The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1998

Father Speaks to National Messiahs

National Messiah Workshop
Thursday, October 29th, 1998
2:00 pm, Fort Olimpo
Unofficial Notes by Jorg Heller

Father follows up on a report from Joon Sung Kim, the director of the Jardim Project.

It is really a shame that so few National Messiahs came to the Workshop. Father will divide the Pantanal into 185 areas and give the land to each nation. We will be building boats, so every country will also receive a boat.

There is not so much needed here. Food, shelter and clothing are easy to come by. We do not need to wear so many clothes, T-shirt and shorts will be sufficient in most situations. Each nation must bring their people and their culture here, then we can create a world culture.

We also want to create a University, research to find out what products will grow best. You can cultivate your land very well. Bring your guests there and educate them. We can restore young people through martial arts, hobbies, sports, art, music, horse racing, casinos etc. We can easily create a world-wide Blessing movement. Only we can do it.

The Koreans will take care of the religious area, the Japanese are responsible for education, the Americans will deal with the diplomatic world and the Germans will take care of the technical and engineering aspect of our needs.

Become True Brothers

We should become True Brothers here during this Workshop. After you go back to your nation you must continue your relationship. You can communicate via e-mail.

We also want to develop many types of fish farms. The bacu likes to eat the purple flower of a certain tree it will be easy to feed them. We will of course also set up farms for land animals. The Pantanal is truly a treasure place with many different treasures.

Forty million Japanese should move to other countries. We have to create newspapers and many other things. The main thing is to establish the Heavenly Tradition here in the Pantanal.

The Japanese have to unite with the Koreans. All National Messiahs must visit ambassadors and witness to them. They have so much time. Visit the Korean, Japanese and Chinese ambassadors. Within 10 years 40 million Japanese should immigrate to 185 countries. The US has a plan to rule the world, but Father is not worried. China's and India's population make up about three-fifth of the world population.

Tshiang Kay Chek has said that he would allow for 2 million Japanese who live in China to return to Japan. Father told TKC through Mr. Kuboki to do it and he agreed. Father also told president Carter not to become a second term president. Many WWII criminals live in South America. No one can find them. The Mafia is here also. The Japanese people need to invest everything they have here in the Pantanal. Food is no problem. You can catch a piranha and make sashimi right at the riverside. Piranha is one of the best fish for sashimi.

Go Beyond Nationalism

Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay have the same destiny. But they are not united and pursue only their own national benefit. We must educate them especially about environmental pollution. World Peace will begin centered on this area. Develop a new education system. Go beyond nationalism and center on religion to seek benefit fore the world. Father asked an elder brother how many spiritual children he had. He had only three and Father got somewhat angry. You must restore a whole nation.

Everyone must come to the Pantanal to get education. Everything God needs has been done by me, all conditions have been set. Good and evil can now unite centered on True Parents. Everyone must come here, especially the Japanese. Koreans do not need to come. You Japanese pack your bags and get ready to go anywhere in the world.

Fish were no object of flood judgement, during Noah's time. True for today.

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