The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1998

Glorious True Family

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Belvedere, Tarrytown, New York
August 9, 1998

Of course we have to do Hoon Dok Hae as always, but this morning you can do hoon dok hae at your home when you return.

Is there any non-Korean who can read the title? The Korean is "Y'nggwang-twen Cham Kaj'ng," which in English means "Glorious True Family."

What does "glory" mean? If we analyze the Chinese character for "y'ng," it has two fires on top of a roof, and underneath there is a big tree. You can see how bright and how glorious it can be. "Gwang" means shining light. All Chinese characters have the subject symbol on top, and the object symbol supports from below.

I have just returned from Jardim, Brazil where we established the "International Ideal Family for World Peace Education Headquarters." Do you understand what that means? In order to build a world of peace, there should be the ideal family as the root. Ideal means that it cannot change; it means eternal and unchanging. Therefore the ideal world is an unchanging world. There is only one ideal world, not two. When we say ideal man, we are talking about one unique ideal man, not two. Thus, the concept of the ideal implies absolute, eternal, unchanging and unique. First, absolute; second, unique; third, unchanging and fourth, eternal.

These four attributes are God’s internal attributes. Absolute. Unique. Unchanging. Eternal. This is what God wants to see in human beings also. Since God wants this standard, as human beings we all want that same standard. What is the ideal for which God has been longing, and what is the ideal for which humanity has been longing? When an absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal standard is achieved, then both God and humanity will like it. These are the four attributes and also the standard which God and human beings desire.

Then what does God desire? Money? Knowledge? Power? God already has these. Then what does God want most? True love. True love should also be absolute, eternal, unique and unchanging. Centering on what kind of love? True love. God cannot fulfill true love by Himself. Can you fulfill love by yourself? Can Father fulfill love by himself, by looking at himself and touching himself? We absolutely need a partner to achieve love. No matter how handsome a man may be, he cannot achieve love by himself. Similarly, no matter how pretty a woman may be, she cannot achieve love by herself. This same principle applies to God. No one, not even God, can fulfill love by himself.

If we are created to fulfill God’s love, we should have certain organs, certain instruments that can help us to fulfill God’s love. God needs Adam and Eve, who are center of the universe. In order to fulfill love, Adam and Eve need all things. Of course, God created His entire universe, including nature and all things, for Himself as well, but in order for man to be able to find love, mankind needs nature as an object, as a love partner in order to fulfill love. And when we say man, we are talking about man and woman together.

Why are they made this way? When God created Adam first, God said it looked lonely. That is why God created Eve as the partner of Adam, after which God said, "It looks good." What is the essence of Eve that made God feel good? Was it His creation of her face, eyes, hands, which part of the body? It was the final stage of the creation: the sexual organ. God perfected the ideal of "convex and concave." When God created Adam, He shaped Adam’s love organ convex. Then as the partner of Adam’s sexual organ God created Eve with the concave shaped love organ. That was the essence of Eve’s creation from God. Why did God create Adam’s love organ and Eve’s love organ in such a way? He did so because without having them they cannot make love.

The reason God said it was very good after completing the creation of Eve is because knew that by having these two different types of sexual organs, which would allow Adam and Eve to unite in love, through their lovemaking God would achieve love too. Thus it was good for God, good for Eve and good for Adam. Centering on what did God say that? Centering on the sexual organ.

Do not think this is a strange concept; it is not. Because of the human fall, the meaning or concept of the sexual organs became strange, dirty or embarrassing. But in truth the love organ is the origin of life, love and lineage. It is the source of an eternal spring of love. Why did God chase Adam and Eve out of the garden right after their fall? It was because their love organ was contaminated and already destroyed, so God didn’t see any purpose in them.

Some people still believe that the human fall was caused by the ingestion of a literal fruit, but that is ridiculous, because the original sin it entails a problem of lineage. Everybody admits that as fallen descendants we have original sin. Inheritance of original sin means that we are of a fallen lineage. Also, the product of original sin is a self-centered thinking and way of life. Everyone exemplifies this self-centered concept. No matter where one looks in the world, everyone’s thinking is self-centered. This applies to men, to women, and to all eras of history.

Why do we have two eyes? We have two nostrils, two lips, two hands. The power that can combine and harmonize two different objects is the power of love. Wherever and whenever there is a give and take relationship between subject and object, there is a center. That center represents love, true love. True love means the original, God-created essence of love.

