The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1998

44th Anniversary of the Founding of HSA-UWC

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
May 1, 1998
Belvedere, Tarrytown, NY
Translation by Rev. Peter Kim
Unofficial Notes by Tyler Hendricks

Everything is rooted in love. Therefore we must understand how we can make equalization centering on love. It begins with man and woman standing on true love. Each step expands, from individual to family, and so forth. At each step, the previous level is included in the successor. From Adam's family, there expanded eight levels. Even if these levels expanded, the origin is the same, and the nucleus is the same: plus and minus. This is the centerline of each level.

We all have mind and body. As our mind and body exist as subject object, the entire universe resembles that, as a pair system. What is the center of this pair system? True love. On every level, the center is the individual thing, but from a bird's eye view each level expands. So I represent the universe, the nation, the tribe, the people and the family. That is what I am. Therefore we can say that the universe is the result of the expansion of man and woman, us ourselves.

The world of nature has the same principle but on a lower level. On every level, mineral, plant and animal, we see the pair system with the same center, Universal Prime Force. God dwells as the subject of dual characteristics in every being, and provides the force of existence. Even one strand of hair has universal prime force in it, on a lower level, because all things resemble God. Therefore, Universal Prime Force is the energy that brings give and take relationship. Universal Prime Force never changes. The law of division of species is strict. The theory of evolution is wrong. The Universal Prime Force is in each being. Even in the human face is the pair system. The eyes represent God. There are three stages in the face. The nose is two becoming one. The mouth, throat, arms . . . centering on the centerline, groups of three are being formed.

Three forms a circle. Three stages from different angles form a circle. They all resemble God. Your eyes guide your body. The universe functions because of God. The pairs create a balance. The brain harmonizes the sounds of your two ears. You use two hands to catch something. To create balance, you need a pair. The universe exists this way.

By the same token, our mind and body should keep a balance. If you encounter a big object, your mind expands to cope with it and the body follows. Our knees balance our body. Even when we lay down, we need balance. This balance is based on the principle, or it is not balance. Eyes exist as eyes, and nose as nose, each with a principle of internal operation and of operation one with the other.

In each species there is subject and object, but between species is no subject and object. So the theory of evolution does not fit with the reality.

What is first, concept or reality? (Concept.) Communists believe that reality comes first. Look at the eyes. They are made of material. Before the eyes were formed, the material itself did not expect the world into which the eyes would be born. There is a tear duct, which keeps your eyes lubricated. But the material itself did not know this. Some force knew that the eye would need water.

Look at your nostrils; there is hair there. A woman's nose hair is small and thin, and a man has more, because he works in dusty places. The man's ears have more hair than a woman's do, and it stands outward. It blocks and pushes out anything approaching the ear. The nostril hair did not know the world of dust. The eyebrows could have been located vertically, but something knew it would have to block raindrops. The vertical lines around your mouth channel the sweat drops away from your mouth. Why do your ears face the way they do? Because someone knew the sound would come from the front. The sound is defined as it circles around the tube.

Why are your hands forward, not backward? In all these instances, the concept preceded the material, the reality. When you wash your face, you have to think the entire universe is here.

Can you see your brain? No, but it harmonizes the five senses. If you hold your nose and blow, the air will be emitted from the ear and eyes. They are connected.

Man and woman are connected, not man and monkey. Monkeys walk looking down, but man walks looking up. Women look down, but macho men look up. As people age, the grandma looks down first, she is always looking for what is around; the man looks up, looking for something outward. Thus are two poles created.

Women have larger hips, so they prefer sitting down to standing. It is like a storage space for your baby. So women should live sitting down more. If she goes out too much, it is not good. If a husband holds a baby for more than one hour sitting down, his bottom will be sore. But the fat on the woman's hips creates a cushion. Thus children want to sit on the mommy's lap. Also they want to touch the softness of the breasts. Like they jump on the soft bed; they like to sit on soft mommy. So mothers, not fathers, take care of babies. Mothers take care of clothes, food, etc.

In the west, there is the woman's demand for equal rights, such as doing an equal amount of dishes. No, there should be a distinction between north and south poles. Between them can be created the life of many children. Do you want to have many children, or only one or two? (Many.) Why?

The secret to control your husband is to have many children and create heartistic relations with the children. Gradually, you will be able to control your husband as you do your children. Children are your training to control the tiger, the king.

If the husband has a bad temper, will the children he sires be the same? The children will resemble him. Then as you learn to deal with the children's temper, you learn how to deal with him.

There are 12 types of human character, the east and west agree. So if you have 12 children, dealing with these personalities, you will become a rounded person. You will meet a mayor who reminds you of your third son, etc. So parents who raise many children cannot become evil. Evil means the self-centered way of life. The more selfish, the more evil. As you raise your 12 children, you deal with 12 personalities, their difficulties and struggles. Eventually you will come to resemble God.

