The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1996


World Youth in Transition Toward the Twenty-First Century: Roles, Vision and Responsibilities

Special Address by Rev. Sun Myung Moon
The Second World Congress of The Youth Federation for World Peace
Washington, DC
May 24, 1996

[These are personal notes by Robert Kittel and Larry Krishnek. These notes have not been edited or checked. There are errors in these notes.]

Today was very important. These are the posters that explain what is going on in the Unification Movement, centered on Rev. Moon, especially since 1994.

There are different categories: God's Will and the Unification Movement: True Family movement, ecumenical movement, overseas missions... Sweat for earth, blood for heaven and tears form man. Page 3, "A new Revelation from God." Page 4, "The Principle of Restoration: The Realization of An Ideal world." Page 5, The History of the Unification Movement." Page 6, "World Missions" showing the Unification Movement in 160 nations. Next, "Unification and World Peace." Next "Interreligious Harmony, Transcending Religion." "Absolute Values at the Basis of Peace." "Media and Publication: Freedom and Ethics in the Media." "Science and technology: Common Prosperity though Sharing technology." "Love God, Love your Country and Love Mankind." "Young People Embrace the World." "The Woman's Movement: Women the Source of True Love and Peace." Culture and Sports, "A world Culture of Heart in the 21st Century." Volunteer, "True Love is Volunteer Love." World Culture and Sports Festival: "The Harmony of God, Humankind and Nature, Centering on the 3.6 million couple Blessing." God's Hope: the Establishment of True Families." "The Worldwide True Family Movement: Reaching out to the World." The Meaning and Value of the Holy Wedding, "The Road to True Happiness We must Travel." The History of the Holy Wedding. "Marriage should be consecrated at the Holy Blessing." "A Commitment to the Realization of True Family."

You all look so good. You represent the youth of the whole world. God must look at you with hope. You have every reason to be happy. Those who Meet Rev. Moon for the first time raise your hands. {20-25%?}. I believe that you must have heard of Rev. Moon before. You might have heard of Rev. Moon, something bad or suspicious. But looking at him tonight he is handsome and is doing things for the sake of world peace. You should go out to the world and give the true message of what Rev. Moon is really doing. However, it is true that so-called developed countries, i.e. American, Japan, Germany… they are afraid of Rev. Moon. Why?

Not because he has modern weapons, no. Rev. Moon has the truth and this is his armament. Do you understanding? As you heard in Mrs. Moon's message, this message reveals all the hidden truth of human history: of culture, religions and philosophy. This has been revealed here tonight! Let's say, these truths, have remained secret to everyone till today, but do you thing these have been a secret to God?

As you heard, because of the fall the entire humankind fell into the hands of Satan. Only God and Satan knew the secret of this tragedy since the beginning. Why didn't we know? The fall took place due to ignorance and because of the fall we fell into the state of confusion and chaos. Nobody knew why humankind hasn't been told of these secrets. If Satan told, the his position would be reversed. And if God told, then we would ask, "Why didn't God prevent the fall in the beginning." This is why God and Satan couldn't tell humankind this secret. Originally, man was created as the object to God.

But because of the fall man became the object of Satan and inherited this satanic lineage. Because of this satanic blood lineage, God couldn't pull up mankind unless his lineage gets purified. And because of ignorance and chaos, man fell into the hands of Satan and this developed from the individual to the society, nation and world level. That is why, even though we live in the 21st century, we don't know what the origin of our life is and where our goal of life should be.

There have been many religions in history, but none could clearly provide the purpose and goal of humankind. Consequently, there is no religion that can save this world from the chaos. Therefore, most religions give an explanation that the messiah will come and save people. Suppose there was no fall of man at the beginning. What position were Adam and Eve in? They were the first ancestors of humankind. Because of the fall, we must understand that from God's point of view, there is no perfected man and woman in all history. This goal was never reached. Why did God create Adam and Eve to begin with? Because of money? N-O or K-N-O-W ? Which no? Because of knowledge, is this why God created man? Because of power? God has everything. He doesn't need these things. He is the center of the universe and is all-mighty and doesn't need anything else.

