The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1998

East Garden Report

September 20, 1998
Unofficial and very incomplete notes

Father said, "There are predictions from the east regarding Rev. Moon." There is a book, I think called "Who is He." I guess this book testifies to Rev. Moon. He also brought up Dr. Lee's book regarding spirit world.

The spirit wold is causal and the human body is resultant. To understand the self we need to understand the causal spirit world. Without knowing cause we can't understand the purpose of the resultant world. Behind the resultant world is God.

Since God is cause we resemble him. Male and female and mind and body. Our mind connects to God. Since God is unchanging it is natural for us to assume that "we" are meant to be unchanging.

Yet there was an "accident" and this resulted in the changing character of man. The creation and man have one significant difference man has character.

He asked, "what is truth?" "The Divine Principle is not truth. It is written text." He used the example of the pinky finger, the finger with only knuckle is not truth. Truth has a standard. A house built with imperfect materials become imperfect.

We can judge ourselves based on 100% truth. We want to be unchanging in character.

He change the topic and talked about secrets. The CIA has many secret codes. He asked who has more secrets God or Satan.

He spoke about the "love organ". If changeable will end up in the trash can.

He drew a circle on the board. The sphere is "quiet" as it moves about. I guess he was expressing the fact that the sphere is harmony and that it does not disturb the surroundings. As two eyes and two ears and two nostrils become harmonized to become one source. This is an expression of the four position foundation.

Man persues Knowledge, Emotion and Will to obtain character. This leads him to seek Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. All of this is connected to the power of true Love.

He illustrated the points of North and South on the world globe. He drew a line from North to South and in this line is the power that generates life. I interpret it like a lightning rod attracting the forces of God. He said that an ideal couple can "steer" God.

Man is designed to be second God. Love has power to create new life. A patriot and a traitor has the same action. (motivation is different as I interpret this) He asked, "Has Rev. Moon ever publicly criticize anybody?"

In the 1950's Father was arrested by Korean Government and no evidence was found against Father. This all started from the opposition from Christianity.

This is where he spoke of Nan Sook. She saw that father loved Cain children more than Abel children. She "built bitter feeling inside when she saw no love in the family." Nan Sook concluded, "He is not the messiah because he cannot love his own family."

True Children complained that all the love and attention is directed toward leaders.

When the completion of 360 million couples than all will appreciate father and the True family for their sacrifices. Father has many enemies. He forgets their names as he focuses on the goal and does not stop to defend himself.

He went on to describe his early church years when wives would leave their husbands to follow father. Women would go crazy and wanted a relationship with him. He fought off their love.

He spoke about temptations and how he would explain to a woman that he was impotent and could not have sexual relations all the while controlling his sexual urges.

The center is where those take responsibility and entertain true love.

Those who oppose the Unification Church eventually perish.

Then he spoke in English for about twenty minutes. (I could not understand a word he said.) He would ask, "Do you understand." (Some would say no, but it didn't change anything.)

Self-centered people will oppose the church. If "we" sympathize with them God will be angry.

He explained why he is in South America. South America is the place where God's original plan is seen. There are countless different species of fish and birds and insects.

If I pray for 7 months my enemies will perish. But I will not do this.

The parental heart is to protect the family.

He then explained the situation of Jacob, Abraham having more than one wife and how the lineage was important to God's providence.

He said the E-mail and faxes and all technology should be used for the providence.

He ended that your mind should agree with Father.

Absolute Faith will build ideal world .

Afterwards he left for South America. There was dinner arranged and people spoke to each other. Right before leaving he said "I gathered you together to support you at this time."

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