The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1998

39th True Children's Day Address

Sun Myung Moon
November 19, 1998
New Yorker Hotel Grand Ballroom
Translator Peter Kim

Originally, Father was planning to have a Hoon Dok Hae session with all of you here today. However, as we all know, today is a special True Children's Day. Therefore, Father is going to give an explanation to all of us on how to prepare ourselves to enter the Kingdom. He will explain this from many different angles.

There are many different religions in this world and one of their common goals is to lead people into the Kingdom of Heaven. But they don't know the best way. We have to find the best way to enter the Kingdom.

When God created humankind, He started His creation with one man and one woman. For what purpose? If the purpose of the creation of human beings was to feel good, do you think the purpose was for Adam and Eve to feel good or for God Himself to feel good? Which one comes first? (God) Then how can God be happy? Just by looking at Adam's face and Eve's face? (No)

When God felt good after creating Adam and Eve, do you think He felt good just by looking at Adam and Eve's faces or by kissing Adam and Eve? (Kissing) If your answer is kissing, then where do you think the kissing would have taken place -- up in Heaven where God dwells or do you think God would have come down to the earth and kissed Adam and Eve there? Which one? (Earth) Really?

You said that God must come down to the surface of the earth to Adam and Eve's level. Then between Adam and Eve whom do you think He would have kissed first? (Various responses) Father couldn't hear you, who was it -- Adam or Eve? (Eve) Suppose God really did kiss Eve first. Then what do you think Adam would have felt? Would he just have watched them or would he have said, "Why don't you kiss me first?" The question is -- who is more important or valuable, the son or the daughter? (Various responses) It is not a simple question and the answer is not simple either. This is very complicated, but we have to know the truth.

We must start thinking, "Is there any position or any place where neither God nor Eve would mind if God comes down and kissed one of them first?" Either way, can we find such a place? We can conclude that we must think under what circumstances God can kiss either of them at any time and they would not mind at all. Don't you think God must have thought about it? It is an ideal conclusion that when God actually kisses one of them, that all three of them -- Adam, Eve and God -- should feel happy. Since Adam and Eve were in the growth stage, they may not have thought about it. But since God Himself was perfect already, God must have thought about finding an ideal position or place to kiss them so that all three of them could be happy. Don't you agree that the ideal would be for God to kiss just one of them and that it should not matter who was first. Regardless of who was kissed first all three of them would be happy? Isn't that the ideal situation?

Suppose God comes down to Adam and Eve. Now Adam and Eve stand in front of God. God asks Adam, "Do you think that when you kiss Eve, you make all three of us happy?" Adam says, "No! No!" Then God asks Eve, "What about you?" Then Eve says, "No, I don't have confidence to do so." Then they turn around and challenge God by saying, "What about you God, can you do that?" What kind of answer do you think God will offer? Are you nodding your head or shaking your head? (Nodding) Then how can He do that? It is a very practical and logical conclusion that God has to divide Himself -- His mouth and His face. This side goes to Adam and another one goes to Eve to kiss them both at the same time.

Father is giving you this talk because it is very important. When we say we feel good, what does it center upon? We are talking about kissing now, saying that centering on kissing we feel good and God feels good. Centering on what? Will God come with deep pockets because you need money? To achieve love, it is necessary to kiss and embrace.

What kind of love do Americans practice? Conjugal level? Couple level? Does anybody have an answer? Do Americans say, "I don't need God as the third person, it is just between husband and wife and that's it?" Isn't that what they think when it comes to love? They say, "I don't need my grandparents, I don't need my parents, I don't need my brothers and sisters when it comes to the love relationship with my spouse." Isn't that what we say? Then, when it comes to the love relationship between a husband and wife, is embracing and kissing the end of it or do you expect something else? (More) What is that more? You cannot achieve love all by yourself. For a man that more is absolutely your spouse, a woman. For a woman that more is absolutely her spouse, a man. Is it true? Does a woman need absolute man? Is this the viewpoint of American women?

Absolute man means only one man, not two men. Is it true for American women? This is the problem. A man absolutely needs a woman as his spouse and a woman absolutely needs a man as her spouse. As love partners you are to be absolute, not just one time but eternally. What kind of love partners do you want to be, just temporary or eternal absolute partners? (Eternal) Really? Well, you gave an answer with a smile. Even though you say, "Yes!" and Rev. Moon says, "No! No! No!" even stronger, as long as you give a smile Rev. Moon and even God will surrender to you. In that sense you won, so why don't you give a round of applause to Father?