This is a critical question. Why did God create Adam and Eve? Let's face reality, there are four major problems in the world which urgently need to be solved: destruction of environment, pollution, immorality and family problems. Is God aware of these problems? Does God have the power and ability to solve these problems? If God takes responsibility, don't you think these problems will be solved right away?

When we interpret human history as sewing seeds, then through this human history Adam and Eve sowed seeds in the wrong way. Nevertheless, in the last days we will reap the result. As we see today, the most critical problem is teenage immorality, particularly the reference of free sex. As the Bible says: as you sow, you shall reap. Since the fall took place as the misuse of love between Adam and Eve, today is the time of harvest and these problems are rampant all over the world. No one has been able to stop these problems. After Adam and Eve fell, they were chased out of the Garden of Eden. When we seen teenagers going down the path of free sex, they too should be kicked out of the garden. Can you believe it? Can you understand it?

It is a fact that the world is facing this incredible problem. Can America solve these problems with all its money, power and knowledge? That is why this nation is declining. How can you escape this problem? You must understand this is the final test that humankind must solve. Do you think God likes free sex? The world in which we live is hell. When Adam and Eve fell they were teenagers. Why did they fall? Because of the AA. God didn't allow a partner to the AA. Just like at the time of Adam and Eve's fall, the AA was not allowed to have any partner and property. In the concept of free sex, you don't own anybody. This concept of free sex is taking place today. Because of this attitude, there is no correct concept of the use of power and property. And due of this, governments in some places are taking control of people's lives.

Communism is a central-power government. It takes control of everything and throws individuals away. What is the meaning of the Last Days. It is the end of Satan's realm. Therefore, God has to send the messiah and start human history again. Through this messiah all humankind will be replanted and connected back to God. If this world is supposed to end and a new heavenly world is to begin, we have to turn 180 degrees around. Then we will end up with the KOG on earth. Since Satan spread the concept of free sex and turned the world around, now God comes with the concept of absolute sex. With this concept we will build KOG on earth. Have you heard of the concept of absolute sex?

This term, just coined, means only God can talk control. What should happen? We must find God again. We don't know God, or His will. Humankind didn't know that Adam and Eve, without the fall, were in the position to reach perfection. Because Satan represents the fall, human history started with parents of false concepts. Parents started with the worst concepts in mind. The means of changing 180 degrees, is from false parents toward true parents. TP follow true love, true life and true lineage.

When this turn takes place, it will begin with a true man and true woman, who combined together will become True Parents. Then true children, true family, true society, true nation, true world and true cosmos will take place. This is the KOG! Can you understand Rev. Moon's teaching now?

If we want to build a true, ideal world, the best way is to turn 180 degrees from this satanic world. This is a logical conclusion. Since you know and understand, since you practice these teaching can't you know God and reach this place? Do you think God will recognize eternally the different denominations and different religions? Without the fall, did mankind need religion? Religions is like a bridge to lead us to the other side. Without the fall we could meet God without a bridge. You know well, there would not need to be any bridge.

Rev. Moon has another name, "King of True Love." Not the worst king, but the best kind of kings in the sight of God. Rev. Moon is a good king! How can Satan try to tear down Rev. Moon? He tried everything possible. All humankind belongs to Satan, he is the worst dictator! Satan is the #1 dictator. Good dictators are centered on family, society, nation and world. "Amen" means number one man. Do you like that? You are qualified to enter the KOG.

In the message of Mrs. Moon, there is a clear distinction between God and Satan's strategy. God cannot attack first, this is the nature of goodness. Suppose there were two brothers, the elder brother may be famous, but if he hits the younger without reason, parents will scold him. The parents may take all the possessions and give them to the younger brother. God's strategy is similar. God cannot hit the satanic world first. That is why He created an AA type of person and have Satan hit this person. If we had lots of time I would talk about this Cain and Abel relationship.

When we look at human history, we seen that God's side was always attached by the satanic side. But this is how God restored His position. After being attacked then God took, what was originally His, back. Can you understand? God's strategy is to be hit first and then take back that which originally belonged to Him. Satan always hits first and looses everything. Dictators in history have always tried to take first, then God and the entire population of goodness have been mobilized to take back what was originally theirs. Communism and dictators have always fallen. But governments based on democracy always prospered. Let's examine WWI and WWII. The Allied side was hit first but they won. The former SU, the more aggressive, has now come to its demise.