In that sense we can interpret the human fall as the exchange of love without true love as the center. Even in the instance of eyesight, the two eyes function on their own, yet they are focused on the center, a point inside our head. It is the same with our nostrils. The four directions always have a center. Why do we need East, West, North and South? It is because the unchanging east, west, north and south reflect the existence of one unchanging central point.

Whether externally beautiful or unattractive, each person desires to become the center of the entire world. Man is to be the plus center, and woman the minus center. This is the way of man and woman harmonizing. If we extend this model, we can see this phenomenon on the surface of the earth, in the mountains and the oceans. Which part of this diagram do you think should represent plus, the lower section or the upper section? [The diagram was a capital M directly above a capital W.] I ask in particular the American ladies here: who is in the position of subject, husband or wife? American women conceive of themselves as subject. Do you follow Father? (Yes; and Father is a man, and this teaches that) the wife is not supposed to walk in front of her husband. You are supposed to follow your husband’s footsteps. It is natural that since usually you are smaller than your husband, your stride is shorter than his and in a normal circumstance you need to make greater effort to keep up with your husband. This simple concept is very important for American women, because the wrong concept here destroys the family, leading to a proliferation of problems.

Who is in the position to be influenced by the environment more easily, the husband or wife? If there is a beautiful flower, women have a tendency to draw closer and to try to touch it, whereas men stand at a distance and try to figure it out, asking to whom it belongs, what is its name, or analyzing its beauty. So are men or women, husbands or wives, more changeable?

By the same token, whose love organ, the husband’s or wife’s, is activated first and most easily? When spring comes, what arrives on the trees first, the flowers or leaves? [In most cases flowers, but there are exceptions.] Then which lasts longer, leaves or flowers? [Leaves.] Then what has potential to grow twigs or branches? [Leaves.] The flowers do not have the ability to extend the cells, but the leaves keep growing and can multiply and they can have ...

So then between a flower and a leaf, which comes first? American woman says, "Flower." The American woman’s concept, "woman first," is not so good. What do you want? Do you want to see God as a female God or male God? [Both.] Father is asking you to make a choice. [Male.] The reason is that man carries the seed of life. Is that true? I don’t know.

Who is in the central position? Between man and woman, who is vertical, man or woman? [Man.] What about woman? [Horizontal.] When this vertical figure, man, and horizontal figure, woman, meet, that angle should be perpendicular. Only true love can establish eternal settlement when it comes to the vertical and horizontal relationship meeting in the center point. Who is bigger in terms of size between man and woman? [Man.] Because man is vertical, he is naturally supposed to be bigger than woman, so when woman sees her love partner, her husband, she goes and embraces him and swings around his neck. Making that 90 degree angle, how beautiful they are. Do you like that? But men do not.

In terms of the human body, man is in the position of bone, and woman is in the position of flesh. You may argue about why man should be bone and woman flesh. Bone can exist without much water, but flesh is over 70 percent water. That is why woman’s shape is concave, like a container receiving water. The shape of man’s love organ is like a bone. That particular organ should be strong like a bone. Then you can make love and function really well. Suppose that particular organ is like regular flesh, then what will happen? Flesh mixed with bone is man’s sexual organ. Flesh mixed with water is the woman’s body.

Therefore, I am the combination of bone that I received vertically from my father and flesh that I received horizontally from my mother. The combination of these two, vertical and horizontal, is myself. Which lasts longer, bone or flesh? The vertical being, the bone lasts longer. Who is the vertical figure? The husband. The wife is the horizontal figure. While woman turns around 360 degrees, man is in the center, not going around 360 degrees. Can we say man and woman in the vertical and horizontal positions can exchange positions as they start to turn? Also, while this turning is going on, a complete circle should be formed there, but then can man and woman change the nature of a circle? If some external force intervenes and disrupts their love, then the angle will be thrown off the perpendicular. If your watch breaks, you will open it and repair it, but it will never return to its original state. There is always some shortfall.

What is the meaning of true love? When vertical love and horizontal love meet in the central point forming the 90 degree angle, that represents true love. Why is the meeting point of true love in the center? Once you form a 90 degree angle at the center, then you can make the woman vertical and the man horizontal without making any difference; the center point remains the center. Its value is unchanging. Its magnitude remains the same; everything is in balance, equal.

Thus, in an ideal family the wife can function in the place of the husband, vertically forming the 90 degrees. There is no difference when wife plays the role of husband in an ideal family. If there are no parents, the children can play the role of the parents; if there is no son, then the daughter can play his role. Can we find such a family in America? Once such an ideal family is formed, husband and wife can interchange their roles. They can play the roles in shifts.

