The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1998

True Parents' Birthday Speech

True Father's Address
True Parents Birthday
Seoul, Korea
February 2, 1998 - 10:00 a.m.
Unofficial Notes

(From a memo to North American Regional Directors, State Leaders, and Tribal Messiahs by Dr. Tyler Hendricks, February 9, 1998)
Greetings to all. Our brother in Korea, Julian Gray, sent the following notes of Father's speech. Betty Lancaster and I did copy-editing. According to Julian, True Parents invited a large number of leaders from Korean society to attend the speech. The content is oriented toward these VIPs to some degree. These notes were typed from a simultaneous translation which produced only between 70 and 80 percent of the speech--but are not a complete transcription. At best, these notes should be viewed as a guide and overview of the full content.

Men and women must be careful, otherwise they lose their direction. You can't think if you lose your direction. We need absolute love. Absolute love has two ways or one? Two starting points or one? Absolute means only one way. The person who does not know how to be ashamed is the most shameful.

Man was lost in the springtime of humankind. Everything was turned upside down, with Satan on top. So what should we do? God had to work through the younger son to try to restore things. If we love as God originally intended, we spread life and love. Man has the original position of the Lord. But Satan came in by force. The mind which is centered on God should be minus to God, but the body, as a plus, has been on top. History has been like this. Who is going to resolve this?

We have to go down--that is, against the desires of our body. We have to serve, but we are arrogant and we do not want to do this. Does your body drag your spirit around, or vice versa? Why does the body dominate the spirit? Because of the fall.

Even professors do not realize that Satan is around their necks. If you can understand more deeply the heart of God then you can understand True Parents. Many Christians pray and ask God to take care of them. That is not a child of God. We need liberation. Because of you, there can be no liberation. We must go out from our home, parents, grandparents, nation--reject even our children--and go to the position of zero.

To begin the process of creation again we must go down to zero no matter who we are. One may say, "I'm a congressman..." But you have been selling out your nation. You should be judged. You are waking up a bit now, perhaps. You might be angry to hear this...

Were you called to live as couples or singles? So far, followers of religion were called to live single. This is because there was no true couple on Earth. It means the separation of the sexual organs from selfish motivation. A payment of indemnity. The sexual organ is the palace of love. Because no one was educated centered on God, Satan has claimed the sexual organs.

While visiting the spirit world I realized that everything is so filthy due to sexual misconduct. Everything has been claimed by Satan. Love has been claimed by Satan. God established the concept of True Parents. A foundation that could not be revoked has been made. I am teaching against the flow of the world.

Maybe you are thinking that you wanted to see Reverend Moon. Take a look! You can decide if I am good looking or not. Do we need True Parents or not? Did your thinking change a bit? In the hour and forty minutes of reading (Hoon-Dok-Hae), everything was said. Do you not now think we need the True Parents? People think we have so many secrets and we are so frightening...

Korea is still so dark. If Christians were not be so stuck on the idea of Jesus returning on the clouds, they would have accepted me as the Messiah. You have met the Messiah. Do you want to see him? Do you just want to look, or do you want to live with him? Do you think you are deserving or well-matched to live with him? When people want to live with the Messiah, should everyone come into the house?

Because I am giving the Blessing of marriage, people are relating as brothers and sisters. Haven't you been waiting for true men and women like that? Through the fall, all history was destroyed. The love of man and woman is so frightening and dangerous. God has been working to restore this throughout history. How much blood has been shed by children and parents because of false love! Women must become true younger sisters, wives and mothers to men. God's love must be won again. You must establish the foundation to become true women.

When I engaged young people, parents were so angry that I had engaged their children without their consent. Taking God's children back from Satan's world requires that kind of condition. I need to bring the women together, teach them, and send them back to save the men. Women know the secrets of men.

In the future, there should not be opposing political parties. They should work together for the nation. I am saying what I said in the 1960s when there were only three billion people on Earth. I will bring these words to the world even if it costs me my life. My own nation does not recognize me or my words.

The first and second Adams could not fulfill--look at how Israel suffered after that. The whole population of the world suffered for that. The second Israel, the Jewish people, have been persecuted for over two thousand years. During the Second World War the Christian nations were victorious. The United States was the Adam nation, Britain was the Eve nation, France was the Archangel nation. Conditions were established on the national level--so Reverend Moon could appear. Now Communism has disintegrated.

The first, second and third Adam has been [killed?]. The Unification Church is winning the victory, and shouting "Mansei." Christianity is becoming dry. In this time, we are to love and be proud of the True God by accomplishing the 360 million couples Blessing and eradicating Satan's lineage. The world should be one nation under God. Not a nation, actually--it should be a world under God. Nations should live for others.

Many tried to find a way to get rid of me, expending such effort to find one little thing on which to get me. They tried but they could not find anything wrong. Since they could not find anything, they tried to make something up.

The Korean people are still not paying attention. Don't you think the Koreans should be proud of Reverend Moon? If I visit you, will you receive True Parents? When you receive my books, you can read the words, and make them a basis for your life and for going out to the world. If you will just read these words together with your families and with those in your workplace you will see a new life beginning. Throughout the world people are recognizing me. Only my own nation is not recognizing me.