As long as what you are doing is centered on God, no matter how heavy the obstacle is, if you keep going, God will help you achieve your goal. This principle is an eternal principle. It doesn't matter who you are, you have to fit into this principle. The Allied and Axis countries examined in the world war can been by this principle. Does Rev. Moon have a good brain? Good, that is why he can reveal these truths. When Rev. Moon found these truths, he then declared his messiahship to the world and when they opposed him, he didn't care. As long as this principle is true, so even though Rev. Moon was persecuted for 40 years, these nations that persecuted him will have to give everything back to Rev. Moon. He was on the right side.

Rev. Moon's life has been opposed and persecuted by SU, USA, Catholics and Protestants and other religions. But eventually they are going to give everything back to Rev. Moon because he has been right all this time. Because he stuck with this strategy, even after being persecuted, a new trend is being developed and people what to learn about Rev. Moon. This is now happening. Through persecution, those who give it will have to give this up eventually. This is God's strategy to inherit from those persecutors. Rev. Moon understands and believes this, so even if he is persecuted for 1,000's of years, he doesn't care.

In the future the Catholic and Protestants who reject Rev. Moon, will disappear. The WT, YFWP, people think Rev. Moon wants to take control of America. But I don't like America. America is the world of privacy and individualism. God's don't have these things; privacy and individualism are not part of the KOG. There is no hope in American democracy if it continues in this way. Look at the millions of young people who are perishing because of drugs and alcohol. America absolutely needs Rev. Moon

How can he solve these problems? Knowing God most is Rev. Moon's weapon. Rev. Moon knows the secret to perfect individuals, families, nations and the world He can teach people this secret. They must understand this! Anyone can do this. Even if I speak the whole night you may want to hear more. Ordinary church pastors speak only about 40 minutes. He has already spoken about an hour and this is enough.

No homosexual, lesbians lifestyles. You already know this. If you live this way, then that's the KOH. You know more than me. Once we reach that stage we don't need religion, or ideology. UC members will teach you to live your life for others. The satanic world teaches you to live for yourself. That is individualism. That is why we have to change 180 degrees. UC families live for the sake of other families. Who will enter the KOG? Those who live for others or those who life for themselves? Are you willing to follow Rev. Moon's footsteps? Will you just follow, or practice as you follow? What if he tells you to go back to your country and make yourself the messiah who God can use to save your nation. If you believe in him, then you can become the messiah for your continent and even the world.

If Rev. Moon asks you, "What do you want to become, King of Kings?" Everyone will answer, "Yes." Isn't that true? If knowledge is absolute key to solve these problems, then you will want this knowledge. What about power or authority? Do you want to become a power-king? Don't you have these desires? Let's say there are many kings: knowledge, money, power… which king will be the best? In a satanic way people want to become the king of money, power, knowledge. What about you? Do you belong the secular world or God's world. If you belong to God's world, what kind of king does He to become? Have you ever seen such a God saying this? We have to know what kind of king God wants to become?

"Love king." You must have heard this before. Have you seen True Love? Can you touch True Love? Do you have love? Yes or no? What about life? Have you seen it, touched it? No. How do your know you have it? Have you seen a sperm or egg that creates human life? But you know it exists. What about your conscience? Have you seen it? You have not seen love, life, lineage and conscience but you say you have them. Based on pragmatism this is absurd.

Do you say that you are so happy that you have your love life and lineage? You have them, but you don't feel them. We have two eyes and we blink many times, but do we really feel our eyes blinking every moment of the day? If you have to count the number of times your eyes blinks for three hours you may faint. Have you really felt your breath? We are not even aware of it, are we? Well, in the morning when you wake up you go to the bathroom first. When you do #2 do you use a mask? We don't even realize what we are doing.