If a husband and wife absolutely needs each other, then whatever belongs to them should manifest the absolute standard. Their hair, clothes, socks -- everything should be up to the absolute standard. What about your spouse's eyes? Of course, they should be absolute. Nose, mouth, hands -- everything should be absolute. I want to feel absolute love which is connecting everything into one body. How wonderful! Every man wants that kind of eternal position. Every woman too. All humankind wants that kind of position. That place is called family. Can you find such a family among American families? Are they false families or true families? (False) How should we treat these false families? Should we treat them like a most precious treasure and put them on your parents' table or should we trash them? (Trash them) What do they deserve, the trash can or your parents' table? From God's point of view, these false families do not deserve anything better than a trash can.

Since God dwells in the spirit world, God prepared such a trash can in the spirit world. We call it hell. America is the home of low-level, false, trash-like families. Is this the country that God must love or abandon? What do you think? Should that kind of family belong to the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spiritual world? No, absolutely not. How about American women? Are they good or bad? (Bad) How bad? We have to destroy them if Americans are really in that position. God's point of view is the ideal family point of view. When God looks at this world from this point of view, He sees a world full of false families. In particular God is looking at the trash-like families in America. He does not want to deal with these families. They all deserve the dungeons of hell. God is saying to the American people, "Don't be proud of yourselves because of your military power, economic power, and political power." Everything belongs to God.

You American people, God is saying do not be proud of your military or economic power. One nation under God is not the answer. Why don't we work for one world under God? From God's point of view, He doesn't need America with the slogan, "one nation under God." That slogan suggests that this nation is only for the people in America. God wants to see one world under God even from the American people. Unless American people stand up together, meaning that you mobilize senators, congressmen and all government officials and decide to go with this kind ideal belief, America has no hope. If you want to avoid this kind of catastrophe for the sake of America, what else can you find in this world except Rev. Moon's teaching? From the time of infancy to old age, we all have to follow Rev. Moon's teaching. That's the only way, the only chance you have. For that purpose do you absolutely need Rev. Moon for America? (Yes) Just saying, "absolute," once is not enough, you are still too far below. You have to be the absolute object of Rev. Moon eternally. Why is that? Rev. Moon is the only person who can teach humanity how to love God.

Do you think Adam and Eve learned how to kiss each other? Did they know how? Think hard. They grew up through infancy and childhood to adolescence. As they grew up, don't you think they somehow learned how to embrace and kiss each other? Where do you think they learned about kissing? (From nature) That's right, from nature. When Adam and Eve were growing up, they were surrounded by nature. They watched lovebirds kissing and sharing with each other and they watched other animals doing the same. After watching and learning, what was the next step? Didn't they get curious about the creatures around them kissing and embracing each other and producing offspring? Didn't they envy those animals and birds? Didn't they start embracing and kissing? God is happy when He embraces and kisses His children and God wanted Adam and Eve to embrace and kiss. But did Adam and Eve kiss and embrace each other with God's approval? Did their behavior make God unhappy or happy? (Unhappy)

Naturally, when girls reach adolescence, they get curious about the love symbol boys have. They want to know how it functions and other such things. It is a mystery to them. They become preoccupied imagining things about the opposite sex. Adam and Eve without the fall must have had that thinking and curiosity. They were curious about the opposite sex. In the same way their fallen descendants imagine this and that concerning the opposite sex. Think about it, wouldn't Adam and Eve in their original state without the fall, have had this kind of imagination and curiosity? As they grew up, don't you think that both Adam and Eve paid more attention to, and focused more on the differences between the two sexes? Weren't they reaching that stage? As they were approaching their teenage years, what would God tell them, when He watched them? "Don't eat the fruit of good and evil?" Would God say: "The fruit of the knowledge of good and evil is right here, go and eat it as you wish?"

He would have told them, "Wait until you are fully ripe, when you are like a fireball. When the time comes, I will come and embrace and kiss you. The stage when you are ripe enough is when you are so bright, that your eyes, nose, mouth and ears -- every organ and cell of your body is smiling, and intoxicated. At that time I will come and tell you, "Now is the time." Then you will have a deep experience of love that will endure. When you fall in love deeply, every organ and every cell will be wide open to receive love.

