The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1998

Meeting With Asian VIPs

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Kodiak, Alaska
July 17, 1998
Unofficial Notes by Tony Aparo
Probable Translator: Peter Kim

True Parents extended their invitation to Reverend and Mrs. Byung Wooh Kim, Continental Director of Asia, to visit Kodiak, Alaska, with 18 VIPs from Philippines and Thailand, as a token of gratitude for their contribution towards the victorious resolution of the legal case in the Philippines, and their work in the Thai legal case. Various leaders from all over the world were present with True Parents in Alaska:
Mr. Peter Kim, Special Assistant to Reverend Moon, introduced True Parents and the Church leadership:
Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak, President, FFWPU International, Chairman of the Board, Sun Moon University and Segye Times;
Dr. Joong Young Park, Continental Director, FFWPU, North America;
Rev. Takeru Kamiyama, Chairman of the Board, Happy World, Inc., Honorary President FFWPU Japan;
Mr. Otsuka President, FFWPU Japan;
Rev. Chang Shin Yang, Regional Director, Washington D.C.;
Dr. Tyler Hendricks, President, Unification Church, U.S.A.;
Mr. Ki Kyung Yoon, Special Assistant to Reverend Moon and other leaders of our oceanic enterprises.
Reverend Byung Wooh Kim introduced 14 Filipino VIPs and four Thai VIPs, including a Foreign Minister of Foreign Affairs, distinguished media personalities, former military and police generals, women leaders and civic leaders.

Peter Kim:

I'm happy to see you. We have an old saying in Korean, 'Diamond Mountain sightseeing is after eating.' We will have to eat soon, so, I would like to encourage all of you to give your appreciation and gratitude to our Host and Hostess, Reverend and Mrs. Moon tonight. Also, Reverend and Mrs. Moon just told us that they will pay all the expenses of your entire trip. I'm sure you're happy, and they are very happy too.

Rev. Moon:

"I'm happy to see you are here. Reverend Moon particularly recognizes all you ladies from the Philippines and Thailand because you are beautiful women, as representatives of your country. Please remember that the reality of the persecution that you encountered in the Philippines and Thailand is, in a way, a sad thing to see, but, in time, it will become a memorable event in our history in the future. The reason that we should remember it as a memorable event, or even a joyful or happy event, is because our Creator God Himself has been going through this kind of suffering period. God is the King of suffering. No one ever knew that.

People throughout the entire human history believed that God is almighty and omniscient, so, there is no concept of His suffering, struggling or persecution. But, in fact, God has been suffering throughout human history for 6,000 years, which nobody has been able to reveal to the world. No one came up with this explanation, only the Unification Church. So, we have to take this seriously.

Also, I want you to remember that God has not only been the King of Suffering, but, at the same time, the King of Sorrow throughout human history. This particular truth was revealed in the Unification Church teaching. This is a real miracle. Remember, in the Garden of Eden, when God's own son and daughter failed, God didn't have any other choice but to expel them out of the Garden.

Throughout the entire human history, people have been arguing over this point. Was it true? Was it a fairy tale? If it was true, apply this situation to your own family. As parents, when we see our children commit sins, then, we have to kick them out of our family. What kind of heart do parents have? Of course, a family, society, communities, nations and the world appeared after Adam and Eve were expelled. Even as fallen descendants, when we encounter this problem in our own family, we have a terrible amount of heartache. Furthermore, God was the parent of mankind who created his own son and daughter Adam and Eve in the Garden, and had the expectation that they would grow to perfection and build an ideal family centered on God. Yet, He had to expel them out and endure that kind of agony.

You all probably have your eldest son and daughter as the elders of your generations. In order to understand God's agony and heartache about losing His son and daughter, let's imagine that one family has an elder son and daughter in one generation, and another family has an only son and daughter for seven generations, and then, He loses them. Which family has the most suffering? What about God?

So, from the providential point of view, God's children, Adam and Eve, were supposed to be God's only son and daughter for maybe billions of generations, not just seven generations. Considering this level of expansion of the human society, we can understand the heart of God. How much suffering and pain He has been dealing with! Therefore, we have been dealing with a universal event.

No one has ever come up with this explanation about God, but, we are the ones who have been taught and guided to understand the real essence of God's heart. Please remember that one of the major reasons that the Unification movement is being remembered and protected by God all the time is because the Unification teaching is the only one that really touches upon God's heart. We are the ones to relieve and comfort God's heart. So, we should have the pride that we have the only teaching from God which understands God's heart and understands God as our eternal Father. God is the King of Kings and Master of humanity. No one else in the world, in your country, or in any other, knows this reality and truth.

I also want you to understand that people call me and my wife True Parents. Well, people think that maybe that is such an honorary name. But, behind the scenes, in bearing this title of True Parents, I and my wife have been walking this thorny path of pain and misery. Of course, throughout human history, we learned that there have been many saints and martyrs that have gone through much suffering and persecution, but, in modern times, there is no one else that has gone through the pain and persecution that Reverend and Mrs. Moon have gone through.

When you were going through a lot of pain and persecution in your country, you probably wanted to meet with Reverend Moon and discuss this situation. Of course, you have gone through your own level of persecution, even national level. However, when it comes to God's providence, there are eight different stages of persecution, from the individual level, all the way to the cosmic level. So, God has been going through that kind of persecution and pain, and, at the same time, Reverend and Mrs. Moon have been walking through these eight stages of persecution.

