at the cost of your life.

Since the spring of God, True Parents, humanity and all things has come, the rest of the world will joyfully help the true world spring up. After pledge this morning, Father directed the true children, and the direction applies for all members. In East Garden, when they go to school they use English, but at home they must speak Korean. If they are not comfortable, they must repeat and study. Then they can quickly learn Korean.

Do you feel happy to meet Father after 70 days of separation? (Yes.) Don't say that. You are young. Why do you care about an 80 year old man? But your mind never gets old. It remains at the peak of your life. Even a hundred year old woman desires a young, handsome man. That's how the mind functions. Our physical body becomes old but the mind stays young.

Our body is a dividing wall. I am getting closer to God as I get old. But my mind is getting younger. You like to eat the delicious part of the fruit first. But sometimes my translation is like the green, unripe fruit. So you may not understand it and may run away. You have to humble yourself to learn Korean. If any American is too proud to learn Korean, he needs to learn humility.

The center of husband wife relationship is man. The man is convex, woman is concave. It would be more convenient to have but one eye. The center is husband, father, grandfather and king.

Father really wants you to learn Korean. Of you complain, you will only have yourself to blame in the future. Does America have true freedom? A father sends his son to jail, is that true freedom? No. Domination of father by son, that is twisted freedom, the worst. If you go to any new place, you must first greet the elder. If you ask Father something, you have to accept his answer. You have to be a law-abiding citizen to visit the president. Instead of trying to meet Father, just read his words. They are correct.

If Father's children follow this direction, shouldn't we do the same? So shouldn't you learn Korean? They are center and you are surrounding them in 360 degrees, connected to the center. The diameter is growing and sweeping around. (Father draws the cosmos centering on the true family.) The center point represents unity of mind and body, of the family, etc. The subject-object relationship does not change for eternity. Do not think your husband is your servant. Father sees American women acting that way, and divorcing it their husband does not serve them. They say that a friend of mine became a government official and you are still a janitor so I have to divorce you. Is that right? And this government official serves his wife, but you don't. So I divorce you. And she tries to order him.

When you walk, women look at the earth, because you represent the earth. You are looking for food to cook. If you look up when pregnant, you will fall backwards. You have to look down to check your baby. You are a ground-based human being.

You cannot be master unless you have knowledge. Hoon Dok Hae will be done in Korean. The more you read, the more you can answer as an authority. How many times should you read them? Infinitely. The more we read, the closer we are to the realm of God's heart. You will carry your Hoon Dok Hae book in your bosom, not your bag. If it's in your bosom, you can read it even when you go to the bathroom. But best is to keep it in your mind. Then you needn't put it away even when sleeping with your spouse. In your heart is hard.

To enter East Garden, you must be able to recite the Family Pledge in Korean. To screen out people who are not sincere to inherit Father's words. Unless you can speak Korean, your descendants may not be able to be intermarried with Father's lineage. Father's great-grandchildren will be able to intermarry. Our greatest hope is to be connected with the vertical lineage. One language, one culture. Culture is formed through one language. Culture of heart and communication of heart, not verbal. But we need a means of language for verbal communication. It is hard to understand American jokes even if you live here twenty years. You miss the essence of Father's message, and you will regret it in spirit world. A lifelong goal of Father's is unification of language.

360 million couples blessing is the last stage of God's providence. It will cut off the satanic blood lineage forever. There will be no more words such as providence or religion. In the garden there was no religion, only God's love and the family. God was the king through the parents. You are looking for that perfect Adam, with all of our senses. Centering on true love, not fighting. The family, society, nation and world and cosmos is the same principle. If Father is world king, you want to be national kings. So Father made national messiahs, to embrace one world under God. You leave your house onto a small road, and access larger and larger roads until you reach the super-highway. Do you like it to take you to the Kingdom of Heaven? Yes. You can always return. There is a book of testimonies from Unification Church members who went to spirit world. They realized that what they are doing there is exactly what they learned in Divine Principle on earth. They were shocked and stunned.

Think of human history, the thousands of years of God's hardship and struggle. All the major families. Just for the sake of creating blessed couples like your couple. God has been behind every step of history. God could not abandon us. God was advising Noah of every detail of building the ark. It was crazy to build it on a mountain. Why? So the children could be embraced.

