The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1998

Sunday Sermon at Belvedere (4/26/98)

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
April 26, 1998
Translation by Rev. Peter Kim
Unofficial Notes by Tyler Hendricks

Because of the fall, the world is covered with clouds. We cannot see the sunshine. The only way to harmonize life on earth and in the spirit world is by cutting off the satanic blood lineage. What is this year's motto? Let us love and be proud of True God by accomplishing the 360 million couples blessing and eradicating the satanic blood lineage. Where does 360 million come from? It symbolizes all humanity. When we complete it, we will be engrafted not just as individuals but as families. The world will be filled with true olive tree families.

When we go to spirit world, our original mind immediately tells us where to go. We are born not for ourselves, but for the sake of God and the cosmos. So we should live accordingly. Originally we would have known this when we were born. But because of the fall, this was lost.

Divine Principle contents were given by Father verbally or handwritten. But it was formalized with the help of Pres. Hyo Won Eu, because the fallen world should be dealt with by its own representative. The same applies to teachings about the spirit world. Now in spirit world, Pres. Eu is teaching Divine Principle and Dr. Lee is teaching Unification Thought. When good people go to spirit world, they will become the new leadership of the spirit world centering on Pres. Eu and Dr. Lee. Father will set it up when he goes there.

Even if we receive the blessing, there are thousands of levels of blessed couples, who cannot enter the Kingdom of God directly. They will be on the Paradise level. We are covered by the quality of life on earth, also our family's quality of life. There is no way to hide it. Remember that even the late Dr. Lee did not realize how precious Father's teaching is until he went to spirit world. Now he is telling us the reality of spirit world, which he can interpret well since he learned Divine Principle from Father. He says that there is a great amount of work to be done, to bring everything into conjunction with God's and Father's heart.

Just knowing Divine Principle does not mean you can live with Father in spirit world. Father has to build a bridge you can cross over. But God's sovereignty is not yet established in spirit world or on earth. America is not God's country yet. We tend to think this Unification Church is the true way of life, but no, it is only the elementary school level. In order to defeat the satanic world we need to go through a training session. Father's life has been this way. He will see it through to the end.

Once you see the reality of life in spirit world, you have no desire to stay in this world. But Father has to stay here to fulfill God's will. So we should realize how precious is True Father, the sole origin of heavenly lineage. We become part of his love, life and lineage. If we fall away from True Parents, we are in misery. Unless we make absolutely sure we are connected to True Parents' love, life and lineage, we will not be part of their family kingdom, but will be in family hell. So we have to go through much change in this world.

How can we break ourselves down and go to the zero point? We constantly must be aware that "I am the result of the fall," so that we can completely deny our satanic love, life and lineage and reach the point of complete negation. At that zero point, we can renew our love, life and lineage. We face it everyday. Life here is temporary, just the flick of a second. If we realize the value of True Parents, our life would be totally different.

Father's mission is to recover everything beginning from the lowest nation to the top nation, climbing up as if on a ladder. Then once he reaches the top, he cuts it off and starts again at the bottom on a new level.

Originally there was to be no separation of physical world and spirit world. God would be the bone and we the flesh. But the fall lost this. So history progressed through the Old and New Testaments. The plus was the providence of restoration, and the minus was the satanic world. The world finally divided in two: Communist and Democratic, God accepting and God denying. At the end of this period, the Lord of the Second Advent should appear. The godly world is the heavenly side wild olive trees, and the satanic world the evil wild olive trees. We cut them off and make them part of the original body of Adam. So we cut off and do this. God is the bone, and it begins from the individual to the family, etc. to the world. This is the history of the blessing. Now we are reaching the goal of 360 million. This will cover about half the human population.

The Lord of the Second Advent established the true family, and centering on it we need to create the true nation. The world has had individual salvation, but now the basic unit is the family. The true family should have come at the time of Jesus, but did not. The entire world will be centered on the true family and true nation, and the world will reach the original ideal of God.

Receiving the blessing is not the completion. Centering on True Parents, our new lineage will start. The standard of purity is the same on every level, but we as blessed couples do not have that standard. So at some time, Father has to straighten out the blessed couples' standard. Father has to push. Satan is clever in manipulating the words "human rights." Does America have real human rights? No. If it advocates human rights for others, it should straighten itself out first. Christianity itself denies the Unification Church. If Christianity had accepted the Unification Church as a denomination, consistent with its self-proclaimed ethic of human rights, then history would have been different. We then would have been able to dialogue with Christians, with no roadblock. But Christianity blocked the Unification Church road.

The value of each level is the same, whether individual, family, national, and so forth. So we can travel to every level freely. But is your mind free? You have worry and anxieties. You have many fences on different levels. But as long as we focus on life for God and humanity, out way will open. No matter how distant I am from God, I will be connected with God and His lineage. But if we go to spirit world without connecting and practicing, we will not be able to rise up through the levels.

