The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1998

39th True Children’s Day Address

Sun Myung Moon
New Yorker Hotel, Grand Ballroom
New York 1998
November 19, 1998

These are T. Hendricks’ unofficial and partial notes from the extemporaneous translation by Rev. Peter Kim. This document is for the edification of Unification Church members but is not reliable in any specific details, as Father’s words are often difficult even for native Korean speakers to grasp.

God created His ideal through one man and one woman. His creation was for the purpose of joy. Would He find joy just by looking at their faces? No, He would have found more by kissing them. Where? God would have come down to Adam and Eve’s level. Whom would He have kissed first? Adam or Eve? (Various responses.) If He kissed Eve first, what would Adam have felt? Would Adam have been jealous? Who is more important, the son or the daughter? It is not a simple question. The answer is complicated, but we have to know the truth.

When God kisses one of them, all three of them will feel happy. God thought about the ideal position or place to kiss them and be happy. The ideal would be for God to kiss just one of them and make all three happy. Suppose God comes down and asks Adam if he can kiss one and make all three happy. They probably would not be confident about that and would ask God if He could really do it. What would He say? He would divide Himself so that He could kiss both at the same time.

When we say feel good, what does it center upon? It is centering on kissing. To achieve love, it is necessary to kiss and embrace. What type of love do fallen people practice? At best it is conjugal level, but does it include a third party? Does it include grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters? No; we usually keep it between husband and wife.

Is embracing and kissing the end of it? What more is there? For man, the more is your spouse, woman. For woman, the more is her spouse, man. You absolutely need each other. This is an eternally absolute need. What kind of love partner do you want, one who is temporary or one who is eternally absolute? (Eternally absolute.) Is it true? (Yes.) Well, you gave your answer with a smile. If you need each other absolutely, then everything about you should be absolute. That is the family.

Can you find such a family in the fallen world? Are this world’s families false or true? How should God treat false families? As treasures or trash them? Should they attend at your parents’ table, or go into a garbage bag? They deserve a trash can and so God prepared hell. Does God love the fallen world with such families? Do you women feel good or bad hearing this? God’s point of view is based upon the ideal family perspective, so God does not even want to deal with false families. They deserve the dungeon of hell. You American people, God is saying do not be proud of your military or economic power. One nation under God is not the answer. Why do we not work for one world under God?

Unless you mobilize public leaders according to this ideal, America has no hope. From infancy to the grave, we have to follow Rev. Moon’s teaching. So does America need Rev. Moon? (Yes.) You are too far below to get by with one time saying that you are absolute. You have to be an eternal object to Rev. Moon. How do you become a person whom God can love?

Did Adam and Eve learn how to kiss each other? Did they start practicing that as they were growing up? Would God have been happy or unhappy with the position they took in doing that? Do you think they desired to embrace and kiss? (Yes.) Where did they learn it? (From nature.) Yes. They watched birds and animals. After watching and learning, what was the next step? Didn’t they get curious about the creatures producing their offspring? Didn’t they envy those animals and birds? Naturally, when girls reach adolescence, they get curious about boys’ love symbol. It is a mystery to them. They must be going crazy imaging about the opposite sex. Adam and Eve without the fall must have had that thinking and curiosity. They were curious about the opposite sex.

So, what would God tell them as He watched them? To eat or not? He would say to wait. Wait until when? Until you are fully ripe. When fully ripe you will be like a fireball. When the time comes, I will come and embrace and kiss you, when you are so bright, when every cell of your body will be bright, wide open for love, intoxicated. Then I will come and I will conquer you with that love. That is the way of love.

So God wanted them to wait until the temperature between them went up to 10,000 degrees. If they ate before that… If they wait, then God will be even more excited than they are. Who would have the highest temperature? God’s temperature was highest. How do I know? This is the treasure of God and Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Do you want to see it? Since this is True Children’s Day, I will give it as a gift to all of you. The Final Goal of Creation

Adam and Eve’s fire of love was getting hotter and hotter, but it originated in God. Therefore, God’s fire must be hotter all the time. [Father writes on the board: "The Action of Origin-Division-Union is God’s Original Love Power."] Combine Origin-Division-Union Action and you sometimes get children, forming the four position foundation. Above is invisible, below is visible. Do you want to become greater than God? (Greater.) Also you want to see your partner greater than yourself. This applies both to vertical and horizontal relationships. The only way to make your partner greater than you is to give and give and forget, adding forever. Living for the sake of others is the only way, adding and adding. You can reach God only through the practice of true love.