So, when God said, "Don't eat that fruit," it meant God wanted Adam and Eve to wait until the temperature went up to ten thousand degrees, which is the passing degree. Yet, these children, Adam and Eve, ate the fruit before reaching that temperature and degree. If they reached that temperature, not only Adam and Eve but God would have been really excited and intoxicated? However, God would have been even more excited. Who would have the highest temperature of love between Adam and Eve and God? (God)

How does Rev. Moon know that God's temperature is higher than Adam and Eve's? Did Rev. Moon see that? Do you want to know how he found out? (Yes) This is the treasure of God, Rev Moon, and all of humanity. Do you want to see it? Since this is the True Children's Day, I will give it to all of you as a gift. Repeat after me, Chon bunhap chagyemun hananimui sarang moche. What's the meaning of this?

Adam and Eve's fire of love was getting hotter and hotter, reaching ten thousand degrees, but it originated in God. Therefore, God's fire must be hotter. Let me explain what this title, "The Action of Origin-Division-Union is God's Original Love Power," means. This side [Father refers to the brothers seated in the room] represents plus, sung sang. The other side where the sisters are seated represents minus, hyung sang. When sung sang and hyung sung are combined, you get children. Horizontally the union of sung sang and hyung sang represents the union of plus and minus. When we relate to God, this union becomes a vertical relationship going down to the children's level. Thus, the four-position foundation is formed. The brothers section represents the invisible world because you deal with God, but here in the sisters section you are dealing with your children, so this is the visible world. This course is a course of restoration, so it goes the reverse way.

What is your desire? Do you always want to remain below God or do you want to become greater than God? (Greater) When it comes to a true love relationship between partners, they always want to see their partner greater than themselves. That's why even Adam wanted Eve to become greater than he was and Eve wanted Adam to become greater than she was. Why? Even if you go to the spirit world, you cannot see God. God is invisible. From God's point of view, God Himself is an invisible being. When God created Adam and Eve as His love partners, they were created as visible beings. Because they were visible beings, they could create more excitement and all kind of emotions. God wanted to see them fulfill a higher standard than His own, so that He could experience even more excitement and all kinds of emotion. That's why both the vertical relationship between God and Adam and Eve and the horizontal relationship between Adam and Eve follow the universal law of wanting to see their partner become greater than themselves. How can one partner in a relationship become greater than the other? The desire for more excitement and all kinds of emotional stimulation is the driving force behind this universal law. But the only way is to fulfill this desire is to go the sacrificial way of practicing true love which is giving and forgetting and living for the sake of others.

God is in a parental relationship to His children. As a parent, He invests and forgets. If you want to secure a love relationship between God, yourself, and your spouse, you can offer true love to God. There is only one way to reach God -- through the practice of true love. The practice of true love means investing yourselves over and over again, whole-heartedly. The sacrificial way of practicing true love is the only way to be recognized by God.

Let's go back to the beginning of this speech. When God and Adam and Eve are all happy, what is the next step? Children are visible and God is invisible. How can one expect that an invisible being and a visible being can be united? When you enter the spirit world, do you want to remain there eternally without being able to see the invisible being, God? Or would you rather see and touch God whom you have been loving throughout your life? We have to think about it. Adam and Eve are resultant and visible beings; God is a causal and invisible being. How can they unite in happiness and goodness? What is the method?

Are there any prominent Christian ministers here? Regardless of what position you may have, Father wants all of you Christian leaders to be fully awake and alert.

The final goal of God's creation of the entire cosmos was to make unity between the invisible and visible beings in utmost joy and goodness. How can we do it? That was the biggest question God had at the time of creation. The answer is simple. God's invisible sung sang and hyung sang were planted in His visible children, Adam and Eve. Thus, invisible God should disappear after His sung sang and hyung sang go into the body of Adam and Eve. We can find God in the body of Adam and Eve. It is very important that you understand this. Since God dwells within them, they dwell within God. When these two visible beings are absolutely united in joy, happiness, and goodness, God is necessarily united with them as well.

So who takes the ownership of love first, God or Adam? (God) Why do young men and women want to marry? They want to conquer the other's world. When a wife embraces her husband's body, she is embracing the universe and God, because he has ingested the elements of all creation. Her husband is the concentration of all the elements of the universe such as minerals, plants, animals, and water. As she embraces Adam, she is actually embracing the entire universe, including the invisible being, God. Where should they become one? They should become one at the center with God coming down from above at an angle of 90 degrees. Husband and wife come half way to the center where they form a perpendicular angle. They approach the center from either side. God is the bone marrow, the husband is the bone, and the wife is like flesh, oil, and skin. That's why women like to take good care of their skin and do not have facial hair. The flesh always has to depend on the bone, so a woman always hangs on a man. Women by themselves do not have independent power to expand.