Raise your right arm! By setting a condition through raising your right arm Rev. Moon will teach you something precious. Put your right hand on your heart. What do you feel there? Your heart beat, your pulse. How often do you count your heart beat in a day, week, month or year. Many times people do not stop to think about it for years. But if you listen to your heart beat in a stethoscope its like an explosion. Why don't we feel it? The secret that we can't feel our heart beat or love, life, lineage or conscience is because we are totally one with them. When oneness exists there is no vibration and we don't feel it. Did Rev. Moon invent this or is this the truth? Truth. When something is absolutely with us, you don't even feel it.

Who is married? When husband and wife are alone in a room do you kiss each other? How deep is your kiss that share with your spouse? Your lips, teeth, tongue or all the way down the throat? When you are kissing, of course, your spouse's saliva mixes with yours and you just continue. One day in Florida, Rev. Moon happened to see some young people kissing in a public park and was interested in how long they would kiss, he went to the bathroom and came out and they were still doing it. It took 45 minutes. Rev. Moon said to himself, "I have been teaching the philosophy of love for 45 years but I have not kissed that long."

You have permission to try that with your spouse. Why do you not feel dirty kissing your spouse? Because you are one. But why are you one? Through knowledge, power, money? No, Love Power. Absolutely, unique, forever love. That kind of love power can make unity forever. When you walk with your loving spouse, do you want to hold him/her tight, or have distance between you? Rev. Moon taught the philosophy to kissing, when you go back tonight and sleep with your spouse, you have Rev. Moon's permission to practice it. You may do it so deeply that your spouse will kick you off and throw you against the wall. Be sure to take a picture when you fall from the wall. That picture will be kept in the heavenly museum of love. If you can make such a photo that will be the best teaching material for your descendants. These are your ancestors that perfected kissing philosophy.

You all came from 164 nations which you represent. If you become one with your neighboring nations, making friends with them here, you will feel truly like one. Without that spirit, you immediately feel the difference between you and your neighbor. But you should create a situation where there is no sense of different between you. Should I continue? Yes. Then you should be willing to pay tuition. Rev. Moon spent his entire life shedding sweat and blood to discover this truth and do you want to receive it without tuition? Are you willing to pay? Your payment is this, go back to your country and when you see your UC missionaries living for the sake of you nations and families give your support to them.

Why would God create the world as it is with its pain. If we hold God and ask him if he created mankind for money or power he will say, "No." If you had the chance to meet God, wouldn't you ask him those questions? Would His answer be, "Only I know why. You can never comprehend." Because of True Love God created this world for mankind and fallen mankind is not smart enough to understand what True Love is. The greatest library in the world will not give you the definition of True Love. But, if you had the chance to find the meaning of True Love and practice it in this world of false love you would be destroyed in a second. That's why God created religions and through them he promised to send the messiah to save all the entire fallen humankind. Therefore, if we ask God what he likes he will say, "True Love." You cannot find True Love unless you transcended your life in this secular world. Beyond that level you may find it, otherwise you never will discover it.

This world begins with the fall and false love. There is no trace of True Love in this world. That's why even in the Bible it say that those who give up their life will find it, and those who seek it will lose it. Without sacrificing your life, you cannot go beyond this false world. Even if you don't die, you have to go through three different death stages in the fallen world. Because the people in the world inherited false love and life and we have to go beyond this false love realm to enter the true love realm. Then why did God create man? Think about it. When God is all by himself, is he feeling happy and good? Religions in the world cannot even solve that problem. In Christianity, God is portrayed as the king of judgment in the last days. Sending some people to hell and some to Heaven. Do you think God will love that? Is this a good enough God? That's the God of fear, the God whom we want to avoid. But God wants to become the God of True Love for humankind.

Before God created this entire cosmos He was alone. Suppose God wanted to ‘take everything' from whatever was there, do you suppose the Universe could appear? On the contrary, the emergence of this Universe was caused by God's giving power. That giving is the origin of the universe. Suppose you give 100 to create 100 and try to remember your investment, that's the end of it. But God gave 100 and completely forgot about it and goes for 1000, forgets that and continually goes for the next level. This incessant giving is the cause of and the maintenance of the universe.

