The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1998

"Who Is He? A Book Of Prophecy" by Mr Ku Sung Mo

East Garden
November 21, 1998
Hoon Dok Hae Reading with comments by Sun Myung Moon
Unofficial notes (from simultaneous translation) by Robin Marsh

After 20 years of studying prophecy by many Korean prophets throughout the ages Mr. Ku concludes that someone must come to Korea as the second coming of Buddha, Christ or Confucius. He writes quite directly that Father is the one.

Ku Kam Nu Ryok (?)

This was written 450 years ago. From studying predictions of the stars. A white cross represents the truth brought by the 2nd advent. He did not write about white cross but mentioned 4 Chinese characters which Mr. Ku put together and formed the cross. (UTS logo has a white cross in the middle) When he comes those who will benefit most are women. 2000-1 or 2024-5 periods of possible to come. The white beach of Yong San is place of coming -- our Headquarters is in Yong San. The unreligious nation will perish. The people will be confused at this time. He will receive tremendous persecution. He comes as King of Kings. He will unify all the major religions. He will be a combination of Buddha, Confucius and Jesus all together.

In 1992 conflicts in the world will start. People will lose hope and vision. 2002-3 people will be full of joy. When he comes you will be able to wear clothes without sewing -- people will be able to fly. He will come in the east -- in Kearyon (?) (China, Japan, Korea)

He wrote of the relationship of

ying: 1) mountain 2) Korea 3) man
yang: 1) ocean 2) Japan 3) woman

the truth of ying and yang in combination of Korea and Japan.

Korea is like a man's sexual organ and Japan is like a woman who is ready to receive man's sexual organ. The entire orient is like a human body. Japan is ready to receive this special person and his word will bear fruit in Japan. If Japan fails then he will have to go to other island countries such as Taiwan or the Philippines who can fulfil this Motherly role. If they fail then mankind will face calamity.

Fire judgement:

1) the truth
2) natural disaster which only this holy man can solve

He has no special smell or taste but he brings life. The entire world will be covered by the dark smoke. The son of God will bring new millenium. He will be the father of mankind. Please rely on the truth and your conscience not on material things.

Chung Gam Nok (written 400 years ago)

This book talks of the white cross. After the Japanese occupation for 36 years then a new world will come. Westerners will participate in a great conflict and a western general will win the war. Then a huge Chinese army will pour into the Korean Peninsula and after 3 years fighting then the peninsula will be divided in two.

The son of God will marry Korea to Japan. He will start marrying people beginning with a number based on 36 6x6 then 36000 etc.. Then the world will come together. Many nations will oppose him but his power will be too strong.

He also described WW2 in his prophecies.

Cho Gam Nok:

He testified to the truth of Chung Gam Nok to his son.

World War II will end in the far east. After World War II the Korean Peninsula will be divided in two. The north will be red and the south will be white. When they fight they will use chemical weapons. After the war the Holy man will appear.

Ma Su An

The Holy Man should know everything. A big General will govern the Northern half of the Korean peninsula.

Yul Gup Bee

300 years ago. Based on Confucianism.

Korea will be taken by Japan for 36 years and will be liberated in July of 1945 by lunar calendar.

Yok Kae Chung

An enlightened one will come and he will unite the truth from east and west.

All ignorant people will not notice him even if they meet him. The unification of the entire world will take place. If we have to believe in any predictions the story of past predictions should be proved -before there will be new predictions

For 36 years Japan will dominate Korea. During this time the Korean people will have very long hair and the Japanese will force Korean people to cut their hair. There will be truth that all mankind should follow. If you want to follow the truth then you should go to the south. The South will be governed by a Lee and then by a Governor Yun. Then in 1960 there will be a military general who will take over by a coup d'etat called Pak. Then a military General Chun, who is very brutal, will take over. Then in his last years there will be division among his generals and a new leader will come.

During the last days the Holy Man will come. At that time morality will be all destroyed. Husbands and wives will be cheating each other. There will be abortion. People will be able to talk to each other even though they are hundreds of miles apart. People will enjoy their lives centering on material things. There will be bloodshed all over the world during a continental war. The holy man will judge between good and evil. The holy man will send food for starving people. Make sure you keep both you and your surroundings clean in the last days. Then the white cross will be found in yourself.

Qualifications of Holy Man:

He will be born in Korea north of 38th parallel.
He will endure persecution in an island country.
He will be the most fortunate person in human history. (Apparently there is a Chinese person who is considered to be the person with the most luck/fortune in the world.) The Holy Man is more fortunate than him.
He must endure imprisonment.
He must go through life and death situations.
He will marry lots of young people.
The center of his work will be in Yong San.
He will be the parent of mankind.
He must unite all religions.
He will bring a new version of Christianity.
He will come at a time when many people are sick.
Three angels will come from the far east with special seals -- China Japan and Korea.


No matter how long you wait in the west he will not come. He will come from the east.

The planet earth will be reshaped by natural disasters.

The author, Mr. Ku, referred to the artifacts of Mayan culture that is buried 70 meters down. He also mentioned that Mount Everest had been at the bottom of the ocean. It still has sea shells on it. Ivory of elephants tusks and fossils of warm weather animals are found in cold Siberia. Apparently there has been a change of the earth's axis 16 times in last million years. Some scholars believe that every 7000 years the axis could change. Nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons could destroy the people of the earth many times over.

The Lord will come as the Parent who marries all young people. He will find the elder daughter of God. Korea will be the elder son. He will find elder daughter in Japan. These will be parent nations.

That these books should describe the relationship of Japan and Korea, the birthplace and that he will be married twice, marry lots of young people, etc. is amazing. This book ends saying that the name of the Lord as Moon and that his Headquarters is in Yong San etc.

Mr. Ku declares at the end of the book 'who else can it be other than the Rev. Sun Myung Moon!'

True Father spoke:

This book came out three months ago and has already sold 7000 copies. Someone should translate this book into English. It would be very difficult to translate into English because of the oriental philosophical concepts involved but someone should do it. This writer must be crazy to write that this man must be Rev Moon. He has not met True Father.

Christians already accuse us that we either wrote this book or paid for it to be written.

The author will receive a lot of persecution. Previously a spiritualist woman, who had become famous for an accurate prophecy of Kim Il Sung's death, once said that Rev. Moon will die soon. (the date the woman mentioned was three years ago) A spiritualist man challenged her publicly saying "Rev. Moon would not die because he is connected to God with a vertical energy line. He will only die when God takes him after 100 years." Afterwards this spiritualist was heavily accused by Christians of taking bribes from us.

The reading began again:--

Find The Savior

Within four years or thirty years there will be a final showdown between this Holy man and evil. He will start doing his work in the center of Yong San. He is the one who came here to do God's will. Who is he? Two saints will be sent the first will the false one. The second will be true and have the name Moon. Only the ones with eyes will be able to recognize him.

He will be born in North Korea. He will marry many young people and go through many persecutions. Who else can it be other than the Rev Sun Myung Moon.

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