The woman's sexual organ is deep and internal, in contrast to the man's, which expands outward. They are shaped that way so that they can become one. When we combine, man's mountain-like organ and woman's valley-like organ become totally one. The result is a flat field at ground level. In a flat meadow, all kinds of insects and animals prosper.

If convex and concave reject each other, there is no hope for life. It takes water to flatten the mountain. The power to flatten the mountain and raise the valley is the power of love. If a husband says that he tried concave once but didn't like it and runs away, and a wife says that she doesn't like that high mountain, then there is no meadow, no life, and no human beings. It will become like a rugged wilderness where no life can grow. It takes water, grass, and good environment for fish, insects, animals, and birds to flourish. We have to create a flat meadow. What do you expect from the desert? The body is three-quarters water. For the human being to grow and mature it takes water, air, and all kind of elements and resources from nature. That's why we have to create that beautiful flat land.

What is the difference between men and women crying? Women have a tendency to hide themselves in a closet or kitchen and sob there in private. Men go out the door and burst into tears. Men are dealing with the ocean and mountains and they cry there. When laughing, men expand and women shrink down. You cannot change your gender. We can conclude that no matter how you try or what you think, woman is woman and man is man.

Even when you make love, if the wife wants to take subjectivity, she will have to tell her husband to lay down and she will get on top. But then the precious seed will be lost and no children will come. The woman is formed in a concave form in order to receive. American women usually do not know who is in the position of subject. As long as they lack this understanding they will perish. They will say, "Look at my dress, earrings and hair-style. I am the most beautiful woman in the world. If I walk on the street, there will be thousands of men following me." The flutter of women's skirts is ruining the world. Even if you do not want to hear it, you have to. If you lose your proper position, you will perish. There will be no hope.

God is the motive and we are the result. When God created human beings, He started with the bone structure at the top of your head and worked all the way down. The invisible being, God, comes inside His creation, human beings and stays in the bone as bone marrow. His invisible flesh becomes our visible flesh. God dwells in the human body. When we become the proper love partner to God, then He can enjoy happiness together with human beings. Where can they become one? Kissing? Embracing? Through the love organ. People think the love organ is the dirtiest thing, but that place is the headquarters of our love, life, and lineage. It is the most precious place. Because fallen people do not value true love, they do not understand or value anything. How can we turn this around? We have to deny everything absolutely, otherwise we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. We have to deny the world, our nation, society and even our family -- grandparents, parents, spouse and children.

The people who do not deny themselves are the people who live in the spirit of selfish, extreme individualism. They have lost everybody and everything. This was originally caused by Lucifer at the time of the fall of man. That's why throughout human history everybody has been left alone; they lost everything and everybody including parents and children. Nobody knew the value of true love, therefore they did not know the value and purpose of life. The world is full of conflict, confusion, and animosity.

Suppose a teenage boy and girl make love with each other. It may turn out that the boy's parents are enemies of the girl's parents. If the girl becomes pregnant and her parents find it out who her love partner was, her parents may force her to go through an abortion. It's chaos, isn't it? How can we go to the original point? We cannot go to the original point by following the example of the hippies. They have no one to turn to. They don't care about their health or their body so eventually they commit suicide and depart from this world.

When pretty young girls grow up, they tend to look for boys, but can they really find true love in them? Can the boys be confident they can trust girls? Without true love, men and woman cannot trust each other. Because the we are born for the sake of the other philosophy does not prevail in the world, people use others to serve them. People out there use someone of the opposite sex as their servant or slave because they do not know the value of true love. One's first love should last eternally. There was only one man and one woman in the Garden of Eden. Their love was to have been absolute. Do you have confidence that you can keep absolute faith eternally and unify your mind and body? There is always a battle and friction between the mind and body. Does anyone have the confidence to stop this fire burning within yourself? How can all people find the power of true love?

After they experience it, they will have no problem uniting their mind and body. God is the vertical parent and Adam and Eve should become horizontal parents. Then God comes down to their level and they all meet in the center at 90 degrees. When you divide the perfect sphere in different directions, you can create twelve identical sections. The four position foundation and the three objects purpose centered on God is an eternal principle. The three objects purpose illustrates that God needs the other three and that each of the other three positions needs the other three. This is like the four seasons. East and west should become one, just like spring and autumn become one. The central meeting point is where everything becomes possible. Because of the fall, humankind could not have hyung sung parents. When Adam and Eve become absolute husband and wife in the course of restoration of humankind becoming one with God and producing children, they can become that hyung sung of God. Adam and Eve move toward each other and God starts descending. Why do they travel in different directions?

