The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1998

Speech At The East Garden Arrival

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
September 17, 1998
East Garden, New York
Translator, Rev. Peter Kim
Unofficial Notes by Tyler Hendricks

These notes are not totally reliable, but must be combined with official information from International HQ.
The following notes represent the words of both Father and Rev. Peter Kim, as Rev. Kim gave the main line of the report but the bulk of the words are Father's interjections.

Peter Kim:

True Parents went to Jardim and then Pantanal. There is the National Messiah Ocean Challenge for 40 days. Trainees are to catch dorado, bugi, 2 other kinds of fish, 40 each, in 40 days. No one can complete it, so they have to return every year. The top total so far is 70. But they are catching 100s of piranha. It is hell training.

Then True Parents flew direct to Alaska and taught Hyun Jin Nim's group. Six continents each sent 10 representatives to Kodiak. They are getting intensive training assisted by the Coast Guard. There are over 70 there including second generation. They will get a license at the end from the Coast Guard.

On September 8, Father declared a new celebration day, the 4.4 Commemoration. 1998.9.8 adds up to 44. The dates will not add to 44 for a long time to come with a 9 and 8 in it. 9 represents Satan's number and when it is erased, then the new number 8 emerges, the new start. So 9.8 has that significance. From now, the satanic power's advance can be stopped. Until now, even Father could not pray to God to stop Satan. But now, we can pray directly against whatever is opposing God's providence.

4.4 also represents the heavenly and earthly four position foundations.


It represents Adam's four position foundation and his children's four position foundation which completes three generations with God and seals off Satan's attack. It refers also to True Parents' four position foundation and all blessed couples' four position foundation. Separation takes place centered on Adam's generation and the second generation. So Satan's fallen position is eliminated. The first four position foundation is heaven and second four position foundation is earth.

God lost 2 four position foundations: Adam and Eve (= heaven) and Adam's children . . . 4.4 means that God claimed them both back. Upon the 360 million blessing, this will become real. So we can deny, reject and cut off Satan's foundation. The new heavenly era can unfold in the physical world.

The Significance of the South American and Alaskan Ocean Challenge Workshops

Father started in Korea, representing the east. Then he went to America, the west. Now all blessed families go to South America, where land and water connect. This moves Satan away from this hemisphere. National Messiahs are king of Abel's messiah, and they become completely one with True Parents. National Messiahs and blessed couples become completely one (in Jardim and Fort Olympo) and this blocks Satan completely. With sea over land, there is no persecution. [Please note that this content was very complicated and I can't say that I caught it correctly. I fill in according to my best approximation of the meaning, but what I write is not the gospel.]

It means that National Messiahs and blessed couples are all loving the environment, land and water. Then they can be lifted above the water. Jardim is the terminal point between north and south pole, here True Parents return to the original point. Through the National Messiahs and Blessed Couples, they connect to all humankind. Therefore, Satan is cut off, because True Parents and the National Messiahs and Blessed Couples are connected into one lineage. Then it moves to blessed couples in the Spirit World, who represent the first Adam. The first Adam did not open the heavenly gate. The gate was opened June 13 with 120 million blessed. Therefore gate of heaven and hell both were opened, reaching the saints and the worst killers. All humankind can be blessed with the same value, because Satan cannot touch it. We have reached that kind of time, so Father could declare it. Saints and evil people both have an open way.

In South America, they are making the indemnity course for this. They do not belong to Satan's side any more, but God's side. There is no Satan on the road.

Peter Kim:

Father gave training in Kodiak twice a day. We are now in the great transition era. We have to comply with Father's four declarations -- Jardim: absolute faith, love and obedience, 2nd Jardim: we have to resemble God's four attributes -- absolute, unique, unchanging, eternal especially as a family.


Absolute True Parents, husband, wife, children, and family. Absolute home, unique, unchanging, forever, so God can dwell there forever. Then you can travel freely throughout the Kingdom of Heaven with no obstacles. This is God's absolute ideal basis. This is the purpose of your entire life.

Peter Kim:

The third Jardim declaration is the beginning of the Fourth Adam's era, the era of true children. Father is the Third Adam. The Fourth Jardim declaration is that when God created Adam and Eve, He wanted to create the ideal parent-child relationship. But the fall prevented this and led to God's han and True Parents' suffering. We must liberate them, by restoring our relationship with God and True Parents. God himself cannot interfere to help blessed couples restore this relationship.


It is fated, so God cannot deal with it, but only True Parents can. Perfected Adam has the right to rectify this human historical mistake. Here, fate means a duty or responsibility that goes beyond our physical life. It continues in the Spirit World, nearly forever. Only perfected parents can get into heaven.

Peter Kim:

This is the significance of this special education. The two workshops in South America, each 40 days and the one in Kodiak are internally connected, connecting south and north and connecting the land world and sea world. They are on the north pole - south pole axis. South America is a meeting place of four nations, and it takes place for 40 days. Here all families connect "over" Satan's world. North is plus, south is minus. And the presidents of nations are in the north, the vice-presidents are in the south. In there, the next generation connects. True Adam is there, so there is no Satan. And the second generation connects to that. So the second generation connects to the north place. This cuts off Satan.

