The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1998

Father Speaks to National Messiahs

National Messiah Workshop
Thursday, November 5, 1998
12 Noon, Fort Olimpo
Unofficial Notes by Jorg Heller

Father returned from Jardim at around 10:00 am. At noon he spoke for about one hour and forty five minutes.

Father will hold the lottery to divide the Pantanal area up into 185 areas to be assigned to 185 nations on True Children's Day, November 19th 1998. This will be done centered on the Korean National Messiahs. The Japanese will be responsible to organize each parcel of land, but the US in the elder son's position must also strongly contribute. Contact the embassies in the US and explain our plan and vision to the ambassadors.

The Japanese National Messiahs must educate 120 Japanese Missionaries who should go to each of the 185 nations. In Japan the Elementary School text has already been translated into Spanish. We (National Messiahs and 120 Missionaries?) must educate the children of the Pantanal. We must learn the language of the country and settle in our new nation quickly. The Ocean (River?) fishing, farming business is also important.

We must develop our country without hesitation. We are the Kings of the nation. Please learn Korean. We are learning here about water and land. We will grow everything that is good for man. Fishing, hunting and farming (fish and land creatures) are included when we live here. We can easily support ourselves with this.

Father Came to Pray for Us

We want to build a complete Hobby Industry. In Washington DC we have set up a skeet shooting facility. People really like it and we will set up the same here. We will prepare areas for sport fishing and hunting and even Las Vegas type gambling. We will also set up an art college. There is nothing we can not do.

What would you think about holding a Space Olympics, in due time we will do it. We will prepare areas for Air Shows, Water Skiing, Horse Racing, you name it and we can do it. We will create a Hobby University in order to fine-tune each the aspects of each Hobby. We will control the Hobby Industry. Hobby means Chaemi!! Would you like to work in the Hobby Industry? Raise your hands.

Father came back here to pray for you all. He does not want any accidents to happen to you. When you leave here, go to Jardim and visit a couple of places, Perdido River and the Salobra Hotel. The Blessed Couples must offer everything to God, otherwise we can not establish a Heavenly Blood Lineage. It must be a total offering of Bone Flesh and Blood. Father was 25 years old in 1945. The Kingdom could have come if he had been accepted by 1952. But it did not happen. Thus Father had to go to the Spirit to make conditions there. Then Father came back to the physical world to restore everything. But there was no object partner. Father went through such a lonely, lonely course for 40 years.

Zachariah's family should have received Jesus as the King. Now there is no true king and all kings have concubines and an adultery problem. Then the officers of the king would also use the same concubine after the king was finished with her. Father has to restore all that.

Bring Your Family to Jardim

Father gives out the tickets to the Kingdom of Heaven. All families must go to Jardim and be educated during Father's lifetime. Otherwise you will go to the family level of hell. After you go through the 40 day course, you will have the authority to bless your own children.

Reach out to your families and contacts and educate them even by force if there is no other way. Father came to open the satanic world centered on four National Messiah s. High level national leaders world wide and in the US will soon be educated by True Mother. I have called you here for this purpose.

Sell all your property to support this, make one nation centered on YOU (under yourself). Stir up all of society. Go back and bring your members' families to Jardim, push them to go. You must also go.

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