In order for God to be relieved from this kind of persecution, God can't do anything. Someone else has to do the work on behalf of God. Because God expelled Adam and Eve in the beginning, God can not go back and rely on those fallen descendants to do anything for Him. We have to imagine what kind of suffering God had to endure. God had to expel His own children, and He knew that humanity was doomed to perish. Even though he established religions here and there, He had to watch those religions go through heavy persecution without being able to do anything.

Before Satan became "Satan", he was originally God's servant, to assist Him in the work of creation, and in running the cosmos. That servant became Satan, and he has been destroying God's ideal in this physical world. Yet, God had to watch Satan carry out this kind of evil, and He could not do anything, because He is a God of principle.

We need to understand the meaning and concept of the Messiah. God sent the Messiah, which you have already been taught. The expectation from God's point of view is that the Messiah is the one that makes the whole of humanity truly repent. Human beings are the descendants of false parents. By accomplishing his mission, the Messiah is the one that can relieve all the pain, sorrow and sadness from God's heart and comfort God's heart. That is the responsibility of the Messiah.

Satan's goal has been the same all the way from the beginning until now. "God, I'm the one who took your son and daughter, made them my servants and destroyed them. So, now is the time that all of humanity without any exception will be my target, and I will convert them to become my servants, not your sons and daughters." That is Satan's goal.

Satan will declare in front of God: "Of course, in this secular world, people are naturally my servants. But, even the other people that belong to various religious groups and organizations, although you may feel that there is some hope there, I can assure you, they will also become my servants."

Satan's tactic is the misuse of love. As a result, we can now see in this world all kinds of sexual immorality. How can we imagine this kind of phenomenon? Who caused this? Satan, who is the enemy of God, has caused this kind of sexual immorality all over the world. Who can take care of this problem? God cannot touch these kind of people. God is the God who could not do anything about the fall at the beginning of human history. Therefore, in this world, God cannot touch this kind of evil.

Who can correct this mistake of humanity? Since God could not touch or intervene in the act of the original fall, God cannot touch the evil world going through this kind of evil course. There is only one person who can do something about this, and that is the original Adam. Original Adam is the person who fulfils all these responsibilities on his own. He is the person who is qualified and claimed as God's son. This is the son who can say: "All of fallen humanity has received the lineage of Satan, but, I am the one who received the direct true lineage from God."

Let us think about God's creation in the beginning right after His creation of the first generation of Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve, God's only son and daughter, fell, and were kicked out of the Garden of Eden. In the second generation, there was bloodshed between their own sons, the eldest and youngest brother. Cain and Abel. How can we imagine this kind of event recorded in God's providence?

Just imagine how much sorrow and sadness God had to bear, watching Adam's family at that moment. Also, what about Adam and Eve, as parents, who knew that they had made that great mistake of the human fall, yet, had hope for their children? In the end, what they ended up with was their children's bloodshed.

Now, let's consider the restoration of lesser indemnity. When God comes down to our level to restore humanity, do you think God will eliminate people who are standing in the position of Cain, or will He somehow embrace them, so that they can be fully restored? We can pose a practical question here. We understand that, in Thailand and the Philippines, there has been a certain amount of persecution from people in government who had power. Although they may have done some evil towards God's providence, should we go in and do our absolute best to eliminate them, or should we extend ourselves and embrace them, as God showed his heart at the time of the Garden of Eden, allowing them to understand what they had done and repent?

Of course, God is a God of heart and love, so God will want us to extend our heart and love to embrace them and save them. A good example is our last blessing event that took place on June 13th at Madison Square Garden in New York. In that particular event, with God's blessing, a forgiveness ceremony was given to all those historical, evil figures like Stalin, Marx, and others. That blessing ceremony also gave forgiveness and blessing to over 120 million couples from all over the world. In addition, not only was forgiveness given to those historical, evil people, but also, blessing was given to saints, sages, and religious leaders.

You are working with the True Parents who will eventually win this entire world and cosmos. By your work, devotion and contribution towards this historical and heavenly record, you will erect a pillar or axis in your country, which will become heavenly tradition for the thousands of generations that will come after you. That should be the pride that you carry.

Some of you came from the Philippines and some from Thailand, but you are all brothers and sisters. Please understand that the traditional path of the Unification Church or FFWPU is to overcome every level of persecution from any level of government or society, and finally, come out with the victory, which is a victory for God. The kind of determination and life course I have spoken about today, we must remember and go towards that goal. This is the mainstream ideology which will eventually liberate you and save you.

When we look at the ocean, there is a current that is constantly moving. Therefore, even in the near future, if you have to deal with some persecution in your country, please volunteer yourself and pledge to take care of this problem, for the sake of God and humanity. With that kind of determination and attitude, whether you are from Thailand or the Philippines, you will all become patriots or children of filial piety for your country and for God. Even when it comes to the practice of filial piety, we have to remember the thorny path that True Father has gone through, as the king of suffering and pain. If you remember that in your hearts, no matter how difficult or how terrible the situation we may face in the future, we will be able to overcome it and win victory over it. Should we do that? [Applause]

The President of ISA, Mr. Koo Bae Park, introduced the use of fish powder, in the dinner we were served tonight.
Dr. Krasae Chanawongse, former Foreign Minister of Thailand, gives remarks of thanksgiving to True Parents for hosting this special event for Southeast Asian VIPs.

Rev. Moon:

True Parents have regret that they have to leave early tomorrow because of a special meeting in New York. It's important that you understand that these leaders coming from Korea and Japan, who came here several days earlier than you, had a very important meeting with True Parents. It is due to that meeting that you have a chance to meet these world leaders from various organizations.

