The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1996


True Father on National Messiahship

Following are excerpts from unofficial laptop notes of True Father's talks and meetings over a period of four days at True God's Day in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Leaders Meeting, December 31, 1996, True God's Day Eve:

Jesus 33 years: For 33 years of Jesus life he was not able to unite with John the Baptist and Mary. He could not be blessed and become subject. It is important to indemnify these 33 years. If 33 people assume the position of restored John the Baptist because he failed his responsibility causing Jesus to fail his mission, if these 33 establish their position, then the national messiah's position can be established.

God's Day 1997 Midnight, January 1, 1997:

On Foundation of Family and Tribal Messiahship: What is this year's slogan? "Loving True Parents and being proud of True Parents is accomplishing the 3.6 million couple Blessing." You are saying love True Parents, but I have to love God. In accomplishing the 3.6 million couple blessing, you must love True Parents in the same way they love God. You are the national messiah? To be the national messiah, you must have the qualification of tribal and family level messiah. ... This is the way of True Parents. You must be proud of your family, then of your tribe, (then of your nation) ... Then you can give the rest of mankind the Blessing based on God's true love.

Restores Jesus' Position: The national messiah position, by restoring the position of tribal love, represents the Roman Emperor. ... The assignment of national messiahs has to come from the True Family level. The victorious tribal messiah foundation allows you to restore Jesus' position and assume the position of national messiah.

Our 160 Couples a Necessary Foundation: The national messiahs must restore 160 blessed couples in 180 nations, then you will be free and able to restore your own physical country. National messiah's have to achieve a tribal messiah's victory to become national messiah. The 3.6 million couple Blessing is how to accomplish this. That is how we can bring victory in the whole world. Our failure or success determines this victory. Once we have achieved victory in the 3.6 million couple Blessing, then the whole world will be ready to join in the Blessing. It will be the liberation of all mankind.

Conditions for National Restoration: National messiah's, if you train 780 representatives, then your country will be restored. Then I want to visit your country in my airplane. If the president or prime ministers and cabinet ministers are part of your (team of) 33 leaders, then the country will be restored. We should be able to have a seminar in the congress building in each country. That is the position of a national messiah.

Leaders Meeting, January 2, 1997:

Our Gratitude: National messiah's, did you feel grateful to True Father that you were sent out? Or did you just go? Status of King and Parent: The national messiah position is like a

place where you are already established in kingship and have followers and have sons and daughters. You have such status. You national messiah's are in such a superior position. All that Jesus could not accomplish, you are in that position already.

Guide Diplomats: You go to your mission country not to make money but you must restore all of the wives of diplomats and ambassadors. We need to network embassies and the political world... Each country's head consular officer is in the archangel position. The foreign embassies themselves are like archangels. They are not there to benefit the country, but to take something. You must guide them.

Did You Fulfill Home Church?: You national messiah's are riding on my back. All of you attending this meeting will be recorded. Such a long time ago True Father mentioned home church. Have you fulfilled it? True Father spoke so often about the Home Church providence.

Choose 33 Leaders: To save the world, True Father had to work night and day. What have you been doing? History is alive. Because we did not fulfill home church and tribal messiahship, this does not exist in your nation. Now you must find 33 people and work with them to establish national messiahship. The 33 people True Father chose in South America were the foundation to receive True Mother on her speaking tour. On the foundation of family and tribal messiahship, True Father established the Family Federation for World Peace, a worldwide body which was inaugurated over a three month period from September through November last fall. That created the atmosphere for the 3.6 million couple Blessing this year.

Be a Filial Child, Not a Thief: Will the filial son go before his parents (who are) in a difficult situation asking, "Please help me?" or will he say, "I will support you. I don't need any food or money or any support from you. Father, you need more money for your activities, I will bring it to you." Who is the son, the first? or the second? The second, right? Do you want to be filial children? (Yes) Were you filial sons until now? (No) Many of you are like thieves. If True Father has money, you make a hole and take as much money as you can. To be a national messiah, you must be a living sacrificing, shedding sweat, tears and blood for your nation. That is the original pact you must follow.