True Parents are the fruit of the victory in history. Within the realm of True Parents are eight stages. At any time they can be rotated, but when they expand they are the axis for billions of generations. Don't say that Father's course is strict but ours does not have to be. We all have to follow the same course. Look at baby monkeys on their mother's back. We have to cling to God the same way. True Father is like the mother monkey. The longer the connecting line, the better, because we can travel on a larger radius. It depends on the heart we invest in this life course.

Father's course has not been smooth. Prison, persecution. But he has gone steadily forward because he understands spirit world. The road of True Parents is fate, destiny; like a parent-child relationship which can never be altered or destroyed. It cannot be altered. It is fate; destiny can be altered or affected. Even God cannot change fate. God cannot change lineage anytime He likes. That is why it has taken so long. True Parents are only one who can change lineage.

The Lord of the Second Advent is not elected by voting. God is not elected. Election is brotherism, not parentism. In True Family there are 13 children. If Father passes into spirit world, what would happen if all want to be the heir? In this case, we need election. Democracy applies here. Four year terms, each one after the other. Except that the superior one can take over from the inferior. The path of democracy is zigzag. Truth is a straight line, God's kingship, but Satan took God's crown prince and princess.

Jesus said lose your life to gain your life. So America should sacrifice itself for the sake of the world. It should be one world under God. Do Americans have that concept? Do WASPs? No. One world under God is Godism, which equals parentism. On the foundation of Christianity, the world has reached a certain point. But because they did not receive the Unification Church, the world has plummeted.

There are three models, the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament. This defines our relationship with spirit world. Professors and journalists are not based on the truth. Go to spirit world and you will find out.

In the fallen world there are many kinds of fathers, step-father, surrogate father, etc. Some child had nine different step-fathers. Because of free sex. This is not decided by the children. They do not like it. There should be only one parent, one father and one mother.

Some secular people may say this is old-fashioned, because they want to chase wealth and luxury, and to follow True Parents one has to sacrifice it. Do you prefer the road of fate or of destiny? In the ideal, one should follow one's parents before one's spouse. But in the fallen world, people follow their spouse before their parents. Do parents initiate their children's divorce? Parents absolutely do not want their children to divorce. Adam and Eve denied their parents in the Garden. That is the road to hell.

We have to follow the road of fate. Father is True Parents, and he will never deny his fate. But we make compromises. Some are children of filial piety, others are not. There are thousands of children, but only one true parents and one true God. The two are completely one. This is why there is hope to unite spirit world and physical world. Even if you offer the universe, you cannot buy True Parents. They are the only ones who can straighten out the fallen world; not even God alone can do it.

God could not touch the fallen lineage. He cannot touch the fallen world. But True Parents can deal with it directly. God has been imprisoned, but by the appearance of True Parents, a new dawn has come and as the sun rises, to high noon, where there is no shadow. We are approaching noon. The Kingdom of God is like the world without shadows. There is no night. In that world you can do whatever you want. You don't need to study. You can learn all you want in a week. You can make countless goods and items as you think of them. But the thought should not be self-centered, but based upon the practice of love. Imagine food to eat with your wife. In the lower levels there is no love, so no goods, only fighting. They steal food and clothing. If you truly believe this, you want to go there right away. So Father has kept this in the background, and has put restoration in front.

God is like a generator. His power can be transmitted to all the factories and creation can take place. Father has been doing this. He is a mysterious person. We cannot understand him unless we understand the spirit world. We still have this barrier, a heavy concrete wall to carry. Those are people who persecuted Father. But Father forgets and forgives them. God has been patient for 4,000 years, and Father for 40 years. There is no comparison between your life and Father's.

You may say, "what is Hoon Dok Hae? We are too busy! Father has given so many instructions which we cannot keep up with! How can I do Hoon Dok Hae?" Who does Hoon Dok Hae the most? God is the champion of the Hoon Dok Hae tradition, because He has been giving His word endlessly. If you skip Hoon Dok Hae, you must also skip breakfast. If you skip it for one week, then fast and stay awake for 24 hours. If you skip for one month, then 40 days fasting.

Father is the Hoon Dok Hae champion. God is attracted to him therefore. Father does it with 100% sincerity. Are you just going to watch from the sidelines? You should try to surpass Father at it. Raise you children and maintain your family life, but that is secondary to Hoon Dok Hae.

The shadows should disappear. It should be daylight. There is a conflict in that God wants True Father to go to spirit world quickly, but you don't nor does True Mother. When True Parents go there, God will be original sung-sang and True Parents original hyung-sang. Will God and True Mother unite first, or God and True Parents altogether unite first, or God and True Father? Adam was created first. Man is number one. In the Bible, women wore head covering to church. It means your husband is above you. This is the eternal order of creation.

