The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1998

Total Providential Conclusion

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
September 20, 1998
Belvedere, New York
Translator, Peter Kim
Unofficial notes by Tyler Hendricks

These notes are not totally reliable, but must be combined with official information from international HQ.
The morning began with Rev. Peter Kim's informal translation of new materials from Dr. Sang Hun Lee. True Parents arrived around 6:30 and asked Rev. Kim to continue, but shortly thereafter Father began his speech from his position seated beside the stage.

Peter Kim:

We have received new letters from Rev. Eu, Dr. Lee, Socrates, Jesus, Confucius, Buddha, Muhammad. The section titles are, Changes in the Spirit World Blessing and Ideal World Blessing seen from the Spirit World, Blessing and Change of Humankind, Love and Blessing.

Letter from Pres. Hyo Won Eu:

Greetings to True Parents from Spirit World. For a long time, you taught me, that is my base in the Spirit World. Today is the memorial day of my physical death. Many Unification Church members came to a memorial ceremony for me and prayed, so I felt embarrassed. God instructed me to send this letter to you.
Until now, Dr. Lee followed God's direction, visited every corner of Spirit World, researched and analyzed and reported to you. I heard that it comforted your heart and God was pleased. When Dr. Lee gave the report through Mrs. Kim, so many people were praying for the success of that transmission. When we heard you were comforted, we were happy. We hope it prepares for you to come to Spirit World.
Dr. Lee is the same as before, quiet and stern. The main message I have is that God was happy that you were comforted by Dr. Lee's messages. Since God knows that if True Parents do not teach about Spirit World on earth. . .God was happy that Dr. Lee's reports made that teaching easier. So God told Dr. Lee to send this further message.
Dr. Lee was a very ambitious person, so as soon as he came here, he stated that he would continue his mission that was unfulfilled on earth. He studied and God watched and was happy. I felt a little envious of him, because I thought that if God had told me to do it, I could have received more love from God. Aren't you glad to have such a wonderful son as Dr. Lee?
He studied and worked hard and got God's approval for everything, and I was impressed because I couldn't do that. He aggressively dashes into this work. Also people are praying ardently for him here in Spirit World, and they and their descendants will receive much blessing.
Dr. Lee is praying for (the medium) Mrs. Kim's health. I need a medium on earth, so I am using Mrs. Kim and I also pray for her health. She is very quiet and inward, but I can use her so God please give her health. This is my prayer. We feel ashamed because True Parents on earth are doing what we should be doing for Spirit World. We will try to help you. Please be healthy. God wants you to be healthy.

Letter from Dr. Lee:

I am unworthy of your praise. I simply obeyed God's order and felt as if it were my fate. My work was simple, but you praised me too much. But I will continue. I promise upon your request.

Letter from Jesus:

I am eternally grateful that you have loved me so much and have been concerned and praying for me, and beyond that you provided me a wonderful wife and residence for us. She is a wonderful woman. We will build a beautiful family dedicated to you. I am working with Heung Jin Nim for restoration of humanity.
In Spirit World, the Christians built a tall fence around themselves, and the gate is closed tightly. But True Parents set the conditions for us to work. On that foundation we will continue to work. I feel sorry that people emphasize me too much.
Jesus who was born in Bethlehem sent this letter. May 22, 1998.

From Socrates:

Gratitude for the blessing. Depreciates himself on earth and in Spirit World and unworthiness for the Blessing. Without qualification to receive the blessing, I do not know what to do. Also I am grateful for my wife, Kim Myung Hee. (He makes a determination to do his mission and get rid of his stubbornness.)

From Confucius:

I am a small son so happy to be able to write to you. (He praises Dr. Lee for leading their study). I will master the tradition and teaching of True Parents. Madame Lee Kyung Joon. I will pray for her.

Changes in Spirit World after June 13

CTA year 6, June 13. When True Parents gave the blessing, all the good ancestors came and participated. It was beyond description. We formed a huge oval centering on True Parents during holy water. All tried to receive it. Those who could not receive the blessing were envious. Those who received had the permission of God.

Sometimes God communicates to Spirit World through an envoy, but those who are high up there receive it directly through light. God allowed the 33 on the list to bring friends or relatives.

Father's prayer was like brilliant light. When True Parents entered the hall, the scene in Spirit World was like millions of flowers blooming. Their clothes were so beautiful. We were intoxicated. There was an amazing fragrance.

