The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1998

Father's Return to America from Brazil

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
East Garden, Irvington, NY
June 5, 1998
Translation by Rev. Peter Kim
Unofficial Notes by Tyler Hendricks

True Father arrived at East Garden around 7:30 p.m.

All who were present at East Garden shared in True Parents' celebration of Hyun Jin Nim's June 4 graduation from Harvard Business School. Hyun Jin Nim finished the two-year course in 18 months. Father had tried to return in time to attend and get a photo with Hyun Jin Nim in his cap and gown. But a scheduling problem at the airport in South America prevented it.

Rev. Do Hee Park (former Regional Director in Atlanta and New Jersey) gave a report about his travel with Father to New Hope Farm. Then Peter Kim reported about Rev. Park's cancer cure that was accomplished by burning mugwort (sukdum). His wife had a revelation that this would save his life, when all doctors gave up. She did 40 days fasting two times for him. Within one year he recovered his health completely. He is now National Messiah for Zimbabwe. Also, he was eating only soft rice until this trip with Father, and now he started regular food, including piranha sashimi. Now Father appointed him commander-in-chief of Africa.

Then Rev. Park reported on his work in Africa: I could pray and heal ten people at a time from illness. In Zimbabwe, I went to meet the top leader first. I set my goal to restore Zimbabwe in three years. Continental Director Kathy Rigney directed me to bless 70,000 couples, three years ago. I then met the head of the largest Christian church in Zimbabwe. Based on experiences in Korea and America, I can reach ministers. I lectured about true family values and AIDS. He was inspired. I hugged him four times. I told him to bless his entire church. He brought a schedule to bless 210,000 couples.

Then I found the mayor's name. I spoke on true parents, true marriage, true love and true family in 40 minutes. Then I blessed his couple. Then I moved up to the governor. In Zimbabwe, the governor has a lot of power. It was difficult to meet him. But we became so close when we met, hugging. He set up an appointment at his house with him and his wife. Again I explained about the 4 points, and blessed them. And I did indemnity slaps. The governor's wife was crying.

I told him, bring the top leaders of your province so I can make a presentation. Through this I met the bishop. He signed a letter for me to meet all eight governors of the eight states of Zimbabwe. They all made a schedule to meet all leaders. One presentation on AIDS, the second on true family and true marriage. 20% of population last year infected with HIV; this year 30%. Each week, 1,000 people die. But they don't know the truth. They have such low education. They stop education early and have babies early. 60% divorce, and most people are married 4 or 5 times. In Botswana, 60% have HIV, in Malawi, 50%, Mozambique, 35%. Without true family course, there is no solution.

So I can guide the governor, without my guidance, your country has no hope. I did like Father, "You have to follow me." They all agreed. I blessed all the governors. Now over 6 million are blessed in Zimbabwe. I made a national chairman and eight regional leaders of the FFWPU (Family Federation for World Peace and Unification). I blessed 70 bishops, and 400 ministers. Three organizations joined the FFWPU and became the core of FFWPU. I gave True Parents' picture and holy songs. 4,000 ministers in this denomination. Total membership 2 million. Another, 142 ministers and 600,000 members. They joined FFWPU. Another minister in Mozambique visited our center. His group has 1 million, and he signed so that his church is totally with FFWPU. I can educate all the congregation members. So FFWPU membership is over 3 million.

I did presentations in Zimbabwe, Malawi, Botswana, Mozambique and South Africa. Now my goal is the president of Zimbabwe. It is a miracle. Next goal is President Mandela. The Blessing is the only defense against HIV in Africa and the world.

Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak: African Continental Director, Kathy Rigney, is gaining wonderful results. She reported about Rev. Park's activities. His area had poor results before, so she is so joyful now. Last year, Africa results were amazing, and also this year. 85% of African population has received the Blessing. 37 million couples since November 29, 1997. This is 90% of the goal Father gave.