From God's perspective, He as an invisible being is descending to the visible manifestation of His body, Adam and Eve. From Adam and Eve's perspective, they are visible beings who are ascending to meet their invisible parent, God. Where do they merge then? Everybody grows from the state of being a child to the state of maturity. When the boy, Adam, reaches a state of maturity, he turns to Eve instead of separating from God forever. Likewise Eve turns to Adam. Adam's body and spirit start burning like a fireball as soon as he reaches puberty. This burning to Adam is a manifestation of God reaching to the core of his being. Adam and Eve represent the body and God represents the unchanging mind. When a body makes the wrong move, the original mind urges the body to correct it. When Adam and Eve reach maturity, God comes down to them and unites with them. In that unity He represents vertical parents while Adam and Eve represent horizontal parents. When Adam and Eve's children marry, all three generations become united in love. All three generations, God, Adam and Eve and their children; become united in love and are filled with happiness. God has been waiting for the day of Adam and Eve's marriage. That wedding will be God's own wedding.

The purpose of marriage is for a man to become a woman's loving subject. God comes down and joins them on their wedding day. At that time Adam and Eve and God would all be happy. They would then be free to engage in absolute sex. God is a vertical parent and Adam and Eve are horizontal parents. When they meet in sexual union, they form a 90-degree angle. That 90-degree relationship is eternal. Because of the fall of man, we formed many different angles rather than a 90-degree angle. We all know what our own angle is with respect to mind-body unity. We should admit and understand that Adam and Eve are in the position of God's body, and their mind is the original mind of God.

Unity between mind and body means unity between mankind and God. In that unity there is no room for Satan. Men are born for the sake of women, and women are born for the sake of men. Men and women are born for the purpose of making love because only through love can a man and a woman go beyond being half of a person and work toward God. Your problem is that you have a fight between your mind and body which leads to serious struggles in the family. You should become round as the sun. You should have just one center. What kind of couple are you? Do you form a 90-degree angle? Do you have unity with your spouse? God Himself must have gone through stages of growth, such as infancy and childhood. Husband and wife should recognize the different stages of growth in each other. By parents watching their children grow, they relive their own growth period and so does God.

God needs His three object partners -- Adam, Eve and their children, in order to achieve perfection. They feel happiness and joy through seeing their reflection in their children. As an invisible being, God wanted to become visible by wearing Adam and Eve's physical body. When Adam and Eve had children, they experienced their own growth as they raised their children. God and Adam and Eve become one through that experience of parenting. Just as God Himself could go through an experience of His own growth by raising Adam and Eve, Adam and Eve go through a similar experience by raising their children. God needs grandchildren. Invisible God represents the king of the Kingdom of Heaven. Adam and Eve represent the king and queen in the Heavenly Kingdom on Earth. Adam's son is supposed to receive the love of two kings, one vertical and one horizontal. God wanted to create not only one couple but many of them. For that reason Adam's son was supposed to be very creative. There are two kings with two types of love. That is the real seed. The fallen parents who did not receive love from God are doomed to hell. God's agony was that He was not able to have a three-generation relationship, with Adam and Eve being the second. The second generation fell apart.

Now God and True Parents are planting the original true seed of life and love in this world as the completion of the history of restoration. The fallen descendants are wild olive trees, to be cut off at the root and engrafted onto the true olive tree. Once the engrafting takes place, then the remainder of the wild, rotten olive tree becomes fertilizer. Likewise, the rotten fallen world should become the fertilizer for the creation of the new breed of Heavenly citizens.

What is the most important part of man's body? His sexual organ. Does it belong to you? It belongs to your wife. Who decided that? Every existing being is here for the sake of love. In order to achieve love you need the love organ. It does not exist for your own sake but for the sake of your partner. Partners should have a connection to the place of true love. They should strive for unchanging, absolute love. They should establish absolute ownership. Women wear earrings because they want to hang onto men. The human head represents God. The ears represents four different directions. Women wear necklaces because they want to hang on their husband's neck. When she is hanging on, he has no choice but to embrace her. Why is the wedding ring worn on the fourth finger? You went through four fingers, representing the four directions, to get to the marriage state. Who has more time to rest -- a husband or a wife? After the husband goes to work a wife tends to take a break in order to accumulate energy. When the husband comes back home hot and sweaty from work, a wife meets him all dressed up. She is wearing a lot of make-up and forces him to go clean himself up. The husband comes home tired, and sometimes even falls asleep during dinner. He may want to lay down on his wife's lap, but if he tries, she pushes him away instead of embracing and comforting him. The good wife just offers dinner without asking him to wash. If he is tired, she puts the food in his mouth. This revitalizes him and he reciprocates by feeding her. Then he feels energy and happiness and says he'd better take a shower. If that is the scenario of your family, your family is fortunate.

