The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1998

Sunday Sermon (May 3, 1998)

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
May 3, 1998 Belvedere, Tarrytown, NY
Translation by Rev. Peter Kim Unofficial Notes by Tyler Hendricks

Rev. Peter Kim reported:

On April 17, 1998, with 40 representatives of Korea, Japan, the three daughter nations of Japan, and America, Father declared the change from Adam nation to father nation, Eve nation to mother nation, and archangel nation to elder son nation. Also he assigned the Mother nation to unite all the children nations to support the father. Three nations should support Japan -- Taiwan (China's island), Canada (younger sister of England), and the Philippines (younger sister of America). There is no sovereignty in Korea any more.

Since that day, Father has been praying for 14 days, waiting for May 2, midnight [Ed. Note: The midnight between May 2 and May 3]. Father gave a special prayer for Jesus' family (Miss Chang) and Heung Jin Nim's family. It took 40 years for Father to come out of the wilderness and work again with America representing Christianity.

Father prayed to restructure the spirit world. Centering on True Parents and True Family, the world is receiving the Blessing. Thus a practical structure in the physical world is being formed. Most of the True Children are blessed. Therefore, blessed families are appearing on the earth. Now Heung Jin Nim is the elder son in spirit world and Jesus is the younger son.

The time has come to eradicate the satanic lineage. Therefore world Christianity has to be connected with the Unification Church. This happens first in the elder son country. The Christian world represents the spirit world. On top are True Parents, then Heung Jin Nim and Christianity are horizontal. Therefore, Heung Jin Nim's and Jesus' family live together. This means Christianity will cut from satanic lineage and unite with True Parents' movement. Christianity should work with True Parents to restore the entire religious world. This spiritual condition was set last night.

Tens of thousands of spirit couples were blessed at RFK, plus more at Chung Pyung Lake since then. The total number of blessed spirit couples is 3.6 billion. Out of them, there are 160 million ardent, faithful Christian couples. They all were sent to Belvedere last night at midnight, for the restoration of America.

America is the leading Christian nation. It is the way to spread the Blessing to the world. It could have happened after World War II. Now Heung Jin Nim is elder son and Jesus is younger. Unlike the physical world, in spirit world they are the right order. Therefore, elder and younger blessed couples are united in the spirit world. Without True Parents' grace there is no Blessing. But because Heung Jin Nim is true family, he could start giving the Blessing in the spirit world.

Last night means that if American members have absolute faith, love and obedience to restore the world, with these spirits' help, it will happen.

There are three groups who are prepared: black Christianity, white Christianity and Islam, plus the spirit world. In America, black and white conflict as well as Christianity and Islam. Father will unite them as he did Japan and Korea, and America, Japan and Germany. The spirit world is waiting for True Father to come and unite and structure it. To make the base on earth, Father is blessing the religious leaders on earth. So bless high-level people, by all means. If we bless half the world's population, it will be done.

Father has been blessing all religions. When America heads in the heavenly direction, the entire world will follow. Politics follow America, as does world religion and economy, like a flock of geese. Democratic and Communist worlds will go in the same direction.

Two lines of geese with one head, represent physical world and spirit world. The head is the true family. So connect the spirit world to you. Dr. Lee went to spirit world to prepare for this time period. Past revelators of spirit world only shared a small bit, but Dr. Lee shares the entire spectrum. But is has to apply to the physical world. The two worlds have to match.

Spirit world is subject and physical world object, originally. But with the fall, the physical world became subject. So restoration means to bring spirit world back to plus. The upside down came because of false parents; therefore to turn it back requires true parents. This is the ideal of creation. The physical world should be a shadow of the spirit world, but in the satanic world it is opposite. Thus, the physical world should be restored first. Then they become one, with no separation. Then, each individual's mind and body will be smooth, as with husband and wife. God will come down to the husband and wife.

This is Il Shim, Il Shin, and Il Chae. This is our motto, the conclusion of Il Shim, Il Shin and Il Chae. God has sung sang and hyung sang, united at the origin. Then they divide, and unite as substantial sung sang and hyung sang. They unite centering on absolute love. This pattern repeats on every level. God is plus, but in God is plus and minus. So too, a man is plus containing plus and minus.

Il Shim means mind-body oneness. Man represents God's sung sang, and woman God's hyung sang. Centering on true love, they become one, each with mind-body oneness. This is Il Shin. It is the union stage in ODU (Origin Division Union) action.

Il Chae means they become one with God. It is the union stage returned to God. Between husband and wife, minds unite first, then bodies. This is completion of the individual, couple and with God as a whole. Then it all becomes one. Man and wife becoming one creates the environment, then the third stage is to return to God. This means the harmonious relationship of man and wife. This requires oneness of mind and body. Otherwise you will be up and down.

To have a balance you need a right order. This requires mind and body unity. So the center of the universe depends on mind-body unity. In spirit world you an easily measure the oneness of a person's mind and body and a couple's marriage. You must pass those examinations, plus with your children. Then and only then can you deal with God directly.

At noon there are no shadows. The sun is at 90 degrees. Unity means no shadows on the individual or couple and family. Become shadowless. No darkness. We know how much our own mind-body unity obtains, and you can perceive this in others as well. A skew line will collide with a 90 degree line.

This is the three objects purpose and the four position foundation teaching. We are born for our love partner. Nothing is for itself. Even God exists for the sake of love. Even God will bow down before true love. He moves for the sake of love.

At creation God gave everything for the same of his love partner. To be accomplished through absolute faith, hope and love.

Form stage: lineage (represents children)
Growth = life (represents the couple)
Completion = love (represents God)

This is the meaning of the four position foundation, which is the root of the number 12. Vertical relations are love, right and left love, and front and rear lineage (children). The center is equidistant from every point on the surface. This is the eternal family; all members want to live together forever. That is our training for the spirit world.