Mrs. Keum Soon Park (wife of Tiger Park) just returned from Pakistan. It is difficult to bless there because of their religion and the hot weather. But she did 4,222 couples in a couple of months. This is impressive in an Islamic country. It indicates how the blessing is globalized and there are no fundamental barriers. Dr. Seuk reported that 2,500 elite leadership couples in China received the Blessing. All are government and organizational leaders. Under the IEF (International Education Foundation) education, 3 - 4 day seminars then the Blessing. 4 major newspapers reported it, with the government cooperation.

Father: China will surpass the Christian world. American members, you must have an awakening. How can you make this result? Take action, then you can make success. Make the determination in your mind.

Rev. Kwak: Communism trained their society, so they can change direction of the country in one day. Top leaders recognize Father. But we must be careful until they completely understand the Divine Principle. We are gradually understanding Father's direction. Father prepared, and Spirit World prepared, but we lack faith. The blessing of 120 million couples is a high goal, and we passed 100 million last Tuesday. Now, 104 million. Still we need 16 million more. Thus Father called and urged me again how important it is to reach 120 million couples. If we lay the adequate conditions, True Parents have an amazing plan. One side is to bless Spirit World, and the other is to give grace on the earth.

Father: After the fall, the worst parents connected to humankind and Spirit World. The Kingdom of Heaven, paradise and hell separated. Father wants to erase the barriers in both worlds, which the worst parents created. The 120 million couples is the foundation for that clean-up job. It creates a highway from hell to the Kingdom of Heaven, and opens the gate. It liberates both worlds. This is by turning the world 180 degrees to the original perfection place that is the starting point of the Kingdom of Heaven. Is it clear? Then take action.

The blessing is Adam's one family setting the preparation for all human families. In the perfection of Adam's family there is no hell on earth or Spirit World. This completely accomplishes Father's mission. Then I can make a "one time proclamation."

Rev. Kwak: We have only 7 days until June 13, so I will directly contact all the Continental Directors plus Japan and Korea. We have to reach 120 million couples. Father, I will do it. God and Spirit World prepared many things. This morning, and again now, Father directed that if we fulfill 120 million, and Father blesses the Spirit World, then Father will share amazing grace, special forgiveness.

Father speaks at length in Korean without translation.

Rev. Kwak: Father will forgive the Unification movement for two kinds of mistakes. Those who left the church, and those who made a principle mistake. He will share this grace at the coming event. Father: The Spirit World blessing includes the blessing of my enemies, who made mistakes worse than our members made. So I will share the forgiveness for members on the earth. Among the 36 couples, those who left long ago can be forgiven.

Rev. Kwak: Father reminded me of one name, whom we should visit and invite to attend. From 36, 72 and 124 couples, they should attend the New York ceremony. Because of visa problems they may not be able to, so they should attend in Korea. Father is begging in prayer for them to come for forgiveness.

If we lost the value of the Blessing, True Parents will give regrace, reblessing. Based upon True Parents' glorious worldwide foundation. Generally we know that True Parents' love is so great to forgive enemies in physical world and Spirit World.

Father: This relates with how God can forgive the fall. True Parents' true love can embrace everything. There is no enemy territory. Even God Himself cannot do such restoration. Only True Parents can. Therefore True Parents liberate God and Satan. This starts the Kingdom on earth and Spirit World.

The purpose of Father's recent trip to South America was to lay the foundation for this granting of forgiveness. Six represents Satan. Father wanted to leave on 6/4, but couldn't make it. [Ed. Note: the following numerological content was not very clear, but this is the best I could catch. Don't take it as accurate.] In Korea, 4 also represents Satan. 6 represents Satan too, in a way. So Father had to catch 6 fish, for June, 4 more fish, for the 4th day. That makes 10, then he had to catch 6 more for a total of 16. Six represents Satan, and 4 does too. So 10 is 6 plus 4. Adding another 6, 16 represents Satan too. So by catching 6, Father covered 4, 6 and 16. And 16 plus 13, America's satanic number, is 29. Father set the entire condition to clean up the entire satanic lineage. And this morning, Father cleaned his own toilet and bedroom. (Mother was laughing a lot.)

