The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1998

Father Speaks to National Messiahs

National Messiah Workshop
Saturday, November 28th, 1998
2:00 pm at Fort Olimpo
Unofficial Notes by Jorg Heller

Today is our 35th day of the workshop. True Parents flew in to Fort Olimpo at around 9:30 am this morning. After lunch we gathered to hear the speech Father wants to give on his World Tour in April of 1999. This is the first time the speech is presented in public. A Japanese brother translated the speech while reading from a Korean transcript into Japanese. Japanese brothers in the audience translated for the English speaking brothers.

After a while, the spirit in the place became very heavy and everyone had a hard time to stay awake. Father, realizing very quickly what was happening, took over and began speaking from his heart. The spirit changed soon and we all came back to "life" again! Father's "from the heart" speech was not of the same content as the speech read from the transcript. This speech was aimed directly at us and meant to educate and inspire us.

Father's Words To Workshop Participants

God exists for True Love. All are born out of the True Love of God, especially man. Man is in the highest True Love position. One person alone can not live for True Love. God created the whole environment for True Love, from the smallest to the tallest with man having a special position as the direct object for God.

Through the interaction of Subject and Object the creation came about. The subject is the center of the object. God is the center of man and man is the center of all created things. God is vertical and the creation is horizontal Six directions, up down, front back, left right. God is always at the ninety degree angel and thus in the center of everything. That is the original plan ideal of the creation. From the smaller to the bigger, all inherit God's nature. God invested one hundred percent but the return to Him is more than one hundred percent. God is the master of the universe, but we, as His children can inherit all His possessions.

We all want our spouse and children to be better than ourselves. God is the same. We all need to the power of possession. This means to have a proper relationship with God. Heavenly Father needed to find one person. He looked for thousands of years to find such a person. Man and God are vertical. God wanted for man to be better than Himself. He invested in man over and over again and forgot about His investment. He forgot an infinite amount of time. Expending from the center infinitely.

Produce Infinite Power

We also can have that infinite power. How is it produced? We just need to live like God. Invest infinitely and forget that you invested. That is God's way of life. Adam and Eve were to be the visible God. When man grows, God also grows and vice versa. Because of the fall, the order of the universe was destroyed. All humanity became selfish, thinking only about the self. Satan wants to destroy mankind. God knew about man falling, but He could not do anything to stop them.

God now needed a man who could understand His absolute heart. An absolute Subject and Object relationship was necessary between God and that man. This man must have absolute love, absolute faith and absolute obedience to God. He must like God, invest infinitely and forget about the investment. Someone had to do it, otherwise sin can not be resolved. He then must teach everyone to live like that. With this heart we can become like God.

Without a man of goodness, God cannot do anything. If one man can absolutely follow God, then eventually all men will be able to follow as well. We must forget about sleeping and eating and go the way of restoration. We must create a clear form, a pattern that all can follow. Who is your master? God! The Japanese worldwide have to take ownership. They have to become true owners, otherwise there will be a problem in the future.

Be Your Own Master

Where did we lose our true ownership? In the Garden of Eden! Is this just a fairytale? Adam and Eve lost something, what was it? They lost our five spiritual senses and our conscience was lost as well. We are looking for the true master. We can only find him is we are vertical. The original mind never changes and we can find the true master through our conscience. In my conscience I can find my own palace. Is the conscience and the physical mind on the same thought level? No, our conscience level is so different from God's. No one has an original mind. The Fall caused all kinds of limitations. Do you want to be your own master? Raise your hands! You must be serious about it.

God invested the most precious the most precious qualities in man. You are a robber if you misuse them. Our training here is for the purpose to find God's motivation and truth. Through the conscience man is looking for the ideal of God. As we are growing up, the conscience also grows up. We then become second god's who can bring others to God.

Japanese members say "Father you give us too much work!" Must look at ourselves, are we masters yet? If not, we can t be called human beings. We must go back to the original love. Church life is always a challenge. We must pray a lot to go back to the original self. Fallen man does not understand. Do you feel you are following Father? Unless we shed tears, repenting at all times, we can not find the original way. That's the course of restoration. We are quite stupid. A Japanese proverb says "The stupid must die!" But you don t die, so I have to kill you. By dying you can find God and this will end the suffering of God. What is your conscience connected to?

Own the Universe

The USA has a history of Christian bloodshed. We must find a man that can sacrifice more than all Christians in the USA. Adam is to occupy God and then becomes an owner. When we become absolute objects of God, we become owners. That is the meaning of connecting to the center. Then we have the right to be with God and dominate Him. When that happens, all the Universe becomes mine. I am a true owner. This is our ultimate goal.

Right now we belong to hell. Unless we understand our master God we cannot be owners. Why do you forget this point. Everything must be sacrificed to God. We can not go half way, we will go to hell if we do. This is not just a story. We must become absolute minus, otherwise we cannot know God. Adam and Eve should have had this idea, but Satan confused them. God is the owner as the absolute subject. I am below God as the absolute object. I never excuse myself.

No One Understands My Life

The Jardim declaration states absolute faith, love and obedience. In Japan we have to set up this standard and spread it to the rest of the world. But Japan is still under Satan's dominion. You must shed tears because of that. No one understands my life. I am the King of filial piety, even when I am in prison. I am teaching you clearly. Even if it rains from morning to night, I maintain my fishing condition. I caught the biggest and most precious fish.

Why did I bring you here? To become the absolute master of ownership. I am teaching you to follow the subject. If you follow absolutely, then you can have an absolute family and absolute love. You must have the heart to long for such absolute love. You must become families that God can find joy in. Raise your hands and feet and make a three hundred and sixty degree turn. (everyone scrambles to make a turn of three hundred and sixty degree on their butts with their feet and hands in the air. This creates absolute madness as there is no room to turn). Our conscience should not leave God for even one moment. We must give up our fallen mind. The Japanese have to be ready to burn themselves to save Asia.

Even though Father was ignored and persecuted, Father aimed for God's heart and became the master of ownership. Do not forget Father's miserable course to save mankind. Even though I was kicked over and over again, I got up every time to fight. That is the true heart of an owner. Raise your hands! We must go over the dead bodies to connect to heaven. It is shameful if you do not feel that you are standing up for Asia and the World. God is miserable. The economic problem is not really a problem if you stand up for God. What is your situation now? We must become true parents, true teacher and true king ourselves even if we have to face death and die. We must go over this last pinnacle. We must pledge to build the ideal World. Mansei!!

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