So we must have bone and flesh together. When you look at a fingernail, is it an extension of the bone or the flesh? It has to be connected to the bone to have stiffness; if your finger were just flesh it would get smushed. Without toenails, we could not maintain balance. But we usually don’t think that way. Our fingernails and toenails are very important because they are the extension of our bone structure. Some animals have horns or hooves as a major weapon. Bears have strong claws. Therefore, upon what should we rely, bone or flesh? Which helps us more? [Bone.] When you touch bone, you make no trace and impart no sense of feeling. But if you push flesh hard you see some indentation or mark. By the same token, between man and woman, that kind of difference exists? Do you ladies want your husband to be feminine or masculine? A man-like man is unchangeable. A changeable man is like a woman. The woman’s way is to change easily. I don’t know, but you understand what I am talking about. Again, who is more changeable, man or woman? [Woman.]

Then do you want to see your husband standing like a rock or pillar, not talking too much but having a stern appearance, or should your husband be more like a pet dog, moving around and around. [Like a pillar.] One time standing forever continue settlement exists unchangeable.

As we continue our life in this world, what kind of life do we maintain, having family life between man and man, or between husband and wife, or wife and wife or husband and husband? Man laughs out loudly. When women laugh, they usually have the tendency to look down. This is a natural phenomenon. One is going down the other up. Woman is in the position to show humility. If a woman shows herself to be humble, a man will come along and say, "How beautiful woman is." Then man will enjoy watching the woman. According to Father’s teaching, in our family the wife should be like woman and the husband should be like man. That is the only way we can build ideal, glorious and true family. Between man and woman, who has bigger hips? Why? They are like a cushion for sitting long time. That is woman’s life. That is natural law. Man’s hips are sharp, therefore he cannot sit a long time and goes out running around and working. How wonderful woman’s place. That is why woman is originally shaped such a way as a gift from God. Therefore if a woman goes out more than husband, your family, also your nation ,will be in crisis.

This good cushion which woman has naturally, women should be able to embrace all the children and grandchildren and eventually present them to the husband and grandparents. So woman is in the queen’s position to raise the children of your own family and tribe. Whereas husband is in the king’s position of the entire nation. That is why the husband is supposed to go out and to move more. Suppose Father just stayed in Korea for God’s providence. Then you wouldn’t have any chance to learn about the reality of the Kingdom of God. Instead, Father came out of Korea and came to America.

So women must clearly know the identity of woman, and man should know clearly man’s identity. And we should know the relationship between man and woman in our family. That is the only way we can build an ideal family centering on true love. Between man and woman, who cries more easily. [Woman.] Why? Because woman always faces four different directions, east, west, north and south, they keep crying. Why? Because of the marriage you have, you shed tears easily, your husband can comfort you and extend his sympathy over you. I will tell you a secret. When the wife makes a small mistake in your family, just shed tears in front of your husband, that is the superhighway through which you can guarantee your husband’s forgiveness and love. Instead of shedding tears, they just keep shouting and lose that marriage privilege. So when the wife starts shedding tears, the husband feels, "Oh, she must be missing my love."

Have you really thought about how much God thought about Adam and Eve’s fitness right after he created them? How well they fit and how exciting they could become when they fit each other like that. Even if Father explains about this and like the sexual organs and kissing, don’t take it strangely, because Father is giving you the truth of the original organs. So then aren’t man and woman supposed to kiss each other? I don’t know. Just like when the husband goes to work every morning, if the wife is left behind without having been kissed, then all day long she will feel kind of lonely and sad, saying, well, my husband doesn’t feel good today. Oriental wives don’t feel that way. True Mother is not that way. When it is a busy time, if Father tries to kiss her, she runs away. She is very wise. Think about it, if there is a fire, or even an important telephone call, something really urgent that needs to be taken care of, if you have to give a kiss to your wife, then it is a nuisance.

So do you still think husband should kiss wife before leaving? [Yes.] Oriental woman: "No, no, no. That much difference. Oriental woman says no, it’s okay; western woman says, yes, they should. So Father came up with a brilliant way of harmonizing these two completely different ways of life and thinking by exchanging husband and wife between the orient and the west. Of course, Father is the king of matchmakers. So Father has dealt with many western husband candidates, and out of ten, usually about seven or eight want to have oriental wives. What do you American and western women want to do, then? You cannot find your husband? If all western men go after oriental women, then where can we find husbands for the western women? Korean and other oriental men are not so big. Think about it if the woman is tall and the man is short, how can they make balance?