What about Father? Is he a happy husband or not? (Happy) Why do you say so? If you wear love spectacles everything looks good and lovely, even a rotten fish. Why is Father a happy man? When Father feels that his hair is too long, he comes to Mother and she gives him a haircut immediately. When he feels that his fingernails are too long, he goes to her and she clips his fingernails or toenails. Whatever Father wants she does for him voluntarily, without a word of complaint. Don't you think that Father is a happy man? Even in the bathtub, Mother is cleaning Father's back. Mother always loves and cares about Father just as any other woman in the world would take care of her husband.

That is the beauty of love. It is like art. That's what makes Father feel happy all the time. In return, whatever is protruding on Mother's body Father always pats and touches it -- be it a nose, hips or bosom. You all like to hear that. That is the way of practicing love as artistic couples. When Mother cares about Father in such a way, she feels as though Father is her eldest son. As Father's sons watch Mother care for Father, they develop a desire to receive the same kind of care from her. When their parents come home from a long journey, all run to Mother hoping for her loving care. Now Mother has fourteen children all longing for this caring love. Mother clips Father's nails at least once a week. She keeps all the necessary grooming implements neatly arranged in her drawer. Mother takes care of Father with external love, so Father gives Mother internal love in return.

If you look at your wife's eyes, you can see if she had a good day. The challenge is to make your wife's eyes smile. We have to study and research that. The couple that does this is an artistic couple. These are very detailed instructions from Father. Before taking her to bed, make sure her eyes smile and her nose smiles and her ears and mouth and all her organs and cells are intoxicated. Then she will naturally hug you and hang onto you like an earring. Then lift her up and she will cling with her legs bent at ninety degrees. Then you spin around and you kiss her as you spin, as if dancing, and continue to the bedroom and bed, then put her on a bed and that's it, everything is worked out. If the founder of a serious religion gives instruction on lovemaking, what a miserable religious founder he is. Maybe a Christian minister who is here will say he expected a holy Pope type person, but Reverend Moon is 180 degrees different. He is a very natural type of person. Which is better? Who is closer to God? (True Father)

We have to have a happy life. A happy life based on true love is a guarantee that we can go to Heaven. There are many things I have to teach you, to help you reach God. Women, wives! Your life is clinging on to your husband. So your life should be one of total giving for the sake of your husband. Even the word, woman, contains the word man as the prerequisite. Your right eye exists for the sake of your left eye, your upper lip exits for the sake of your lower lip. Do our five senses exist for the sake of themselves? The beginning of existence is for the sake of others. Even prominent Christian ministers do not realize that they were born for the sake of their wives.

A woman may say that her body belongs to herself. Let's examine a fat lady's body. She has a big bosom. Is it for herself? No, it is for her children. They are the owners. What about her hips? Why are they so developed? It is for her children as well. Then, why is she so pretty? Man represents the bones. If bones rub against each other it may cause disruption and fire. Woman represents the body, therefore she is soft and nice. If you start touching a woman's soft skin, you want to continue doing so. Well, she is pretty and her skin is soft and gentle, but do you think she would like a husband who is as soft and gentle as she is? Or would she better prefer a rugged and mountain-like husband? This is the ideal, just like five fingers go together well. A soft and gentle woman goes together with a strong and powerful husband. That way they can make a perfect combination. This combination of strong and soft is natural. If you observe a turbine shaft, the supporting material is lead which is much softer than iron. Underneath the lead there is oil. They all support each other. What material cuts diamond, which is the strongest material? It is done by copper, which is much softer than diamond. Father is talking about that kind of combination. When a woman smiles she shrinks her mouth like this, but when a man smiles he opens his mouth like this.

There will always be a fight and conflict between husband and wife. If your wife makes you angry, just go to the bathroom for fifteen minutes and come out with a light heart. There is no reason to fight. If you get angry at your spouse for one hour, that feeling may continue for ten days. Even the furniture in your house, your children, and your pets will experience that anger. If they don't feel love, they may kick you. Is it an ideal relationship between husband and wife to punch and kick each other? Your organs will all say the same thing to you if you are angry at your spouse -- "I don't want to hear him or look at him or talk to him." They will all cry. There will be clouds and thunder above you, but they are looking forward to the sunny day.