After God has given everything, infinitely to create the cosmos, God stays like a vacuum, total negation, then the entire creation has to come into Him automatically—like a vacuum has to be filled. Like a seed is hollow - like God's creation. God exists where you give your absolute self and go beyond your concept of existence and that's the point where you can find yourself. Therefore, we can conclude that God created this world on the base of absolute faith. Totally believing that if he decided to create it, it would happen. Second, is absolute Love. Creation comes on absolute faith and then God gives his absolute love to his object. The third is absolute obedience. "The creation was done not for Myself, for you," God says. Even reaching beyond the very concept of yourself, you invest yourself and create on the foundation of absolute faith and you give your absolute love to find your love-object and give absolute obedience to them. In other words, God then exists for you. However, since God gave everything, there is nothing. When we become perfected we fill that vacuum upon realizing this total sacrifice He gave.

In the atmosphere, the high pressure naturally fills the low. Water flows form higher to lower. In love, if we truly give everything in the position of object of love to our subject, when the subject receives that, his love has to come back to me and fill me. There's an equilibrium. Therefore, those who give everything and forget about it eventually become the master, the true owners. When you evaluate your love relationship with your spouse, do you want your spouse to give absolute love or less than that. That means you want them to have absolute faith in you. Do you want that?

Also, when you evaluate your spouse, do you wish them to be a millions times better than yourself? Yes. Why, because we all resemble God's nature. We expect as a love partner to offer absolute obedience. In that type of love, we don't even see or are aware of ourselves. Then we become absolute one. That is the principle of the creation of God. We are to understand that this is the Principle that God applied from the beginning of His creation. Also we have to understand that God created man because God wanted His object of Love. No matter how much money, power or knowledge a person possesses, without a love relationship, you will feel lonely.

Of course we need money, power and knowledge but it must be related to true love otherwise, once separated from true love relationships these things only belong to the satanic world. If we say that God created man for an object of love, then we can ask God why He didn't create this within Himself, God will answer that He is like humankind, no different. God is like us, even if He has His life love, lineage and conscience, He cannot feel it within Himself, just like we don't feel it. But, when there is an object the love, life and lineage power explodes. It bursts out in power and occupies everything. Like the eruption of a volcano.

God created mankind in order to have the absolute love object. He created both male and female. The beginning point of the universe is the very concept of male and female. God created the environment first, air water and soil. Also, there is this absolute principle in the creation of the environment which is the subject and object relationship. Lets look at the environment in general. There is always the plus and minus, subject and object type of relationships, also male and female. God originally had this concept in Himself and that's what revealed in His creation here. Because of this principle, male and female always seek each other in every level of creation.

When people ask philosophical questions, they ask why they were born as either man or women. We are all born as one or the other, but we eventually become a pair. Why? Because through becoming one, we can achieve the ideal of love. Nobody will say no when we say we are born because of love. If you want to achieve the ideal of love, you cannot achieve it as a man or woman alone. We are born for the sake of fulfilling love and male and female exist to fulfill love. Man is born because he absolutely needs woman to be fulfilled in love. Woman is born to fulfill man's love. This is the origin of the universe. This is absolute eternal truth that no one can change. Its simple, yet it has been unknown. If you think you exist for the sake of yourself, you are a thief. Those you met Rev. Moon for the first time, Rev. Moon labels you as a love thief. How do you feel? Not so good. Is that true or not? You all look handsome and beautiful, why do you not answer?

Woman is born for man, man is born for woman. For the sake of loving each other we are born. In order to reach the spouses ideal of love, what is the organ, the key you utilize to realize that ideal of love for your spouse. Is it your conscience? What about your body and your five senses. No matter how long you kiss and look at each other, the ideal is not in that alone. It is the sexual organ. What do you mean by that? If we describe the shape we may say one is concave and the other convex. Why are those organs shaped this way? Because this shape allows them to fit together to complete love. That makes this the absolute unification palace. When these two palaces fit together, do they have to fit absolutely or be very loose and make a squeaking sound? Absolute fit! Like God, absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal.

Love making completion is like God's characteristics. This is very important. If you don't know that, this is a problem. Nobody understand that, but now you understand clearly. Between husband and wife, do you have secrets and restricted your love relationship? Should feel total freedom in terms of touching each other and whatever you want to do, day or night. Where there is the establishment of this unrestricted, totally free relationship, you can find true freedom, peace, happiness and prosperity.