Peter Kim:

Father blessed billions of spirits, so this era could begin. Father loves God, man, land and ocean. We reverse the order, loving water, land, man and God, making a complete circle. We are born in the water world, the mother's womb. Then the land world. The land our second mother. We don't need our five senses in the womb. Then we are born, we break the water, and it is like death to the old life. Crying starts us breathing.

The five senses are prepared in the water womb. Then crying starts us breathing and using our five senses. Our mother's body represents the land's energy. On earth, we develop our internal five senses, which will be connected to the invisible spirit world. They are developed, but not used, on earth. Again, death means being born again. How? Centering on true love.

How can we open the five spiritual senses? By embracing our parents, through love. By love training: parental, sibling and relatives' love. It is all centered on parents and family. This second stage has the same meaning as the prior stage. How do we perfect our spiritual senses while on earth, to complete our spirit body? By having eternal parents giving us eternal love. Then we are born into a large world, in which God's essence controls or connects to everything, eating, drinking, etc. This is the so-called kingdom of heaven. We will fly. That life in the water world love has this high aim. For us to prepare ourselves, we should connect to the Spirit world while we are on earth.

World of water, land and spirit world. Learn how to love water, love land (all things) and protect all things. The principle behind Father's course is that we lost God, man, land and water. Father followed that order. We live up to absolute faith, love and obedience, and take the reverse course. Finally we reach True Parents and find the peaceful unification of the family. Your family is connected the same way True Parents' family is.

Peter Kim:

The Pantanal National Messiahs are plus and the Abel/Cain National Messiahs in Kodiak are minus. They are the two poles of a magnet. But the second generation in Kodiak are also plus. Father brought the Kodiak foundation to South America and expanded it. The two hemispheres are connected east and west. This establishes God's perfection with True Parents, horizontally, so that it can spread to the tribe, society, nation, world and cosmos. This is true engrafting with True Parents' family. This is as if Adam's family had never fallen. There is no fallen nation concept, society, family concept, or fallen world or cosmos. No concepts like in America with its individualism and extreme privacy. Privacy serving selfish desires is the terminal point of the fallen angel. This is his fruit: the life of the individual absolutely alone.

True Parents cleaned up. . . The world can now turn in the opposite direction, with blessed couples on God's side. Satan's side has no connection; it is cut off. America is at Satan's terminal point, in despair. One nation under God is not enough; we need one world under God. Now the American White House is heading the wrong direction with Clinton. American people should not together go that bad way. Don't follow the Republican or Democratic party. If American youth have political concepts, how can they clean this society up? The trends show the country heading to a problematic future.

Father goes to the ocean because millions lost their lives innocently on the ocean. He goes out to save them and to invest more than they did. Father's rule of thumb is that the first fish caught by his team is released. The other day they caught a halibut over 100 pounds, which is now very rare. But Father said to release it, against everyone's opinion, out of love. The food chain is to love and embrace them, then eat them. So Father is promoting the farming of fish, animals, insects, everything. That way we can have our environment forever.

Father focuses on Pantanal to preserve the water resources. Commercial fishermen catch without concern for species, just to get money. Before Father left Kodiak this morning, Father had us read the booklet from Mrs. Kim, channeling Dr. Lee. It has not yet been published. It discusses Eisenhower, Nixon, Kishi, Fukuda, Tanaka and others. It also explains the present situation of those 34 spirits blessed at Madison Square Garden. Life in Spirit world is real, not a concept. First as an individual or couple we must know God, Spirit world and the practice of eternal life. If we know this, then nothing will block us from doing God's will. This world is a shadow of spirit world. This is the Completed Testament Age blessed couples' mission.

Hyun Jin Nim is conducting a special training in Divine Principle, fishing and land training. He took the National Messiahs who came there camping. He has been setting the example of putting up the tent, cooking, cleaning, building the fire. Recently he went moose hunting.

The second generation has to make the sea and land combination, connecting land and sea for the indemnity barrier to be established. The second generation is playing the key role in God's providence, so they are getting training. On the completion of all these workshops, these National Messiahs will be the highest position, making one body protecting True Parents. They are beyond the sphere of Adam's fall.

In Anchorage we met Hyun Jin Nim on his return from his hunting trip. Photos with the team of four. They were about 90 minutes flight out of Anchorage. They spent seven days in the wilderness. They saw many small moose but let them go, looking for the biggest one. At the last minute they almost decided to give up on moose and go another place for deer. At the final hour, Hyun Jin Nim headed out with one other brother, and finally he tracked the moose and killed it. It was the biggest one of the season in Alaska, weighing 1,200 pounds. They brought the antlers, 9 points on both sides, with the velvet, and a ten foot span. It weighed more than 70 pounds. Plus the four of them had to skin the moose and carry out some 800 pounds of meat through difficult terrain. This symbolizes victory in their land training. They said it was hell in terms of the physical work. In the last two days the only had PBJs [Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches], and Hyun Jin Nim lost 2 inches from his waist. True Parents waited an extra four days for his return. There was no communication whatsoever. Hyun Jin Nim went back to Kodiak and True Parents came here.

What time is it? (1:30 a.m.) Let us join in prayer.

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