When you have such a rainy and cloudy day, remember what Father is telling you today. He spent more than three hours elaborating on this point. Do American women understand Father's teaching? (Yes) "Yes" means Jesus Christ in Korean. Father may give you a prize if anybody is courageous enough to show hands to Father saying that they are the kind of family which always fights with each other. Would anybody like to raise their hands and get an award from Father? What about American wives, aren't there any wives who are champions in fighting with their husbands?

In the Orient if a husband has such a wife, he will spank and punish her, but in America you have such strict laws that husbands cannot do that. Once you hit your wife she will report it to the police and file for divorce. Do your children belong to you? Who gave bones to your children? Their father. The mother gives flesh.

Everything comes from our parents, including love, life, and lineage. That is why we should have filial piety towards our parents. No matter how well educated the husband is, if he is not functioning as a bone for his wife, she will be miserable. Likewise if his wife is not functioning as flesh for the husband he will be miserable. The husband is in the position of bone. The seed grows out of the father's bone. The father plants the bone into the baby and the mother adds the flesh. Then mother and children become absolutely one, and together they become one with the father. This is a family of freedom and liberation. American women like the concept of being their own queens. But you should realize that you are like a flower which should give its fragrance to your husband, who is like a butterfly. This is the formula derived from creation. Let's make this particular point clear. My father gave me my bones and my mother gave me my flesh. There is nothing of myself. I consist of my father and mother. All that exists is life and love. That is all I can give to my spouse. Even if your parents want to cut you off from love, life, and lineage, they cannot do that. You inherit all these from your parents. You cannot enter the Kingdom without reaching these things.

Blessed couples, show your hands please. Why do you need to become blessed couples? Because it is the straight path to the Kingdom. Because of the fall of man; humankind received false love, life, and lineage. Therefore, by receiving the blessing of marriage through True Parents, we can now restore true love, life, and lineage. Then we can live our lives as True Parents and God, becoming like them. Then when we join the spirit world we can live with God just like children living with their own parents. That is life in the Kingdom of God. What kind of family lives in the kingdom? A true-love-centered family. The family as a unit enters the kingdom. Have you become that kind of family? The problem is you have not. The family was destroyed. We have to turn it around 180 degrees. Satan destroyed the family. As a result homosexuality, lesbianism and free sex are rampant in our society. Men and women think that they can make love wherever they want without being married -- in hotels or motels. With this kind of lifestyle there is no eternal spouse and no family concept. They think they do not need children. As a result, they cannot look forward to a beautiful family life in the spirit world because they do not conform to the standard of heaven. They will find themselves in the dark place in the spirit world. Father is talking about reality here.

The answer is clear. Where can you find a true family? What is a true family? Husband and wife represent God's substantial representation or His body. It is a combination between vertical and horizontal. Once they become one and go to bed to make love, they should experience God's presence in their lovemaking. There is a prerequisite -- you should feel that your mind and body are one. The subject is the owner. By uniting together as an object, you own the subject and as a subject you own the object. Everything is one sphere. If you can create such lovemaking, you can say that making love to my wife for one night is more than making love with the most beautiful woman for thousands of years. God will want to interfere in your lovemaking with your spouse. You can experience making love with God. In the spirit world you can claim to be part of a royal family. Make love to your wife as if you were a slave who suddenly and for no good reason attained the right to make love to a queen. You would want to be polite, humble, cautious, and gentle when making love with your wife for the first time. There will be lightning and thunder between you when you make love.

From God's point of view each blessed couple is like a twinkling star. Among millions and millions of twinkling stars in Heaven you should aspire to become the brightest star of all. The ideal love relationship between husband and wife develops over time. When you have lived together for ten, twenty or fifty years and still feel that there is abundance of love between you, you have an ideal relationship. Try to dig out all the beautiful points in your wife. If you do, God will immediately recognize you once you get to the spirit world. Therefore, wives, study your husbands. You may think he is one way, but then you discover another side of him. Study him from every possible angle, 360 degrees. At the time of marriage, you saw him only through a small lens. Now after ten years of living together you are more relaxed, so you can study him more carefully. Do you feel that your spouse is your absolute eternal spouse, so that even if you die you will want to marry them again? (Yes) That is love with your entire body. To study him closely means to look at your husband's eyes, nose, mouth and all other organs. You realize that these organs all exist for you, and you can never let him go. With that consciousness, your mind will never get old.