If you have 12 children at home, 365 days a year, you will learn 360 ways to deal with them, passing through 360 situations. You can sit and deal with all people's situations, and you can offer what you have to please them. You can serve and give to them. Why is the mother the master or queen of the house? Suppose you have 10 young children? To whom do they run first? Mommy. At each meal, they think of mama. The children run around the father. The father does not need to do diaper change, giving bath, etc. If he does, there is no center in your family.

So the entire universe is balanced through the pair system, but what of the world's families? If yours are not, you will decline. Is there a mother who can be selfish when she deals with her baby? Even a mother bird is not. They sacrifice their lives for their babies. What of secular mothers? Don't they put the child into a separate room? The baby should be born and cared for by the mother. As it grows, then it starts to deal with the father, like after three years. The mother therefore grows as the son grows. That way, the center point is enlarged and grows bigger. If babies do not receive this, they will not fit, and they will feel the world is hell. Such a woman should repent.

Mother is form stage, baby is growth stage, and they go together to the completion stage, represented by the father. From his point of view, he should love his wife as he does his children. Which should he love more? The children should be a bridge connecting you and your husband. You kiss each child at night, and as you kiss all the children, you kiss your wife. 12 children at one kiss each, means 12 kisses to your wife. So make sure your wife also gives them a kiss. That way the woman becomes a good mother and wife.

Do women want to follow their father or mother? Children want to follow the mother more, because she is the center of love, receiving her husband's love. The child sees the mother being kissed by the father. Therefore they want her attention. She will win the love award ceremony, followed by the children, and the father will come in last. But there are women who are like thieves.

Whose is your flesh? What did the father contribute to you? He gave only the seed. 99% is from the mother. Therefore it is more natural for the mother and child to become one. So she should be able to embrace them and build harmony and unity. Then she can claim she is the best wife and woman. Then in spirit world God will stamp her as the queen of wives.

If your husband supported your reaching that level, then he will follow you and be declared king. Do you want to live that way? (Yes.) Do many other people of this world? (No.)

During a training session, you should have a small room, like a mother's womb. There you are well taken care of and trained well. You should likewise live a humble life. You are trained that way in the Unification Church and therefore you can go anywhere. Unification Church members should be needed and wanted anytime and anywhere. We can work day and night, and Satan will be defeated. We should be able to work without eating and sleeping, even if everyone else runs away. Satan has to eat, sleep and rest. Satan likes to eat and sleep more than God does. But nonetheless, God's stomach is bigger than Lucifer's.

Among all people, does Rev. Moon sleep most or least? (Least.) How about you? He keeps such a schedule that no one can keep up with him. Even Satan has to take a break. During that time, Rev. Moon expands his territory. While the fallen world is sleeping, Rev. Moon is expanding his territory. But it is for the sake of the world.

Do you like Rev. Moon? (Yes.) When it is pouring rain and I say, let's go fishing, everyone puts on a long face and runs away. I am the only one remaining, so I claim myself to be the king of the realm of love. I am the only king, but my color is bright. The insects are attracted by light. Then the insects attract birds, and thus it expands.

Colored people are attracted to Rev. Moon. Such will become farmers and white people will depend upon their industry. The only thing going for whites is Christianity itself. They did not have any knowledge of God originally, but it was easy to convert them to the heavenly side. This is why Christianity will follow the Unification Church. And Jesus will follow Father as one of his sons. This sounds like unforgivable heresy.

Which religious leader received the most persecution in world history? Reverend Moon alone, not the Unification Church. But Father wants to give the credit to you, as champions of the world. But I am the greater champion than you are. I am the true love champion of giving the Blessing.

Almost each family has struggles, divorce, and so forth. But Rev. Moon wants to claim all these families by giving them the Blessing. He is the champion of kings.

While persecution always comes, Father puts his head down and walks, but we put our hips up and fly around. We do not understand what Father is going through. We take the 360 million couples blessing lightly, as if it were time for us to fly.

Father is gaining the central position on central line. To have a new world start, you begin at the original point. Gears that are meshed turn in opposite directions. This represents God and Satan's worlds meeting and turning in different directions. Today is the 44th anniversary. 4 and 4 are like the two gears. 4 represents 4 directions. Two 4's represents 8, new beginning.

Satan took the number four, so within 4 years, the providence should be completed; by 2001. Then the new world will start. The new world is not this kind of fallen world, but the True Parents world, the world of true love. True love is the essence of everything, even germs. Germs have Universal Prime Force, as does everything on the lower level.

