The Words of Sun Myung Moon From 1996

Let's Be Proud of True Parents and Love True Parents

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 1996
True God's Day, Midnight Speech
Translator: Peter Kim

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han January 14, 2012

The purpose of the creation was to see the coming of the True Parents who would create an ideal world. This has been the desire of all creation, including human beings, as well as God's desire from the beginning of time.

Without the Fall, Adam's family could have become the ideal family which God originally intended to see. It would have become the perfected family through whom God could have worked.

If there had been no Fall, Adam and Eve would have become the True Father and the True Mother of the universe. They would have been able to embrace all of the created beings from the mineral kingdom right up to men and women. They would have functioned as the True Parents to the entire universe. God's desire at the time of the creation was to be the center of the universe through the perfection of Adam and Eve.

Who then was Adam? He was God's elder son. Adam should have become totally one with God and become the True Parent of all mankind. Adam was also to have become the king of kings.

Elder son position, parents position and king's position was supposed to have been taken by Adam. Through establishing such a vertical relationship with God, Adam and Eve should have expanded their horizontal foundation to the family, tribe, society, nation and world levels. This automatically would have become the Kingdom of God on Earth as well as the Kingdom of God in Heaven.

Because of the Fall of Man, Adam and God lost everything. This has caused agony to both God and humanity throughout history.

This original order given by God at the time of creation was destroyed by the Fall of Man. Therefore, in the place of God, Satan came into being. All the figures of the original order were erased. Originally God was to stand on the top. However, due to the Fall, Satan took the top position. For the purpose of restoration, God had to take the bottom position.

Originally God was supposed to be positioned on the top and Satan at the lowest level. But these positions were reversed due to the Fall. The restoration process occurs from the bottom to the top. This has taken thousands and thousands of years for God to go up from the bottom.

We must understand when we look at human history, there has always been a Cain and Abel struggle. It has manifested through all manner of battles and wars. In Adam's family parents were lost and so the children, Cain and Abel, fought to the death. It is almost unimaginable that the first family which God created ended in bloodshed.

The result of the Fall was God losing His elder son, also parent's position and king's position. These three positions were lost at the time of the Fall. In order to achieve the restoration of humankind there needs to be a reversal of order. This needs to occur from the individual level to the world level.

We always feel that our body is leading our mind. That is the battle we face daily. Because of the Fall, all mankind have now to go through all of the steps back into the original way. We are presently within the fallen world and so we have to go in the reverse direction. That is why we always feel such struggle between our mind and body.

Our body was to have been led naturally by our mind. But due to the Fall of Man all of humankind is now in the position of constantly experiencing struggle between mind and body.

We have to then reverse this order between mind and body. In order to reverse this to the original position we need help. That is why God established religions in order to assist us. The major religions teach the subjugation of the body so that it may follow the mind. The major religions all teach human beings to do that which the body hates to do most.

Because Adam and Eve lost the positions of elder sonship, Parentship and kingship, God took all of these positions back and kept them. Adam and Eve secured the satanic elder son's position, satanic parents' position, and satanic king's position. God had nothing to do with these positions.

Due to the Fall, the world has become Hell on Earth where all manner of evil and destruction take place. We also are witnessing the extreme of individualism rampant in this world. This is clear evidence of the Hell in which we now live.

There should be no practice of free sex, nor concept of homosexuality, lesbianism, and drug addiction.

Without official permission from God the Unification Church does not allow any sexual activity between men and women. Can you date as members of the Unification Church? (No) What comes first, your Holy Marriage or dating? (Holy Marriage) As Unification Church members do you want your spouse to have had a lot of experience of dating members of the opposite sex? Or, would you rather have a spouse with no experience whatsoever of dating? (No experience.)

Because of love human history came upside down. We therefore have to restore human history through love.

Until the Lord of the Second Advent comes to this world as Parent, restored perfected Adam, this struggle between Cain and Abel on the worldwide scale will continue. Because of the failure of parents within Adam's family, Cain eventually killed Abel.

At the time of Jesus Christ there should have been unity between the nation of Israel and Judaism. Israel in the position of Cain and Judaism in the position of Abel should have totally united into one. Based on that total unity they should have become one with the bride of Jesus Christ who was supposed to be in the position of mother, restored Eve's position. Based upon that foundation they should have become totally one with the coming Messiah, Jesus Christ.

