The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1996


Father's Directions on Building the Family and Nation

Sun Myung Moon
October 4, 1996
Unofficial Notes

1. Education of VIP Women

1. Wives of Administrative Officers (e.g. the wife of the president. wives of ministers, vice ministers, administrators. judges, or public attorneys) 130 people

2. Wives of Legislators (e.g. Senators, Congressmen, etc.) 130 people

3. Wives of Intelligence Division Officers 130 people

4. Wives of Political Party Officials (Supra-partisan) 130 people

5. Wives of Christian Leaders 130 people

6. Wives of Family Federation Members 130 people

The Federation to Save the New Nations for World Peace is necessary for families to establish a nation.

A true family should join the Family Federation for World Peace, then pledge to attend the Holy Wedding.

a) 33 people Men (Federation to Save the New Nations for World Peace) 130 people

b) 33 people Women (Women's Federation for World Peace) 130 people

c) 33 people Youth (Youth Federation for World Peace) 130 people

d) 33 people All Students (CARP and HARP All Students Federation for World Peace) 130 people

e) Selecting reciprocating families from the national family 6 x 130 wives 780 wives to be educated

This to be accomplished in each nation.

The wives must work actively in their respective responsibilities for Mother's rallies or the FFWP inaugural rallies.

May God be with you. Amen.

2. Inaugural Rallies In 185 Nations for the Federation to Save the New Nations for World Peace and the Family Federation for World Peace

On 5 October 1996, Father directed that the inauguration of the Federation to Save the New Nations for World Pence should be accomplished together with the Inaugural rallies of the Family Federation for World Peace.

The Chairman of the Family Federation may also take the position of the Chairman of the Federation to Save the New Nations.


1. Selection of 33 Core Members of the Federation to Save the New Nations and their Mission

i) Method of Selection of the 33 People

The Federation to Save the New Nations will expand throughout the world from its inaugural meeting held in Montevideo, Uruguay, on 28 June 1996.

a. Firstly, four people should be selected from among the leaders of society: One Chairman and three Vice Chairmen
b. Secondly, each of these four should then select seven others from among the leaders of society plus one more, making a total of 33 people.

ii) The Mission of the 33 People

a. The meaning of the number 33 is the relieving of Jesus' painful heart of 33 years.

As Jesus was crucified at the age of 33, he was unable to have a family, and was unable to become a Family, Tribal or National Messiah. Accordingly, 33 people must receive the Blessing and establish their families. Moreover, each of these people must be given 120 applications for the Blessing, and they must find candidates for the Blessing. Of the cities where the, 33 core members have been giving out the Blessing application forms, twelve cities in which many couples have filled out the Blessing applications should he selected. Tribal Messiah (Cain) rallies should then be held in those cities. At these events, the National Messiah's tribal representatives (Abel) should come to attend, observe, listen, and learn. They will then go back and work to enable their tribe to receive the Blessing, in 1997. On the foundation of these Tribal Messiah rallies in twelve locations, national messiahship should be established. In the same way, the 33 people should receive the Blessing and should establish the family messiahship and tribal messiahship that Jesus could not accomplish due to his being crucified and establish a new nation. The new nation will come to exist through the new families that have received the Blessing. Accordingly, the 33 leaders of the Federation to Save the Now Nations have the mission to relieve the painful heart of Jesus.

b. The 33 people are in the position of restored John the Baptist.

John the Baptist could not fulfill his responsibility, and through the disbelief of the people and of the Jewish religion Jesus went to the cross. Thus, the 33 leaders, in the position of John the Baptist must unite with the National Messiahs who are to be sent out, take responsibility to restore a people and Christianity, fulfill the task of bringing people to the Blessing, and must build the now nation. Accordingly, the 33 leaders must relieve the painful heart of Jesus by restoring through indemnity all that John the Baptist failed to accomplish.

c. The Logo of the Family Federation: The number 6 (3+3)

The Four Position foundation centered on Jesus is the number 6. Jesus could not establish the Four Position foundation (i.e. a family) during his 33 years.

2. Education of Wives from the Six Groups

i) The Number 6

(Up and Down, Front and Rear. Left and Right) Jesus is the center of the number 6

ii) Adam's Family

Because Eve fell, Abel's family became Satan's family, nation, and world. This is why Eve must seek for the youth (Cain), students (Abel), and must restore the family. Therefore, the mother becomes the center.

iii) The Significance of the 130 Wives

The 130 wives represent the number 130: One hundred twenty disciples plus Jesus' family (four position foundation) representing the number 10.
Jesus' family represents the number 10: the children's family represent the number 6. True Parents represent the number 2, God represents the number 2 (dual characteristics). This is in order to resolve Jesus painful heart centering on Jesus' family.

3. Education

1st Phase: 3 groups of 33 people (33 from the Women's Federation. 33 from the Youth Federation, 33 from the All Students Federation): Total 99 people

2nd Phase: 6 groups of 130 people: Total 780 people (wives)

3rd Phase: 4 groups of 130 people (Federation to Save the New Nations, Women's Federation, Youth Federation, All Students Federation)

4th Phase: Directions: refer to e) on page 1. Select reciprocating families from the national family. Five hundred twenty people educated in the 3rd phase become reciprocating families in the national family. Then select a further 520 people and educate them.

Total: 780 people + 1040 people = 1820 people

i) Purpose of Education:

Unification of Christianity in North and South America, Unity in the Family Federation. (This is how it was expressed in South America. This content should be adjusted for your continent/nation.)

ii) Length of Education:

4 days (3 nights) or 5 days (4 nights) (To be decided according to your circumstances)

iii) Education Schedule:

Must be completed by November 30 (or by December at latest)

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