God wants to come and dwell on the Earth; we must break the lineage of Satan. Those who are connected to God can bring God to live with them. We should unite three generations together and we should reverse the sin of Adam's fall. Looking at Reverend Moon you can see what a true husband and father should be--as it should have been established with Adam and Eve.

Today, on my birthday, I am proclaiming the Completed Testament Age of Blessing and marriage. All the things that were reversed at the time of Adam and Eve are being restored-- love, life and blood lineage. Earlier ages were indemnity. Now we are at the crossing point. All people can now be blessed. So the first and second realms of Adam had to be indemnified, as Satan [claimed these realms?]

Now humankind, moving up to the whole world, can be blessed, establishing the foundation for true love, life and lineage. This is the realm of the fourth Adam. Over the years, my speeches have generated 233 volumes. All these things are coming together in this age. All is being explained--family, tribal and national realms. We must bring God into our families. Parents must do this. All things together with God.

I proclaim now that all people who have opposed me are forgiven. Such a wonderful age this is. We can be restored through the family.

We can talk about all of history. People have come from throughout Korea. Blessing and eternal life is the topic. Everything was upside down and we are now redressing it. Now True Parents can resolve all things. If you do not understand about eternal life you cannot really understand True Love. Christians do not really know about the spirit world. If you really understood about eternal life, even if you were tempted to sin you would not. Unless you put True Love in your life you cannot go to Heaven. Anyone who understands about eternal life can overcome any situation. It is the same for me. If you know clearly, you can have a real standard...

So far, religions were so involved in their own cultures they could not bring a true understanding of eternal life. Does God really exist or not...? People are moving along the path of faith. We must prepare for our eternal life. As people get older, they become more serious about eternal life. So we need a true religion. Only that can bring people to an understanding. A clear concept of eternal life will enable us to go beyond...

If Adam and Even had been together with God... God created them to be His objects. This is not just words. We must experience True Love. How to express the reality of eternal life to people is the problem... We have to bring our hearts into a relationship with our bodies. People can become one. If we know God and we have a relationship with God, then we can have a concept of eternal life.

How long will you live? Maybe 70 or 80 years. Then you will have a lot of greed. People of eighty will want to live to be one hundred. You do not know when you will die--maybe as you take off your shoes tonight! You should think that you are going to die soon, within the next year, and you should desire to prepare for your eternal life in that short a time. The shorter the time, the quicker and better you will prepare for your eternal life. Are you thinking that you want to love God but have not been able to? If you pray for twenty-four hours to bring one person to God you would be a Lord in the spirit world.

You should be so busy preparing. What kind of foundation is required? [A few minutes missed due to equipment failure]

We need to really be concerned about our eternal life. It is religion that has been concerned about this. True love--it is amazing truth--but what percentage of people have lived the True Love way? It is in that way that we can have eternal life. Things begin with love. When a child receives True Love the child can grow in True Love.

If we become one with God, then the universe and God are ours. God created in order to be together with humankind for eternity-- we are to live eternally. God needs to live together with us. We are the eternal object of God's True Love. Do you want to live for eternity? We want to carry True Love with us, brag about it, leave it to our descendants. God wants an eternal object of His love. We must know this eternally. Such a God cannot help but look for his children who are to live with Him.

The eternal spirit does not age. Even the things of creation have a type of spirit. If God had not established love He would not have been able to experience joy. God, who lost His love, has been in such a position of suffering and sorrow. He absolutely wants to bring His children back to the point where True Love can be felt and where the whole universe can be in harmony.

Why does God give and give? If we give and keep giving it will come back to us. Give and give again--that is where the concept of eternity comes from. If we give we will never be destroyed-- we will grow from small to big.

God gave humankind the unique position as the eternal partner of True Love with God. We have eternal life, and eternity comes from this relationship of eternal love. How do you establish a relationship of eternal love? Not just with a man or with a woman: eternal life is in the relationship between man and woman. Eternal give and take. If you only believe you live eternally, are you saved? No. Only if you have True Love. God created us to live with Him in True Love--we move into the realm of eternal life when we move into the realm of eternal love.

Rats leave a ship when they know an accident is going to happen. But people cannot sense these things due to the fall of man. Humankind must get rid of the evil love, life and lineage and move to a realm where these things hold no sway and live centering on True Love. Whatever we are doing on Earth, we must connect to eternal life. We can be eternal! True Love does not change; everything else changes and is affected by the environment but True Love is unchangeable. This is because True Love is the center of all life and nature.

True Love is the center of all things and the center of all ideal relationships. All philosophies can disappear but True Love will not disappear. As long as God remains, True Love will remain. What is True Love? We hope that our spouse and children will be better than us. God also wants His object of True Love to be better than Himself. Who would disagree?