What about love? If your mind never gets old, your love will never get old. Your life and lineage will not get old either. Centering on God's true love, nothing gets old. As long as you are centered on God's true love you will always remain a beautiful young man or woman. Compare an ugly but faithful woman with a beautiful woman who is an atheist. The ugly but faithful woman lives in the bosom of God and has mind-body unity. On the other hand the beautiful atheistic woman's mind and body are in conflict. As time passes, the ugly becomes beautiful and the beautiful becomes ugly. The ugly becomes beautiful because she receives energy and power from God. You should think that my peace, my happiness, and my dreams are in my spouse. When you go out of town, you will not be tempted no matter how beautiful a temptress may be. Any temptress would have the appearance of rotten fish. Make your mind beautiful. Then you will be shining like the sun in front of God. Through your shining light, God will be attracted to you.

Dr. Sang Hun Lee was taught by Father for many years when he was in the physical world. He especially received teaching about the reality of the spiritual world. He believed in Father's teaching, but he wasn't totally convinced. Then in spirit world he realized that what Father taught is true, absolutely true. So he wrote his book from the spirit world. According to him, when the three objects purpose is fulfilled in the family unit, then you can see yourself. Thus Father says, that each of us should work to make our own couple the most qualified couple to enter the Kingdom of God. This is the original ideal of Adam's couple. We have the same relationship with God as Adam did. He is my Father.

In a very personal way we can feel that He is my Father. Even though Adam lost God, we have True Father and the Blessing. These are the weapons with which to fight the fallen, satanic world. These are the weapons to achieve our goal, which is the creation of a true family. True Parents didn't offer the Blessing to just good people. Through the Blessing at Madison Square Garden in 1998 and at RFK Stadium in 1997, True Parents even blessed the worst possible criminals. Therefore they proved themselves to be the True Parents. Now we are confident that we can build the original ideal family with no connection to the fall. Therefore, Father established the ideal family workshop center in Jardim and invited all the blessed couples to the 40-day workshops there. The fish in Jardim and Pantanal area don't care if they eat the fur, bones and entrails of their prey. They are from the original creation. They didn't even go through Noah's judgment time. That's why Father likes to be connected to that area.

So we have to offer absolute faith, love, and obedience to follow True Parents with true love. The speed of true love is the fastest. It is faster than the speed of light. Do you like true love? Man likes the woman's face the most. The formation stage is kissing the mouth. The growth stage is fondling the breasts and embracing. The completion stage is in the absolute unification of genitals, convex and concave. Then you can experience a thunderstorm with lightning and power. How wonderful love activity is! Do you like that? Father wishes that all of you who came here today will eventually become ideal couples and build true families. We are heading toward the fortieth True Children's Day, by which time all will be achieved. Amen!

Father hasn't finished even one third of his speech. You should think that you want to bring tens of thousands of your ancestors into this room and pack it up. Whenever you come to listen to Father, you should think that you want to bring all of your ancestors as far back as Adam to be educated by Father. You can return after lunch and bring all your ancestors with you. Here are the topics I plan to cover,

1. Prophecy from Korea
2. The True Parents' teaching of the Kingdom of Heaven
3. Dr. Lee's book that reveals life in the spirit world
4. Father's prayer book #5, on filial piety
5. The Jardim proclamations Nos. 1-4
6. The Kodiak proclamation No. 5
7. The Proclamation of Unification through Liberation (Oct. 5)

October 5, the occasion of The Proclamation of Unification through Liberation, is the Full Moon Day [Taeborum] according to the lunar calendar. This is the day when Koreans and Unification Church members should pay respect to their ancestors.

Humanity would have established a tradition of commemorating the birth, marriage, and death of Adam and Eve if they hadn't fallen. But there is no trace or record of these events. This tradition of honoring Adam and Eve intended by God has to transferred to True Parents. Their teaching and important days in their life will be commemorated in perpetuity.

Father gives you a choice -- he can continue talking all day long and even during the night covering these points or he can call an international leaders' conference at Bridgeport tomorrow and convey these points to you through them or through Church publications. What do you prefer? (Today) I did not eat any breakfast, and it is already well after lunch time. Do you want me to keep talking? (Yes) You are cruel to me. Are you good children or bad children? Out of parental love Father doesn't want you to be bad children. I have to stop, to prevent you from doing a cruel thing to me.

Instead of covering these topics today, I will cover them in the leaders' meeting, and the leaders will distribute the notes. Do you promise to read them? (Yes) You can challenge your leaders later. About two thirds of you may neglect this teaching even though you say, "Yes." As soon as you get out of the New Yorker, you will say goodbye to what you learned from Father today. If you don't think so, then Father is grateful. Those who truly want to become faithful children to God and True Parents, show both of your hands to Father. You expressed your desire, so you have to work hard to fulfill it. Will you do it? (Yes!)

God bless you. 

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