The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1998

Training To Be A Follower

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Kodiak, Alaska
July 18, 1998
Unofficial notes from Lito Juliano

It takes a great deal of training to be a follower. For these kinds of gatherings, we always come 10 to 15 minutes ahead to prepare ourselves internally. On Sundays, we begin at 5:00 a.m. Ever since Reverend Moon came to America, for the past 25 years, he has been waking up before 5:00 a.m. every single day, and usually goes out fishing to train young people. And, of course, he goes to bed after midnight every single day. Right now, following Reverend Moon's instruction, all the followers in the world are having this particular reading session in the early morning from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. for one hour. The material we are studying every morning is Reverend Moon's teaching around 40 or 50 years ago, when Reverend Moon's life was in danger because of the persecution from the government and various Christian organizations. At that time, Reverend Moon really wanted to leave a message from God one way or another. He was in a very serious state of mind because of what he was going through. These are the teachings and messages that Reverend Moon shared back then, 40 or 50 years ago. Through studying these, the followers of Reverend Moon can really get into the depth of the teaching Reverend Moon gave in those early days, and taste the seriousness of it.

The particular material that we will cover this morning is a book written by one of the key leaders of the Unification Church who passed into the spirit world two years ago. He is the one who revealed the reality of life in the spirit world through a medium in this physical world who is still alive. Of course, Reverend Moon himself can reveal the details and the facts of life in the spirit world, but instead of him, one of his major followers who passed into the spirit world received instructions from Reverend Moon, and he also communicated with God. Thus, following Reverend Moon's directions, he revealed certain aspects about our lives in the spirit world. So, this is a very real and vivid account. This sharing from Dr. Lee, who is in the spirit world, corresponds to our teaching, the Divine Principle. This is a kind of factual sharing related to this particular time period, which is called the Completed Testament Era.

We must understand not just the reality and teachings of this physical world, but also, of the spirit world. Without knowing the reality and the facts of the spirit world, there could be a lot of confusion in the coming years. Some people think that spirit world is this way, and some people say that it's another way. Similar to what we experience in this physical world, there are many different realities and many different beliefs there. So, as the time is coming near to build the ideal world, both spirit world and physical world should be united through the truth revealed by God.

Following the Unification Church's tradition, we have what is called the family pledge, (numbered from 1 to 8) which we recite every morning. Number 5 of this family pledge clearly explains that the physical world and the spirit world should be united and work together as one force to build the Kingdom of God on earth. In that spirit, this revelation of the spirit world shared in this book is one of the very critical elements we all have to understand. True Father is hoping that we'll remember this particular study session in Kodiak. It's rather long, cover-to-cover, however, Dr. Hendricks will read with speed so that he can cover the entire book.

[Reading of Dr. Lee's book --- 3 hours]

Well, you are lucky this morning. If Reverend Moon started talking, it would have lasted for 5 hours. We spent only 3 hours reading that book. He has the record of giving a talk for 16 hours and 45 minutes straight. We still have many miles to go. We have to study about the spirit world and this physical world. People in this world say that he's a crazy, strange man, but, they do not understand about the spiritual world. When people come to understand about the spirit world more and more, when that kind of reality about the spirit world is revealed to everybody, in the near future, you will see that the entire world will be changed.

But, you're lucky that you heard this story or explanation this morning about the spirit world. You may believe in it, or you may not. But when you die, you will face this kind of reality in the spirit world. So, please take it seriously. Even in the spirit world, as you heard this morning, some people there do not even believe about Jesus Christ. But, they are being educated. Doors are being opened, so True Parents are being accepted. But, it will take time.

The man who conveyed this message through the medium, Mrs. Kim, was a highly respected scholar, a medical doctor, who followed Reverend Moon for more than 40 years. He spoke at various international conferences here and there, and he's the one who published the book Unification Thought. He was following Reverend Moon's direction, of course, and the book was checked by Reverend Moon, but, he's the one who wrote it. He really wanted to write a book or a chapter dealing with the reality of the spirit world, but, he didn't know anything about the spirit world. He wasn't sure about it while he was living in this world. So, that was his dream, but, he couldn't do that before he died. That's why, as soon as he went to the spirit world, he started working on it, and he visited various places and many people. He collected all this information and these messages, and shared them in this book.