So after sincere study and research, Father came up with the solution. In order to build a world of peace, exchange marriage between enemy families, enemy nations and races takes place, then there will be natural peace, world of peace, natural harmony established. If such a world in which enemies marry their children together, and give their blessing to their enemy’s children when they marry and pray for their happiness, that world will become the real world of unification, harmony and peace.

Americans and Japanese do not like Koreans much. Wherever they go, Korean men always cause some waves, problems. Why? Because the country of Korea is a peninsula, it is shaped like a man’s love organ. The continents represent different parts of the body. So Korea is shaped like a man’s love organ and an island nation like Japan is shaped like woman’s love organ. That is why you often see tour groups from Japan and Korea, the Japanese group takes only one short flag and everyone follows that flag. But Koreans never do that.

Since WWII, for fifty years, Koreans have gone out to the world and on their own have made a lot of international and interracial marriages. Wherever they go, Korean men usually have a tendency to buy expensive and good clothes first, even though the food in your home may be really humble and not enough money to buy food, they always spend extra money to buy good clothing and show off. Also when it comes to giving tips, Koreans give big tips. Even when they prepare gifts, if there is one gift Japanese people may divide into ten and give each time small ones, but Koreans don’t count like that. If there is something big, they will just give it once then forget about it; like not just one pinkie but the entire fist will be given to them. That is why wherever Koreans go, women like them. Why. There is no such word in English, but Korean man is much fun, and dandy and handsome and versatile. That is why they are welcome wherever they go. They can sing well, they are artistic, they can speak well. The model of such Koreans is Rev. Moon.

As you know, Father is getting close to 80. In about a year and a half he will become 80 years of age. Yet suppose, just imagine Father were single now, living in America, how many young, beautiful American women do you think would propose to Father. [Many.] That is why Father cannot trust American women. If a man is 80 years old, you don’t know when he will die, maybe tomorrow morning or the day after tomorrow. Yet since the American women say that way, they have no hope. That means you have to wake up.

I don’t know if you have this kind of expression in western culture, but in Korea and elsewhere in the Orient the woman is compared to a fox, to having the nature and way of doing things of a fox. Father thinks the reason is when the fox kills and eats a chicken it has to use it’s mouth a lot in order to eat the chicken, so like women’s lips using lipstick, the fox’s lips will be all bloody. Also when it rains, the fox uses its full tail as an umbrella. It also has a wiggling gait, like women.

We have to return to the title again, Glorious True Family.

Is there anyone who does not want your family to be a glorious true family? Does everyone want it? Like Father, who is over 70 years old may think, is worried about glorious true family, because all these 70 years have passed already, how can I build it? Don’t you think as young people, in your twenties thirties and forties, you still have plenty of time to build your family as a glorious true family. But people like Father who is over 70 years old do not have time? Then Father has no hope, only despair? Why does Father have hope? Because the spirit world exists there is hope. Once you join the spirit world, heaven, you remain at your prime age for eternity. Also, as you keep improving your internal qualities, such as your thinking, your appearance will become more beautiful and more inspirational.

Once we know the reality of the spirit world we can be connected to spirit world right away. In this physical world up until now because of the human fall, we human beings do not know the reality of the spirit world? What about the Unification Church-what do we do here? This is where we seek the glorious true family in our family. Those who have confidence that you will never die physically, raise your hands. In this area, everyone is equal. Whoever you are you have to pass into the spirit world. The origin of this bone, the vertical feature, is God, not the changing beings in this physical world. Our mind will be in the position of flesh in the spirit world. Where does this mind stem from? From our parents true love. So in the spirit world, the bone of our being will be true love, because that bone is directly connected to God’s children. Just as if one strand of Father’s hair is plucked out of his head and really studied under a microscope, then Father’s DNA and everything about Father can be found. By the same token, when we join the spirit world, because the origin of this bone, the entire spirit world, is God, we can meet God’s attributes and God’s characteristics by meeting other people in the spirit world who are representing God.

