The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1998

Breakfast Meeting with four Japanese National Messiahs

Sun Myung Moon
Fort Olimpo, Paraguay
6:00 am - October 26th 1998
Unofficial Notes by Jorg Heller

(These notes are very spotty and some of Father’s words have been lost do to lack of understanding and translation.)

Father was quite angry that only so few National Messiahs came (at that time there were 41 one of us). He could not imagine that the travel expense and the workshop fee would keep anyone from coming here. Father is hitting the table angrily as he speaks "I brought Heavenly Father and the National Messiahs here. But only so very few came. The workshop loses it’s meaning with such few NM. Maybe we should cancel it.

I have been teaching absolute faith, love and obedience. To what effect? Especially the Japanese should come. We have to save the world. Japan will be punished if they don’t unite with Father and follow.

Paraguay is the center of South America. The American government and even the Communists have an office in Ascention. Paraguay and Uruguay are very important in God’s Providence here in South America. Father addressed the Brazilian Congress and spoke out for religious freedom. He explained to them that there should be unity between the Catholics and the Protestants and South America and North America.

Two third of the leadership will accept Father, we have to start taking control of the political situation here. Right now only 400 million people live in South America. However, there is enough space her to support 8 billion people. But the countries are not united and there is much corruption. If Paraguay and Brazil can unite, the Pantanal centered on Jardim can become the center of the world. In the rainy season, land twice the size of Japan will all be submerged under the water. Clean water is most important in the future. We will provide water from the Pantanal to the whole world. If we control the water, we can control the world.

Ever since WW II and more so right now, pollution is destroying the world. If we continue at the same pace, within 300 years, the world will be finished, totally polluted. The UN actually should protect the natural resources of the world, but they are not doing it. Thus we must do it. We must hold workshops to research nature and figure out how to protect it. If we can do it, everyone will respect us. We must protect True Parents most of all.

One million Japanese are living in Brazil. That is a pretty strong foundation and we should work with them. Japan is beginning to accept True Parents. Two thirds of the Japanese population has to leave Japan (including non members is my understanding). 120 Japanese Blessed Families have to go to each of the 185 nations. They worship too many false gods including a female god. Japan has faced an incredible crisis in 1988 and it has been engulfed in total darkness. 12 Korean Blessed Families each have to also go to 185 nations. This is the last Providence. The entire Japanese property must be given to the world. Eventually 40 million people should migrate to the 185 nations in the future.

Communism is gone now as a governmental system, but it is still expanding on the individual and family levels. Catholics, Protestants and the Jewish people have all welcomed Father. Father can collect information about Japan faster than the CIA can. He could control Japan within two weeks if he wanted. The Japanese want to be like Koreans because the Spirit World is influencing them. The National Messiahs are the eternal King of their nation. But still, Japan is a satanic nation. We need to control the North and the South Pole.

No one believes that we can be victorious in the 360 million Blessing. 160 of your relatives should become missionaries. Germany, USA and Japan must unite in doing that. The Japanese WFWPU should witness to the ambassadors of the USA and Japan. The Japanese missionaries absolutely have to stay in their mission country. They have to die for their mission. They should not return home whenever they want. Japanese currency will only be paper soon, without value. Thus spend the money now. Even if Japan disappears, it’s all right as long it has helped others. We must swallow and digest everything. The June 13th Blessing was a big turning point. Now we must love our enemies. Why do NM complain about the money to come here. Why do the NM not come here, this determines their eternal life. I am very lonely, no one understands me.

There is a Mafia here even in South America, they want to collect some money from the WFWP. Confucius is of Korean descent. Japan is the only oceanic island nation still in God’s Providence. In Japan you are allowed to marry your cousin, but you should not do it. If you do, you shall perish.

Fish and alligators can swallow good and bad. That is the spirit of the Pantanal. At the June 13th 1998 Blessing good and bad, head and tail united. Saints and Assassinators all were saved together. There are no more enemies.

The spirit of the Pantanal is that of the last Settlement. We must go over all satanic positions. The Pantanal has the blessing of land and water. Now it must unite with True Parents. Father made so many indemnity conditions and thus he could open the 12 gates of Heaven and liberate hell. The suffering course Father went through can not be compared with the suffering of Adam. Father’s life has been absolutely miserable. The first four Providential Nations did not accept Father and thus they are receiving punishment Constantly Father had to make indemnity conditions to save the world.

Kim Il Sung believed in Father as the savior. He shook hands with Father and thus the birthright of the elder brother was restored to the heavenly side. Then True Parents restored the parental right and the King position. Based on Father’s ability to set up the elder son nation. The 6000 year history was restored and now we can go to the Kingdom of Heaven. Kim Jung Il also respects True Parents because of the influence Father has in the east.

We must now create unity between the Tribal Messiahs and the National Messiahs. Some Japanese complain, but they do not understand the value. They can become huge trees in front of Adam. Eve can not insist of her position. We have to unite and be sincere before True Parents.

Eve has to offer three generations. Japanese members have to sell their homes and land and go to the world. Taiwan, the Philippines and Canada are to support Japan. These 40 days are important for you to unite with True Parents. Please make a strong effort to unite with True Parents and True Children.

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