Of course, the world is becoming smaller and smaller. Even among nations, there is mutual cooperation. Countries like Thailand and the Philippines need to cooperate with countries such as Japan and Korea. Thailand is a peninsula, and the Philippines is an island nation like Japan. Reverend Moon established Federation for Peninsula Nations, Island Nations and Continental Nations. We can utilize these various organization to set a standard for the United Nations. If the United Nations does not follow God's direction, Reverend Moon will use his entire worldwide organization to form a more unified and God-centered United Nations.

The current United Nations is more centered on political agenda. Reverend Moon would like to see a United Nations that is more centered on building world peace. The leaders of the UN right now do not have a clear understanding of God's truth as a philosophy. In order to save the world, you have to establish your own model nation, which the world can imitate. Before you erect this national model, you must have a family model, and, before this, an individual model. The leaders of the UN do not have this kind of understanding, and that is why they are drifting now. So Reverend Moon has been initiating programs to save the UN and to set the right direction.

Throughout his life, Rev. Moon has been giving worldwide predictions and prophecies, and all have been coming true. That is why world-level leaders who understand that particular fact show more respect and have come closer to our movement. As you return to your country, you are the ones that must take initiative to educate your national leaders and various organizations.

Since the entire world is dominated by Satanic power, wherever Heaven's representatives are, they are always persecuted. Even when Reverend Moon came here to establish the International Seafood Company, the village people, without understanding what Reverend Moon was trying to do, gave heavy opposition. Of course, since then, they fully understand and accept.

The Bible says: "In the last days, your own family members will become your enemies." When it comes to the relationship between Christianity and the Unification Church, we are brothers. In these last days, Christianity has really been giving a hard time to the Unification Church.

The Unification Church is in a position to save Christianity. Remember, when Jesus' last moment came on the cross, he asked for forgiveness for the Roman soldiers who had tormented him. He was not just directing his words to those Roman soldiers near him, but to the whole of the Roman Empire and to whole world to come in the future. Again, we must have the heart and love to save all brothers and sisters and all humanity. When you do your work, pay attention to that kind of attitude.

Once you truly understand Reverend Moon's teaching and his heart, without realizing it, in the future, you will feel like going home with him and living with him. You will experience this kind of spiritual phenomenon. Of course, when this kind of phenomenon takes place, even in a dream or whatever, you have to understand it is only after you restore your country that you can talk to Reverend Moon and work for God together with him.

Mrs. Kamoltip Phayakavichien, President, WFWP in Thailand:

May I ask a question? Rev. Moon was born in Korea, and we are from Southeast Asia. You have so many programs all over the world except in Southeast Asia. Is there a reason behind that? [Laughter]

Rev. Moon:

Usually, the owner who is doing many things takes the last turn. Southeast Asia is probably a most important role player, and your turn will come in your mission, which will be more significant than any other project.

Father receives different levels of criticism like that. For example, the Japanese leaders always complain, "Oh, Reverend Moon, you are always working for the sake of Korea." African Leaders say, "Oh, Reverend Moon, you are always helping other countries."

We go through different stages. Now, the leaders are seeing the scope of Reverend Moon's work and call him an Asian leader. When he goes to the West, he is called a world leader. Soon you will feel something.

So, the Southeast Asian region is the traditional owner or master. You are the younger brother of the master, or the Asian region. Your region will be tied up to Japan and China so that entire Asian region will develop together."

Mrs. Kamoltip:

"We are representatives from our respective countries and wish to encourage Reverend Moon to pay more attention soon to SE Asia, because there are many areas that can use his help."

Rev. Moon:

Go back to the Bible and read John 3:16. It says that "God so loved the world." [Laughter] So, the entire world will become one world. Therefore, it is more important not to pay attention where Reverend Moon or God is carry out a certain project. We have to consider ourselves as part of that project for the sake of humanity. When he goes to South American countries, he sees more countries that are poorer that your country.

Mrs. Kamoltip:

I'm not sure about that answer. [Laughter]

Rev. Moon:

Well, he sees you as a younger sister, and that is why he is sharing his honest opinion with you. He can appear as your teacher, father or brother, and is sharing honestly with you.

Many times, especially women, wish that Reverend Moon was their father or brother, or even husband. But, that is the way he can participate or work together with you. This goes beyond race and national boundaries. European, Asian and Americans all work together.

When we study the human fall, it shows that there were four energies involved: God's own internal heart, Adam and Eve, and the Archangel. Adam and Eve and the Archangel made a wrong relationship, and the human fall took place. Therefore, when it comes to the restoration of the human race, who are all the descendants of this wrongdoing, the Messiah will come in the end to restore all the different figures of human history, the wife, grandmother and all these particular female figures.

Man represents the Archangel, and throughout history, men have been the ones to destroy women. Man have usually been the ones to cause the sorrow of women. They are descendants of the Archangel. Through the Messiah's appearance, who came as the owner and master of the entire universe, this problem will be solved. So. Reverend Moon is in such a dangerous and vulnerable position, particularly in the eyes of women of the world. That is why God gave Rev. Moon such a wonderful and precious wife as True Mother.