Man represents the vertical plus/minus. We stand and walk; no animals do. We are the vertical center of the universe. Westerners shake hands horizontally; animals walk on four legs. Men are supposed to greet each other vertically, bowing from the waist. Orientals write vertically, and from right to left. Westerners horizontally from left to right. Both sides are equal, divided by one vertical line. There is only one vertical line, although many horizontal lines. The true center is not a center of knowledge, power or wealth. The center is invisible. We cannot see love, life, lineage and conscience. Their center is where vertical and horizontal meet. The four concepts are one at the center. Love, life, lineage and conscience are vertical. The key point of our conscience is lineage, then life, and then love. Since everything was born of true love, the subject object relationship is unchanging. True love is unchanging.

Man was meant to be one, mind and body, but he fell and the mind and body separated. The original ideal is Il Shim, one mind. Il Shin, one body as husband and wife. The root is the oneness of the mind, then oneness of the body extends that. First vertical, then horizontal. On that foundation they become one with God, Il Chae. Il Chae means one body, wholeness, but it includes oneness with God, according to Father.

The ultimate purpose of the universe is to go back to God, the origin. That way, we can claim God's mind. This is why we even desire something greater than God, as we want our love partner to be greater than ourselves, whether we recognize it or not.

Adam and Eve have greater power than God does to take care of the creation, although God created the principle by which they do it. So God wants to be their love partner. He created the model man and woman, to feel the same joy and happiness. For example, if a husband comes home with a headache and burden, if he sees his wife having a joyful time with the children, he will join in and enjoy it. The same with God joining in with Adam and Eve enjoying the creation. God created the fabric, but Adam and Eve do the embroidery.

So when you get home, you want your wife to pay attention to you. God created the human voice, with so many types and pitches. God enjoys all the different levels, bass, soprano, rough, smooth. God enjoys all His children. When Father started tuna fishing, he spent 21 days without even a strike. Did God enjoy watching that? Or was it too tedious, was God becoming impatient? Even now, on the Hudson River, Father will sit on the same seat for 10 hours. He even casts and reels in the fish sitting down. It's very enjoyable. Father knows that God enjoys watching, so Father doesn't feel tired. It's fun. Everything should be based on "chaemi," the Korean word for "fun."

HSA was born based on true love, life, lineage and conscience. True love means always giving, investing. Never stop giving. If you stop giving, you stop growing. If you give, you will expand to fill the universe. Suppose you have a big pipe, which you continually fill with water. The water will eventually become a force to push you. The force will expand. The secret is to invest and forget what you have given. Then you become bigger. This means the sacrifice of myself for the sake of others.

Once you keep giving, when the universe is filled with your giving, then the universe becomes the central line (is connected with the central line?). From 1954 to 1998, for 44 years, Father has invested everything. So it has been growing. If Father has something, he invests it. Therefore the foundation of the Unification Church is bigger than that of a nation. Then small nations want to join us and work together, so that they may become bigger too.

To live centered on your self-centered possession is like your downfall. If any nation insists on its possessions, it is not good. This is one world under God. The only owner is God. But the American credo is one nation under God. Hence the owner is not God, but Satan. It is really one cosmos under God. Rev. Moon is the man who is working to create this. True Parents advocate one world under God. The false parents' concept was one nation under God, ruled by people. One cosmos under God means we occupy and win the heart of God.

True love is the husband who sacrifices for his wife and forgets about it. Go through three stages of life and death. Then he can build the horizontal level.

Do you have the right of possession? Not on the basis of your citizenship or university degree. You cannot possess it as your own. We own nothing. It belongs to God. I own nothing. Give everything, every time, until the world is restored.

The flat line is the base line, with no valleys or rivers, etc. This was the status of God when He created everything. All was done with absolute faith, pouring in absolute love. The pipe explodes because it is so full.

It is easy for fallen people to think we did things right based on logic, but that concept is owned by Satan. Why did Father come to this richest nation and spend his money for the sake of this nation? To save America. I will invest forever. America does not have ownership. When we live in the horizontal world, we may find ourselves on the top, but we have to seek the lowest position. God created angels as servants, but they claimed ownership. We have to eliminate this satanic power from the individual to the cosmic level. The fallen world is Satan's concept. We have to escape it and deny it.

So Rev. Moon reaches the world level but returns to the level of servant of servants. If he has nothing to invest, he creates something to invest. If you offer absolute giving on all the levels, then whatever is created belongs to you. Therefore the foundation belongs to Father. You forgot it, but when you look back, it is there and you see it. No one else can claim ownership of it. Satan has nothing to do with it. To get to that field, you have to go lower than Rev. Moon does, digging a tunnel. Since Father proclaimed the 360 million couples blessing, he is running away from this secular world. Once it is accomplished, it doesn't matter, everything will belong to God and True Parents.