When we join the spirit world, love will shine like light, because that is the origin of our life. Just as in this physical world the sun is the source of life, isn’t it. So when you join the spirit world, God Himself will be there, shining like the sun. So every existing being in the spirit world will turn toward God, God’s light of love. Then as long as we as individuals are ready to receive this love light from God, just as when a switch is turned on a light bulb immediately receives electricity and shines out, we will be able to shine out. Thus in the spirit world people will shine like stars. There will sun and moon and stars, like king and queen, and the stars representing the people. But only one sun and one moon. There will be one each of sun and moon, Father and Mother, but there will be many stars of differing size and brightness. When we join the spirit world will there be a distinction between night and day? Once we leave this physical world and enter the spiritual world we can go anywhere. We can even penetrate this planet , even going into the earth. As long as you go with God’s true love, nothing will stand in your way. Also the speed of love is the fastest. The speed of light is as fast but the speed of love is thousands of thousands of times faster than the speed of light. It is just a matter of thought. As long as you have true love as a motivation then the vast spirit world is your ground upon which to move around.

If that kind of world is waiting for us and we are to play the major role there, do you think we will have to carry this physical flesh with us when we go to the spirit world or just leave it behind? So is the shorter our earthly life the better or the longer? You want to live here longer? [Yes.] [No.] In this physical life, if we want to go for example ten miles away we need a car, or if we walk we will sweat-there is always limitation there. Isn’t it true? So then in this world which way is better: to live here and pass into the spirit world as an elementary school-age child or to grow up to adulthood and achieve a Ph.D. degree and remain in that state in this world. Which is better, a pure elementary school state or a Ph.D. state. [Ph.D. state]. Why? Those who have a Ph.D. degree may feel, well now I have completed study, so I don’t have to read any more books, but elementary school kids should continue studying. In this physical world we can be told to do good things, to serve for the sake of others, yet we usually don’t move. But when we join the spirit world, if we are not prepared we cannot get near to that kind of state.

What do we call a funeral in Unification terms. [Seunghwa.] Seunghwa-Ascension Ceremony. What does this ceremony mean? This ceremony explains that we are going up to another dimension. It is like moving from one house to another house, but vertically, going into another dimensional world. This world is the limited, finite world. But we are talking about moving on to the infinite and unlimited world.

Glorious, true family means the family which is happy in this physical world as well as in the spiritual world. The owner and center of the entire spirit world is God. In other words, glorious true family means the family in which the owner and center of the universe can dwell. This family is the family you will like for eternity. In this family between husband and wife you will eternally appreciate each other because without your husband you cannot have your eternal subject love partner and vice versa. So there will be positively a flow of gratitude and appreciation. Even God needs a true love partner. Sarang, sarang. Who is in the position of God’s love partner? When you say "man," it is man and woman inclusive, humankind. Centering on true love, man as plus figure and woman as minus figure should become one. Is that true? We resemble God’s invisible original sung sang and hyung sang. When this invisible, original sung sang and hyung sang of God divides into the visible sung sang and hyung sang it becomes man and woman, plus and minus. The same value.

In the individual, the mind is in the position of plus, the body in the position of minus. It is the same for both man and woman. They all should become one. Man represents plus, woman minus. But when it comes to the individual. So we all want to become the center of all humanity. Then we need our family. We want to become the center of our family, center of our tribe, center of our people, center of the world and center of the cosmos. These are different levels, but we want to become the center of all these levels. Whether we like it or not we all have that kind of desire. The same is true for woman, to become the center of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos. The expansion of the individual reaches the cosmic level.

Through having give and take relationship there will be spherical movement in a complete circle. In order to form a sphere you cannot be by yourself; there should always be an object. Man wants to have the best woman in the world; woman wants to have the best man. Is that true? God has the same desire. God wants to have the love partner who is better than God Himself. That is why we have the same kind of desire.

The same principle applies to our children. Adam and Eve were in the position of the children of God, but in front of God, Adam and Eve in the position of object, like between husband and wife, if God is in the position of husband, Adam and Eve are in the position of wife. Man’s position is equal to God’s mind’s position. Woman in the minus position is in the original hyung sang’s position. That is why we absolutely have to have our mind and body united. Because of the fall of man, this oneness between original mind and body was destroyed and broken. That is why the history of restoration was needed.

Of course God’s internal sung sang is manifested in man and woman differently, but the ideal of God’s love is not manifested in them yet. Only when they become one as plus and minus through their conjugal relationship, this is the process to fulfill love. In order to perfect God’s mind, the ideal, of course man and woman represent different aspect, but including their body they have to become united in oneness as man and woman, through love. That way God can wear a physical body through Adam and Eve, because they become one with God. Without going through marriage between husband and wife, their bodies cannot become one. Only through marriage they become one, including their bodies.