All 33 were elevated. Especially Lee Ki Boong, husband of Maria Pak, was elevated a great amount (by the way, the murders of herself and her husband by her son took place in 1960) and the entire family was saved from their miserable situation. Maria Pak can be with her husband and son and talk with them. God sent a special emissary to bring them together.

God's messenger said to Lee Ki Boong not to forget the misery they suffered in spirit world and of those others who still are suffering. They still do not know clearly who to thank.

I (Dr. Sang Hun Lee) will visit all 33 who were blessed at Madison Square Garden and have them study the Divine Principle. Since the blessing every corner of spirit world has some commotion. Since the four saints were blessed, the people in their realms are confused and uneasy. Their confusion and anxiety is the basis for us to teach them DP. Father is the same on earth.

Father's Words:

(Father speaks quietly in English to those near him, for the most part of the first two hours. It was difficult for me, across the room, to catch. He explained how the individual became king in America, and this is dominating the world and breaking down the family. Children don't listen to their parents. Husbands and wives think they don't like each other, and it is the same with parents and children. America may be number one in every area, but it is all on a false foundation connected with Satan. Americans don't know that. Satan is the enemy of true love. He teaches people not to care but to be humanistic.)

Your mind and body are fighting. They should be subject-object. But they go different directions. They cannot make absolute husband-wife relations. If we have that, we can register for the Kingdom of God.

(On the 90 degree connection able to travel everywhere. On the absolute love connection with the opposite sex. A long discourse on the many aspects and applications of absolute.)

Why is Father so busy between North America and South America? Why was the universe created? For love. Did God need a period to mature? He did, to become the absolute God, through three stages, equivalent to children's period, brother period and conjugal period. God Himself centered on True Love, through which He grew into maturity.

The center of all things is parallel to the center line of the universe, vertically and horizontally. The distance from the center of the universe to the thing determines its distance to God, who is closest to the center, closest to true love. Horizontally, the center of all things is on the same plane as the horizontal line of the universe. Human beings touch that line and become the center of the universe.

In the world are three stages, mineral, plant and animal. They are all in the pair system, because they came from love. Plus-minus came from the paradigm or ideal of man and woman. Without two poles, there is no action. Without exception, existing beings have plus and minus, male and female, which combine to multiply. There is no way for an existing being to continue without going through the gate of love and order of love.

How do we open the gate of true love? We do so in the family where we multiply our children. The order of love is that smaller serves the larger. Darwin saw this but did not understand the whole picture, so his theory is incomplete. He didn't know the concept of love, by which the smaller offers itself for the larger. The desire of all things is to reach toward the love of God. All things want to become part of something closer to God. The final terminal point is human sex organ.

But in the fallen world, there is no love concept, but rather killing and taking. So all things are lamenting. But all things are created for the sake of the larger, so they are suffering. God is subject and all human beings are object. The family is the unit to build true relationships with God. Based upon that comes the tribe and nation. To make it faithful, the key is the father-child relationship. God is father to every generation. This is eternally unchanging. None of the four realms can be altered.

At the time of Adam and Eve, there was only one couple and no divorce concept. But a triangle does not create a sphere. The four position foundation had to come about. Then, centering on God, there are six directions. The four position foundation becomes a sphere that can roll everywhere. It looks safe and settled from each angle. It will roll if it has a clear center and the center is love.

The poles presuppose each other. Subject requires an object. An absolute subject requires an absolute object. Everything exists for others and is moving to form a sphere. The sun, moon earth, and entire universe are round. This is all subject-object for the sake of love.

The body should follow the mind. The flesh is the shape of a bowl. The direction of life is toward love.

Father is a mediator between God and humankind. He doesn't claim that he made everything. He is simply representing God. This is not Father's truth. It came from God. Then, can Father deviate from his own course? Can he be a heretic? Father has been carrying the label as destroyer of human character, family, world and nation. If Father is destroying these things in the fallen world, he must be from God and must be able to rebuild them. Father never conformed to America, but Americans of all colors conform to him. Free sex people are just overnight phenomena.

God on the top with man and woman only, as a trinity, will not roll. That is why we need children. Also, you should not be separated from your grandparents, our parents. The old people are bored doing nothing because they cannot visit their children. Their lives are destroyed and their society and nation are being destroyed, and they just laugh and joke around, "ha ha ha." Satan enjoys this world, not God. Does God dwell in the Empire State Building? God has been supporting America. He was there when the Empire State Building was built to help America lead the world to God. But now it is Satan's. Satan's side people driving in their cars.