Digest in Silence and Be the Owner: You national messiah's should carry on the tradition of Jesus. The issue is, who will be the owner? America is like my enemy. It opposes me to the end. I always digest with silence. How has Japan treated me? There were church leaders who opposed me, proclaiming True Parenthood.

Model National Messiah: National messiah's, if they have a strong pioneering spirit, can become model national messiah's. Who will take responsibility over the battleground to preserve our tradition?

Sunshine Even in a Rat Hole: Is the path of the national messiah a difficult path? Easy path? An upward or a downward path? Many of you are 40 to 50 years old with a lot of experience. You will not starve to death. I trust you. If you live as True Father lives, constantly speaking and teaching, you will be OK. True Father feels sorry for his own lips and tongue. If one person accepted my words, a thousand opposed them. But their children will say, "My parents are wrong. Rev. Moon is not wrong." After winter, summer comes; the darkness becomes light. There is a time when there is light even in a rat hole. Sunshine will even penetrate a rat hole.

Unique Historical Value: Those who want to live will die; those willing to die will live. This does not happen often in a lifetime. Only once in history. Your value as national messiahs is only once in history. You are born as one of a handful of princes in God's kingdom.

Should you just fall away without any result or concrete accomplishment?

Not Less than Ambassadors: It is not just national messiah but the national messiah group. National messiahs from the seven providential countries are not less than the ambassadors. In your mission country, you must even be better than the ambassadors from your own country.

Ancestor of a Nation: National messiahship is not simply a mission. You are the ancestor of that nation.

Leaders Meeting, January 3, 1997:

Be an Example of Prayer and Investment: I am hoping you will do even more than me so that your descendants will receive even greater blessing. I have set the vertical tradition; you are responsible to set the horizontal tradition. People will crowd over you once the time has come. You have to prepare the proper tradition. National messiahs should do their best in their country as representatives of their True Parents and then their country will develop. That is the mission of national messiah. ... You really serve the nation and the people and set an example for your nation in terms of your prayer life and investment in your nation. You have to be the ancestors of that nation. Do you understand?

Have at Least Four Children: There is no better hobby or activity than making babies. So should you make babies or not? You should at least have 4 children to represent the four directions. You learn to understand the 4 different types, directions, seasons. Actually there are 12 types of people. That will cover 360 degrees, 12 months and 4 seasons. How many disciples does True Father have? True Father also has more than 12 children.

Reintroduce Proper Tradition by Reversing the Satanic Process: What was lost by our ancestors, the proper tradition, has to be reintroduced by national messiahs. There is a saying that beginning is already half the task. That is a restorational concept. Satan's camp always attacks God's camp. Then God's camp goes up through religion and (eventually) wins the victory. Because Jesus could not complete his mission, Judaism, Christianity and Islam have been divided. You have to restore Zachariah, Elizabeth and Mary, also Jacob's course.

Our Family Pledge No. 1 is: "Our family pledges to seek our original homeland and establish the original ideal of creation, the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven, by centering on true love." True Father doesn't want to talk about his suffering and prison and such things. We reverse the process of the satanic turn. The process becomes opposite in a restorational direction. Because the false parents initiated the false love, life and lineage, True Parents come to reverse this into the true love, life and lineage and expand it. This has to begin with the family. Without the family there is no nation and world.

Learn , and teach, Korean by 2,000 A.D.: All the Japanese and Western national messiahs, you came because your Korean leader could not come, right? (Yes) I called all the Korean national messiahs thinking I would not have to hear any translation in my ear. I don't feel good about that because I don't want to hear foreign language in this kind of conference. Language has to be one. From 1985 on, True Father said to learn Korean; that was 12 years ago. From now on Korean national messiahs will teach you Korean. You (Korean national messiahs) should teach them two or more hours a day. How many hours do you need for eating a day? You spend three hours eating per day, right? That means you need to work (at Korean) at least that long. More than three

hours. Otherwise, you must pay indemnity. To Western members, distribute the Korean language instruction book. It is the best gift. No matter how great you are, without language you cannot transfer (your knowledge?). Korean national messiahs must teach Korean (to their national messiah team) within three years. Learn Korean before the year 2000. If you cannot accomplish this responsibility, you might as well die and confront your failure!