To do this, we sacrifice the visible things for the invisible. That is why the Four Great Realms of Heart exists only in the human world, not the animal. The right of participation, inheritance and to give together. Money is not as precious as your body. Husband and wife are one flesh, therefore you should not have separate bank accounts. During the day, each become Il Shim, and long to meet that night to accomplish Il Shin, and then Il Chae. When God comes, you will sit on His lap and He will hug you.

It is simple to understand but difficult to accomplish. But we have to do it in physical world, because we cannot catch up in spirit world. The essence of Dr. Lee's content is how love functions. The spirit world is so vast and bright. It is so bright that every defect is visible. You cannot hide anything, so you have to run to the dark. So to go to spirit world, you need your spouse and there is no concept of divorce.

Control your body (oneness of mind and body) before you try to control the universe. If you are not Il Shim, you have to immediately stop Il Shin, lovemaking. Go to the zero point. Mind-body unity is the ability to do that. You stop in the midst of making love if you feel you are not united mind and body.

Invest ten times the energy spent to resist temptation and reach Il Shim, into your spouse. Then you can make love 100 times a day. Feel that your sperm is in every cell of your spouse's body. Each cell has the potential to produce thousands of my children. What can be more ideal?

As a husband, wherever you look at your sexual organ, think that your wife is holding it, even when you are urinating. Thus you are following your wife who is pulling you. What about women? You don't have anything to be held. So you hold onto your husband's urine, and thereby he leads you. A couple who has this kind of training session for a month, will not consider divorce. When God sees a true husband and wife dancing naked, God will feel that He made a masterpiece.

The principle of the spirit world is the Divine Principle. How difficult it was to systematize the Divine Principle. No one knows it until Father explains it. Dr. Lee was a philosopher and studied communism a lot. He must have been so curious about the spirit world.

No one came up with the notions of three stages, direct and indirect dominion, four position foundation, and so forth, but they make everything clear. If we live based on this truth, we will be on the rail as a locomotive going to heaven. Only this will liberate God. Father's mission is to complete God's love. Anyone who opposes it will not be able to survive. Wait and see. The world is declining from the top because they opposed Father. The world is on a precipice, being destroyed on every level. But Father is restructuring. The world, no matter how big, is destined to follow True Father, because all the ancestors are waiting for him,. The ultimate goal is to liberate the world. If a nation opposes this, it has nowhere to go.

People never look back but only forward. But Father looks back and re-creates. Persecution always comes at the turning point. Adam betrayed God and was cast out. So Father volunteers to go to the difficult place before God casts him out. That more than necessary difficulty keeps Father safe. For example, as founder of the Washington Times, he can meet and talk to any political leader, but he goes about unknown and barefoot in South America. This is to go to the more difficult place for the sake of protection. There is some condition like this for the 360 million couples blessing.

Father is just about to unify all the denominations. How tough is it? Even God and Jesus could not do it. If Father can, God will give him ownership of the world. This road of the cross has been Father's consistent way, the cross of the heart on every level. He goes to the bottom of hell and lifts it up to make it flat.

So the Universal Ballet triumphed in the US, and the Little Angels are in North Korea. Father and Kim, Il Sung agreed this upon seven years ago. When the Little Angels disembarked the plane in Pyongyang, they were greeted by their North Korean counterparts, given flowers, hugging and crying. All the North Korean officials and South Korea alike said thank you, Rev. Moon.

Suppose American Christianity comes to that level? Father is giving a quota to the American movement to bless Christians and work with them. Will it be too heavy for you? (NO!) You will always have an excuse why you were not directly involved in this campaign. Wait and see. When Christian ministers truly understand spirit world, they will become harder workers than you will. Then will you just sit back?

If ministers are skeptical about Dr. Lee's book, saying Rev. Moon fabricated it, do you agree with that? This was not just one testimony, but he came to the medium many times. Suppose you doubt it but it is true, then what will you do? There is no place to go. Father knows the spirit world more than Dr. Lee, but he has you hear Dr. Lee's book, because Dr. Lee is a third party and is in the spirit world. So do not change anything in the book. If religionists doubt the testimony, they should pray and ask the spirit persons.

[Father set up four points, the significance of which I did not catch.]

1. Existing for the sake of others.

2. To become the absolute love-follower or advocator. Through Il Shim, Il Shin and Il Chae, we complete everything.

3. To complete the family.

4. On a worldwide scale, to accomplish the perfection of families and conclude the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven.

Absolute unity of the sex organs. No one can separate that, not even God. The name, HSA-UWC, meant Christianity becoming one with Unification Church. Both are subject-object relations, unifying with one's opposite and gaining ownership.

Forget everything, but remember Il Shim, Il Shin and Il Chae and wonsung (completion). Completion is circular; it involves eternity.

Today is May 3. We are listening together with 160 million spirit couples sent from Chung Pyung. If Father sends them to work with Christian leaders, then it is just a matter of time. We have more hope than ever. So go out and challenge people to open their minds. How can you oppose without knowing his teachings? When they join the spirit world, Father will speak to them in spirit world. When Rev. Moon appears as the center of spirit world, will they oppose? Even God could not marry Jesus, but Father could and did, plus millions of Christians in the spirit world. Challenge reporters and leaders to receive the Blessing. Can they oppose? If we cannot liberate them, it may take millions of years. This is why Rev. Moon has worked so patiently for so many years.

May is the month in which nature blossoms and flourishes. We Unification Church members go out to the front-line to welcome the summer season. Those who have this determination, raise your hands.

May God bless you and me.

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