But the CIA says to Rev. Moon, don't go home, we need your concepts of true family values and America existing for the sake of the world. Meanwhile, the world says Yankee go home. Someone wants to shape the American future using Unificationists because we are hopeful and give people hope.

Father is investing enormously every year to save America. Has any wealthy American sacrificed money to save America? Father cannot run for office here. He has not drawn a salary from American businesses. He has been acting like a fool from an economic point of view. He has devoted his life to reviving Christianity, the bone of America. Saving America means reviving Christianity. It is not a matter of politics.

People say, okay, why don't you do it in Korea? It is because Korea is not the central Christian nation. Think of the impact of a huge investment every year in Africa. If you have money, you should use it for the sake of your country. I have been mobilizing the resources of the world for America, every penny. Strictly speaking, you are indebted to Father and should pay him back for what he has done for America.

The world someday will follow Rev. Moon. It will realize that no one but Rev. Moon has been devoting his life to world peace. So the center should be the axis of God and True Parents, and around this axis the globe should spin. God, Adam and Eve have become a four position foundation. If it expands into three dimensions, then you cut off the corners and make a sphere. Then the love organ is restored into the palace of original life, love and lineage. Inside there is no divorce concept. (About the absolute value of the sex organ, the value of all men and all women.)

When Father returns to Korea, you will look for him. He is the one who has brought the core reality of spirit world, physical world and human world. He loves God, man, land and ocean. He introduced this love to humankind. So he brought Korean National Messiahs to lowest point for ocean challenge and representative blessed couples to Jardim. The Korean National Messiahs are Abel-side kings of their countries and the blessed couples are Abel-side citizens. The divisions wrought by the fall have to be restored in these 40 day workshops. Since Father has walked with absolute faith, we must as well.

We do not have Father's foundation, only Father does. We are floating. He has been persecuted by the world. When the Jardim blessed couples start their new life, they have no opposition or persecution. Come to Jardim to be educated and blessed anew. After the 360 million blessing, this course will be accomplished immediately. The education tears down all boundaries.

To register, we need to restore 160 to 180 families through seven generations. So the Pantanal national Messiahs are to catch 160 fish from four different species. This "four" meaning also was brought to the north through the 4.4 Commemoration. South America is where blessed couples are connected to the True Family.

Most people are afraid of water, but Father is bequeathing to them his love for the water. We should come there and inherit the traditions. We must bring 160 families there, too. Four is a core of heavenly dispensation. So by 1988, there arose 160 nations in the UN, with #161 being South Korea. The end of cold war came at that time. It was the meeting point of the two blocs. Soviet Russia won first place, representing the communist world. Unified Germany was second. America was third and South Korea was fourth.

Old Testament = all things,
New Testament = children,
Completed Testament = parents.

The future is the era of liberation with God. That is the kingdom of God, the completion of God's will.

160 for ocean, 160 for land, 160 for humankind, and 160 for God. 16 nations protected Korea. Therefore, make an offering of 160 or 1,600. Upon the completion of these workshops, the realm of liberation opens and we can fly. They are preparing our offering table. Put together, the four stages of liberation, reaching 160 and These are providential numbers.

Centering on our families, restore the four eras of history. Before the blessing, Adam and Eve were not to possess anything. They had no ownership. And the blessing of God never came, so Satan took everything. So we should own nothing, vacant, then we get the blessing and ownership. Now everything should be turned over to God. (On wives giving up their husbands and taking their true husband at the second advent.) We are to indemnify every level of ownership -- individual, family, society, nation, world, cosmos. Everyone here should make an offering. Do you want to give 160, 1,600, 16,000? When west becomes day, the east becomes night. The world is moving to one culture.

The first Jardim declaration centered on the ethic of absolute faith, love and obedience. The reason relates to God's status as creation, lost at fall, and now Father restores it to bring recreation.

The second Jardim declaration had to do with God's four major attributes being recreated in His perfect complete object, the family. We will suffer in hell until we recover that standard, four attributes fulfilled by each of the four family components (parents, husband-wife, children and the entire family). We inherit this at Jardim. After the third session, the location of this workshop may change. Jardim is a bridge between the land, the hunting world, and water, the fishing world. The 21st century is the century of the family centering on God's true love. You are in position of Adam prior to the fall. The blessing guarantees you will not end up in hell. That is the minimum guarantee.

