The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1998

Comments on Arrival In Uruguay

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
May 16, 1998
Unofficial Notes By Dirk Anthonis

On Saturday at 2:45 PM, True Parents, accompanied by Hyo Jin Nim, a few Korean leaders and Mr. Kamiyama, landed in Montevideo, Uruguay, following their visit to Brazil. Under police escort, they were driven to downtown Montevideo, where a group of about 150 members were awaiting them. There was a small welcoming party, a cake was cut and Father commented he was happy to be back in Uruguay. To the Japanese missionary sisters he commented: "You have been here for quite a while now; you are beginning to look like Latin American people. Your husbands will be surprised the next time they see you."
After pledge on Sunday morning, Father asked Rev. Yeong Og Yu (Korean national messiah) to read the entire book now published in Korean based on Dr. Sang Hun Lee's testimony and teachings from spirit world. Before the reading began, Father made some brief comments that were translated in Spanish by Alejandro De Souza. What follows is the gist of Father's comments as best as I could interpret them:

We are living in the era of the accomplishment of the 360 million couple Blessing and the elimination of the false blood lineage of Satan. We are now entering in a 3-year period of transition in the spiritual world and physical world. All of the barriers must be eliminated.

The reality of the spiritual world must be clarified. For that reason Dr. Sang Hun Lee gave us a very important message. While on earth, Dr. Lee had many questions about the spiritual world. When he went there, he asked God if he could visit some of the Providential figures in history and God said 'yes'. The book that was published based on Dr. Lee's testimony should be translated in Spanish quickly. All of the materialistic ideologies that deny God have been clearly proven wrong through these revelations from spirit world. It is necessary that the content of these revelations be known to the world. Other religions do not possess this knowledge. Dr. Lee is the first to reveal it. Those who deny this knowledge about the spiritual world will suffer. With a solid faith we must welcome Dr. Lee's testimony and teaching and bring this to the religious world.

This year we have established the tradition of Hoon Dok Hae in Korea, Japan and America. In this way, important conditions were laid. We now have a foundation of 3.6 billion blessed couples in spirit world. As a result of the conditions established, America was blessed as the elder son nation. Father is now connecting this victory to Uruguay [Father later explained, according to Alejandro, that Uruguay is in the position of the second son or younger son nation]. Father is building a highway to the Kingdom of Heaven. The gap between the physical and spiritual worlds is being bridged. The victory of the 3.6 billion Blessing in spirit world indicates that the progress there is more rapid than in the physical world. We must connect this victory to the physical world. That is why True Parents came to Pantanal [an Amazon region of Brazil], which is a zone that is still well-preserved in its original state and not so much polluted.

We can begin a new life based on the knowledge of the spiritual world as revealed by Dr. Lee. We must not have doubts about what Dr. Lee revealed. Our blessed members are in the highest realm of the spiritual world. We must put our life here on earth in order so that our life in the spiritual world will not be adversely affected.

This 3-year period of transition is so important and serious because never in the past did we have this kind of knowledge about the spiritual world. We must unite mind and body and show our absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience to God through the unity with our spouse. It is very difficult for God to forgive us if we do not believe in the reality of the spiritual world as revealed by Dr. Lee.

True Parents are very hopeful. The world is very close to accepting the basic teachings of Unificationism."

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