So, Reverend Moon has a special request from you. Do you feel that you are the ones who can move your country? Please have confidence. Those who have confidence in doing that kind of heavenly mission will be helped by God. With what do you think you can change and move your country? We have to utilize mass media and scholars. On top of that, if it's necessary, we can mobilize those righteous martial artists. The media, academe and martial arts, all these fields should mobilize and work together. Then, we can eliminate those dark worlds. How can we educate them? How can we mobilize them? We have to educate them with this kind of book which reveals the secrets of the spirit world. The time is coming that, if the people we mobilize to change our countries do not believe in this kind of spirit world, then, some medium might call their ancestors and work through their ancestors directly to inform them. For example, somebody may not want to listen or believe in the book's teachings. Then probably, that person's physical father, mother or grandparents who are in the spirit world will come down and deal with them. Suppose their parents would come down from the spirit world and point out certain facts or secrets only their parents or children would know. Then, they have a way to direct their children to follow Reverend Moon, because that's the only way they can be saved in the spirit world. We have to know that the time has come. The evil spirit world has been actually dominating this physical world, but now, the good spirit world is coming down to our level in this physical world, and then will chase out this evil spirit world in order to try to control this physical world.

Reverend Moon would like to give you the following explanation about certain nations in the world. For example, for a while, Philippines used to be considered a colony of America. Taiwan was dominated by the Japanese during World War II. Also a country such as Canada was a colony of Great Britain for awhile. The country of Thailand was probably the only nation which had its own king in the Asian region, along with Japan. These countries, in a way, represent the entire world, because they were connected to America, Japan, China, and England. When the four nations of Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, and Canada unite and mobilize media power to reveal the secrets of the spirit world and the teachings of Reverend Moon, then nations will change rapidly, because Reverend Moon has a strong enough foundation to connect all these nations. So, Reverend Moon feels that these 4 nations should work with Reverend Moon. For example, we should mobilize the country of Philippines to work with America. Filipino leaders, the country of Philippines should challenge America by saying: "America, you have persecuted Reverend Moon." How much the American media persecuted Reverend Moon! We should launch that kind of challenge, and then change the attitude of America. By the same token, Taiwan can be mobilized to challenge Mainland China. Thailand can be mobilized to work together with Japan to change the attitude of the country of Japan, and vice versa. And also, Canada can be mobilized to change the attitude of England. By doing so, we can have impact on the major nations of the world --- China, England, America, Japan, besides these 4 nations. This is the time that if we do give a sincere challenge, believing in God's truth, then these nations will change. We have many dignitaries here from the media field. So, if you feel this is worthwhile to try, please have a conference, come up with a plan. Reverend Moon has been preparing to launch newspapers in 185 nations. Already, more than 15 nations in South America are publishing newspapers under Reverend Moon's leadership and organizations in South America.

Reverend Moon already has a strong enough foundation in terms of technology, finance and the economic field, in every sense. In the future, the world will have nothing but athletic competitions, sports competitions, and the arts. So, Reverend Moon is preparing for that field, too. We have a professional soccer team in Korea, Il Hwa Team. He's planning to form the strongest soccer team which can even win that World Cup tournament. Because we have a foundation of 185 nations, we can recruit young, good soccer players from 185 nations. Are you interested?

Reverend Moon sees the course set by God clearly, so that's why those people who live in oppressed nations are on Reverend Moon's side. They know that Reverend Moon has been fighting against Communism and AIDS, the drug problem, Mafia, gangsters, etc. And in America, Reverend Moon is fighting against the evil force which destroys all the families in America, immorality, which is controlled by Satan. Do you accept that? Nobody knows about the reality of the spirit world, yet, once these kind of details are revealed to the world about the spirit world, the entire world will be in a hurricane. History in every stage of God's providence is connected to Reverend Moon's work today, so you will see how it progresses.

Reverend Kim's prayer:

Oh most loving, Heavenly Father, we are so grateful to you, for your giving this special opportunity with True Parents. Heavenly Father, you have given us this special, grace-filled moment. Through this meeting, we really could feel the existence of God, and the exciting movement of spirit world, and the more, we can see True Parents face-to-face. Heavenly Father, even though we are not worthy to face you, you have given this special opportunity. Especially this time, Father, with your warm heart, you really invited and welcomed these representative people from two countries. Even though we are so unworthy, still you gave us this special opportunity. If we go back to our two countries, Father, we will do our best to restore our nations. Heavenly Father, please continuously give us your strength, your spirit, and your power. We will really do our best. Heavenly Father, we are so grateful for also giving us this special meal. Heavenly Father, we really will pray for True Parents' health and Heavenly Father's providence to save all nations in the world. I offer this prayer in the name of our Most Beloved True Parents. Amen.

Rev. Moon continues:

The reason that True Father and True Mother are in a hurry to go back to New York is because, tomorrow, we will have a special banquet in which we will honor one of Reverend Moon's sons. The third son, Hyun Jin Moon, who recently finished his MBA study at Harvard, will be inaugurated as the Vice President of Family Federation for World Peace and Unification International. in New York. So, that official inauguration ceremony will take place in New York, and True Parents will have to be there for that. So they have to leave this morning. As the Father, Reverend Moon has to give clear direction about what to do with this position, Vice President of Family Federation for World Peace and Unification International.

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