When God, Adam and Eve all are happy, what is the next step? Children are visible and God is invisible. Can they be happy together? We all want to see God. Adam and Eve are resultant and visible; God is causal and invisible. How can they unite together in happiness? The final goal of creation was to make this unity of the invisible and visible in joy and goodness. God’s invisible sung sang and hyung sang were planted in His children. Thus we find God in the body of Adam and Eve. He dwells there. Since God dwells within them, they dwell within God. When, therefore, the two visible beings are united in joy and goodness, so too is God united with them.

So who takes the ownership of love first, God or Adam? Why do young men and women want to marry? They want to conquer the other’s world. When a wife embraces her husband’s body, she is embracing the universe and God, because he has ingested the elements of all creation. Her husband is the concentration of all the elements, so she is actually embracing the universe, including the invisible being, God.

Where should they become one? They become one at the center, with God coming down at an angle of 90 degrees from above. They approach the center from either side. God is the bone marrow, the husband is the bone, and the wife is the flesh and its oil. That’s why women like to treat their skin and do not have a beard. Their flesh goes inward, therefore women have little hair. And the woman’s organ is deep and internal, in contrast to the man’s, which expands outward. They are shaped that way so that they can become one. Man’s is like a mountain and woman’s a valley. When they become one, the result is a flat field, ground level. In a flat meadow, all kinds of insects prosper. If convex and concave reject each other, there is no hope for life. The power to flatten the mountain and raise the valley is the power of love. If they reject each other, then there is no meadow, no life and no human beings. The body is three-quarters water.

Women cry in private, quietly. Men rush out the door and cry out to the mountains and oceans. When laughing, men expand and women shrink down. No matter what you may try or think, woman is woman, man is man. You cannot change your gender. Even when you make love, if the wife wants to take subjectivity, she will have to tell her husband to lay down and she will get on top. But then the seed will be lost and no children will come.

Husband-Wife Relations

God starts invisible at the top of your head (or so Father seems to be saying by his body actions). His invisible flesh becomes our visible flesh. God dwells there. So we become the proper love partner to God, through the love organ. But people think the love organ is the dirtiest thing. Because people do not value true love, they do not understand or value anything. How can we turn this around? If you lose true love, you lose the bright way for your life. Without true love, men and woman cannot trust each other. Because the "we are born for the sake of the other" philosophy does not prevail in the world, people take others to serve them. One’s first love should last eternally. There were only one man and one woman in the Garden. Their love was to have been absolute. False love becomes a battle, a power game. Can anyone change this?

God is the vertical True Parent and Adam and Eve become horizontal True Parents, and they all meet in the center at 90 degrees. In three dimensions, you create 12 relationships in the three object purposes. The three object purposes illustrates that God needs the other three and that each needs the other three. They all become one at the center. Parents become the hyung sang God. Eve and Adam move toward each other and God starts descending. Then they produce their children as a horizontal multiplication and become parents. That is the point at which all three are happy.

Because of the fall, our angle is not 90 degrees. It is 89 or 92. We all know what our own angle is with respect to mind-body unity. We should admit and understand that Adam and Eve are in the position of God’s body, and their mind is the original mind of God. There is no room for Satan.

Man is born as man for the sake of women, and vice versa. Man and woman are born for the purpose of making love. Because only through love can man and woman go beyond being a half of a person and work toward God.

What kind of couple are you? Do you form the 90 degree angle? God Himself must have gone through stages of growth, such as infancy, childhood, etc. Husband and wife should recognize the different stages of growth in each other. By parents watching their children grow, they relive their own growth period and so does God. They feel happiness and joy through their reflection in their children.

The fallen parents who did not receive love from God are doomed to hell. The agony of God was not being able to have three generations, with Adam and Eve being the second. Now God and True Parents are planting the true seed of life and love in this world. The fallen descendants are wild olive trees, to be cut off at the root and engrafted. Once the engrafting takes place, then the remainder of the old olive tree becomes fertilizer. So it will become rotten [this is why the fallen world is rotting?].

Women wear earrings because they want to hang onto men. And they wear necklaces because they want to hang on their husband’s neck. When she is hanging on, he has no choice but to embrace her. Why is wedding ring worn on the fourth finger? You went through four fingers, representing the four directions, to get to the marriage state.

A poor wife forces her husband to go clean himself up when he gets home hot and sweaty from work. The husband comes home and is tired, and he even falls asleep during dinner and wants to lay down on his wife’s lap, but she pushes him away. The good wife just offers dinner without him washing, and if he is tired, she puts the food in his mouth. This revitalizes him and so he reciprocates and starts feeding her. Then he feels energy and says he’d better take a shower.

About True Mother taking care of True Father: she clips his nails once a week. She keeps all grooming implements neatly arranged in her drawer. Mother takes care of Father with external love, so Father gives Mother internal love in return.