No, no, the practical condition was not cleaning the bathroom, but defecating very much before getting on the airplane. Then he felt so good that on the airplane he called Rev. Kwak and gave this new direction. It is good for your body to support the direction you want to go.

When Father took off, he had not finished his job, so he determined to do it on the plane, or if not on the plane, then at East Garden. He had no time to do it because he was receiving a report. Fortunately, he finished before entering North America. This means everything will go well. And there was a celebration waiting for him here, and Hyun Jin Nim's degree, which Father and Mother are signing now. (They signed the diploma, and Hyun Jin Nim received it and kissed them both.)

Once we win the 120 million couples victory, everyone will realize that God did it, not man. So whatever direction we go, the world will follow. The growth level is always where Satan invades. So the second stage, the next Blessing Ceremony, should be for 160 million couples. Then the third stage need be only 80 million couples. 80 million is the restart number. That means the Kingdom of Heaven on earth starting [i.e. the world restarting]. By then, the responsibility of the LSA (Lord of the Second Advent) and True Parents is complete. Then, the realm of the 4th Adam era will begin, which means that parents will be able to bless their own physical children. That is the start of the kingdom on earth.

Two years ago, after the completion of a world speaking tour, in Uruguay, on November 1, Father set the Ceremony of Liberation and Completion of Indemnity. Father at that time predicted the Blessing of 360 million couples. That will be fulfilled. Once the 360 Blessing is completed, there will be a special heavenly pardon on earth and in Spirit World, which will eliminate all the evil elements. As Adam and Eve should have reached perfection, the world will have the opportunity to reach perfection. This means the completion of all religions. This will bring a new culture and civilization and one language, so that everyone can start their life over. Father will bless all four major saints, Jesus, Confucius, Buddha and Mohammed. For each, Father will select a person with a good record in the UC (Unification Church) as bride. Then their followers on earth will follow True Parents, and that will fulfill the founder's goal. This will bring liberation of the followers from the middle of spirit world to follow True Parents into heaven. That is the end. The world of peace -- everyone will live through true love.

Since True Parents blessed America as elder son nation, its role is to serve the father and mother nations. Exchange blessings among people of enemy nations, their second and third generations should marry Americans. The first generations' conflicts will be overcome through the later generations' marriages. This is the way to create world peace. When the children of enemy nations become one as husband and wife, parents in the two nations will bequeath their property to the children, which will unite the assets of the enemy nations. The grandchildren inherit from both sides. This ends all division. Everything is bequeathed to common descendants. This bequeaths kingship, parentship and elder sonship. These were lost in the fall, and will be restored. This ownership will last forever.

After Father matched the 36 couples, the ones who disliked each other became in-laws later. God works in mysterious ways. It's the same principle between families. If tens of thousands of Japanese and American descendants intermarry, then no separate national or racial identity will remain. It will disappear gradually. There is no other way to world peace. In Spirit World there can be no separate communities. Only one family.

Therefore Father emphasizes the idea of 4 international families in one condominium, living in harmony. We must complete this course or we will be troubled in the Spirit World. Together, all families can help each other send their children to school. And the top students can gain the financial support of all the families. This requires sacrifice of my children for others. This is to negate extreme individualism. It is really wrong for Americans to advocate extreme privacy. You may think that your father and mother have equal rights, as do True Parents, but until restoration is over, Father is absolute subject and Mother is absolutely obedient. Equal rights will come only after restoration is over. When the Kingdom of God actually begins, husband and wife will be equal. But before then, no, and if we think so, we will slip backwards. He have to go over the threshold. WFWP (Women's Federation for World Peace) has to understand this.

Father is calling the senior blessed couples all over the world to come to South America for more training. Since Father built this Jardim facility, and it is completed, it is our honor to be the first graduates of 40 day workshops. When Father started building it, we had no permit, but with Father's authority, he said go ahead. Normally permits would require 3 years. I did not spend any Brazilian money, and with a clear conscience, Father finished it in three years. And Father determined to use it for the sake of Brazil and so now they approved everything.