The history of Cain and Abel began again with the thief on the right and on the left. Due to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, humanity lost parents again. Therefore, the Cain and Abel struggle began once again at the time of Jesus' crucifixion.

The axis countries on the Satanic side were in the position of Cain, plus. The allied countries on the Heavenly side nations were in the position of Abel, minus. That is why axis countries attacked allied countries first. At the end of World War II these allied countries won the war. By doing so the positions were reversed. Allied countries became plus and axis countries became minus. The order was reversed.

During World War II these axis countries tried to destroy the religions of the world. As we know, six million Jewish people were massacred as well as millions of Christians. It was the expansion of the struggle between mind and body.

Christianity is the bride culture. All the allied countries centered upon Christianity were supposed to receive the bridegroom at the end of World War II.

Had this occurred, then from 1945 which was the end of World War II, within seven years, by 1952, the Kingdom of God on Earth could have been established.

Because of the Fall, mankind didn't even have the concept of parents, and so no concept of True Parents. That is why the Bible tells us that the day of the Lord of the Second Advent will be known to nobody. Only God Himself will know.

What if the Lord of the Second Advent came upon the clouds? Would there be anyone who would not know? Everybody would be able to see if that were the case.

What does it mean then, when the Lord of the Second Advent comes nobody will know? At the time of the Fall humankind lost their parents. We don't know for whom we are looking. Did anyone know that John the Baptist came as Elijah in his day? (No)

At the time of Jesus Christ the people were expecting Elijah to appear from the sky in a chariot of fire. Yet, Jesus told them that John the Baptist was Elijah. But people didn't recognize this fact. That is why he was finally crucified.

Also, at the time of the Lord of the Second Advent, the Messiah will come as a physical man and nobody will recognize him.

Just as in the time of Jesus, when John the Baptist came as Elijah, not in a chariot of fire from the sky, but as a physical man. Likewise the Messiah will come with a physical body also. If after World War II these allied countries had totally united and had seen the Lord of the Second Advent coming on the clouds what would have been the outcome? They could have welcomed and received the Lord of the Second Advent wholeheartedly. However, the Lord of the Second Advent came as a man and so they could not accept and believe.

Who is the Lord of the Second Advent? True Parents to mankind.

He was supposed to be received and establish the Kingdom of God on Earth. However, due to the failure of Christianity he was chased out to the wilderness and everything was taken by Satan again.

Look at the world today, particularly America. How much extreme liberalism is dominating this nation of America. How could it be possible? This is not empty talk. This is the reality of the secular world. Who could imagine that the free world, which is centered upon the spirit of Christianity, could come down to such a low level within forty years.

America has enough super power to control the world, yet America has nothing to be proud of. Instead, America is going down the drain.

America who rejected the Lord of the Second Advent, lost everything. America now doesn't know where to turn for the future.

Was there anyone here who believed that 360,000 couple blessing would be possible when Father declared it in 1992?

Through these holy wedding ceremonies, Father can liberate all these satanic families.

The next stage is the perfection stage which will be 3.6 million couples. Once this goal is achieved, there will be no obstacle whatsoever in terms of restoring the world.

Once we accomplish the goal of 3.6 million blessing ceremony, then all of the young people in the world, from elementary school up through college, will look to the Unification Church Holy Wedding Ceremony.

They will know that is the only place for them to find their ideal spouse. (Applause)

What will their parents and teachers say when these young people ask if the Unification Church Holy Wedding is ideal or not? Once we accomplish this 3.6 million couples blessing they will only answer that it is ideal.

There are many people who want to send their children and grandchildren to the Unification Church in order that they might find their ideal spouse.

Once we accomplish 3.6 million couples blessing, there will be many nations who will want to mobilize entire nations and have them pass through the Unification Church Holy Wedding Ceremony.

Therefore, Father is now proclaiming that the international wedding will become the worldwide movement. Once this time comes the world of peace, world of harmony, and world of happiness will become a reality. That is the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven. That time is coming. Amen

All husbands should treat their children as if they are their heavenly prince and princesses. They should also treat their wives like heavenly queens.

We clearly have to understand that free sex is the satanic weapon to destroy pure love and life in this world. Also drugs are satanic weapons to intoxicate human beings and break down their ambition of conscience. Alcohol, smoking and evil social behavior are also satanic weapons to destroy the human race. Once we understand this clearly we cannot touch that kind of satanic weapon. 

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