Human beings are so special! That means we can be higher than God. Only love has that special power. God wants to give so completely to His sons and daughters that human beings can even be above God in value. If we had not fallen we could have been so great. These are precious words. From such a high point we can look down at the universe...the liberated mind does not want to be dominated. With God, we can have True Love and be God's friend. If you are 80 years of age and your father is 100, you can be friends with your father.

God wanted to make his object of True Love eternal, and outside the realm of false love. True Love is the goal of this never-ending process. Through centering on True Love. God lives eternally and through our relationship of True Love with God, we live eternally. The environment of Eternal Love is that of eternal life. This is not something to dream of, but something to experience.

The speed of love is faster than light and electricity. Light can encircle the globe seven times in a second, but love is thousands of times faster. True Love can go straight through the universe-- and keep going. Eighty-nine degrees is not a straight line. The meeting point between the vertical relationship with God and horizontal love between people is 90 degrees. They meet at a right angle. Front/back, right/left, above/below, elder/younger-- all these come into order and balance according to the vertical connection.

The sun and the stars are round. The speed of love goes through the universe. With True Love you can travel throughout the universe. Why am I teaching you these things? Why do I say these things? I refer to myself as son-saeng (teacher) as a formality, not to glorify myself. I know the eternal Word of God. We cannot just live as we want to.

In the biblical age, we were preparing for True Love. Jesus said that those who seek to live will die, while those who seek to die will live. Reverend Moon knows these things. If we know God and eternal life, we cannot live randomly. We must give, we must invest our life one hundred percent. Then we can go beyond the fallen realm. If we do not invest one hundred percent, we cannot have eternal life. If we don't have eternal life we cannot meet God. Everyone thinks about themselves and tries to gather material things.... following this way, people even get to the point of such despair that they commit suicide.

Egoism is the opposite of True Love. True Love is giving more than what one has and more. Investing even more than our lives. It is at this point that God begins to work. If we do not give more than our lives then it is not True Love.

We have Satan's lineage. So far, love has been Satan's love. We have to give everything. We must love our neighbors as ourselves--that means to invest even our lives for others. We have to separate from Satan's environment and we can only do that through True Love.

God has no concept of time. In eternity, the future is the same as the past and all are congruent. Even with all His power and knowledge, God cannot come to Earth without True Love. God has True Love. He can create anything by Himself. But God cannot create the ideal of True Love alone--He must have an object. He needs humankind. God does not need anything except True Love.

What is the spirit world? It is not just the world after death--it is the world where True Love is. Not just after death. It starts where True Love is. If I am experiencing True Love right now, this is Heaven. It is the connecting point of the spirit world and physical world. After death it has the same value. True Love can only be connected through a vertical and a horizontal connection.

The Unification Church is working for a true world, centering on true love, where humankind will bring God to this Earth though True Love. Then human beings will breathe God, and True Love will match the rhythm of the universe. In the spirit world and physical world everything will follow True Love. Everything will move to the rhythm of True Love. True Love is not merely earthly love. It matches all things, all directions--north, south, east and west.

In the Unification Church not so many people know about the meaning of the Blessing. The international wedding ceremonies- -you have heard of these--are to bring families back in the proper direction. Everyone has to be blessed by the True Parents to be brought back to the right position. Unless people go through the door of the Blessing they cannot enter eternal life. To go through the gate of Heaven, people have to participate in the Blessing ceremony.

When we accomplish the 360 million-couple Blessing ceremony we will be able to influence all people and establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Satan's influence will be broken. People think about their individual salvation, but salvation is for everyone. Presidents should want to bring their nations in.

How much love am I giving and receiving? Couples giving and receiving True Love will go into the spirit world together and become one body with God. Our sprits become younger and more beautiful as we grow. We take off our old shell of a body when we die. Before we can directly love God we should love the very food we eat and love our bodies and all that is around us, and absorb the elements of nature. The first parents are those who gave birth to us. The second parents is the earth out of whose substance we grew. The third parents is death, which lets us into the next world.

We must resemble God to come to the third parents. We get married in order to resemble God and the Sung Sang and Hyung Sang come together to multiply the seed of God. We live to multiply True Love. Marriage is for this. The standard of marriage comes through the Blessing, based on True Love. Through the Blessing the universe is perfected. The place where True Parents were born is like the hometown for all humankind.

Korea, unite with me! If Korea unites with me, it will never be destroyed, do not worry. I have been through so much persecution, but have not been destroyed.



Prayer (partial content):

Heavenly Father,

Over such a long period of time you created this universe and then Adam and Eve. But they could not give you the joy of real sons and daughters or become saints before you. We have such a high calling. In the Unification Church we know these are representatives of every nation and people...

You are teaching us about True Parents and True Love, and we are so grateful. Absolute love--we should grow into one realm of love. You have given us these words through our True Parents. Thank you. Through these meetings to read True Parents' words, the people can receive new strength. Leaders of Korea are here with us. May the reading of these words spread throughout the nation and world.

Bless all ancestors and bring blessing to all. Let each one of us become one who can bring blessing to the world. I am 78, Mother is 55. Let us together reach out to the 185 nations. Let us bring this Blessing to all nations.

In the Name of True Parents, Amen.

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