Don't identify with your race, but think how much suffering God has endured. The time is different now; it is the Completed Testament Age. Completion of the new heaven and earth; it should take place in your family. All things are looking at you from this point of view. When you read Hoon Dok Hae, the truth itself will look at you. Everything is there to complete your family, to fly you to the world level.

Once we accomplish completion of heaven and earth, there will be one world. When we are living for the sake of others, there will be no struggle between the races. Thus far Father has carried out providence with total investment. Why would he do this for the sake of America? Many tell Father to stop it. Father said that if you want to be a peer, you can deal with part, but to be the center, you must deal with 360 degrees.

Do you recall Father's indictment? An ordinary person would have avoided it, but Father flew back to face the baseless charges. To be the center person. From today, if Father sends you to a country in his place, will you do it? (Yes.) When we study the OT, sacrifice of all things to gain the son, then NT sacrificed the children to gain the parents. Now God is sacrificing everything to gain the universe. But through this, man can find God, who was cut off with the fall. True Parents came to the world to recreate Adam's family base to receive God's vertical love, thence to connect all humanity by the blessing. This is the purpose of the 360 million couples blessing. You become Father's branch and leaves.

Parents, husband and wife, brothers and sisters, children are the right order. Father, mother was reversed by the fall. The father-children relationship is vertical, and husband and wife is horizontal. Say that red is plus and white is minus. Black is plus and white is minus. In the west, there is no such complimentary concept; they all are reversed. True Parents will straighten them out.

In the last days there must be a confession of conscience. This will eliminate confusion, as people tell each other not to unite with the complimentary partner. Then subject-object will finally be put in the right order. The conscience is the barometer to measure everything. Mind is plus and body is minus. Body follows the left, red and black. The mind follows the white. We must follow the mind's desire; this is our daily struggle. Examine the percentage of daily life we are following the mind over against the body. Maybe ten percent. Usually we follow the body when we get up in the morning. Even if you have to ignore your wife and children, you must follow the mind.

Father has taught you everything, so if you end up in hell, you cannot blame Father. God is the True Parent King: the king of true parents, the king of teachers, the king of kings forever. And all of this quality is given to His children through the conscience. Once they grow up, they do not need to ask anyone. The conscience does not need education. The natural world follows instinct without education. You need no training how to make love. Just as a compass goes to the north automatically, we can follow the conscience. We are to know where to go from the moment of birth. We lost it through the fall. The fall came through the flesh.

God was originally true teacher, parent and king and we were to be object to those three subjects. But now we have three false masters. The mind is not in control. The body is stronger. Satan is connected to it. You have to follow your mind, to go to the mind world. Body just wants to eat and sleep and be free of responsibility. If we are perfect, then we will never separate as a couple.

Make the mind world: mind owner, mind parents, mind teacher. Mind is straight, your body is as a different angle. But any direction other than 90 complicates things.

We must make sure that our mind and body are united all the time. If you rely on your mind's direction and judgment, God will speak to you and reveal your mistakes and give you the proper direction. So raise your mind, your vertical self. In Buddhism, the mind is the internal self. But Father's teaching clarifies much more. The mind is your chief compass. It doesn't change. It connects with God's ideal love.

The organizations of this world does not know this, so it is falling down. This content can be gained through Hoon Dok Hae, the perfection way. From today on, obey your mind's direction only. What if your mind tells you to sell everything and take the money with you to Africa to help the poor people? What if Father tells you to do that? If you create low pressure, high pressure will rush in. We should have the mind like a mother who wants to give more even after giving her blood and milk and everything to the baby. That is the completion of the new heaven and new earth.

As the first day of spring, Father came up with this wonderful blessing of Hoon Dok Hae. By doing Hoon Dok Hae everyday, we can create an ideal family and our own holy days on the family level. Without the fall, all days would have been condensed into God's Day. Eventually we will have one celebration day only, God's Day.

Father established the levels of messiah -- family, tribe, national and world. With foundation of 185 families, we can establish our position as tribal messiah (...?). God is the center of all messiahs. When God turns, they all will turn together. The Bible said to cut off that which keeps you from the kingdom. God will come down and replace it in spirit world. Until judgment day comes, please prepare yourself.

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