The Third Jardim proclamation is that our children are the third creator. God is first and parents are second. God grew centering on love. He created himself invisible and the creation of the universe unfolded in His own image, from baby to child to adult. Then He created children who were to become adults and have children and so forth. When we meet someone face to face, we feel most excitement. The grandchildren of God allow God to feel the joy of His children as parents. Each generation call God, Father. From this point of view, parents and children are equal.

We have to understand the value of the family, which reveals the invisible course of His own creation, together in three dimensions, also the course of Adam and Eve's creation is replicated. That's why when we look at the family we see God, grandparents, king, parents, and future world, our children, spirit world, the present world and future. Everything is compacted in the family structure. We each eventually become the king of each level. This is the dream of humankind.

We can serve God as children serving our parents and grandchildren serving our grandparents. Thus, the unification of heaven and earth is possible. The family is the center fulfilling the Kingdom of God vertically and horizontally. Adam received only vertical love from God, but made no horizontal love, hence there was no godly third generation.

Fulfilling the three object purposes. Dr. Lee explains about this, having God behind it. This is the building block of the spirit world.

After World War II, Protestants and Roman Catholics could have united as Cain and Abel. In 1992, WFWP [Women's Federation of World Peace] was established, and then there is seven years from 1992 is 1999, so the completion has to be made by then, to bring the blessing to all humankind.

Due to fall, God had no grandchildren and no four position foundation. The grandchildren level has been established through the history of restoration and hence Father could proclaim 4.4 Commemoration. This is the beginning point of the Kingdom of God on earth and heaven. All blessed couples are in the grandchildren's position. The three generations are God, True Parents and blessed couples. Therefore as blessed couples, we should set the offering table condition, offering $16,000. This is to offer everything we own, which belonged to Satan to God. By offering it, we will receive God's blessing back. Connect your property to the nation and world. It is restoring the four position foundation in many ways. It places us in God's lineage, as their grandchildren.

The fourth Jardim declaration states that from God's viewpoint, the family is a set of relations that cannot be changed, hence it is fate, inalterable forever. Even God follows this concept of absolute fate. But in the secular world the family relations do not reach that standard of fate. Those relations were to have been built in the garden, but were not. Now as blessed couples, we are not original branches but are engrafted branches.

The relationship of parents and children is absolute and should be fulfilled even after we die. Hence, Jesus has been working to complete it even in Spirit World, even if it takes forever. Father in one generation is embracing the entire world and turning it around. Even to restore one family is almost impossible and Father has to turn the entire world around. Difficult! Therefore, we need absolute faith. Our lives have been wishy-washy, but after this point of great transition, we must be absolute. It was God's night and Satan's daytime, but now is Satan's night and God's daytime. It is a different world now. Don't you think we need to prepare ourselves for his era? Like those who pack everything and flee as if from a war zone.

In front of True Parents, Japanese and American women are sisters. Migration will continue as it has for the past centuries. Africans and whites reverse their localities. Birds that migrate are stronger than those that don't.

In heaven, marriage is fate. It never ends. There is no divorce. The fourth declaration is of the liberation of the four realms of heart relations from the loose, relative relations of the fallen world, into eternal relations that exist in the Kingdom of God.

These four proclamations were given in Jardim and then Father gave the 4.4 in Kodiak, and that can be considered the 5th declaration. You were not there, so I share it with you now as the elder brother nation, so that you can eliminate free sex and homosexuality. There is an abundance of waste here, but you should save even one cent to send to the needy. Millions die of starvation each year. If 200 people team up to help one starving person, that person can be saved. I've been preparing for this for four years. This cannot take place overnight. I came up with fish powder.

Father cannot guarantee when he comes back. High level people are begging him to come here and there. But he doesn't want to get involved in politics. Father's life is so complicated, but yours is simple--just follow Father's footsteps.

Today's title is "Total Providential Conclusion." We go through three stages including water and land. Nutrition from the mother's body or earth. The five senses necessary for the next world are prepared in the world preceding it. We enter the world with a burst of crying. We learn from our physical parents how to utilize our five senses. Our parents are even more powerful than God is.

In the Physical World, we develop our spiritual senses. Then we break into the Spirit World. We experience love food, love clothes, etc. This is an ascension, not a funeral. The butterfly has three stages: water, cocoon, flying. We have three parents: our mother in womb, nature in this world, and God in Spirit World. Breathe love there.

It is our pride to support and enjoy a five hour sermon instead of kicking the preacher out of the pulpit. Let us pray.

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