People say they make much money in the world, but in the Unification Church no one guarantees my income, so why should I stay here? Even Unification Church leaders sometimes wonder that Father is known to be wealthy, so why doesn't he pay fat salaries so we will be happy to work here? But we are still in the pitch-dark tunnel, so we need to go through all kinds of struggles. We have to confront the desire to die, to never have been born. We have to hang on to the right side, God, and go one step at a time through the difficult tunnel. Don't expect any help from Father. Father has never received a salary. He never prayed for food or shelter.

If we can secure the foundation in our generation by following this strict way of life, it may save the thousands of generations which it would otherwise take. If we live this true life, we will join spirit world with Father. Then will Father not seek to advance us first in the spirit world, in front of himself? But of course the parents have to be one with God first, then they will connect us. They will never abandon us. God is the first generation, Adam and Eve the second. So you have to wait in line. How long are you willing to wait? One month? One year? The process is not yet completed. What if Japanese people go in first? Then Americans have to wait, no matter how famous you are.

God has been patient for millions of years. On the boat, Father challenges how long he can be patient without catching fish. When he started up in Boston, he waited 21 days before catching a fish. You cannot predetermine the length of time. 21 days may turn into 210 years. Satan does not have that kind of patience. He will run away. Even God is not that patient. He says, stand up, let's go, and He takes His son to a good place. Think of how long Father has been waiting. He came to America over 26 years ago, and he has been waiting.

Do you absolutely feel you need True Father? (Yes.) You are all lying. Satan consistently lies. God demands an absolute standard. The line of true love is a straight line. The line of historical true love is unchanging. God doesn't care how long it takes. The line belongs to Him. No matter how severe are the storms, the water will evaporate, become clouds, and fall again. Circulation means that no matter how far we deviate, it always comes back to the central point. The alpha and omega are one.

Are you at the central point? What is your honest feeling? This is the point at which the Democratic and Communist world unite. That point is Korea. Korea is at the zero point now, with no politics, economy or religion. At that point, Father gave the word of God, the blessing of the Completed Testament Age. The performing arts group The Little Angels was made 35 years ago, the Universal Ballet 14 years ago. The New York Times critic said the Universal Ballet put the old companies to shame, and the Little Angels are going to North Korea, the first civilian group to do so. Kim Jong Il likes Father, maybe more than you do. Father's goal is to unify cultures, such as with a Korean ballet company combining eastern and western styles. So he is thinking to form a corporation to promote this ideal of performing arts. It would tap into our global foundation.

Do you have confidence to go to spirit world? There are two parts of spirit world, those who have confidence to go there, and those who don't. We have no choice, we have to join there. Your good fruit will be stored, and rotten fruit thrown away.

To reach the highest heaven, we have to go through the hell of each of our five senses. We have to graduate from the worst things in this world. We hear, see, taste, smell and feel the worst. Knowing the spirit world, Reverend Moon follows the path of hell in the physical world. That's why he took the persecution of imprisonment in America. Father could have stayed in Korea, but he has a road no one has taken before. When you go shopping, go for the cheapest, worst goods. Leave the best for your descendants. Is Father happy or not? Centering on God, he is happy, but in the world, Father is not happy. Satan tries to set all kinds of hooks in him. But nothing sticks.

There are three kinds of holy wine ceremonies: rebirth, resurrection and eternal life. This process in toto is the experience of rebirth. The first is in the womb, like Tamar, Zerah and Perez. It is when the baby is in the womb and the mother drinks holy wine. The second stage is the children not old enough to marry. The third is those who are marrying or are married. After that process, we all come true children centering on True Parents. We go through the mother's womb then are engrafted (the second stage) then find eternal life. This is the Old, New and Completed Testaments, the three stages.

The crossing line represents 3.6 billion, the entire human population. It is the realm of the completion of the fourth Adam. No indemnity, complete liberation. Here, parents give the blessing to their own children. Here the kingdom of God on earth will be proclaimed and automatically connected to the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven.

To do so, give people the Blessing. For first and second stages, use holy wine candy. Wives can eat it for the child in the womb. In Korea, 7 million couples have done it, 14 million people. The second stage is school children. Children whose mother ate while they were in the womb, the first stage, do not need the second stage. But no matter what, all need to go through the 3rd stage.

Without receiving the Blessing, one cannot go to heaven. By going through this process, we deny hell in the physical world and spirit world and enter the eternal realm, where there is no night and there are no shadows. It is a world of white light so bright that it looks pink or purple. It is the light of electricity, the light of love, the eternal light of true love's essence.

The blessing is like rain; it falls on the good and the evil. We save our ancestors to 120 generations, and also their ancestors. They are waiting as if in a seedbed. When you go to spirit world, they will serve you as if you were kings and queens. There is no mission more precious than the blessing work, because through it you become national messiah king and tribal messiah. It is more important than taking care of your family and home. On the offering table there should be sacrifices.

Everyone who can go to UTS should do so.

If Father sought Korean presidency, he could have done it. But position doesn't count at all in spirit world. So he doesn't care for this world, but just teaches the Completed Testament text. [end]

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