Commit Yourself to Absolute Sex and Teach It: You national messiahs, have you brought your wives yet? (No, we are by ourselves, mostly.) If the wives come, what will happen? Absolute sex means that even if there are beautiful women, your eyes will not turn. If we do this, can you keep yourself from temptation? Do you know how much suffering Heavenly Father and I went through to establish absolute sex? Even if there were one thousand beautiful women and True Father were thrown in with them, even if they were to touch me, I would have total control. Restoration involves the path in which you must give the most beloved partner to the enemy and bless them. Do you understand? Free sex was initiated by our ancestors. The only thing that will absolutely shatter free sex is absolute sex.

The Kingdom of Heaven can start only through the lineage from True Parents. The time has come to reveal everything. If you don't know absolute sex, then grave consequence will ensue. You have to walk bearing the cross of love. The easiest way is to walk the path of absolute faith, love and obedience. True Father is very serious when he thinks about absolute sex. You have to understand that you are truly indebted to True Parents.

I am worried when I assign 120 sisters to each country whether they can keep their purity. Many national messiahs are living alone, so I cannot relax and find peace in my mind because I wonder whether, when they face temptation, they can handle it. I think there may be one or two thinking in the wrong way. Please be careful. I don't say these words in vein. If you make a mistake, you will affect thousands of ancestors, generations and descendants. Absolute sex! You Western members must memorize this important point. You have to emphasize this point. There will be immediate punishment and consequences. Until now, True Father knew about many cases but did not say anything. Do you know what is the greatest sin? The one who destroys the ideal of heaven and earth by disobeying absolute sex. This is the gravest sin. The time will come soon when this will be encrypted into the law system.

When the sisters come, please repeat this with your own mouth to them. You must guide and educate these 120 Japanese sisters about absolute sex. If Japanese sisters who are mobilized can keep their purity till the year 2000, then God can bless the nation of Japan. So, please educate them. If you make a mistake after being blessed, should you be expelled or not? If you are to be forgiven after a mistake, maybe there has to be a special amnesty from heaven. Maybe it will take dozens of years of indemnity. Then maybe it can be forgiven.

National messiahs should create something they can leave behind.

1. Witness to embassies.

2. Be responsible for children in the countries. Educate them from kindergarten, elementary, high school. The mothers should educate children, at least till the age of ten. Through this kind of education, your own family can be saved. You try to educate Cain children first. They will be moved and follow you as parents. Then

your own children will be moved by what you are doing and will want to be educated by you.

3. Next, if you are responsible for the nation, you have to take care of the environment. You have to take care of the mountains and the rivers. ... You must make beautiful mountains and pure water. National messiahs must take care of their nations. ...You must take care of the environment by planting trees and taking care of the water.

You have to develop this kind of hobby or leisure activity... The hobby and leisure business is actually very fun and exciting. Everyone is looking for fun. Those who understand about the hobby and leisure activities can harmonize with the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. ...You should work not for the money but for the fun of it. Money can disappear soon. People who work for only money (may go to hell). Whatever you do, you should enjoy it and have fun. If I start to do something, then I feel I was born for that task. I am thoroughly involved and enjoy it. If you do that, you can be guaranteed of being successful.

What will you leave behind in your nation? You have to develop the foundation for the hobby and leisure business which will be connected later with the ideal world. True Father wanted to catch 3,600 different types of fish, but he could not accomplish that yet. When True Father fishes, True Father loves the fish like a parent and they love him back. If he does this as a hobby, then True Father can connect this to the original world. .. Those of you who work there should feel you want to work there without salaries. ... You come as the messiah to create fun and hobby. You are the fun and hobby messiah!

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