We all have to climb the ladder step-by-step to reach the level of True Parentship. We should not be sidetracked at all when we walk this course. In other words, you have to cling to Mother's skirt, or pursue her or do whatever you have to. You can naturally come to Reverend Moon by doing so, because, when you tag along with True Mother, whenever she goes with True Father, you will be there too. [Laughter]

You will be recorded in the eternal book. Children, practically speaking, are an extension of True Mother. Only one sperm is what the father contributes. Except this one sperm, everything else is from the mother. So, the mother is naturally embedded in our system. Whenever we come home from school, for example, the first person we call for is Mom, not Dad. The husband shouldn't feel sad about this. Also, when you have your family time, if you have an outstanding child, the parents will tell each other that he/she takes after them. It is a kind of competition. It shouldn't really be that way. The real answer should be: "My child takes after God." That is the way we have to educate our children. We shouldn't show a competitive spirit between husband and wife, or mother and father.

In this world, no one has come up with this kind of teaching, even concerning our own individual level. This kind of teaching tradition has to be set up for the individual, family, society, nation and world. That is why Reverend Moon came as a True Parent to strengthen these human relationships.

In that regard, are you happy or miserable? [Happy] We have to understand that, before, we knew little about the teachings and works of Reverend Moon, but now, as you understand what is going on here, you should feel that you are that much happier. That is the way we should think.

This is a kindergarten class. [Laughter] But, when it comes to the school of true love, we are all students. Also, when it comes to the full bow that we did this evening, it is not just bowing to the person of Reverend Moon, but, it is showing our humility to God and True Parents. Reverend Moon never thinks that he is the one that receives this kind of honor of a full bow, but always offers it to God.

Eventually, your encounter with True Parents will be recorded in eternal history. For example, on this day of July 17, 1998, on a remote island of Kodiak, 14 Filipino and four Thai representatives joined Reverend and Mrs. Moon, our True Parents, offering a full bow to God and True Parents and having this meeting together.

Of course, when we all pass into the spirit world after living in this world, we will meet God, and we will meet many other people. Before that, if you really understand what you are supposed to do for God and humanity, then your mind will lead you to do more bows to God. By doing so, you will feel closer and closer to God and True Parents. This bow allows you to build a closer relationship to God.

Many people under Reverend Moon's leadership do 120 bows every day to show their humility and come closer to God. In Washington DC, under Reverend Yang's leadership, 300 to 500 people gather together in front of the White House at 10:00 p.m. every night in a prayer meeting and do 120 bows to God. The spirit world is supporting the people who show their eagerness to build a closer relationship to God.

Probably, it was a mistake for all of you to come here. [No] Many times people say, "Don't go to see Reverend Moon, He is good at brainwashing, and has some magical power to make people crazy." There are all kinds of accusations like that. Once that kind of rumor starts, it is hard to root it out, and it continues to float around. However, as long as the Unification children are doing things based on God's truth, no matter how many rumors are floating around, the Unification Church continues to prosper, because God is in it. You will be able to see.

Let me offer a piece of advice to these journalists and columnists. If you truly understand the realm of the spiritual world, whenever you have to write a column or editorial, you will be able to receive inspiration. You can close your eyes and continue to write while the spirit world leads you. The result will be something that will benefit everyone. So, we should be able to pursue experiences on that level.

Please do not look at Rev. Moon as a strange teacher. In Korea, strange is "I Sung," but, this actually means ideal teacher or ideal man. So please, ask yourself: "is there a difference between the time before I joined this group and started participating in these activities and now? Is there a difference in the quality of my life and the attitude which I have towards God and life in general?

This difference in your life becomes bigger and bigger, and you will become a bigger person to care for all humanity and God. Reverend Moon's goal is to love God, love humanity, and love the world. When he goes out to the ocean, he considers himself the representative of all the fishermen throughout history: "I am the King of Fishermen."

Cecile Dy, wife of the Governor of a province in the Philippines, gives a testimony of her meeting with the Unification Movement. At first, she thought that it was just a social organization. When she went to NY, she attended one of the conferences and became interested in reading more deeply about God's will, especially about true love and giving herself completely to her husband. It was a life-changing experience. She expressed with tears how blessed she felt having True Parents.
Mrs. Chung Hae Kim introduced Dr. Krase, who presented a book about Thailand to True Parents. Next, Gen. Magsino, retired general from the Philippines, offered his gratitude to True Parents.

Gen. Magsino:

My talk will be about thanksgiving. Our trip here has been a thanksgiving trip, given to those who participated in fighting the persecution, and to those who were able to gain victory. We came here to thank True Parents for being so generous in funding this special trip. As you know, the Philippine Church is a poverty-stricken church, so, it will help [Laughter]. We are grateful to Reverend Kwak for his aid and support to the Philippine Church. We were so bent on fighting aggressively, but the Unification Church, does not want to fight so much, but wants to work things out peacefully. I was concerned, because we spent much money and time. But, the foreign church was able to send experts from the movement to articulate to the government officials the purpose of the Unification movement. Eventually, most of the discussions in the Department of Justice referred to the testimonies of the church experts. They came to realize through this that the Unification Church was really a religious movement and was not involved in Mail-Order-Bride operations, unauthorized marriages or illegal recruitment. Of course, we thank all the ladies and gentlemen here who participated in fighting the persecution, especially Reverend and Mrs. Kim and Genie Kagawa. Mrs. Kim especially deserves our thanks because she remained alone to battle the persecution, since her husband was banned from entering the country. This caused her to shed many tears. She cried before Yen Makabenta, before Teddy Locsin, and Atty. Saguisag. Every time that there were negative movements against True Father, she cried so much.

We would like to particularly thank True Parents on behalf of all Filipinos. The Philippines is saddled with so many problems like poverty, drugs, immorality and all the sins of the world. There are many people who would like to change this. I feel very strongly that the Unification Church can be a powerful instrument to fight these problems in my country, especially in uplifting morality and in raising a new generation of children. So, True Parents, thank you very much for what you are doing for our country." [Applause]

Mrs. Kim introduced Mr. Yen Makabenta, media consultant in the Philippines. True Father admonishes the media for the unjust treatment he has been receiving from journalists.