If you look at your wife’s eyes, you can see if she had a good day. The challenge is to make your wife’s eyes smile. The couple that does this is an artistic couple. Before taking her to bed, make sure her eyes smile and her nose smiles and her ears and mouth and all her organs and cells are intoxicated. Then she will hang onto you like an earring. Then lift her up and she will cling with her legs bent at ninety degrees. Then you spin around and you kiss her as you spin, as if dancing, and continue to the bedroom and bed, then that’s it, everything is worked out.

If the founder of a serious religion gives instruction on lovemaking, what a miserable religious founder he is. Maybe a Christian minister who is here will say he expected a holy Pope type person, but Reverend Moon is a very natural type person. Which is better? There are many things I have to teach you, to help you reach God. The woman lives for the sake of her husband. Even the word, woman, has the word man in it. Woman presupposes man. The beginning of the existence of anything is life for the sake of others. Christian ministers do not know that they are born for the sake of their wife.

[Father uses Susan Osmond to illustrate the features of the woman’s body serving her husband. Her soft skin, her proportions.] If a man strokes his wife’s cheek, he cannot stop doing so. By nature she makes unity with her husband—the soft and gentle woman with her rough and rugged husband. The soft supports the strong and the strong supports the even stronger. Copper cuts diamonds. When woman smiles, she shrinks, and man expands when he smiles. Therefore they can embrace. If you are verging on a fight, go in the bathroom and cool off. If you get angry, it will linger for ten days and your children will feel it. If you are on bad terms, your senses will be sad. You will feel as if it is pouring rain on you all the time.

Flesh and Bones

Who gave bones to your children? Their father. The mother gives flesh. No matter how well educated the wife is, if she is not flesh to her husband’s bone, he will be miserable. The seed grows out of the father’s bone. The father plants the bone and the mother adds the flesh. Then mother and children become one, and together they become one with the father.

My father gave me my bones and my mother gave me my flesh. There is nothing of myself; I consist of my father and mother. So all that exists is life and love. That is all I can give to my spouse. You inherit all these from your parents.

Life in the kingdom is that of children living with their own parents. What kind of family lives in the kingdom? A true love centered family. The family is the unit to enter the kingdom. Due to the fall, men and women think they can live together any way they want to as husband and wife. They think they do not need children. As a result, they cannot face the beautiful family life in the Spirit World because they do not fit in.

Make love to your wife as if you were a slave who suddenly and for no good reason attained the right to make love to a queen. Try to dig out all the beautiful points in your wife. And wives, study your husband. You may think he is one way and then you see some other side of him. Study him from every angle, 360 degrees. At the time of marriage, you saw him only through a small lens. Now you are more relaxed.

Do you feel that your spouse is your absolutely eternal spouse, so that even if you die you will want to marry them again? That is love with your entire body. To study closely means to look at your husband’s organ and to realize that they all exist for you, so you can never let him go. With that consciousness, your mind will never get old. What about love? If your mind never gets old, your love will never get old, nor will your life and lineage. Centering on love, nothing gets old. You will always remain a beautiful young man or woman.

Compare an ugly but faithful woman with a beautiful woman who is an atheist. One has mind and body united, the other has them in conflict. Then as time passes, the ugly becomes beautiful and the beautiful becomes ugly. The ugly becomes beautiful because she receives energy and power from God. Think: my peace, my happiness, my dream are in my spouse, my wife, my husband. So when you go out of town, you will not be tempted. Any tempters have the appearance of rotten fish. Make your mind beautiful. In front of God you will be shining like the sun. Through your shining light, God will be attracted to you.

Dr. Sang Hun Lee believed in Divine Principle, but he wasn’t totally convinced. Then in Spirit World he realized it is true, absolutely true. So he wrote his book from Spirit World. According to him, when the 3 object purposes are fulfilled, then you can see yourself… Thus Father says, let’s each make our couple the number one couple to enter the Kingdom of God.

We have the same relationship with God that Adam did: He is my Father. But Adam lost God, and we have True Father and the blessing. These are the weapons with which to fight the fallen world. True Parents even blessed the worst criminals. Therefore they proved themselves to be the True Parents. So Father established the ideal family workshop center in Jardim. The fish in Jardim and Pantanal didn’t go through Noah’s judgement time. They are from the original creation.

So we have to offer absolute faith, love and obedience to follow True Parents with True Love. Form stage is with the mouth, kissing. Second, the growth stage is fondling the breasts, embracing. Third, the completion stage is in the genitals, convex and concave. Father wishes all of you who came today will eventually become ideal couples and build true families.

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