God’s mind is manifested as plus and minus between man and woman, then through marriage God’s love is revealed. This is the culminating point that man’s mind and woman’s mind, husband’s mind and wife’s mind become one, also God’s mind and man’s mind meet there and become one. Then who is the owner or center of love? Horizontally, when there is lovemaking between husband and wife, in that center God comes down and appears. So vertically speaking, this origin, division and union theory takes place here centering on love. This origin, division, union function takes place to begin with within myself, and when we become one through conjugal relationship division, then vertically God appears unto that. That becomes again the union. Husband’s mind and body become one, wife’s mind and body become one, then together husband and wife become one. It is all oneness takes place, total oneness. That way God can wear a physical body like Adam and Eve through this process of origin, division, union horizontally and vertically.

The invisible God can appear as a visible God through Adam and Eve. That is why perfected Adam’s family would have been called God’s family, God’s descendants, God’s children. Because God appears through Adam physically. Without the fall of man there would have been no conflict between mind and body. Automatically there would have been absolute unity, oneness between mind and body and between man and woman. Eventually this perfected man and woman would have become perfected husband and wife that God would have appeared to them, come down to them and remained as the center.

When this true family go to the spirit world they can live with God all the time, God can dwell in this glorious true family. Man is in the position of God’s sung sang and woman in the position of God’s hyung sang, so you have to become one. Of course your mind portion and your body portion same thing, and your wife’s mind portion and body portion should be united totally one. When that oneness takes place God can come down and dwell within you. God could have dominated and controlled the entire world through Adam and Eve if not for their fall. But because of the fall that was not possible. And now the new era has come in which God is working through True Parents, just as He originally, because that is the way the invisible God wears a visible shape through True Parents’ body. This is a new era. That is why even if you go to the spirit world you cannot see God. Once the Kingdom of God on earth as well as in heaven is established, God will reveal Himself as a visible God even.

Because of the fall of man, in this physical world there has been all kinds of worlds, some good people and bad, evil people, like that. That is why in the spirit world there is a mid-range spirit world, and paradise, and hell and so forth. But originally in God’s blueprint there were to be no such levels in the spirit world. Only now that the time has come in this physical world that the Kingdom of God is being established, the entire spirit world will have the same kind of world, without the middle level, hell or paradise. It will be completely the Kingdom of God in heaven.

When we look at the secular world there are all kinds of immoral phenomenon rampant all over the world. If you follow exactly opposite the secular world’s trend, then you are sure you are on the right track to heaven. What are the attributes of God? Absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. These are the major attributes of God. Subject position here; when it comes down to human beings level, it becomes object. We have to build such a family centered on this standard of God’s attributes.

It is logical to say that since God is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal, the love partner God is seeking should also be absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. But the key point we have to remember is that when God created this universe, He used an absolute standard by having absolute faith, love and obedience in His creation. He applied absolute faith when he started Creation, absolute love; on that foundation He created His creation; not below. The standard God established for His creation was absolute faith, love and obedience. When God created humankind God applied absolute faith, and also gave His absolute love, also in order to raise and grow them God practiced absolute obedience. Even when it comes to marriage between husband and wife, when there is absolute faith between husband and wife, natural love flows between them. Absolute faith following true love, that kind of concept? Absolute faith automatically absolute love seed can be planted in this place. Sowing that this faith place seed. When absolute love germinates there you will see the new bud coming out. Then you have to grow them. Then God invested Himself into doing that, everything absolute., because God wanted to secure this love partner hundreds of thousands of times better than God Himself, that is why God applied absolute obedience in growing them. Absolute obedience means absolutely investing, forgetting, continuing forever.

The concept Father explains about between partners, that we want to see our partner to be thousands of thousands of times better than ourselves is because of this very principle which God Himself applied into His creation. Upon that foundation, all things started existing. Just like in the relationship between man and minus, beginning from plus flows to minus and makes a complete circle. This exact principle is the principle God follows, giving Himself 100 percent again, and forget, and give again and give again. That is true love.

Father made the Jardim proclamation which marks the new Garden of Eden. In the first Garden of Eden, God applied absolute faith, love and obedience in His creation. By the same token, in this new ere in the new Garden of Eden we human beings should be able to apply absolute faith, love and obedience when we deal with nature, just like God did. We received such a standard from God, so we have to return it to all things, nature.

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