Rev. Moon:

It is not that Reverend Moon doesn't like reporters or respect journalists. He says that Adam did not have any journalists around at the time of the creation. No reporter under the sun knows and understands the original ideal and the original value of humanity.

Rev. Moon, who has come as a True Parent in original Adam's position, comes with this truth from God. Reverend Moon, who comes as the replacement of the original Adam, whose life and teaching is based on God's truth, is the one who has the full scope of understanding of God and the spirit world. Unless any journalists or reporters come with that kind of understanding, motivation and background, they cannot deal with Reverend Moon. In the eyes of Reverend Moon, they are talking nonsense. Usually, even though he respects journalists and reporters as human beings, he usually doesn't deal with interviews. Of course, Reverend Moon understands the anxiety that they have in wanting to interview him. When the time comes, he may invite certain journalists from all over the world and give full explanations to them. At that point, no matter what questions they may bring to his attention, he will give precise answers. That way, he will be able to set the record straight. Reverend Moon has been staying away from journalists' requests all these years, but, ultimately, he will give fully-explained answers.

With his own media organization, such as the Washington Times and the Segye Times, he is training media people. Actually, Reverend Moon has been exercising the media powers of his organization in America. Some government officials were involuntarily removed from office because of the records we have kept on their corrupt activities. Even the Washington Times' editor-in-chief wanted to interview Reverend Moon, but, he refused. He was upset about this at first, but later more and more, he came to understand Reverend Moon's reasons. Now, after several years, this person comes forward voluntarily to say how wrong he was to ask.

Of course, you all want to protect your immediate family members, or close friends or relatives, but beyond that, if you truly understand, you should offer yourself to protect Reverend Moon's work, because this is the work of God. The journalists must be the ones who set the right course, because they are the ones who have the responsibility to lead the people in the right direction. Based on God's will, they must set this path.

There are many Heads of State who want to sit down with Reverend Moon, but they are not ready. They don't know God's will. When a meeting takes place, Father cannot compromise the teaching, value and truth of God. So, he may give a straight talk to these people, but, without a full understanding about his teaching, his motivation and God's providence, they may turn around and become Reverend Moon's enemy. That is why Rev. Moon's life has been like this. His family, teachers, friends and associates around him didn't understand his lifelong goal given by God. That is why he stayed away from them. Even when his friends came to visit him, he would close the door on them and tell them: "Go back to your world, and then come and see me in ten years."

Just like when we play chess, if we make one wrong move, our whole game is lost. Reverend Moon is that serious. When Reverend Moon went to the Pantanal, one journalist, who used to work for the Times and for New York Magazine, came all the way to meet Reverend Moon. Father did not give him a chance to meet with him.

Many journalists have complained and been upset about this. Then, they have written their own stories, but Reverend Moon just says: "Go ahead and do what you want." Reverend Moon is just explaining what kind of life he has been living when it comes to this topic. He is not blaming you. Someday, as a journalist, you will be qualified to fully describe God's will and Reverend Moon's work. Reverend Moon is still offering education to the leaders of the world in the field of education, government, media, religion, etc. Some of the Philippine leaders are hoping that Reverend Moon will extend his help to your country, aren't you? In what way, through money, power or knowledge? You should hope that Reverend Moon can share his love, combined with your love. If his love is there to offer to your people and God, that is the best gift that he can offer. As long as you have this, your country will prosper.

Mrs. Kamoltip:

I don't think that Reverend Moon should wait for too long.

Rev. Moon:

Reverend Moon will give you an example of how the world of love and the world of heart works. In the earlier days in the fifties, there was one village called Yamo that was near Seoul. Three women were praying every night for many hours for Reverend Moon to come and teach them. They did this for many nights, days and years. They did not tell anyone. Many times, when Reverend Moon went to some place far in the South, suddenly, he told the driver to turn the car around and go to Yamo. It was not because he was informed by those people, but, there was a power of love penetrating his heart to compel him to change direction. In that sense, wherever persecution comes, as long as the people deal with the persecution with the right kind of heart and attitude, it is a blessing, because with that heart towards Reverend Moon, your country will be blessed abundantly after the persecution is over.

Mrs. Kim:

Maybe because you are representing all media, Father decided to scold you.

Yen Makabenta:

Of course, we should thank Reverend Moon and all he has done for the Philippines. In this case, you may be generalizing, because not all countries are the same. In the Philippines, for example, the persecution began not from the media, but because of the reaction of the government and other churches. The media was only part of the problem after the blessing in 1996. The solution became the media. The media community had some sense about the unjust attack on religious freedom. Most of us in this fight felt that our country has a strong need for basic freedoms, especially freedom of religion. The government had to do what was right, and we in the media were trying to help in the fight, because we believed that what was happening was unjust. Now, this may happen in other countries. Especially in the U.S., I think that the media unjustly covers the Unification Church and Reverend Moon. The church is patronized, and many other things have happened. I don't think that we should conclude that Asian media has the same attitude, or that this is how we view your movement, and especially the Reverend True Father and Mrs. Moon.