God will say "I created True Parents out of Rev. Moon." The masters of the fallen world will offer everything to God, and then God will give it to us. This woman, Lady General Kim, should not be proud of herself and demand that people listen to her, but should go to the servant's position, go to the bottom as the Unification Church members' servant. Father is the king of servants; she is General Servant.

The secret is that the seed is clean and perfect. As a seed, if you want to fulfill your purpose, you must be buried in dirt, like wearing dirty clothes. Fertile land is always smelly from the fertilizer. You do not smell fragrance. It is like rotten human waste. If Rev. Moon is a true seed, he needs to wear all this dirty soil. That has been Father's life. He is pushing 80 now, but he is thinking to take these young guys to the Hudson River, to set a fishing record today.

Rev. Moon sits like a rock when it is pouring with lightning and thunder and others run away. Storms drive the fish away, but Father sits there like a rock and becomes more serious. A fish, after all, can bite anytime. Then when it strikes, it is so exciting. I await the future, when the big fish strikes. What excitement, jumping! This is the top of the universe. Everything resonates, spiritual and physical. Father has been waiting 40 years as if it were one day.

Without exception, no one wants to stay with Rev. Moon for this reason. But now they all are coming home and he is returning with the whole world. They have no other way to go. Now they realize that Rev. Moon is saving the family worldwide, so the American parents who opposed Rev. Moon realize that only he can save their children from homosexuality and free sex. So they say, stay here, Rev. Moon.

Now Father will give you a teaching you will never forget. Do you want to remain a holy man? (Yes.) Then is all of you holy, including your snot, urine, spit and fingernails. What if someone had a fingernail of Jesus? Those who deserve to drink holy water are called holy men and women. If there is unclean water drunk by a holy man, then it is holy water. Leftover food is fought over by the king's servants. What will this small piece of chalk, labeled May 1, 1998, be worth in 100 years? To have value, it has to be proved, documented. All the records have to be attached.

Some people steal Father's teaching, claiming it as their own teaching. When the time is full, Father makes a proclamation to conclude what happened during that period. Those who steal Father's teachings don't know this. They do not know what teachings are appropriate to the age. Such a thief will go to hell.

Father's record is 16 hours for one sermon. Isn't this the historical record? Also he has the record for the most books published under one name. His topics cover from physical life to spirit world, containing both quality and quantity. Father appears ignorant, but if you hear him talk, you see he knows everything. With spirit world, you needn't read books, but just look at a person and you can tap into the world of their mind and find the answer.

Did Father accomplish this by enjoying his life? No; he followed the difficult course. Even Mother begins searching for Father in the east when he is in the west, or in the morning when he is at night. When members in the old days heard that Father went to the mountain, they searched in the highest mountain or the deepest valley, the extremes. If you want to find Father in South America, go to the worst possible, most dangerous area, filled with alligators. Father will go and challenge the boa constrictor. Women withdraw, but Father goes forward.

When Father came to the US, he covered 48 states in 40 days to give speeches. At the same time he established 62 holy grounds, more than half of the 120 in the world. This was because of Christianity. Now America is the elder son nation. Father initiated the American fishing industry in many areas

What is bigger than holy urine? Dung. Can we call a holy man's dung, holy dung? His anus a holy anus? Through which hole is the human baby born? It is the most precious hole in the body. It is near where the dirty stuff comes out. Why did God put them close together? It's the same principle as the clean seed in the smelly fertile soil. It is heavenly law.

Why didn't God put the birth canal on top of your head? Why is the woman and man's love organ the same as the organ used for urinating? Is it dirty? No, it is a holy hole. So, when you sit on the toilet, remember this. The more often you use the bathroom, the better, so that you remember this. It is a holy hand touching the holy sexual organ. It is so holy that you cannot wash it.

To urinate, a man needs to touch his sexual organ. If you feel it is holy, you needn't wash it. Thus you save water and save starving people. 20 million people of the same brotherhood are starving. How can you save them?

After you touch your organ many times a day, it becomes holier and holier, and you don't wash it but give it to your wife to kiss. She should welcome it as the hand the of her king, even if she knows you didn't wash.

A table with a holy item becomes a holy table. Female animals don't make their males wash their hands. True love is total intoxication such that you don't smell dirty things between husband and wife. True love is the fastest thing. Smell cannot catch up with it. God created what we call the dirty smell, but to God, it is not dirty. From on high, you cannot smell it. Korean farmers used human waste as fertilizer. Father was curious about the smell in the rice paddies and if the workers washed their hands before eating. They just wiped their hands on the grass, eat the rice cake, and throw away the part they held on to. So convenient. When you see that, and you criticize, then you don't learn much. You are blocked.

[Poor Tyler Hendricks's computer battery ran out, and I missed the last hour.]

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