The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1998

Father Speaks to National Messiahs

National Messiah Workshop
Saturday, October 31st, 1998
6:00 am, Fort Olimpo
Unofficial Notes by Jorg Heller

I am leaving for Uruguay at 7:30 am today. I am not sure where and when I will see you again. Many leaders of nations are asking me to come and visit. The ideal place for us to meet would be in Korea.

America and Japan and Korea an Japan were enemy countries. Father brought many Japanese to America for the purpose of restoration through indemnity. England failed and thus Japan was put in the position of the Eve nation. If Japan fails now, Father could choose England again to become the Eve nation. Japan has many religions, but Japan can be blessed no matter how evil the nation (even Hitler got blessed) is. This is possible because True Parent's indemnity course.

Centered on True Parents, Japan, Korea, Germany and the USA who were enemy countries can be blessed because True Parents paid the price. Ever since June 13th that is possible. By loving the enemy we can restore the realm of Parenthood, Sonship and Kingship. Rachel and Leah became one. In the same way, Japan and England and East and West must also become one. Jardim is the center of the world for ideal families. Father made four declarations in Jardim and one in Kodiak. Everything is possible through the Providence of Restoration. All indemnity has been paid by True Parents.

The Purpose of the Pantanal

In 1945 Father should have been accepted, but he was not. Through the Pantanal all is being restored. If we fulfill our responsibility, we will be able to bless the world in seven months or even seven days. We must educate the media. If Catholicism and Protestantism come together as bride, they can be almost instantly restored.

Catholicism and Protestantism represent Christianity which rejected Father. They must be restored. When Adam and Eve failed, there were five male figures in the Garden of Eden, the three archangels, Adam and God. Now we need special countries to stand in the position of those five males, China, Russia, USA, Korea and Japan are the nations. We must unite those nations.

Korea also opposed Father strongly centered on Christianity. Korea must also be restored. Thus Father had to start a wilderness course again. Father restored 4000 years in 40 years, no one understands the suffering True Parents went through. Everything should have been restored in 8 years, from Father's 25th year to his 33rd year, Jesus age.

Everyone must be Blessed

Everyone must be blessed, not just "special" people. After 1952 we have now passed 40 years if the Catholics and the Protestants can unite, everything will be restored. England, Japan, Korea and the US must completely unite with and accept True Parents. The "enemy situation" has been resolved already by True Parents. After 1945 Father restored 4000 years of fallen history. Seven years from 1945 were very important. Now since 1992 Mother as bride stands behind Father, for the first time they are on a vertical line together. From 1992 to 1998, for seven years Father indemnified all women. Now we can go on to bless the whole world.

Centering on True Parents the highway to the Blessing is becoming much wider every day. True Parents are taking care of God through the Blessing. Holy men in the spirit world will bring their followers to the earth to witness. Brazil is very special, there is not so much racial discrimination here.

United Nations Reorganized

Father wants to reorganize the United Nations, because it has no family structure. It has to be build up from the individual level. There is no air pollution in the Pantanal. Europe and the USA are unable to handle the pollution problem. Father has to do it right here. Four National Messiahs came here from nine countries. They have to organize and plan carefully so that we can protect the environment.

We need much money from the Elder Son Nation of America. German technology must also help. Without indemnity restoration can not take place. Father sacrificed everything for Korea and in 40 years there was no success. Thus Father had to come here. All Blessed Couples and Tribal Messiahs must come here to be educated. Jardim is now officially the "New Hope East Garden." Left becomes right and Right becomes Left. The mind is Right and the body is Right. Together they are "Right!"

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