When we seek out help, I think it is more in a spiritual sense. I am not really a believer. I only met the movement last March. Over this year, what I have tried to see is the kind of light and understanding that perhaps your movement can give to the particular problems that we are experiencing in the Philippines. You asked earlier, what kind of change I may have personally received through my exposure to the movement? Many of these have been happy ones, but when I think about my country and our entire region of Asia, the Asia of prosperity from a year ago is now in deep distress. I suppose what I would ask is for some message from Reverend Moon. What is this Asian crisis? How does he see it? Is it some kind of punishment? Is this part of indemnity or whatever? This is the sort of thing that we ask from your movement. Perhaps your movement can shed some light on this.

Rev. Moon:

One thing we must understand is the view from God's providence. The more fundamental question we must ask is if Reverend Moon represents himself as the True Parent of mankind, does he really have that qualification?

All the rumors floating around the world about Reverend Moon have nothing to do with Reverend Moon himself. That is why Rev. Moon hasn't actually sat down with the media and dealt with those hard questions. He doesn't want to have to deal with rumors at all. He has been patiently waiting for the right moment when he can fully explain all those issues. Although Reverend Moon himself has built media organizations, like the Washington Times and others, he has never attempted to use those organizations to promote the Unification Church and his work. Any normal person would do this to try and polish his image as much as possible, but Reverend Moon has never tried this.

Reverend Moon has been giving warnings to those large news organizations. "If you make your own conclusions from your own judgments, then, it is a big mistake." Reverend Moon encourages the Times reporters, particularly the ones that work on Capitol Hill and the White House, to be righteous and straightforward. Therefore, there is a famous story about one reporter that visits Capitol Hill. He always goes there to visit various Congressmen and Senators, and people know that if this reporter comes, he may try to dig out this and that. As soon as they hear that this reporter has passed by their door, they feel relieved. Following Reverend Moon's guidance, if this particular reporter finds out any wrong doings or injustice done by these powerful politicians, he immediately writes about it and deals with it. Even President Clinton himself is kept confined by these people.

President Clinton, in the beginning, knew that the Washington Times, was founded by Reverend Moon, but he didn't feel that it could effect the Presidency in any way. Now, he has come to the realization that the Times is so powerful, and he is powerless to do anything about it.

At first, it was difficult. They kept threatening to reveal documents that they had on file about the Unification Church. They tried to use this kind of pressure on us. However, Reverend Moon said that all those accusations were basically old rumors. So, these threats didn't work, and instead, they are now being straightened out by the Washington Times.

The Washington Times has even more information about Clinton's administration. Right now, the Times is exposing only the second level of secrets behind the scenes about Clinton, but if we are to go into the third level or fourth level, President Clinton has no hope. President Clinton is actually humbling himself and asking for some consideration, but the Times will not compromise. Actually, the Times is seriously considering the impeachment of President Clinton, as was the case with President Nixon, however, Reverend Moon thinks that the Presidency itself should be respected and left intact.

Why is this kind of climate being nurtured behind the scenes?

Reverend Moon himself physically retreats all the way down to the Amazon Basin or the Pantanal. These are areas where there are mosquitoes and alligators. They are his only friends. Many people say: "Oh, Rev. Moon is pushing 80. Maybe he is going to South America to find his gravesite". Even until this morning, Father was in a remote site called Chignik, near the Aleutian islands where no one comes. What is he doing?

In this remote countryside, he called leaders from around the world to have a serious conference. Of course, on the surface, he was there for fishing. That is the way that Reverend Moon is leading his life. He has the responsibility to root out evil from this world -- the evil world of evil politicians, evil media, etc. Also, this concerns the root of the black money that governs the black world.

In this type of house and location, if we have a conference, it is more comfortable for everybody. But, down in Chignik, there is only one bathroom to be shared by 20 people, and only a square yard of space to place a sleeping bag. It is a miserable life, but we did it.

That is where these major leaders of the Unification Church made such a strong bond to save the world. We have been following True Father for 30 years or 40 years, yet, we still don't understand him. Even now, Reverend Moon is step-by-step revealing God's word. Therefore, even when it comes to the future destiny of the Philippines, you never know when he will step into that arena and give a great deal of help. So, please, do not be in a hurry. Be patient, yet work hard.

Whatever you may do in your life, the most important lesson you need to learn is to offer your service to humanity, be patient and work hard. Such efforts will go beyond the national level to the world, and, blessings will come back to you. It is like a circular movement. If you start from the middle, you have to reach the circumference so that the circle is complete. That is God's view.

Right now, the entire worldwide Unification movement is working so hard to reach 360 million blessed couples. This goal, from God's providential viewpoint, will completely eradicate Satan's lineage. So, by fulfilling this goal, a circular motion will take place all around the world.

Father is having this kind of serious thought. In the region of SE Asia, if there is somebody, as a leader, who is most patient, most heartistic and most assertive, yet waiting for God's blessing, that person will become the central person in God's providence. That person will be the center of the entire Southeast Asian region, who will carry the responsibility to make sure that everyone prospers. Therefore, that person will be protected by God and have the responsibility to develop the entire region. As a responsible leader, we have to carry out those missions. We have to be able to offer our protection and our help to people, developing the region to go beyond the national boundaries. That is the formula course.

From God's point of view, why is God still working with Reverend Moon who is pushing 80 now, instead of with young blood and young leadership? Even among the Unification Church leaders, they all say: "Well, Father, even if you become 100 years old or 200 years old, we still want to follow you and no one else." They say this because they know that, as the essential person for God's Providence, Reverend Moon is the one who wants to protect humanity, take the responsibility and offer help for the prosperity of humanity.