Suppose you have a serious fight with your spouse. Then, at work you receive a lot of money that day. Do you think that because of this money, you will be happy? No. That's why this great truth, this hidden truth has been revealed through the Unification Church teaching and the unification blessed families teach the ideal of love. It takes both man and woman together to liberate God through establishing the perfection of love in the family. God is the vertical parent. Adam and Eve represent horizontal parents. When they are perfectly one vertically connected to God, then their marriage is not only theirs, but God's also. The true love way is the short cut way. It's the shortest way. The 90 degree angle is the shortest way. There is only one vertical way. True love can make that 90 degree connection.

God's absolute love and man's absolute love must meet at a perfect perpendicular point. If there were two points, there would be a contradiction. We cannot reach the ideal world of perfection that way. The True Love way is the short cut way; the 90 degree connection. Without the fall, Adam and Eve were in the position to create the seed of true love life and lineage for all mankind. That didn't happen, so God send True Parents in the last days to form the true family which will be the base upon which the Kingdom of God will be created in the world. The method of doing this is that all humankind becomes engrafted to the true family to inherit true love, lineage and life. That's the way the Kingdom of God on earth eventually comes. The means to do this is the international wedding ceremony. True Parents represent the seed of true love, life and lineage and the family and the blessing will bring this love, life and lineage to the entire earth. Don't you feel you have to participate in next years' blessing. If so, show your hands. If you truly seek to have a unified family, tribe nation and world you must go through this blessing ceremony, that's the only choice you have.

Even I am the founder of the UC, I will fill in some more details about the sexual relationship. Without the Fall humans sexual organs were to be in the position of the original palace of love life and lineage. Like the HQ Palace of love. What's the meaning of palace? Its the place where the Kingdom begins. By the same token, True Love should have begun from this palace. Those who disagree, show your hand? If you all agree, representing all five different races. If you truly follow rev. Moon's teaching about sexual organs and the starting place of love, life and lineage, then the K of H will come upon you. Form God's view, this palace is more important than the Kingdom of Heaven, because that palace is the starting place of true love. That's where you can liberate your wife. It's not a laughing issue. You have to take it serious and accept it.

This very sexual organ is the very place where life emerges. Without passing through that organ, there is no way to create new life and lineage. Life power and blood mix in that place. This is the original place where we can make life emerge and unite. This is the original life palace from which we have new life emerging. It's the life HQ. Centering there blood lineage connects to history and to children.

Without having sexual organs interacting, we cannot find true love, life and lineage or true spouse. We cannot have a true family, tribe, nation and world. That's why we cannot have the KofH without it. Can anything replace it? Even if someone offered the entire universe there is no replacement. However, because of the one time misuse of this very precious organ, the entire human history was turned over to Satan. Satan made it a bad palace. God must take over from there and all His desire can come from there. We must understand that this sexual organ is the determining point of the kingdom or heaven or hell. Everybody can go home and say I understand the truth and now we have to take action.

We cannot make a free, happy peaceful world without this teaching. Rev Moon's conclusion is: Lets make a proclamation to protect our very holy sexual organ. Because we lost all these precious things on the level of the family, this became a woman dominated world. Rev. Moon created YFWP to restore this. Also, Cain and Abel, the representative is the younger brother's organization. YFWP is in the position of Cain. Because the fall of man began with the mother, Eve, and Cain and Abel fought. Centering on the WFWP, Cain and Abel representative as the younger brother can unite and eventually the YFWP as elder, goes through the younger and eventually unites with the mother. When there is this total unity, then there is the hope to build the restored ideal family.

How can the mother and younger brother save the elder brother? All three combined into one is the world family realm. Through this God can intervene all over the world. Because of this very providential view, this YFWP has been inaugurated and is prospering. With God's blessing the organization will conquer the world in a short time. Amen! This is the time to restore elder sonship, parentship and kingship which were lost in Adam's family. In this time of restoration, this family level is world wide family level. The entire universe is like one family now. That's the way to restore everything back and complete the restoration. Of course, many of you have met Rev. Moon the first time in person today. The message he shared is a very critical message that can save your entire nation and its people. Take it back to your country so your nation can be restored back to God.

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