President Yoon Sam Kim was assigned to build it. He told the government officer that he is building this great facility in a remote place for the sake of that man's people. Surprised, the man told his assistants that he would take President Kim's word as his signature. While it was being built there were critical times due to religious opposition and jealousy. One rumor was that we boil and eat infant children. The government sent a troop with machine guns to search for drug activities. Nothing being found, they apologized to Father. Their conclusion was that even patriotic Brazilians cannot do what Father is doing. So now they are fully cooperative. So the place is famous now.

As Americans you should repent and ask for forgiveness. This country sent Father to jail for no reason, and still they try to oppose. But the Brazil government leaders support and cooperate. So, which country will God love more? South America.

This is the turning point in human history. We listen to Father but do not follow, and so Father feels that if we understand Spirit World we will put it into practice. (Father chastises one elder American member for not memorizing the Family Pledge in Korean.) True Parents have read Dr. Lee's revelations more than 10 times. Almost everyday, Father read it for Hoon Dok Hae. He gave special education to the Korean leaders in South America, because they are responsible for the Brazil training center, where tens of thousands will come. He gave explanations about Spirit World. Father can command a spirit man to get permission from God to travel everywhere in Spirit World, to visit historical persons. If we don't believe this testimony, we don't believe in True Parents, God or Sang Hun Lee. We need absolute faith, because the book came as a result of True Parents' direction.

This is why Dr. Lee asks True Parents to make any corrections in the text. Also, Dr. Lee reported about Father's physical mother, and that the Spirit World is a continuation of our life in physical world, so live continually centered on True Parents. American members need to become like crystals by going the true love way, and in that way enter the kingdom. Our life is most precious and critical, because we have the power to correct our mistakes. So each day we must sit and repent dozens of times. Everything should be crystal clear, without one dot of a hidden agenda. Be clear and open to God, based on absolute love and life for the sake of others.

So part two of Dr. Lee's book deals with historical personages, as per Father's direction and God's permission. No spirit man could ever do this before. One such character is Maria Pak. She chased Father into the wilderness, as wife of the then Vice President of Korea and herself Vice President of Ehwa Women's University. She was a Christian. Syngman Rhee was titular president only. She led women leaders in Korea.

There was a "three-gate period" in our church, around 1952 or '53, because you had to pass through three doors to get in to the room where Father spoke. It was before Chungpa Dong. Maria Pak came to that place to hear Divine Principle. She left feeling bad, because she expected something else. At the end she told them what her high position is society was and arrogantly criticized them for inviting her to such a poor place. She left feeling angry.

(Peter Kim reads an English translation of Dr. Lee's encounter with Maria Park in hell. This book will be available next week.)

The lesson of Maria Park's testimony is that by True Parents liberating the Parks, then everyone and anyone can be blessed.

Are Unification Church members capable of this? True Parents have responsibility to liberate satanic people who caused so much evil history, and to turn this world into the Kingdom of God along with them. When should you do it? Right away? Should Father bless his enemies before he blesses his friends? [The answer was yes, because then he can bless everyone who is in a closer position than his enemies.]

God is the same God who chased out Adam and Eve. Now He is the one to forgive them. At the fall, Adam and Eve probably made just one mistake of love, but modern criminals do it thousands of times, becoming the worst of people. The reason to bless them first is that True Parents have won every step of the history of restoration on this earth, making the highway and reaching the terminal point with no opposition. So humankind all can be blessed, including all the worst people, gangsters, criminals, and they will be liberated completely. Father made the foundation to do that, and can now take the authority to do that. This is the way of blessing the world. The period for the indemnity way is fulfilled.

In the Garden there was to have been no hell. So through the blessing, hell should be erased, and family perfection achieved in each family. So Father can (should?) give liberation first to these most evil people. In the Spirit World, liberation is from top down. By now, 21 billion people probably are blessed in the Spirit World. They are on our level in physical world as embodiments of original Adam to push Christians to receive the blessing and True Parents. [end.]

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