Therefore, people in the world do not understand why Reverend Moon is doing this work in such a way. They may say: " Well, if you go the shortcut way, it will be much easier," but, God's way is usually the opposite. Therefore, Reverend Moon's life has been the life of a pioneer. He had no friends and no one whom he could consult with. Of course, there are many Unification Church leaders sitting here, but in Reverend Moon's eyes, none of these leaders actually helped Reverend Moon to follow God's direction. It is not because they don't want to, but they just don't know. Throughout his entire life, he has taken one step at a time, but there are constantly hundreds of steps that are far more difficult than that last. Each step is like going through a death trap. Reverend Moon knows, however, that without going through this course, there is no next step.

Reverend Moon first came up with the declaration of 360 million couples as his plan. Many in the media said: "Now, Rev. Moon has really reached the end. He will never be able to reach that number." Given today's world situation, no one could think that we could reach that goal. Actually, the first stage was reached at Madison Square Garden. There were actually 145 million couples. Now, we are going for the next stage.

Three weeks prior to the Madison Square Garden, Blessing on June 13th, Reverend Kwak informed Reverend Moon that we had only reached 80 million couples. So, Reverend Kwak was kind of giving up. Reverend Moon received this news in an airplane while he was traveling from place to place. From the airplane, he called to Reverend Kwak and told him: "If you bet your neck on it, and do it, then, you can reach it."

You have to make yourself a victor by reaching the goal. So, we actually surpassed our goal, and reached 145 million couples. Because of this stage of victory, we need to make 240 million by February of next year. No one said that we could not make it. Many miracles now are beginning to happen. For example, the Chinese government is coming closer to us now to do this as a public campaign of True Family Values. In terms of reaching the number, it should not be a problem, because China has a bigger population than any other country. The same is true of India. China has about 1.3 billion people, so reaching 360 million should not be a problem.

So, I encourage you leaders from the Philippines and Thailand to go back to your country and do your absolute best to move all those leaders in your country, even your king and your government leaders, so that your countries can achieve the goal first. Then move into China to mobilize the Chinese government's power to do that. Instead of the Unification Church doing this, capable leaders like you can accomplish this goal. That will be more historic. Reverend Moon hopes that both countries of the Philippines and Thailand which have gone through such a hard time can achieve its goal. Is that wrong thinking? You will then become a central role player for China and India in that region. [Applause]

There is a huge difference between people's thinking and Reverend Moon's thinking.. It is a different dimension. That is why he is proclaiming the liberation of hell. The leadership of the Unification Church whom you see here are Ph.D.s, ministers, scholars, and business leaders. They have been following Reverend Moon for 30 or 40 years, but, they know that they really don't have any word to offer when it comes to the matter of God's Providence. They don't have a clue. Only God, Reverend Moon and one more person, Satan himself, know what God is trying to achieve. Now, Satan is surrendering. This level of Reverend Moon's achievement is going beyond the national level and going to the worldwide level, based on the True Family Values campaign. Satan dominates the majority of the nations of the world, but, there is no world power that is led by Satan. So Reverend Moon, True Father, has the responsibility to eliminate the Satanic castle at this national boundary, then all over the world, including the spiritual world. God and Reverend Moon have been bearing this headache. The spiritual world is also very confused. Both physical and spiritual worlds have to be straightened out.

Mrs. Kamoltip asks a question

Rev. Moon:

It is time for you to learn, not to give a lot of questions.

Mrs. Kamoltip:

I just want to know, because Mrs. Kim gave me the goal to reach one million couples.

Rev. Moon:

That is too small from God's viewpoint.

Mrs. Kamoltip:

We just want to have a work plan about why the year 2000 is so important in order to reach the goal of 360 million couples. We can use your answer as a concept to work on this goal.

Rev. Moon:

If we reach that goal with our genuine heart and love, the world will become a totally new world. There will be no ruling party or opposition party in general terms. When we are talking about the 360 million couples, we are talking about 720 million adults, including children. The number will be something like 3 billion worldwide. Eventually, there will be no national boundaries.

The significance of giving the blessing to the worst possible criminals and the highest saints together at the same time means that there is no more enemy relationship between nations. In human history, there has been so much struggle and war, but now, because of this heavenly grace and blessing, this kind of struggle will no longer remain. Those enemy families will be connected in marriage. That is the shortcut to world peace.

Reverend Moon already practiced this in the case of blessings between Japanese brides and Korean grooms. What about the Philippines? What is your enemy country? Is it America? [Japan] So, imagine millions and millions of Filipinos being blessed to Japanese or Americans. Do you think they will carry animosity in their hearts against these nations?

Even if their parents may have some animosity against those nations, when they see their children getting married to the enemy children, they will say: "Even though your wife is from America or Japan, you still have to be considerate towards your spouse." Love your enemy. This is the basic concept of world peace. You should have a big enough heart to be able to offer your children to your enemy.

Peter Kim:

I just reminded Father about Mr. Makabenta's question as to why at this time, the region of Southeast Asia is going through such a desperate time. Is it indemnity, or punishment? Reverend Moon said that God's heart is always going where people are suffering and going through a hard time. So, this is an opportunity, probably, that this region can expect a blessing from God. Don't give up. Be persistent in reaching your goal. Endure this period and you will prosper. Father is the living example of that.

Of course, Father has gone through six incarcerations in his life. Each time when he went to prison, people thought that it would be the last time they would hear from him. "He's finished," they would say. There were times that some of the inmates made an agreement among themselves to get rid of him. But, he turned the situation around 180 degrees within a short time by educating them to be his followers in the prison environment. That is why Reverend Moon has become such a controversial figure, even in the prisons. In this nation of America, or in his home country in Korea, he always became the subject of controversy. Even in underdeveloped countries and South America, he is controversial. When Reverend Moon came first to South America, some of the people said: "Well, Reverend Moon is such a controversial figure in America who has all kinds of plans." But, it didn't take more than three months to clear up the misunderstanding and wrong thinking.

So, Reverend Moon has the plan to develop tens of millions of hectares of land, maybe even bigger than your country, and bring all of you there. We can make a Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Reverend Moon's thinking is that vast. He wants to unite the entire 33 nations of Latin America and Central America. Upon that foundation, he wants to unite the North and South American continent, which represents Catholicism and Protestantism, thus making one world and one continent.

In your own region, you have to practice that kind of belief in your own way. So, you have to come out of your own shell. You should think that rather than focusing only on your own domestic issues, why don't you work with Reverend Moon and support his endeavor to unite the entire North and South American continents. Then, who knows, in the future, maybe the entire people from Thailand can move to this new world and build a new nation.

Think about it. You are facing difficulty right now in your own region, while Reverend Moon's home country is also facing an economic crisis. Do you think that he is staying away from Korea, and concentrating on the North and South American continent because he has no affection for his own nation, as you do? No. He goes beyond that. Even when it comes to the reunification of the Korean Peninsula, both Korean governments think that Reverend Moon is working in South America for Koreans and the future of Asians. Is this good concept or not?

As long as you understand what he is trying to teach you tonight, that's fine. For example, we are concerned about domestic issues. Thailand is concerned about the Thai situation and the Filipinos are thinking about the Filipino situation. Koreans are concerned about the Korean situation, and Japanese for the Japanese situation. But, why not work together and support Reverend Moon to build this new world on the American continent, which we all can share in the future? If not us, then our future generations will share the responsibility to create the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven. This is the crux of Father's message. Do you understand this?

You came all the way to Kodiak to see Reverend Moon. In reality, even if you see Reverend Moon's face, which is a kind of old and wrinkled face with a beard and moustache, the most important thing is that we share a kind of spirit and a common goal. As long as we have this common goal and spirit, Reverend Moon's wrinkled face will begin to look like a saint, and yours will become like that too. [A golden face] As long as you have that kind of conviction and practice that in your life, you will be in the Kingdom with Reverend Moon. Because Reverend Moon understands the spirit world clearly, inside and out, he is the one who clearly controls the spirit world.

The time period we are living in is called the Completed Testament Era. The Completed Testament Era means the accomplishment of the bond between God and man. Therefore, this is the time period in which we must understand the physical and the spirit world. We have to understand what is wrong with both worlds, so that we solve this situation. That is what Jesus taught when he gave the message to his disciple Peter: "Whatever is tied on earth will be tied in Heaven and whatever is loosed on Earth will be loosed in Heaven."

The Completed Testament Era means the completion of our family, the ideal family. Adam and Eve's mistake was done on the family level, so we must restore the family level. On an individual level, you may think that your family is so insignificant, but, as we keep establishing ideal families, this makes a super highway from Hell to Heaven. That's why the senior blessed couples in the history of the Unification Church went through seven years of a real indemnity course before they received the blessing.

You are very important people, movers and shakers in your respective societies. If we compare our world with a big tree of 7,000 years, you are just a small bud. Even though you have ability and influence, you shouldn't have false pride. You should be humble. You came here at high tide, so you are sharing in the blessing. Please, don't have false pride.

This entire tree of 7,000 years is one. All these couples from America, Korea, and Japan are one in God's love. So, we have to work as a family, as one unit. Also, when it comes to the life of this new bud engrafting itself to the tree, this new bud has to be connected to the root system of that tree, and to the trunk and branches, otherwise there is no existence.

But you may say: "I don't care about Korea, or Japan under Reverend Moon's direction. I just have to focus on my own responsibility in Thailand or the Philippines." This is the wrong attitude.

As long as we don't have a selfish mind and narrow mindedness, we will be able to transcend the past experiences and scope of our life and find that everyone is our friend and our brother and sisters. When the high tide comes in, we will feel we are on an equal level enjoying prosperity and harmony. You may feel that "Well, True Father gave us ideal talk, but in reality, I can't do that." You may think that way.

We have to deny all the Satanic world. We all want to become the central person in our family and tribe. To prepare for the offering table, we must kill the offering. In other words, there is bloodshed. If you want to offer yourself, your service and dedication, you should be willing to give your life. Those who are truly determined to give their lives, even as an offering for the sake of God and humanity, eventually will become the leaders of the kingdoms of the world, after this indemnity period is over. Do you understand? [Yes, Father] Wonderful.

Actually, Father has been beating around the bush. He didn't even start to give the main message [Laughter]. If Father keeps going, you won't be able to get up tomorrow. You will miss your fishing and your seminar, which will make you feel embarrassed as representatives of your countries. When you return, people will ask you about it. "Well, I remember that I slept."

You must be so tired by now. To some of you, this is the first meeting you have had with Reverend Moon. Since this first meeting is established, there may be another time to get acquainted. If you really work hard, you can bring your rich friends and come fishing with them. When you go somewhere to the Amazon jungle, people may wonder what you are doing there, and you should just simply mention the Kodiak meeting with Father.

Then, in this second encounter, Father will share all possible secrets with you. Reverend Moon has been sharing lots of stories and secrets with many of the Korean leaders, but there are many left. So, when you come, he will share only with you.

Before his departure, Father will give you the opportunity to take photos with him, couple by couple together with True Mother. Shall we show our gratitude and appreciation to God and True Parents by offering one 90 degree bow?

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